Sonic X (2003) s03e12 Episode Script

A Metarex Melee

Well, now we succeeded to find all the emeralds.
Yes it's true it's wonderful.
You have an idea of what it is? It's Look at this, I'd be curious to know what it is.
I thought about it, and I think it's what allows them to use the Chaos Emeralds to seal Planet Eggs inside a very special crystal.
But why? How's that useful to them? You want to know ? It had been a while, Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic VS Shadow I am Dark Oak.
The master of the Metarex.
You already met him? Oh yes, of course I met him.
This time, I'm on my guard.
I was prepared for this meeting and gathered some Metarex.
Nobody is able to resist them.
I've carefully collected dates of all fights you've got up to know.
Today's date will be the one of your last fight.
But why are you doing all these horrors? Why do you make planets perish by killing all those who inhabit them? What will you do with Planet Eggs you collect? Go! Sonic-san! I said it.
I'm on my guard.
Where is he? It's an hologram! Look, there's others.
This base will be your tomb.
This time Eggman, I won't forgive you.
But calm down a little, it's no use to get irritated, and we can still make an understanding between reasonable people.
Yes, Dr.
Eggman is right.
And the important is to save our ship.
We won't have any chance to win if we remain stuck here.
What is it? I hope you hear me it's getting bad.
Why is that? Explain yourself.
A spaceship float is coming toward us at 6.
It must be Metarex ships.
Another enemy float is also signaled at 12.
And another at 3.
And yet another at 9! We're completely surrounded! A float of Metarex ships! What's the meaning of this? Shadow, there's a change in the program.
We must immediately get away from here.
Give me an explanation doctor.
You did not see the trap coming? Oh, I've got to admit that no.
For once my genius has been taken by surprise.
That's true, I admit it.
Do you hear me? You hear me ? Trouble-makers of Order and Tranquility in the Space? I am the Red King.
One of the four Metarex kings who serve the all powerful Dark Oak.
There are four Metarex kings? You are totally surrounded.
You don't have any chance to escape.
Thanks to you all for finding and reuniting all the Chaos Emeralds for us.
You only thought about fighting each other to get the emeralds.
The result is that you will all perish in this base.
He's really irritating me Come back immediately on the Egg Crimson! We forget the emeralds for now we will take care of them another time.
WHAT? Bokkun, Start the Engine and hurry, got it? Okay.
At your orders.
Hey, but where are you going? We're getting away from here and you'd better do the same it's too dangerous to lag around here.
Eggman! and I'm gonna have to pilot this aircraft I guess Very well, I come back immediately.
Hey wait! Shadow Where you going? What about the emeralds then? Shadow! Help us! Chris! Amy Hurry up! Sonic needs help.
He won't last long anymore.
Yes got it.
I won't let you hurt Sonic! Wait, you are going to see! Get away from here! Go away! Leave me alone! Amy-san Leave me alone! You hear me! If I could get them out of there Come on, go, Start ! No it's not this.
It's too complicated.
I will never succeed to make this thing start! The Planet Egg has been ejected from the Metarex base.
This base has no more interest for us and will be destroyed.
Prepare to open fire on the base and put in all the power.
Fire! Activate the shield.
Yes, Shield Activated.
Stop the shield, I'm sending anti-missiles.
Shield On! I don't know how long the shield will stand.
They'd better not destroy us at the same time as the base.
Shadow Don't tell me you will run away leaving others behind you! Yes! Chris is right! Sonic seems to have great difficulty! I obey to the orders I received! And why do you listen to Eggman? Because it's his grandpa who created you a long time ago? What? Yes he created you, but today Eggman is shamefully using you.
You want to explain? Do you really think Eggman will give you back your memory someday? Me in your place I'd ask myself a question, does he have the required knowledge to give me back my memory? Shadow! Please! I'm asking your help And why would I help you? But, Without any particular reason, only because we all need you if we want to all get out of here.
Shadow! Prepare yourselves, we will use Chaos Control.
And if we want to stay? Sorry, I have order to not leave you alone.
You're starting to get annoying! Chaos Control! Why have you been so long? Oh but I see I have a young visitor that I was not expecting.
Why are you looking at me like this? But it's Chris! What has he come doing aboard our ship? Maybe he decided to switch side? It had been years since we had not met.
I knew you dreamed of rejoining your big friend Sonic and all the others to live great adventures but I didn't know you had traveled across space to rejoin them.
Is it your grandpa who built the teleportation machine which sent you here? No I built the machine myself.
Because in my world Oh, then you mean you grew up since then, but I find you very small honestly.
Something abnormal happened! I see that you seem frustrated by my success but you can't do anything about it.
I know this saying well and I heard it way too often.
I was told to be depend of others and running away from my responsibilities Ah yes.
That's weird I don't remember this at all.
And it was true.
Back then I was stupid and timorous.
But today it's different.
I decided to take initiatives.
Oh yea? Let's see that.
You thief! Idiot ! You should be ashamed it's not nice to steal! It's great! It's starting! I'm coming Sonic! Cosmo! Chaos Emeralds Don't touch this! It's crazy It seems to be coming from outside So it means they want to destroy the base with us inside? But it's monstrous! There's still I don't know how many of theirs in here! It has no importance.
We will all be disconnected.
We are all ready to give our life for the reign of Order and Tranquility Rouge Once we're out of here, you will give me the emeralds? I don't know I must think.
This is your recognition? I'm leaving you.
Chris! Knuckles The energy of the protective shield has fallen to only 30%.
If this keeps going, we won't resist at the flood of fire we are receiving.
I will protect us behind asteroids.
If we were beaten it would be catastrophic for the rest of the universe.
We have to resist whatever the cost is.
Things are not presenting well Eggman-sama.
If we don't obtain the Chaos Emeralds quickly the protective shield won't last.
Shadow is long what's lagging him? What's this thing ? there's a strong abnormal gravity field in the center of the base.
It might be possibly explained by a connection to another dimension.
Sonic! It's impossible They are 2, able to exploit the power of the Chaos Emeralds I understand better now Our resemblance is not only physic.
Finally, you're only a hedgehog.
And you will give me all the Chaos Emeralds And what would you do with the emeralds if you were possessing them all? Yes okay I understood You are continuing to obey your master It's a joke this supreme creature! Only heroes can use the power of the Chaos Emeralds Sonic Shadow it turns bad A gravity field 've just begun somewhere in the base! We must make Sonic come back while it's still time.
The gravity field is pulling us.
We must escape it.
Engines at maximum! It's not good.
It's not enough.
Idiot! We will never resist such an attraction without the Chaos Emeralds We will be aspired it's horrible.
Sonic! Well they took their time.
Once again, I beg you bring us your wonderful power! O you Master Emerald.
The energy is completely back.
We have all of our power.
Great! Then Maximum speed! I had not made my calculations with two users of the light.
It's a mistake on my part.
They succeeded to escape the danger thanks to their wonderful power.
But after all it's better like this, they will be able to show me what they are capable of.