Sonic X (2003) s03e16 Episode Script

A Revolutionary Tale

Hey come see I thought I told you I wanted a pressed orange So what ? Why wouldn't this be okay ? Honestly I don't see the difference that it does You were saying ? That I will do another one Oh do you know if Doctor made progress in his search for the next emerald? He chose to bring us here in this asteroid zone because he detected an Chaos Emerald right? Well now I don't know at all No let me go I swear I know nothing! That's enough Stop fighting and tell me what you know The attack we just received came from ten hours I detect a very important warm source it comes from a war ship no doubt Don't tell me it's Sonic and his friends They're always on my way and I've got enough Shit, we will never make it Yes you're right It's clear we don't have a chance against them I'll attract them to me you attack the admiral ship Okay ! Pale Bay Leaf-sama Why are they attacking us ? We did not do anything to them ! We don't have a choice anymore we will counter attack.
Up to you Shadow! These Metarex ships bother us, get us rid of them quickly Black Wind Who was that !? He destroyed these ships just like this ! He's on our side ? Anyway we have to protect him.
Lets get in formation C ! Hurry ! It's useless to continue this combat Alright May all the ships return ! Keep the radio contact following plan B We will conserve our strategy Molly's Dream I thank you for your help No use thanking us The Metarex are not really a problem for us She's very cute Some have luck to have a beautiful young girl to serve them as chief Yes, you're right When I think about all the work we do for a cheif like ours What you see there it's our planet It's Planet Egg has been removed by the Metarex very long ago this is what it became today But us, we pursued the fight in order to restore our Planet someday to what it once used to be It's just like I said the Chaos Emerald are without a doubt somewhere on this planet Shadow ! I count on you Yes, I know Be discreet I wouldn't want this little curious of Rouge come to put her nose in our business, you understand? Hello.
I'm not bothering you I hope And me I hope she did not hear anything If you count on going to get the Chaos Emerald you are going to need my help, you know it As I just told you, don't let her leave your eyes for a single second.
I don't understand why you are listening to Eggman ! Is it because he's the grandson of the one who created you ? And right after we went straight up to the space colony Ark Exact.
The Space Ark which was still full of memories of Maria Okay I understood, you're keeping to obey your master It's a joke this supreme creature ! Shadow Shadow that's your name, right ? I know it's Dr.
Eggman who told me yeah I found you wonderful it was a great combat And you managed to beat the Metarex without the help of anybody I saw you in action and I still don't believe it I was told you came from elsewhere, another far galaxy How is it at your home ? We don't care Yes, sorry I'm sorry I speak a little too much Not a big deal he's like this with everybody Ah yes, really ? Yes I don't know why but each time it's the same thing I always fall on somebody too complicated for me Wait ! All I wanted you know was to thank you for what you did I respect you a lot, You can believe me For me it's as if you were the "Black Wind" Black Wind ? It's a hero who flies like the wind after beating the bad guys to preserve the peace It's a legend dating from the time our planet was totally normal And now we have you Shadow Oh okay I'm not a hero Shadow ! It's only a legend don't get angry That's good ! It's enough like this and enough stupid remarks about me it's annoying! I must admit that we'd never make it without your help Yes it's clear we owe you our life Have no hesitation I accept all your attitudes mark It's you who takes care of this big ship ? And it's possible thanks to the super technician's that the doctor installed in the whole ship May it be for fighting the Metarex or someone else, trust us! So it's true you really will fight with us now ! But it's wonderful ! With you on our side, we will finally beat the Metarex ! So it's true ! The suffering and the fight lost are over for us ! Oh not so fast guys it's true we must admit we were there at the right time But unfortunately we won't be able to stay, you understand ? We understand, yes, you are letting us down You never had the intention of helping us fight Leon calm down a little ! Yes, I assume you consider us like simple soldiers with no interest on a far planet Though back then we lived in big modern cities clean and calm We were the represents of a big empire installed on many planets They can't understand our feeling a people like ours who never stopped fighting since generations What's going on ? You're talking about a Chaos Emerald ? No, I never saw one Recently, haven't you heard of a meteor or a comet that might have been spotted here ? Meteors ? Yes maybe not so long ago we received a report of something that fell in the substratum Apparently it looks like a white precious stone That's it ! I think we must keep it somewhere with the other minerals Come, we'll go see this Leon ? Molly, once you'll be there can you do me a favor ? I'd like you to bring me back a disk of the administration of the mine I give you the key to access it And can I know what you want to do with such an old program? Of course I'm hoping to ameliorate the system of our ship by using the old program It works It's terrible but I really don't have much of a choice I'm sorry to make you see this desolation I assume that those you use their time to survive don't care about the landscape I heard that formerly this planet was prosperous and people were happy It was long before I was born Long before the Metarex attacked it It was a rich planet and powerful They came from very far by conquering practically the whole space and I also heard recently that they had attacked many planets Yes it was said that they attacked, destroyed, conquered and dominated But, today it's us they came conquer It must be horrible to think we were the strongest and now we are fighting only to be able to survive I think we've done everything that was possible But it's true that we are all tired of these lost battles and to see our planet in such a state But why do you stay then ? You could very well go away Thank you but, this planet is ours and we all like it We won't leave from here If only I could have the power of the Metarex I'd be able to protect my own planet Don't move ! Follow me ! You have a bad habit of getting in front in the only intention of protecting your friends And it's a very bad habit if you want my opinion If you die you will have lost everything cutie It's not a big deal there will always be someone to replace me Let's hurry the mine is right there in front She's dreaming.
