Sonic X (2003) s03e10 Episode Script

An Underground Odyssey

Hello Cosmo.
Every thing's fine? You slept well last night? Let me guess, you're heading to see your mom? Say hi for me.
Hello big sister.
Hello my little sister.
But tell me you seem in full shape this morning.
About yesterday I'm really sorry to have caused troubles to everyone because of my thoughtlessness.
It's nothing.
Reassure yourself.
And anyway we are getting used to it.
We came to visit you, mom.
We hope you're all right.
Us two we're fine.
You know, sometimes, I wonder if today she still thinks about her planet.
Me, I'm persuaded.
Talking about it, you know what our planet looked like? Not at all.
Mom is the only one on this ship who had the occasion and the chance to know it.
There's something else, sometimes I also wonder why we must continue to do such a long travel.
Simply because we must stop the Metarex from spreading evil in space.
And we must not forget it's the only way to be forgiven of our sins.
We better go.
We still have a lot to do today.
Good bye Mom, see you soon.
The Underground Secret The Metarex are attacking us! Oh no the planet 3 and 7 have been seriously hit.
They were sheltering the new generation.
Deploy the shield.
The signal of the Chaos Emerald comes from a place near of here.
But I still can't localize it.
It might be because it's in a very particular place.
For example in the current of a river or why not some meters underground.
In this case, we have no other chance than to split to search the whole area.
Then what are you waiting for? Let's go! Good Luck, we count on you and most of all be careful ! I may be wrong but Cosmo doesn't seem to have the moral.
Unfortunately things will never change.
And this, even if she succeeds in avenging the death of her people.
It looks like the Planet Egg has already been stolen.
And the inhabitants seem to have disappeared since a very long time.
The city is desert.
Even if we were getting back the Planet Egg, All those who died here will never reappear.
And even if we destroyed the EvilShip, it did not bring back mom and the others.
What's wrong? It's nothing.
Come on ! It looks like a long time ago, a collapsing happened here.
The Chaos Emerald signal seem to come from below this.
Look over there.
Do you see something? I'll go closer.
It's so dark we can't see a thing.
What? What's wrong? Well I think I pushed on a button Watch out ! Tails! Cosmo! Tails-san You alright ? Cosmo Where are we? But you're hurt! Don't worry it's nothing much.
You realize? We fell to the bottom of this pit.
Forgive me.
All this wouldn't have happened if had not pushed that button.
No it's really not your fault but the simple fact a button exists in such a place could mean that someone else is hiding here.
Don't tell me it's the Metarex.
Chris, Amy It's no use, I can't establish contact.
I'm sorry.
I repeat you, you have no reasons to be sorry.
The signal of the Chaos Emerald is getting closer.
Lets go! No.
Oh it's useless.
It's really nothing.
Maybe, but I have the feeling that it's because of me if you hurt yourself.
We finally found the 3rd Chaos Emerald.
And among the 4 remaining ones, there's two that still have not been localized.
Shadow brought two back to Eggman.
And therefore I wonder if he still helps Eggman to accomplish all his projects.
Unless Even if Shadow appeared amazing and I would even say frightening, I don't think it's someone bad.
Don't you agree? If he's also searching for the Chaos Emerald, I'm sure we will see him again.
If you say so.
Here's the Blue Typhoon.
Sonic do you hear me? Amy I just received a distress message from Knuckles.
He says that there was a crumbling of ground and Tails and Cosmo have completely disappeared.
I will have to modify my receptor as soon as we are out of here.
It's not useful anymore if I can't use it in distress situations like now.
It's true.
Or then, I might do better by inventing a totally new research device.
This idea came to me after having seen the clutching shoes that Chris invented for Sonic.
Therefore, I even helped him to raise the resistance level of materials, but also to realize the final step that consisted of making the shoes fit with the model he made on computer.
I pass my time making everyone's plan fail.
I bring tons of problems to my friends and put them in danger.
The heart of Sonic's planet would not have been stolen if I had been more careful.
When I think of all these beautiful buildings that are only ruins now.
All that happened is my fault.
Cosmo Uh Sorry.
I must have bored you with my long speech on mechanic.
Right? Wait.
It's not what you think.
Open your eyes.
It's because of me if we are in this situation.
Listen me well, you don't have to worry at all Even if you don't really feel in security with me.
It's not this at all.
On the contrary, You are precisely somebody on whom we can count.
It's true? Of course.
I'm sincere.
They emit a gleam in obscurity.
Maybe we should follow them.
Lets go.
What is this place? Tails, Cosmo I'll soon be there to save you! I'm afraid by digging like that he will end up making everything collapse.
Don't worry, Knuckles knows what he's doing.
Well I hope.
I tried to scan the place with infra-red rays and ultrasounds.
Apparently, there's an underground just below our feet and certain caverns near of here allow us to get to them.
