Sonic X (2003) s03e09 Episode Script

Ship of Doom

here I am And this is my happiness, I finally did not have to search a lot I were only missing that Shadow I were not expecting to find him there I wonder what he's doing here ? Then, you are roaming in my ship like this I don't care as long as you're not touching this In other word, You were knowing I was here all along But, can you tell me what are you doing with Shadow inside this ? Unfortunately, even a fantastic man like me is still unable to a awake him Do your best Sonic It's up to me prepare yourself to disappear No don't try to save me Chris Sonic Chris Chaos Control Chris What is it? Chaos Emerald Shadow! Chaos Control Shadow The Vessel of Evil The enemy's ship is getting closer.
We must not let it get through got it? It's the EvilShip ! We must resist! Fire at will! To all the ships, put all the power in your laser rays! Retreat! We're leaving! How miserable to retreat and leave combat.
EvilShip do you get me? Yes I get you very well master.
Here's your new mission.
You must eliminate the blue hedgehog and Dr.
Eggman who are getting in our way.
Yes Master.
I'll take care of it.
You won't escape me.
What? Then you too Cosmo? What do you mean? Wait, don't tell me you're all thinking about Shadow? Yes.
Shadow is the ultimate creature created by Dr.
Eggman's grandfather years ago, professor Gerald Robotnik a great scientist.
And of course he went on Eggman's side.
And he fought against Sonic and the others with all the harmful power he had.
But in the end, he fought on Sonic's side and saved Chris & his friend's world.
You thought he was dead while he's actually alive? Yes.
It's impossible.
He couldn't have gotten out in such a situation.
He did not even have his energy charger on him.
So he can't be alive.
I wonder why he did not come talking to us if he's still alive.
It's true that he's never been very polite anyway.
But Still Me, I wonder what pushed him to come in this world finally Listen to me everyone! It doesn't bring us anywhere to ask ourselves all these questions.
Why not talk to him about it next time we see him? Don't you agree? Shadow.
I'd be really curious to know how they know my name.
Could it be that they already met me somewhere? Where? And when? "Where" it's when you were in the humans world.
And "when" it's when you were at the Space Colony Ark.
You don't remember? So what? It has no importance now.
What are you hiding now? Me? Nothing.
Don't make fun of me.
I wouldn't allow myself such a thing.
Wait a minute, you might be right who knows? I wonder if Eggman knows exactly how Shadow came to lose his memory.
The mission is about to be accomplished.
Target in sight I will attack now.
Hey what's going on? This weird thing suddenly appeared and attacked us.
A Metarex! The shield! He looks really strong.
The shield won't resist long.
It's up to you Shadow! If you want to know more about your past, of course.
How do they dare take me lightly? They won't get away with this.
This one is defending well.
You're wasting your time.
That's what we will see.
Since I'm telling you it's useless.
Good job Shadow.
What's happening? I have no idea.
I'll show you what's happening.
We'll create an echo inside this Metarex thanks to Shadow's offensive and destroy it from the inside.
How is he doing this? Where does all his power come from? Missed! He used all his power because he doesn't have his charger! What are you gonna do then? For now we will bring him back on the ship.
You incompetent.
Missiles are heading toward us! Make them explode! Yea! We did it! Use all the remaining weapons and eliminate this Metarex! I do not wish to be mingled to all this.
bye Oooh lets retreat for now.
Hang on.
I'm engaging the engines.
A missile is coming right on us! It's impossible to escape! Oh no pity not that! And now I will take care of the blue hedgehog.
What? You're kidding?! No I'm not kidding at all, look at this.
What? I recognize him.
It's the one who attacked our ship.
Reassure yourself, we will avenge the death of your people.
You must know that even Shadow did not manage to beat him.
What? Shadow did not succeed to beat him? Then we better get out of here.
Is it the captain of the ship who orders it? It's not exactly an order but we could always come back fight once we have all of our strength to beat the enemy.
Yes, it's a good idea, I'm agreeing with Tails.
