Sonic X (2003) s03e11 Episode Script

Station Break-In

The Base of Metarex I did not only find 1 Chaos Emerald but I found 2.
Yes, it means right now, we have two, and Sonic and others, they have three, so if I count well, with the two others we noticed, well, it will be seven.
I know.
Then you better make an effort and hurry.
But I hurry, I do what I want to.
It's not really the impression I have.
It's still true.
I hope Eggman will never learn that I've helped Rouge.
You should notice that I'm not young enough anymore to play the bad guy.
Yeah unfortunately it's been a while since I was 20.
I even happen to have worrying memory holes.
But you, you're very young, You can't understand.
Old ages are still far for you.
Yes, but it will come one day.
Oh! Look at this! Yes, it's huge! It's almost as big as a small moon.
You should know that size means nothing.
Anyway I'm almost sure it's a Metarex base.
There's surely an efficient defense system.
We will see that.
Yes that's right.
Their defense system is very efficient.
What did I tell you? And what are you planning to do ? It's way too dangerous.
Better give up.
What are you saying? You won't give up while the treasure is so close.
You always praise having a 300 IQ.
Use your brain find a solution to this problem.
Oh I see her scheme All she wants is that I get Chaos Emeralds to steal them from me afterward.
It's applying for you too, think, try to find a solution.
We have not been programmed for this.
We can't think.
What's this? It's useless to try to change the subject.
Look! Outside! Eggman-sama! Oh no what are they doing there? It's way too abnormal to see them using my own tactic.
Then what will you decide to do? They will take the emeralds before you.
It's the kind of notice that I hate.
It's now that my brain must be useful.
Come on, think.
Yes! There it is! We can't say it's impossible, if we don't try.
You saw what happened to this rock? If they notice us, we will all end up like it.
Hey Hey Calm down.
Don't irritate yourselves.
He Ho Here's Dr.
I have a proposition to make.
What kind of proposition? I think we'd better ally momentarily.
What ? What's up with you Eggman-sama.
? Wait! you can't be serious.
Knowing Eggman he will probably want to trick them.
I tell you it's a trap.
You all know Eggman.
You won't be fooled again Knuckles? You, forget me, please.
In my opinion, we don't have much choice.
We will make him think we fall in his trap.
I agree.
Very well, it's okay.
We ally with you Eggman.
But explain to us what you intend to do We should be able to slip into the base with the Chaos Control.
That yes, it's nothing, we should be able to succeed.
It's another great idea from Eggman-sama.
But, why do you want to ally with them? In my opinion, we should be able to do it alone, don't you think? Oh listen to that girl, but I know her plans, she's thinking less we will be, easier it will be to steal the emeralds afterward.
Listen well, here's my plan.
The first group will slip inside the base and will then destroy its defense system.
And then, the big of the troop will join those who are inside.
Sounds good.
And then what do we do about emeralds? Don't tell me that each group will take one? The first who will find them will keep them.
Yes, it's okay.
For the group that will attack first, on our side we decided to send Shadow and Rouge.
Then now, it's up to you to decide which one of you will accompany them.
Oh, but why me? You worked as the President's spy for a long time, it's the kind of work you are designed for.
Ah yes? You really think so? I guess what he's meaning, he doesn't want me to be part of the main group afraid that I will take the emeralds.
But I'm preparing a nice surprise.
Yes good very well.
I agree.
You are really courageous, it's good, I wasn't expecting less from you.
Me, no way to go.
Everyone knows that Rouge, Shadow and I, really don't get along.
But I point out, you are not invited to take the tea.
Don't count on me either.
I refuse to go fight at the side of this batgirl.
We only have to play rock, paper, scissors.
It's me who will go.
You Chris? Yes.
If you agree.
No problem.
Yes, but then at the condition you will be very careful, it's promised? What is it? They were yours before, don't you remember? Your two energy rings.
They allow you to reload your energy whenever you want.
This way, you can make it vary depending on what you're going to do.
I don't know if you remember, but it's yourself who removed them from your wrists, during the fight against the ark.
I am Shadow! Yes! Shadow the Hedgehog! And it's me who removed them? Yes, you see, thanks to these energy charger you will avoid ending up tired during a combat.
I understand yes.
