Sonic X (2003) s03e04 Episode Script

An Enemy In Need

I'd like to thank you officially on behalf of my people and of myself for have fought bravely to save our planet.
This big event, the resurrection of our planet deserves to be celebrated with dignity.
That's why we decided to organize in your honor a big feast, with a parade of floats, as it's the tradition to us.
I hope you'll be pleased.
We're going to be able to make a true spread, it's incredible! Yes, I'm hungry too! What interests me it's the parade.
Yes! Let's go! Eggman Enters into the War Yes, good! Continue! Yes, it is good! We might say it's original.
Well yes.
Yes! Let's go! Bravo! Go! Send another one there! w.
what? Oh no! Not that! It's not so funny, that! I hope that you appreciate! A treatment like that is expressly reserved for the persons the most remarkable and most liked on the planet! We're getting accustomed, finally.
These people have very weird traditions! I can well do without their friendly treatment! Oh! I'm going to have the seasickness! What a beautiful day for our planet! Did you all see what I have in my hands? It's a Chaos Emerald! It's the one we've found! We know.
Fortunately! Fortunately that we found it, that one! It's a pleasure to see as they are all happy! Yeah, it's true they have a good time.
Even so, they have a weird way of enjoying themselves.
Really, they make that to thank us for having helped them to fight their enemies.
and to put back the planet egg at its place! I do not dare to imagine how they treat their enemies! I begin to have it enough! It does not amuse me any more! It's a pleasure to see that joy, but there's another 6 Chaos Emeralds to be found! But it's very well anyway to have found that one so quickly.
Go! Laugh! It's a great feast day! Our guests have to remember it! Throw them in the air! By the way, you down there! You don't want to try? No, not me! Thanks anyway! Fortune smiles on us! It was worth to wait patiently! Let me see It only remains for my brilliant brain to find a plan to steal this first Emerald.
He's talking about his brilliant brain but he forgets a little bit fast the number of failures which we suffered with it.
Yes, he doesn't belong to his first one there.
He's getting old.
It's easy from your part to criticize, you who never decide on anything.
He heard us! It proves that he's not so old as that! If ever I let you do, it'd be much worse than that! Oh! Suddenly, I have a big headache! Oh yes! Me too! How robots can have headache? Ouch! Ouch! It really hurts! Yes, it's abnormal that you have a headache.
You'll certainly need a repair! No, we're very well! We're very well! We don't have a headache any more, it's over! It begins to become a little bit dangerous.
It'd better that I slip away.
I never felt as well! Ouch! I loathe situations which become violent! You again? Yes, my friend.
I came to ask you for another service as you can suspect it.
No, it's enough! I've helped you enough! Yes, I prefer to tell everything to Doctor Eggman, this time! Listen to me! I'm not sure that you'd be right.
It could end very badly for you.
And why is that? Look! I suppose that you recognize this locket? But it's mine! Give me it back! I looked at the photo inside.
I saw with whom you were.
Ok! Say nothing more! Don't say anything at all! Please, don't bother to talk about it! I'll do all you'll ask! Yes, I beg you! Don't reveal the secret! It'd be terrible! Ask me what you want I knew well that we'd be agreed! Don't be afraid! No thanks, Doctor! We're very well! Yes, yes! They keep shouting! Eggman-sama! What's the matter? I have just finalized a new plan.
Eh? That's not bad at all, my little Bokkun! You surprise me pleasantly! You should listen to me more often.
I see that my robots aren't all incompetent.
You believe that he says that for us? I don't know.
I'm very proud of you, my little Bokkun! You mean that you'll do it? I think that's interesting.
I'll not permit none to treat me like that, even if it's to thank me! But it's Eggman! It's you, Knuckles? It pleases me to see you.
I'm lucky! I found somebody who's going to help me! What? How's that? What happens to you? Traveled quietly across the space when my spaceship had problems, and i found myself on this planet.
Really, I saw that I'm short of fuel.
And now, I don't really know what to do! Oh no! Life is terrible! I had not deserved that! Heavens punishes me for my sins! Don't be so desperate! You'll find a solution.
You know I become old.
I begin to have it enough to face all these problems, every day! I'd like so much to retire somewhere! Let me tell you.
I don't want to end my days on a planet so sad as this one.
Take my word for it! If I manage to leave this planet, I'll give up harming the others.
