Sonic X (2003) s03e03 Episode Script


It's necessary to make something! Mrs, we're all working to make Chris back to home.
We have to be careful.
We could try to use Chris' equipment, but we'd risk to destroy its data.
What can we do?! We can trust Chris.
But He's not a kid anymore.
He's reliable.
If he tells us not to worry and he will return, we have to trust him.
All right? I think that Chris will try to contact us as soon as possible.
We shall take turns here.
We'll inform you when he'll contact us.
Yes, thanks.
The Water Planet, Hydoo Wait a second.
You mean that a Chaos Emerald is near here? Yes! There's no doubt.
The Master Emerald reacted very strongly.
It felt a Chaos Emerald.
Does it mean that we approach a planet? Wait! Look! What is its name? Planet Hydoo Everybody understood? Go right now to this planet! Full speed! It belongs to me to command the spaceship.
Oh, sorry! I wasn't supposed to say that.
The analysis of the atmosphere shows that it's breathable.
Do I see water down there? This planet shouldn't have water! We've landed.
All this has nothing to do with the planet described in this book! Is that the right planet? Are you really sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Why? It's natural that planets evolve.
That's exciting.
I can't believe it! I hate water! Hey, Sonic! Don't worry! We'll be together.
Let's go ahead! Poor Sonic! He's really ill-at-ease in water.
He's probably fighting against sea-sickness.
He shouldn't worry.
I'll take care of him.
Watch out! It didn't miss! Normally, there should be a Chaos Emerald somewhere here.
There's no doubt.
The Master Emerald reacted again? No.
It's my instinct of treasures hunter.
Shovel Claw! Take this, Cosmo! We'll dig too.
Oh, right! I'll search elsewhere.
I'm wondering where are Chris and Sonic.
They should be with us.
Oh don't worry about that! Breathe! Where are we? Look! You'll feel better on this island.
Metarex! What? It means that this planet was conquered by the Metarexs.
Yes! They are after the planet egg, so they flooded the planet We'll not allow that.
Go away fast! No! No way! It doesn't seem that i'm black belt.
What? Tanaka taught me karate.
I can break five bricks at one go! No effect What are you doing? It should have worked! Hide somewhere I'll take care of them! Not fair! Fine then.
Chris he's all yours.
I don't understand! It's maybe because my body is smaller.
Because I am a kid again, but I'll still try Lets see! I did it! It hurts! Chris! Are you okay, Chris? Yeah, I'm okay.
Go away and let me do now! Sonic! Sonic! Sonic! Hang on, Sonic! I'll help you! No! Don't care about me and go away.
But We don't have the choice.
If they catch you, who will fetch help? As you want I promises you that I'll return to free you.
Sonic was captured? Yes! I quickly go to his rescue! Think it over! Do you know where to go? No.
When I'll flight, i shall find.
Wait a minute! No! Calm down, Chris! I don't want to, Tails! Sorry, excuse me It's always bad to act without thinking.
Fly without knowing where to go will not help you.
You're right Yes, here is the Typhoon.
Hello, it's me.
I'm in the basements of the island.
We have bad news here about Sonic.
Yes, he was captured.
How do you know that? The inhabitants said it to me.
That's why i called you as soon as i knew it.
That's my fault.
No, Chris.
Don't worry about that.
It does good to him sometimes, that kind of things.
Now is my lucky chance to rescue Sonic "Sonic you are safe now" "Thank you Amy" "Close you eyes, I'll give you a reward.
" "What are you doing?" "Now then, Amy Rose I'm ready" "Amy let's kiss, yes yes, all right Sonic let's go!" Amy, listen! "Yes, Sonic?" I'm not Sonic! I am Chris! Calm down! Tell us how can we help him! Mind your own business!! I'll rescue him by myself! Okay, okay Listen, Tails.
When I'll have freed Sonic, fetch us with the X-Tornado, right? Yes.
What can i do to help you? Nothing yet.
Thanks! You should go to take a shower.
What made I? I advanced in my studies.
I learned the karate with Tanaka.
I became a little stronger.
Grandfather learn me to drive and to fly.
In spite of the opposite opinion of Mum and Dad, i made small jobs as many young people.
I really thought of having matured.
Go away Chris! Let me doing now.
According to Sonic and the others, i didn't changed at all.
Yeah, that's clear! I don't have the incredible strength of Sonic and others.
I'll never be able to do what they do.
I cannot even make what Cream and Cheese do.
It's desperate.
What am i doing in this world? Sonic I felt that a great danger was going to threaten Sonic.
I wanted to reach his world to help him.
May i see what you did? Yes, you may if you want.
Let me see.
Here it is.
What's that? An energy ring: it attracts and concentrates the electromagnetic energy from the space.
And that? This is speed shoes with soles in special resin which decrease the friction.
That's true! Don't laugh! I bet that Sonic will like it much.
Are you sure? Yes, I'm sure.
I didn't come here to be mothered.
I'm not a kid anymore! I'll do what i want! Is it there? Yes.
It's nice you helped me, thanks everyone! Be careful! They are steel.
I have what is needed.
I go there! Hey! You plan to make that a long time? Watch out! If you swallow my spines, you risk to suffer.
Sonic! Where are you? X-Tornado ready for launch.
Catapult set! X-Tornado lift off! Sonic! You did make it deliberately, again! No, it was a reflex! You'd go out from there.
That's it! It wasn't so difficult! Amy! Wait! Amy! Well done! We return to the Typhoon.
Okay! Could you free me? It's not very comfortable! Missed us.
He's gone? What? Crap! It didn't miss, they got me! Sonic! It's Chris! Use that! Sonic! Look! He floats! It's a great invention, Chris! Shoes for walking on water, you have make something amazing! Yeah, that's true.
Watch out! Here are the Metarexs! Inactivity is enough, we are going to fight finally! Thanks Chris! Oh, look at this! It's the planet egg! The planet is as before.
I hope that i didn't sleep for such a long time.
You're right, it's look like a Chaos Emerald! Wait for me.
It's really great to walk on a ground! Thanks again Chris! You invention saved my life! If it's useful, i shall make other shoes of this kind.
of course.
Well,I'm going for a run.