Sonic X (2003) s03e15 Episode Script

Teasing Time

Cream's Travel Diary The Blue Typhoon, the spaceship on which we were, has now been attacked by the Metarex for 12 hours.
It was starting to be long.
But got to admit their way of attacking is very surprising.
I see a Metarex ship at 35 degrees on the right And there's 3 more! You see it's very curious because we don't know if they come to fight since they're still very far Distance 25,000km Metarex are in green area They are avoiding contact So? What did I tell you? It's clear, we must scare them You think ? No I think they're waiting the good moment to attack us by surprise So you'd be nice staying very close to the Master Emerald Knuckles Ha yes don't worry if nothing particular happens no matter the place I will be I understand him It's been more than 5 hours we wait for something to happen And if it was part of the Metarex plan ? Hey Tails and if we changed our direction a little to see what happens? Why do you say that ? You think something will happen if we continue like this ? No.
It's all the contrary They started attacking us 12 hours ago now We chose to follow this direction to try to avoid them And it's been lasting 5 hours Yes, so you think if the Metarex are not attacking it's because we are exactly where they want us to be We will know quickly Okay And while I'm at it I'll check if their high-tech radar is as performing as they think it is Chris! You will raise the power of the left auxiliary reactor by 5% Right now ! Something should happen ? What's this ?! I detect a powerful energy at 25 degrees on the right ! Shield on! It seems to bother them that we follow this direction Deviation of 10 degrees Power 20% Ah there I see them At the position two .
eight .
five there are three ships and further behind 5 others Come on Chris we need to get rid of these Rodger! And then shut off the auxiliary reactor it's becoming useless Back to the initial direction Missiles fire! There! We destroyed them? Direction one one zero nine We are back on the initial direction the 5 other ships shouldn't be long They're coming ! Cream, Shields on! Ok! And now, we will know The Metarex changed direction They are going further toward the green area There's no doubt.
They're gone I see that Say Chris, could you tell us what they're planning ? As soon as we entered the Metarex space our long distance radar stopped working efficiently I can't tell anything Heh yes, it's like a TV with no antenna It doesn't matter, we will keep our direction and we will go straight You really look sure of yourself And why is that ? You know some things maybe ? And I rarely heard you speak so much I know nothing I've only got an intuition The Black Trap If I'm not mistaken it's a very indirect invitation you just sent them I like to take my time when it's about things I like to do You understand ? Things you like to do ? It's because you looked very busy that I did not want to disturb you No matter the planet we will attack, we will win in a wink I need adversaries more stimulant I wouldn't repeat myself But the Red Pine did not under estimate them and you saw what happened Yes I know And I count on staying on my guard and avenge the Red Pine who was loyally serving you And I also count on giving a lesson to the one who attacked you I may be very excited but I'm also very concentrated In fact I'm fully concentrated on my next victim I don't have the intention of letting it go I just detected a planet at 50,000km Ah ? The radar is repaired ? No, not at all, it is still unable but it happens we can see it with no instruments You mean we're getting close that's it ? I should be able to zoom in Main screen.
What !? It's all !? It's not bigger than this ?! Sure it is bigger, it looks very little But I can still enlarge with the digital zoom What is it it looks like a toad skin ? It's incredible the number of cratters there is They cover the whole planet Think it's due to a meteor shower ? It's because this planet has been destroyed and has been attacked in a ceaseless way until it came in this state endless attacked again and again until all sign of life disappeared from its surface The poor inhabitants Tails! I know we must absolutely find the Chaos Emeralds as fast as possible But just this time, I'd like that you let me give a lesson to these monsters ! They need to be punished ! Why are you asking this ? It's true that we'd all be happy to eliminate these Metarex It's true Lets get rid of them fast ! Then we push the reactors to the maximum I'm removing the shield ! Ah Chaos Emeralds ! What's the meaning of this !? Yes it's weird What's going on? I thought that Tails had repaired the detector so it only signals the real emeralds Why do you think they're fake ? Yeah honestly why couldn't they be real ? Because I think it's not possible that so many exist There's so many ? But how much ? Uh this gives me the chills All the informations about the fake emeralds are in our computers It will help us Have to think they perfection ed themselves There's nothing to be admirable if you want my opinion Look something is appearing on the screen It's a message coming from this planet Uh-Oh.
what's this language ? Wait I'm connecting the translator It's ok, I'll read it "I wish you welcome in our space" "and I salute your courage" "that I find huge" "and I authorize you" "to visit us a moment" "I am one of the four Metarex kings" "Black Narcissus" So he authorizes us to go see him Well he irritates me seriously Be careful Knuckles because I find you have a tendency to crack in this kind of situation It's not true ! I know to control myself ! Come on They never stop these two Uh Cosmo ? What is it there's something else ? Ah no, not at all, it's all there is it's true, you can believe me Okay, so what are we waiting for ? Yes, and maybe after all we will have the right to a welcome party Cheese, you are only thinking about eating I am sorry, everyone.