Well okay, I take them then.
We're going Chaos Control! With this, we will considerably raise our speed.
Nice! With this it's like we had already beaten Eggman! I am not that certain.
But what's bringing you here!? Oh it's a simple visit of courtesy.
If I'm right, this is Amy's new aircraft.
Oh it's very interesting.
Hey watch out it's still new so no touching.
I'm only looking.
Your material is in excellent condition.
It's very good.
Thanks for greeting us.
See ya soon.
I don't like this at all, I wonder what he wanted to see.
Anyway, it's done.
Here's Chris.
We just got in the base thanks to the Chaos Control.
We will start our researches in one second.
Well done ! we count on you.
Don't worry Go! I'll separate from these two, and find the emeralds without them.
Listen, it's so big here, I think we should split, no? No way! Why is that? Because we risk to not find each other if we get lost.
Oh yeah, you think so? I bet it's Eggman who asked him to watch me discretely.
He's terribly on his guard.
It's up to me to try to make him lose his concentration fast.
When we think about what we 3 just did with the Chaos Control, it reminds of our escape from the island with Sonic.
You're right, it's true.
I must admit I've been very scared back then, I really thought you were going to leave without me.
Ah that I remember very well.
And right after we went straight up to the Ark.
Ah yes, the space Ark wich was still full of memories from Maria.
Maria Shadow No! Wait! The Chaos Emeralds will very soon be mine.
Move aside ! It will be hard by only yourself.
Oh I could have gotten out.
Wait! I think that's the command center which is right here! Wait! Yes that's what I thought.
We should easily disconnect the defense system.
It's me, Chris! The defense system is stopped! Bravo! Good job! You ready? Let's Go! Good luck! Be careful ! Come back quick! Good luck.
What will he do if he learns the truth? Something tells me that this race will be very interesting.
Turn to the right.
Enter there.
Be careful! Yea, don't worry.
Let me do it.
Whatever you want to do Sonic, you won't escape me.
Oh I beg you, be careful.
Oh yes, Sorry.
But where's Eggman by the way? He's there very near of us.
It's weird.
He still hasn't tried anything on his side.
The sign says to not Enter! You go! Okay! Be careful.
Don't worry about that, we will follow them.
We will laugh.
What's happening? I don't know at all, my ship is crazy, commands are not answering anymore.
He Ho.
Come on.
Open quick.
Open quick.
What is it? Do it ! Thank you! Good bye! We must absolutely succeed to get the Chaos Emerald back! It's going to be hard.
How are we going to do? Amy's ship did not get through.
We will take care of that on the way back.
For now the important is the Chaos Emerald.
Well, here's company.
Don't worry.
I wonder what's at the bottom? I have no idea but between us I don't want to know.
Take that! The Chaos Emerald is this way! Hope You won't be too angry because it's us who will take the emerald! Hey! You're crazy or what?! You couldn't warn when you accelerate? I know some ones who will be well surprised.
What are you doing Sonic? But it's not me! The engine just stopped by itself! The Chaos Emerald is up there, why are we going down? I don't know at all and it's really worrying.
Look at this.
Stop this right now Eggman! You said we were allies! Give us that! You know the old saying I like, "the end justify means".
Got it! Me too! No come back! See ya someday.
Good bye I'm really too strong, I succeeded to take the Chaos Emeralds.
I'll send you to them.
Okay! Go! Fly up! Look at this! Where are they? Too bad for you it's missed.
It's okay.
We're saved.
You know you've been wrong wanting to trick us Eggman? But it was for joking, all of this, oh yeah nothing more.
What? Sonic! I'm glad you're safe Yes and what's wonderful for 2 beings loving each other, it's to be reunited after having been separated by events.
Well, now we succeeded to find all the Chaos Emeralds.
Yes you're right, it's wonderful.
'you have any idea of what it is? It's Look at this, I'd be curious to know what it is.
I thought about it, and I think it's what allows them to use the Chaos Emeralds for locking Planet Eggs in a very special crystal.
But why? How's that useful to them? You want to know.
It had been a while, Sonic the Hedgehog.
You are ?! Yes, it's really You.
You already met him? Oh yes, of course, I met him.
I am Dark Oak.
The Master of the Metarex.