Sonic X (2003) s03e14 Episode Script

Clash in the Cloister

It's fixed ! Knuckles you're amazing, all engines are ok now ! Roger ! There's another Inter-sidereal Space inside this vortex wich aspire everythings around thanks to his powerful gravity strength It's probably in this Space that the Metarex are You're dirty Umh, yeah thanks You're afraid that we might be crushed inside.
Any ideas Tails-san? Yes the black holes nothing, it'll be ok! Our ship can resist it.
However, once we're through we can't come back.
That means? We will find a solution Your right.
If we don't, Metarex will kill more innocent lives.
Your right, lets enter it.
What ? What's the matter ? Well Chris.
Entering new areas is no problem for Cosmo.
But you Chris, will enter it too.
I know that! I'm from Earth and that's also another area you see.
Alright buddy.
And I can't let you leave without me I'm only 4.
5 ft tall but I'm still older than you all Yes and you mean ? and I mean Nothing Protection Shield, on ! We will soon enter the other Space We're entering Critical Situation It's ok, we made it.
look Yes What the ? Chris Super Ultra Mega Wave Motion Propulsive Engine Everybody's alright ? Cheese! Cheese! Where's this? I'm not sure.
No idea I don't know It's not a joyful place No, you're right Anyway, we have to continue Those big roots are gigantic.
Actually, their's only one reason.
In fact, I don't think of anything else I suppose they are there captive because of this very powerful gravity They look disgusting.
What's happening ? The engine's blocked.
Start everyone.
Why do I have to cut roots down? Stop moaning ! What is this ? A Laser Beam Branch trimming I ordered it off internet, it's very handy.
Give it here ! Everyone, here's my latest upgrade.
Lets go! He's using your special shoes ? It's all done Then if this is finished we will be able to leave normally No, the way is becoming more and more narrow, we will never be able to pass No way ? Wait a sec, I know what we must do ! We'll pull it.
Then, do you like it ? No, The ship is way too heavy for this Yes but you're very strong But since you say so And it's useless to push either Oh No ! Look over there ! Their Space Ship is too big it won't be able to get out from there Now's our chance for revenge! Master, Let me handle this ! No, I think I will be better than you for that I wonder why I love this Hot Curry Rice so much Ah, I know ! I always add red pepper! See that, it gives me spicy pepper power! Enough ! Yellow Zelkova, I'll let you go.
Listen to my orders.
I want that hedgehog dead! Thank you, my master! What's happening, he's gone hyper? I'd like to know, why he's one of the 4 kings? Oh, What is that ? then I would say it looks like a trap Those pillars have blocked our exit, damn ! What can we do, we can't go any further? No, there's solution, we'll knock them down! I know! It hurts.
It's no use.
What's happening? Shit! It's moving.
Who's that? Bastard, who are you?! I'm the 2nd Metarex king, Yellow Zelkova-Sama! Bastard, who are you?! I'm the 2nd Metarex king, Yellow Zelkova-Sama! Dark Oak-Sama gave me orders, to koll all of you.
What ? Everyone back to the Typhoon! I got it! Amy you too! But? He's a deadly opponent! I got it! Well then.
I can lift that! To heavy! Your weak! He's strong! Die! Are you ready? I'm ready! Shovel Claw! What's that? What? Knuckles! Sonic! Run away Sonic, he's far too strong! This king acts like an, idiot! He's gone? Your really short on brains.
What's that? Fall off! If he continues, the Typhoon will break apart! You bastard, who's the strongest now? I'm impressed, what's your name? Knuckles the Echidna! i'll use this pillar for your grave stone.
Whit this message on it, "In memory of a hedgehog" Your wrong.
I'm not a hedgehog, I'm Echidna! Knuckles is amazing! wow How's that? What power? Think so? No one's beaten me before! Knuckles! Knuckles-san! Your dead! Got you! Sonic! I have a plan.
Let's distract him.
Okay? Okay.
Shit, I wont let you run away from me! We're not running away.
Or scared of you! Over take! Come on! Your mine! Too slow! You'll be sorry soon! I'm here, I'm here! I'll be sorry you say, I'm sorry now.
Don't mock me! Keep it up! I'm here, come after me? I'm right here.
Your so slow, that you go bang bang! Mocking me! What are they doing, their not beating him? If your so clever, fight against me! No way! Your the idiots, how long will you keep this up? We'll stop now! What's that? He doesn't know, lets show him.
Your right! What's happening? Tails? Sonic Driver! Bye idiot! Hey, are you retreating? Energy connected to the main cannon! You'll see, Zelkova ! Set up of the energy ring, maximum pressurization.
Sonic, spin start! Let's go! Removing safety lock Target Metarex Sonic Drive, Fire ! What's this spinning object! Oh no! This is the first time I've seen it up close! Alright! Turn on the engine Knuckles! Knuckles! Lets do this.
I summon you right now! Do it Master Emerald! What ?! What the hell just happened ?! It worked! Crap, they got through! Next time we meet, I'll kill you.
I swear it! That's what you deserve, you stupid moron! When I see you again, I'll destroy you! Sonic! Sonic! Amazing, now we'll continue to the next area.
We're here! The Metarex world! I wonder what it looks like?