Oh yes! If I had a Chaos Emerald, only for a moment it'd provide enough energy so that my spaceship leaves this planet.
Do you seriously think that Eggman will keep his promise? Yep.
He said he's tired of the life he led and he becomes too old.
Ah yes? He never kept his promise.
Yeah, we can't trust him.
He told you that so that you lend him the Chaos Emerald and he indeed hopes to keep it.
It'd get really angry that he steals it and that we made all these efforts for nothing.
Listen! I don't want to discuss hours! Moreover, it's me who found the Emerald.
I make it what I want! One moment! No, it's useless! You won't convince me! We're going to fight then! I don't have a choice! Sonic-san, Knuckles-san Let's go! Oh, but why is that? Oh no! So it's true they're really fighting! Stop them! All these nets hurted my butt.
I have certainly marks! No, no.
You're just a little bit red.
That's all.
We could take advantage of it to have a quick glance at the X-Tornado? Yes, good idea.
Did you hear me? We need to stop them quickly.
They're going to injure themselves! Eh? Don't be afraid, they won't hurt themselves.
They fight often like that.
Yes, it pleases them.
Why do you want to oppose them? We don't want to make them angry.
Oh no! They aren't normal, these hedgehogs.
They fight between friends! Oh no! I'll prevent them from fighting! Stop right now! Stop fighting! You shouldn't stay too much near them, Cosmo.
That's not really cautious! It's perfect! It's a chance to seize the Chaos Emerald.
They'll see nothing Eggman-sama! I am worried about you.
Then I came to see.
Eh? Shhh! Be quiet! You're crazy! They'll see you! Don't stay there! Go away, quickly! It's not nice to say that! I'm worrying about you! It's very good, it's very good! Thanks a lot, my little Bokkun! But it's not the right time But there's something else, Doctor! Now what?! I forgot to give you your lunch! Look here! I brought it to you! Stop shouting like that! Oh, forgive me Go away right now, right now! Ok Doctor Eggman!! And don't come back especially! This little Bokkun manage it very well finally.
He left finally! I prefer that! What I'll say if they see me? My hammer itches me! You're just in time! Halt, my dear! No no no! Don't panic ! No, stop! Come on! No, no, no! Wait a minute! I swear that's not what you're thinking! Come there! I'd like to understand: look who's there! Eggman, What are you doing here? Me? Er, nothing! Why? I am only crossed to pick some bananas, it's good here! Oh yes! Very good! You can keep your stupid banana story to yourself! Tell us the truth instead! You came here for trying to sneak to the Chaos Emerald and to seize it while the idiots, Sonic and Knuckles, were fighting! What? Is Amy right? But no, no! It's a mistake! Yes, a simple mistake! What kind of mistake? No no! Wait! You weigh a ton! Thank you so much Knuckles! I'll never forget it! It's rather Knuckles who tends to forget everything.
He lied to you and he abuses your trust, as the last time.
Try to remember it.
I beg you: help me! If you really let us leave after using the Chaos Emerald, it's OK! -And now, I'm able to achieve my projects thanks to this Emerald! Thanks Knuckles! Frankly thanks! You're welcome.
That was a pleasure.
Now I got it, give it back it is out of the question! No! And I believed you.
I'm finally going to be able to begin the creation of my empire! We all know that he's a compulsive liar! Thats all in the past.
I said to Eggman that I'll help him to leave this planet.
And I'll do it! I can't believe it! But still Knuckles, you should see that he's making it up again! But yes! What do you know about it, you all? I don't understand how you can be so foolish.
Repeat that! One moment, you're supposed to fight with me.
Yeah, I remember that.
Oh, bravo.
So, you don't forget everything.
Especially, I won't forget to shut you up.
Oh yes? Always try, we can dream.
You'll regret it! It's enough! Stop! It's not really the right time for a useless fight.
Don't forget that our enemies are the Metarexs.
We have to all unite our forces to fight them.
Move over, Cosmo! It could become dangerous for you! I wonder if I was not wrong to place my hopes in them.
What? Doctor Eggman! We came to rescue you! Sorry to have kept you waiting! I've never asked for help! But Bokkun told us you were in a very bad position! But how's that? Not at all! He said that they discovered that you wanted to steal the Chaos Emerald.