That's it ? Me I have especially the impression that she lives in the past and the souvenirs, don't you think? If that's the way she decided to follow it's certainly not up to us to try and stop her This girl in her own style she's a little like you No, I think you're wrong Honestly, what do you know ? I never have a choice to make for anything in life there it is ! I found the Chaos Emerald ! It's me who will keep it if you permit oh but I won't steal it from you what do you think ? That I don't know What did you say ? Ah, it's here Well, I think What was that ?! Explosives were linked to the lock of this case And it was done on purpose But why? Leon knew he tried to eliminate me Oh but why that ? Metarex Doctor, do you hear me ? Doctor ?! Leon sent us in a trap ! He wanted to get us away from Eggman and then get rid of you later he would have delivered Eggman to the Metarex No it's impossible because then it would mean that Leon be in relation with the Metarex We confirm that the explosion did happen Every thing's going like we planned What's said is said you still agree to spare the life of our team if we manage to deliver to you this Eggman Can you repeat the name of the one you plan to deliver to the Metarex ? I was expecting a little something like this And your behavior confirms what I thought Not a move ! You over there I assume your master is Dark Oak That's correct I'm effectively one of the four kings commanding the Metarex Pale Bay Leaf I bet you wanted to eliminate me at the same time as the resistants But I'm not one of those that we eliminate that easily Ah, but that's what we're going to see Eggman-sama This, that's well played Molly No ! If you go back they will kill you ! Think about what you're gonna do if your friends did plan to surrender to the Metarex ! You gave a good thought to all this! Come with us Molly ! Be reasonable And us at least we're here I'll make them change their mind Molly! She'll never be able to persuade them ! If they dared send her in this trap they must be ready to go further Shadow ? I'm going ! If she dies, the dream she made for her planet will die and nobody will know her sacrifice Listen, we must capture them if we want to join the Metarex What is he saying this little pretentious ? Send the E-3000 give them all a lesson ! So it's funny ? Yes it's great We must review our plans after this Such incompetence in combat can only bring problems Come on ! Quickly come help us fight now! you promised us ! Unfortunately you did not fulfill the terms of our contract The deal is broken Hey, wait ! Leon what's going on?! Yeah ! What do they want ? Well I don't know really I beg you stop ! Don't tell me you really want to join the Metarex and abandon our planet to them! What have you done of our dream to get our planet back to what it used to be? Shut up that's enough ! I'm tired of living like this on this planet in ruins And me I'm tired of always fighting If the Metarex accept our alliance at least we will spare our lives you see that we don't have the character strength you have so get away from here Death scares us too much We refuse to disappear for this planet Leave them it's better Shadow You fixed yourself a certain mission You must survive to accomplish it someday I can't No I can't I'm not strong enough Molly! Molly! I found you wonderful you can believe me It's as if you were the Black Wind A person who'd help me realize all my dreams Shadow, do you think that Molly looked like her to your Maria ? To Maria ? Yes Good if you don't She did not belong to the past, her She continued to look toward the future What ? Give this the doctor Eggman-sama, someone's trying to enter in contact with us Show me this