Sonic X (2003) s03e05 Episode Script

A Chilling Discovery

I just wrote a computer program that should ease all of our work to localize the Chaos Emeralds.
Sonic, Chaos Emerald OK Ready I connect immediately this new element on the general circuit.
Knuckles, is everything good for you? Up to now, every thing's perfect.
What's wrong Tails? It's incredible we already have a result.
Chris you are really wonderful.
Thanks but it wasn't very complicated.
It was more complicated than you say.
Anyway I know I couldn't have done the same in such a short time.
Oh please stop you'll make me blush.
Amy do you want to precise the location? It's in the zone 260-007.
Which means on the planet Blizzard.
Coordinates confirmed.
We're going for the Blizzard planet.
Teleportation Uh.
where are you going if Amy is deciding in my place? Up ahead for the teleporting gateway ! The Battle of Ice Palace Sonic can cross the universe the way he wants to I'll always detect him immediately with my inter-spacial detection system which combined with my magic egg brings me to him right away.
Got to admit it makes life much easier to be a true genius.
Egg Drive! Egg Drive.
Presence of the Chaos Emerald confirmed.
It looks like the weather is horrible.
It's true this planet isn't named blizzard without a reason.
I think the Metarex already came here unfortunately.
Yes, it might explain why the climate isn't normal According to these poor trees the vegetation is dead.
We should check it out outside, do you mind going Sonic? No problem.
We must not be scared.
Tails will surely succeed to land very safely.
I wonder what's going on.
It's a Metarex.
Fire ! Hang on ! We're hit ! Knuckles, did you localize all of the damages ? Here every thing's alright.
Unfortunately motor 1 and 3 are damaged.
It means in the actual state, we can't fly.
Got it My intuition is telling me that there are many hostile creatures around there outside Surely Metarex.
It's time to call upon the art of camouflage we'll wait here and then we will move closer to them.
Nice, we will hide and establish camp.
Yes, it will do us good a little rest.
Your happiness is comforting.
For you But what's this ? For doing what ? Open your eyes, it's shovels to help you to dig.
But it's a titan work ! Yes it's worse than the bane Couldn't we rest ? It's terrible I don't have the moral.
Oh, you don't seem to feel good.
I know this voice I thought you'd be happy to see me again, you immensely deceive me.
I'm happy.
Very very happy.
Ah, I prefer that.
You see in reality I looked for you because I wanted to ask you a small favor.
I assume you already understood.
I'll bring you back good news.
Wait a second Sonic ! I knew it.
It's better to walk with rackets.
No way What are you doing ? I'll try talking to him.
Ah yes ? That can be done ? Yes of course trees and plants are living beings.
But I'm not getting anything.
But maybe it's this cold that blocks its normal activities.
No it's already dead.
I thought this travel would be only a search for the Chaos Emeralds but the presence of Metarex risks to cause problems.
I think it might be more careful to go see if the way is clear.
Oh but then bring me with you please.
No, it's way too dangerous.
I don't want this kind of thing to happen on other planets.
And for this I must understand clearly what might have happened to this one.
Yea, but Yes, I'm coming too.
Ah no Chris, not you ! Why not? I can defend myself and I could protect Cosmo if she's in danger.
Yes, okay, okay, I got it.
Thanks Sonic, Thanks Chris, I appreciate much you are adorable.
I come with you too ! Launch! Will it take long to repair everything ? Sonic could get in danger while they explore so try to repair quickly please.
Yes don't be afraid I'll do everything I can.
There's only in such moments that she's a little nice.
You spoke to me ? Uh No, no, not at all.
You got an idea ? Hey.
I thought you might be hungry some bringing something to eat.
Oh, it's a good idea.
It's nice to think about it.
It's surprising of yourself you usually only think of you.
Oh but I changed here take that.
Thank you very much.
To your health.
I knew they would eat so much.
Me at least I wasn't hungry at all.
It happened just like it should have.
I feel I'm gonna get one of the Chaos Emeralds.
Too bad there's so much wind.
Look! There they are! I know.
Sonic Got it ! Good job Chris.
Don't let them go.
Yes, okay.
They sent us in a trap ! It's no use! We stopped this avalanche.
Look at this! It's splendid ! Oh yes it looks like a work of art.
here Sonic.
Catch ! Hey Chris, do you have one for me too ? No sorry there's only one for Sonic ! What did you say? There's only him who's having fun.
The Chaos Emerald is somewhere in this Ice Palace so open your eyes.
Yes got it.
Hang on Knuckles.
You are starting to annoy me.
Take that and that and that.
I don't know what he has but it looks like Knuckles has lost his temper.
Yes he's angry.
It'd be really wonderful if this palace was built with jewels.
Screw kick! Chaos Emerald.
Well done Sonic you already found it.
Shovel claw! I never met an ice that resistant.
I congratulate you for succeeding in getting here but you cannot break this ice pillar.
Where are you ? Show yourself ! If you really want to see me, I can't refuse this small pleasure.
Come on ! Defend yourself ! Don't be stupid.
You won't do anything.
we better get away from here! Come quick! Hang on! We're coming! Can't use our weapons now.
What is this ice ? Got them! Oh poor Sonic how can we help him ? Oh no what have I done please forgive me.
Well done Cosmo! Good job! Thanks to you he managed to escape! After all it's only ice, finally Everyone's back.
Very well.
Knuckles, please, can you send the Master Emerald's energy in the laser canons.
Yes, ok.
The servers are the 7 Chaos Chaos is Power enriched by the Heart Energy transferred at 60% it's done ! Energy is at 100% ! Fire ! It's useless you are losing you're time.
Hey! I found it! Hedgehogs don't need jewels at all it doesn't fit them at all.
Bring this emerald back immediately! What's she doing here? Sonic! You should hurry to catch her.
You saw what's there? It's the life that's starting to return.
Soon this planet will be full of vegetation and life will take back its rights.
It's saved.
How could you fall asleep in such a moment ? you should be ashamed of yourself it's unforgivable! But you were sleeping too Eggman ! Yes but if Bokkun had not brought us anything to eat nothing would have happened! It's not my fault all this it's only because because what ? Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
Nothing at all.
This cold trans pierced me to the bones.
I'm gonna have to stay in this bath for hours to get warmer.
Yes but This emerald is really splendid.
It was worth it.
What but what's wrong? Oh no it's not true When I analyzed the molecular structure of this emerald, it was different from the one detected.
But the difference was so small it was impossible to notice it only by looking at it.
I quickly made corrections.
The research program won't commit this mistake for the other Chaos Emeralds.
I wonder what he was doing with the fake Chaos Emerald.
I don't know researches maybe or maybe it's because of this that they attacked Sonic.
Anyway I know one who make a face and it's well deserved.
Then it means the emerald I stole is fake? And I didn't see it? Ah life is unfair!!