Then we will inspect them leaving traces behind us to not get lost.
I'm worried for Cosmo she really did not seem to feel earlier.
We have to find her as fast as possible.
Okay! lets go! Metarex It seems that this place is their base.
Apparently, the Chaos Emerald should be very near of here.
Lets go.
Chaos emerald There's one here! And here too! How come there's so many Chaos Emeralds? It's not normal.
The only real Chaos Emerald, is the one in the middle.
Which means this machine creates replica of Chaos Emeralds and the one we found on the Snow Planet has been created here.
But why are they doing this? No idea.
However, it proves they are determined and ready for anything to get in possession of the Chaos Emeralds.
It's the Metarex's writings.
If we can decipher this The energy's level is maintening at a stable level.
The compression ratio is 93%.
The realization of the project Metarex in the galactic underground is then possible.
Cosmo you can read their writing? Somehow.
But the content is so complicated, that unfortunately certain details miss me.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
It's enough.
We will hurry to register these data.
I will use the translation program and analyze it later.
Are you agree to help me Cosmo? Yes.
Of course.
If there's something I can do, I'll do it the best I can.
Wait a minute, you are still annoyed after what happened earlier? What are you doing here? Quick Cosmo! Take the Chaos Emerald! Yes! You are our enemies.
I won't let you steal the Chaos Emerald.
Our enemies got the Chaos Emerald.
We must not let them escape! I Will find them in no time once I find the emerald's signal.
We have to get out of here fast or else they will find us soon.
I've got a small idea.
What is it? The noctilucs have the capacity to release waves of energy similar to the Chaos Emerald's ones.
You are a true genius Tails.
What's the meaning of this? Even if it's still dark, I'm starting to feel some air.
I am sure the exit is this way.
I trust you.
The light coming from the Chaos Emerald looks like the one coming from mom's room.
A benevolent light.
But also a little cold.
It looks like it's the first time you see the Chaos Emerald from this close.
You want to know what surprises me the most? It's all the rumors that keep running on Sonic and the Chaos Emeralds on the other planets.
Anyway I'm proud of my people because they always searched a way to beat the Metarex and therefore, it's like this we heard about the legend of the seven precious stones that possess an incredible power.
Talking about this, you knew the Chaos Emeralds get their power in people's heart? "In people's heart" you say? Yes, like courage, hope, trust and love.
It's by collecting our feelings that Sonic brings out the power of the Chaos Emeralds.
But it happens that the power coming out is due to hate and sadness.
Feelings like these create destruction and violence.
Cosmo Sorry.
I just realized I don't even deserve to hold the Chaos Emerald in my hands.
But why? Because I have too much hate and sadness in myself.
I hate the Metarex.
They removed the life to my people and I curse them every day.
And the worst of all, it's that I got you all in this fight while you don't have anything to do with this.
Hate and sadness inside me will end up sending you to destruction.
Cosmo Tails-san! Metarex! I finally caught up to you.
Tails-san, let's give up for now and escape.
Tails-san! Cosmo, it also happens to us to feel hate and sadness.
But I trust my friends who will always be there to help me when I need them.
"Friends" you say? And as long as I have this feeling, we will never be defeated.
Cosmo! Damn, don't touch this! Tails-san! You did not think I'd let myself get trapped twice? Tails! Cosmo! Do you hear me? We're here! Come help us! Yes, I am here too! Who is this one? Guess.
What ? You okay Cosmo? Tails-san! Everyone is safe? Good So you all came to save us.
Of course what do you think? You risk nothing Cosmo! Now that we're all here you have nothing to fear.
Reduce them to dust immediately! It's you we will reduce to dust! Everyone follow me! Got it! So Cosmo, you see it's not that easy to beat us ! Yes.
Lets go Sonic! You won't escape me.
common Sonic! Chaos emerald! Got it! Let's go! It's great, if we can analyze these data, we will be able to know the plans and ambitions of the Metarex.
And who knows? With a little luck we will also find where the Planet Egg of our planet is, maybe.
It's thanks to Cosmo we got the Chaos Emerald right? No.
Not exactly.
I only pushed a button unpurposefully.
Yes, that's right.
And that's precisely this which got us on the way of the emerald.
Cosmo you're really great! Then, what about going now? I'm really glad we got this Chaos Emerald.
We only have to fight the Metarex and get back Planet Eggs once and for all.
Finally! Hey but where am I? Tails, Cosmo Why are you laughing? Tails! Would it bother you to explain to me how you got out? Hey! Will you stop laughing and answer me? I don't know what happened, because I was digging in the ground like any respectable echidna and there They bit to the hook.
I've set the same trap to Eggman.
They will soon reunite, bringing the Chaos Emeralds with them.
I will get rid of those who are disturbing the order and tranquility forever.