You too!? No I'm dreaming! Try to keep your self-control for once.
It's not to you to tell me what I must do.
I agree.
No he can't be dead you all agree with me.
I'm sure.
If he survived the battle against the Ark, it's true that he can't die.
But for now, lets retreat! No I refuse.
Somethings telling me we won't even have time to talk about it.
There he is.
He's coming! Me, I'm ready for revenge, but We must immediately retreat.
What? What are you saying? You lost your mind? Didn't you want to avenge the death of your people? Avenge the death of your family, of all your friends.
And now you want to retreat? Not really.
But thinking about it, I don't have the right to force you all in a combat that could end up very badly.
We will have to fight him anyway.
So better to do it now.
I agree.
It would be too bad to have done all this way for nothing.
Then, let's go! Well there.
I like this better.
We will get him! You are really wonderful.
I thank you.
Very interesting.
Shield on Ok I wonder how long they will resist me.
We must follow our strategy.
Okay? Yes count on us.
Got it captain Chris! You ready? OK Here we go! What? Make the shield bigger.
What do they hope? Homing missiles, fire! I can't even touch them.
You may think to make me believe you have been defeated but I'm not naive.
You can try all the strategies, anyway you have no chance of getting out.
Lets go.
Congrats for seeing through our trap but for your info it's a double trap.
Ready to go at the action? An advice: Surrender ! Fine very well.
Since you insist I only have to bombard you of missiles.
But what's going on? He can't even send missiles now.
How do they dare do this to me? Quick! We must leave.
If you keep firing with your stuck canons, you will end up exploding.
You can't even fight now.
So surrender yourself immediately.
No way! He's heading to crash on the Typhoon! Watch out Tails! Yes, I saw it.
Crap, I can't get enough power! I'm activating the energy reserve.
Oh no! If the typhoon doesn't move they're gonna strike each other! Yes, and unfortunately the Master Emerald cannot use all its energy if I'm not on board of the ship.
Watch out! It's no use, we can't anything anymore! We're all gonna die! You were right.
Shadow is not dead after all.
However Eggman's ship was indeed destroyed.
What makes you think I'd let myself get beaten by someone like him? You know me very badly.
That's what happened You know all the story now Yes.
We understood, no need to make yourself interesting.
To begin we simulated the explosion with fuses and a smoke screen.
And next we escaped as fast as possible thanks to the special propulsions.
By the way, does someone know where Sonic went? I bet we're thinking of the same thing.
If we destroy his engines, he won't even be able to move anymore.
This prey is mine so don't get in my way! I will not let you go alone.
I may be wrong, but I have the impression you know me.
Well yes of course I know you.
Don't tell me you already forgot.
Yea! Well Done! It's time to surrender now and present your apologies to Cosmo.
And I Should apologize for what exactly? But what do you mean "why"? I have the mission to maintain order and tranquility in space.
I'm only following the orders of my master and nothing more.
What? How's that? Oh attention I've got bad news he's going to self-destruct any second! We must leave, and fast! I'm afraid we won't have time.
It's too late! No, we have one chance remaining.
What did you do? I stopped the time around him.
We have 90 seconds to escape! Lets start the countdown now.
If you want to do something, it's now or never.
Yes, Tails? Yes we only have to use the Sonic Driver.
Sonic come back as fast as you can.
What do you plan on doing with Sonic? I'll explain later.
For now I'm asking you to prepare the Sonic Driver.
There! On my side it's ready! We can begin! Now try to create a magnetic field around the Metarex Okay Energy connected to the cannon! Every thing's ready, get into position! Sonic, spin start! Okay! Removing safety lock.
Lock on, enemy metarex! Locked on Sonic Drive! Fire! I'm really ashamed of myself.
I present all my apologies oh powerful master.
The EvilShip has been destroyed.
I finally avenged the death of my people.
But how come I'm not full of happiness? Is it because those who are gone can never come back even if the enemy has been defeated? Or maybe