Sonic X (2003) s03e17 Episode Script

The Planet of Misfortune

Enter the coordinates again And if you reinitialized the system by pressing there ? Okay, I try And here we go ! It's still not working The system looks completely blocked Chris must have invented a combine to stop access to his computer program Yes, it always has been his strong point It's really embarrassing to be there without being able to do something That you said it he had the guts of leaving alone without warning Wherever the place they are, I hope they're fine Me I'm sure they are all living a wonderful adventure Yes, no doubt Chris It's weird that there aren't any Chaos Emeralds around here Are you sure your detector works well ? Yes.
I checked But all these parasites are only complicating our researches Parasites ? It looks like there's a lot of magnetic field and gravitational abnormality in this part of space I wonder if the Metarex are for something That I have no idea but distortions this strong can be very dangerous And I will bet they will infect other galaxies How come ? You mean that the distortions of the Metarex's space will expand up to our world too ? Never ! Hey look Amy it's the alarm These Metarex are starting to annoy me seriously ! It's the signal of a Chaos Emerald ! Tails ! Got it Changing direction An unidentified object is approaching ! A meteor ! The Chaos Emerald is inside ! Come on ! Lets go ! I heard voices You saw ? the meteor moved ! It's not a meteor It's a spaceship Planet Marmolim I've been so scared I thought our last hour had come and we were going to be reduced into mush We're really sorry we did not think there was someone on board How dare you confounded our Super Great Powerful Spatial Ship to a simple meteor ?! Are you living on a planet near ? Yes, We're coming from Planet "Marmolim" and We're "marmolians" I am Lou Captain of this Ship Lilim the navigator Momo the mechanic And we're traveling through Space to accomplish a very important mission The Planet Egg of our planet have been abducted and since this day, unfortunately, our planet got sick Let me concentrate, my children.
I really need it to foretell what's going to happen According to our chief Gana, a fortuneteller It exists someone somewhere in Space who could heal our Planet But through we searched everywhere we still did not found this person And our ship is broken We don't know what else to do Don't cry, that's going to be arranged True, you're absolutely right Crying won't solve anything We're going to use divination's arts to know exactly what we must do I think they are strange So do I We got up the signal of a Chaos Emerald on your ship Does it remind you of anything ? Chaos Emerald ? It's a magnificent precious stone of roughly this size wich shine a lot You are surely talking about hat ? It's the Chaos Emerald ! Then, it's them who had it Thanks a lot Ah What's wrong ? Who told you I was going to give it to you ? You see, it's something we found by hasard during our journey And since it's us who found it.
It's our You can't joke with this, Give it to me ! Help, He will attack us A extremely violent thief want to take our treasure With which right dare you treat me of thief ?! Calm down Learn to control yourself Knuckles ! I beg you don't get angry Why are you always using force ?! What's wrong ? It's me the bad guy, Now ?! This emerald is very important for us, We traveled up to here just to find it Yes, oh yes we're understanding But we are also searching for something and the destiny made us cross our ways Then, Give it to me Please No, No way ! Because the simple fact to look at this precious stone give us balm to the heart Then, we will keep it as souvenir Yes it's the destiny which put it into our hands There, it's complicating Anyone could tell me again Why we have to bring them back at home ?! Calm down, They said if we're doing it, they will give us the Chaos Emerald in exchange Planet Marmolin is known for his divination's arts and his foretelling for the future in domains like work, health, money and even love How come, Love ? Yes, and it is even our specialty Chris, Tails, Under way for Planet Marmolin and don't lose a second !! Yes, got it Welcome back home, we are reassured to see you're alright Sorry for all those troubles I assume I must give you this Yes, you've better to Perfect, the deal is closed now And where I have to go for foretelling my future ? This way and it is straight Okay, Let's go Sonic Hey, No way, I don't want to go ! Amy-san ? Yes, It's a hopeless case And are we going to get along together ? There's a lot of agitation here Mamolim is the Planet of divination's arts And before Metarex's apparition, Customers were coming from 4 sides of Space I'm interested in buying something This is a stall for amulets created for healing illness Some are very efficient against cough, headache and even sole wart Do you have any sole wart, by any chance ? No ! not at all ! Then, He is predicting the future It's the first time I'm going to see a fortune teller He can even learn you a few magic casts, you know Ah yes, that would be nice ! Hey, did you think about what we could ask for us ? Their planet is ill I wonder how they can be so joyful Lou Gana-sama Then, I assume you haven't found anyone to heal our planet No, We're really sorry Let's see, It's useless to make this face, I'm sure that things will finish arranged Yes, You're right, We will continue to search But How can you laugh ?! We can't stop the stream of destiny All we can do is taking a snap to it sometimes thanks to divinations arts But You must be very careful Your mission will involve much more people and disrupting their existence At least that's what indicate us this ancient coin Cosmo Gana-san That's Strange, I think it is the first time in my life, I see