That's true that this stupid Knuckles believed me immediately, unfortunately not the oth Now then it's really enough! Eggman! We speak always too much! I hope you understood now? He made the mistake to do that! What an innocent, that one! I always make him all do that I want! We joked enough like that! Give me right now this Chaos Emerald or else the robot will crush this little thing! Oh, there! We recognize again the genuine Doctor Eggman! Yes! So vile as cruel! Cosmo-san! Cosmo! Oh, this is my chance Let Cosmo go! Certainly not! He's really innocent! No nasty guy would let leave so easily the hostage whom he detains.
It will be mine What's that? Metarex! Chaos Emerald taken! Oh no! I was so close! No, it can't be true! He dared to steal the Chaos Emerald! You've made a big mistake by setting yourself against me.
Believe me, you won't get away with this! I'm going to make you feel the power of my Giant Robot! Bravo Doctor! Show them who you are! Yes, let's go! I hold you, are you alright? We must get back the Chaos Emerald! The drill! Yes, right now! What? But why it doesn't pierce him? It's nevertheless very sharp! This robot is pretty solid! Oh no! What an incredible power! Yes, I would never have thought that we would have such difficulties! We would maybe let Sonic and the others take care of him? How's that? You don't have any self-respect! You accept to be defeated? You, who are ready to trouble the universe's order! Listen carefully! You don't know how to use the Chaos Emeralds at their full capacity.
On the other hand, we, the Metarexs we know how to get the Chaos Emeralds' quintessence.
Who do you think you are to speak like that? What's the Chaos Emeralds' quintessence? Eh? The Chaos Emeralds' quintessenceone moment How stupid of me! It slipped my mind! How's that? If you can't answer my question, give me it back! I'll be able to build my empire finally.
Believe me, I'll know how to use it.
Oh, I've got you! Ouch! Looks like we're not the strongest this time! Yeah, you've said it! I won, I think! I can't waste time with little insects like you.
My mission is to get the Planet Egg.
He wants to seize the Planet Egg! No, not that! It's not possible something like that! If he makes that the planet will die! We know this, but it can't be helped Don't be afraid, I'll save this planet.
Hey, one moment! You won't leave us like that? I'm going to crush you! He's strong! How can we beat him? Metarex! Look over here! Oh, it can't be true! The Planet Egg! Yes, I see.
So it's you who has it! If you really want it, come and get it! I won't have to look for it.
It saves me time.
I don't know how Chris will get out this scrape.
Trust him, he'll get out of that trouble very well.
But He'll never get out of that alone! I don't agree.
I think it's a very good idea and that could work.
Good! He fell into the trap! Admire the beautiful Planet Egg which I hold.
Come here if you want it! Come here! Wait! It's like during the parade! Catch it! Oh, he can't do that!! Connecting the available energy to the canon's interior part! Energy ring loading set in place! Sonic spin start! Oh, I'd like to have a nap before! Oh, no! Please! It's not time for kidding! There's a Chaos Emerald involved and especially the Planet Egg! Yes, I know Ok, there! Let's go! Wait a minute! Removing safety lock Target Metarex! Sonic drive fire! Yes! Knuckles-san! Are you OK? You aren't hurt? No, every thing's fine.
I saved the Planet Egg.
It makes no sense to me! It's absolutely not the Planet Egg.
It's a ball! What?! Well done! Am I to understand that I made all these efforts for nothing?! Of course not.
It's the opposite! Thanks to you, the Metarex believed that it was the Planet Egg.
It's kind of you to say that but it's a thin consolation.
Don't be sulky, Knuckles! I think that you were incredible! That's true.
It's better than we hide you the reality, rather than to hide it to the others.
How's that? Of course! Like that you're only a poor victim, otherwise you'd have been a big liar! It's a way of looking at things Oh yes! After all, that's very good! Of course But I didn't know the truth me neither! Then maybe that Cosmo could console me too? What?! Oh, no! Certainly not! I go first! We lost again the game! I wonder if we'll end up by winning someday.
You're responsible for this new defeat! And nevertheless, this time, we were within an inch of success! Yes, it's true.
Everything was fine, then Bokkun interfered! Yes, he's right.
It's his fault all this! Yes! He should remain hidden, that one! What a pity! That was a well thought out plan.
It's not so important You'll help me when I'll ask you for? Certainly not! Oh? Repeat that! All right, all right.
I'll help you! Idiot!!