Metarex are sending us missiles ! What's the meaning of this ? I'll set back the protection shield in place First they take us by surprise and now this "Welcome", that's it, yeah what a bunch of liars ! Cosmo ? Chris ? They're approaching ! How do you want us to get out ? Hey ! A minute it looks like nothing to a classic missile which should contain a mix of potassium and aluminium Uh could you explain ? Me ! I know it's fuses from a firework So their welcome, it was a firework ?! Are you there ? See I came alone just like I promised you No need to scream so loud I'm not deaf You pretended to have something to tell me Then now you will explain to me what's between the inhabitants of our planets and the Metarex ! I just told you to not scream so loud You still haven't understood what you were doing here ? So you are really stupid You will serve me of hostage Hostage ? "I'm addressing myself to the survivor of the planet, Cosmo If you want to know the truth join me back in It's really not going well captain we don't understand anything to your translation However that's it I don't understand why you are always disputing What's important is to find back Cosmo without waiting anymore problems You're right.
But there's no need to worry she's on the Typhoon Well me I'm not as sure as you Amy's ship is gone How could she have left without us noticing take off ? Well it's easy, hacker helped her But the only one who could do it, it was Chris That's right You wanted to see us Then now that we are here, you will speak ! Begin, We're listening Silence ! You, I did not ask to see you It's you who came without warning and you don't interest me much Go back home ! It's because of me all this I'm sorry Ah there's nothing You know some years ago I would have done the same But you must never do that again remember you said we were your friends not so long ago Yes, of course, yes it's true and it's why I'm here You're really adorable Cosmo When I see you I see myself 6 years ago Chris-san I'll tell you something when we will be back on the Typhoon But don't laugh Absurd This kid doesn't please me not at all It's reciprocal ! Come on Cosmo ! I'm going to get angry Leave it to me, I'm used of this kind of situation Lets go, Cosmo ! Chris-san! An animal who becomes wild must be quickly trained It had been a while I had not felt such a sensation Very long And I like this Amy, Cream, we can't use the laser rays we will be forced to use the missiles It's not true all the same these men and now it's Chris who forgets we are a team Yes, you're right, we already had Knuckles who was being stubborn Hey! When you say bad things of others shut the micro ! Oops I forgot You're too dumb Tails ! Do you Think we'll be able to send Sonic over there? Yes, it's one of these famous 4 kings we must absolutely succeed on the very first shot It will be okay for you Sonic ? Sure I'm ready to go give him a good correction I hope you will put Chris in shame because I do not have the intention of missing Cosmo I will even have to deprive her of dessert Yes, it's true, she never should have left like this alone and especially without saying anything to anyone You can translate what he's saying Cream ? He says he will scold her Let's Go Energy connected to the main cannon ! Set up of the energy ring, maximum pressurization.
Sonic, Spin Start! Removing safety lock Target Metarex base ! Sonic Drive! Fire! What's this ? So all these Chaos Emeralds are fake Just to seem them I'm sick Can I know how long you will stay at the bottom of this hole ? I'm here Above your head I was waiting for you, Sonic The only one able to control the light of the chaos I'm really sorry doing so much damage to get here but I wasn't able to find the entrance door and I had something very important to do It's not a problem And I wanted to know if Sonic's power was conform with our informations I'm very surprised Because according to our calculations you were supposed to get in this room and stop I'm also sorry to leave like a theft but I'm waited I came to get my two friends Oh but don't be in such a hurry we have all of our time now And I would like to check that your strength is in accordance with our data's Your data's.
Your data's.
You like computers you Me, I don't care You won't leave now ? Your friends are still alive as you can see A little tired that's all Chris ! Cosmo ! Be careful ! don't try to break this sphere, They'd evaporate in no time Yes, your friends would disappear forever And if you do not accept my propositions you know what will happen Don't you, Sonic? Poor Cosmo she must be very scared So ? And Chris what have you done to him ?! Punishment is necessary to train the disobeying animals Look well Sonic ! I created them myself ! Gold and Silver One of them will test your strength while the other will test your speed And if your performances are conform to what we think then you should do a very nice combat if this is your wish then I will fight So that's what you wanted to see ? Stop right now Sonic ! That's enough ! You saw the thrashing that he gave to them ? He made two heap of metals of them Sorry, but I think this time my calculations were wrong Yes and anyway we don't have much time left so better stay there Sonic ! I beg you, especially don't deceive me I do not want to see you listen to your hate and anger it's not good at all So I will pretend I did not see anything, I only want you to disappear in your cloud of smoke Don't worry about your friends I know they're fine Yes, it's very courageous what he did Chris I had to thank him for giving me my loaders We're even What's going on here ? I don't know but it's very agitated I've really got enough and honestly I think your plan is not worth much I'm very disappointed from you I let you take care of the rest Doctor Oh yes of course we will fix this See you soon It's all that I had to do in this episode ? Call the producer ! So that's in this confusing way that the episode ends ? You have committed a little too many faults Us too, we take hostages This kind of thing shouldn't have been done It's totally illegal ! Yes even more than this and That's enough ! Shut up ! You hear ! What? Bokun kick! Be careful ! because we're not kidding anymore! And you have just committed an error too you see, these robots serve me as bodyguard once in a while What ? Only once in a while ? And the rest of the time then ? You're excellent buffoons What ? Of course you're the kings of buffoons ! Hey ! We did not ask you anything you the gnome ! Hey stop or I'll make you cry ! Come on that's enough we're going back home And sorry for bothering you Black Narcissus I am sure we will see each other again soon, okay ? And I assume this is what Sonic and the others must be thinking and I hope they understood that this combat will enter in a totally new phase