a Plant Specie like her hanging with animal species like you Cosmo, Listen to me, You especially don't have to worry about this Everyone knows that foretelling the future is a not an exact science And anyway, we are here ! I'm as powerless as the people of this planet I have no Powers or I don't know how to use them Then, it's normal that I'm anxious and angry Cosmo I'm sorry This is the Lover Rock How Romantic ! If 2 persons break this rock together They will be unite for eternity For eternity ?! Oh but this is fantastic, wonderful, for eternity ! I'm doing this for our Eternal Love ! Attention Sonic ? So, You're afraid to be honest and too easily disappointed How do you know that ? And What can I do for not being disappointed ?! I maybe have the solution First, you will have to rub you face with this magical towel each morning Okay, give I bet he will be deceived again If he's keeping his faith his wishes will realize Sonic ? Sonic ! Come back here, Whatever you want or not, I will drag you to Lover Lake, Lover Mountain and even to Union Circle !! I don't believe it's a good idea to force the hand of someone Speaking about this, Is there anyone with whom you would like to unite ? Me ?! In fact, I can't say there's nobody but It's written on your face that you have someone Chris-san Cream, Tails But where is Cosmo ? There's so much thing I want to protect people around me, this galaxy But I feel so powerless I heard the sun of this planet change of color at sunset Chese-san You know what Gana-san told me ? It seems there's a very lot of planets in space, But unfortunately there's almost none where animals and plants have learned to live together and in peace Then, it means our friendship is unique On plant planets there's only plants And on animals planet there's only animals The most important in all of this, is that we became your friend Cream-san, Chese-san Sonic ! Sonic ! You should notice he doesn't love you Wrong !! Totally Wrong !! For your information, he's always rescuing me when I'm in troubles And when he came back from Chris's world, he picked a flower and after he offered it by saying "there Amy, I miss you a lot" Sonic, Come back ! Did you have your future foretold too ? No, Not yet Then, follow me, I will show you where it is You are friend with a hedgehog At wich state are your feelings with Tails, Cosmo ? My feelings for Tails ? I guessed there were a little something between both of you Then, tell us But telling what ? I don't see what you're talking about You're lying No, that's not what you think I am only bringing him troubles Some minutes ago, I poured all my anger on the poor him In my opinion, He doesn't think you bring him only problems at all And you ? Where are you with Sonic ? Is it going forward your union story ? Amy-san ? Did I say something wrong ? Don't worry for me, the Marmolians gave me an idea wich should work very well Sonic will soon belong to me, and for good this time Tails-san Look what I discovered Then, it's because of this that this planet goes so wrong Since the Planet Egg have been removed, it seems the center transformed into something similar to Cancer Cells If we were healing this part, the planet should recover its energy I suppose it's there that I'm doing my entry ? Are you serious blue hedgehog ? Of course, I will destroy all the Cancer Cells and purge them forver Adn our planet will be healed Exactly as we have been predicted We finally found the one able to heal our planet for us ! Mission Accomplished with Great Success The only problem is near those Cancer Cells there is a rock plate which shelter an underground river Wich means we will need some help Hey But but but Stay Calm You fall on your head, Gosh ! But what do you want me to do with all those stuffs ? Please, stop I can't breathe Then you don't take any charm, finally ? Their wish of success is far enough for me, I believe in my own power There, I recognize you If we attack the ill cells the underground water will come forth on the surface and you will be trapped a few moment Then, you will have to hang on Water ? You said ? Wait a second Precisely, I've seen an amulet wich protect against drowning I found it again Energy connected to the main cannon ! Set up of the energy ring, maximum pressurization.
Master Emerald, I'm summoning you Hang on we start I set the angle of the cannon Sonic, spin start ! Okay Sonic Drive, Fire ! Wonderful, He did it ! It's a immense success It's not amazing coming from Sonic Sonic you are our saviour I don't understand this amulet doesn't seem to work Chris ! Tails ! Cosmo, but what are you doing here alone ? I'm thinking then, I heard it's you who found the solution to heal this planet If it succeed, it is especially because everyone helped me including you, off course I didn't do that much Listen I see that something is bothering you since some times You can tell me everything Except if you don't believe me What ? No no Not at all, I assure you, absolutely not, no No no it's not what I meant, Yes I believe you That's all what I wanted to know, we don't always have time to chat Hey Wait for me Are you alright ? Yes, but what happened ? A Love Charm ?! And it is particularly powerful If a couple throw themselves in the water when the sky is turning blue This couple will stay united for ever Then, it means Amy will be able to unite with Sonic for good this time Yes, off course, She even said with a big smile She will set a trap for Sonic to be sure he won't be able to escape her anymore Sonic in Love, I would like to see this Thanks Look No, It's not true, tell me I'm dreaming I prepared an unstoppable plan and it's them who fall in I'm really unlucky ! I hate you Sonic !! No it's not true But I hate you all the same Idiot! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!