Sonic X (2003) s03e20 Episode Script

Zelkova Strikes Back

Who are the Metarex ? This establishment is the last civilized area Weirdly it's always been spared, at the least in a recent past We have to admit that life is not always calm and pleasant It's hard to handle the coarseness of these Metarex From what we can see crossing space they destroyed many planets You really wish to go further continuing this way? I dis advise it strongly We surname this area "The world of death" So, what are you deciding to do? You know Rouge, nothing forces you to accompany me Hey! Don't say anything please.
I remind you that it's me who brought you here.
Oh, but I'll always find a way of transportation I wish to thank you for helping me so much.
Shadow Come on.
Hurry to get on board.
There are fighting Metarex ships right behind us, 4 ! What!? They're already coming back? But we just destroyed many not long ago! They're going to send us missiles if I believe the radar's reaction Send the lures When we will have destroyed the missiles, you will make a counter attack with Sonic's help Ok! Cosmo, wanna take my place? Yes Knuckles, you hear me? We will need much energy Don't worry! I'm here! We don't get bored at least today.
All these fights against the Metarex stop us from looking for the Chaos Emeralds Yes, but we have to defend ourselves if we wish to continue heh? I think it's starting to be worrying It's true.
It looks like the Metarex attacks are more frequent and violent It's as if they anticipated where we went.
But then listening to you it would mean the Metarex already know where we're going ! Ready to take off! Alright! You may go! Take off! What was that?! I don't understand.
The radar does not indicate anything! I knew that they wouldn't see me approaching from below It's really too easy I see him! Yellow Zelkova Where is Zekova ? He located the spaceship on which is the one who controls the light and decided to act alone Without waiting the orders of our master? It's not a very intelligent habit for one of the 4 kings There's nothing new.
Intelligence has never been his strong point.
Get down you're asked! He's got us that we have to unfortunately admit it I don't feel very well The interior circuit which transmit the energy is in a bad state and taking off again is out of the question for now What ?! What do you think of this? Nobody rivalries with my power! Question: What is the place we are scared to go at night but we rest in peace? Come on! I wait for an answer! I don't know an hotel? No, we're not scared to go at night.
I think I got it yes it's a cemetery! When we go at night, we're scared and our heart beats hard and loud But those who are inside rest in peace Bravo! It's the good answer! And I use this opportunity to teach you that this planet will be your cemetery ! And there's another one stronger! Stop! Sonic Go on Sonic! It's up to you! Okay Super Plasma Shield! What is it?! No idea.
It's the second time his protection screen resists to Sonic! Yes, it's the same as last time.
Bravo! You found it again! I will explain everything.
And even you will understand.
I'm equipped with the plasma screen generator made by Dr.
Eggman! And while I was at it I also took the card for a super shield ! Oh he's annoying me! I've got enough! This metallic junk is starting to annoy me ! Calm down, please calm down! It's very bad to provocate an enemy! As for lousy Eggman, If I get my hand on him I'll shave his mustache and make him swallow it! What am I hearing?! You dare speak in bad of the genius who so wonderfully equipped me! Come get some.
I'm ready.
If you think I'm scared of a hedgehog! I'm an echidna! You hear! It's true that your protection screen resisted the ring of energy But it won't be able to resist my punches! If this plasma shield is the same one we confronted in the past we'll break it the same way Ring Road ! Let's Go! And there's for you! Sonic! Chirs-san! Well that You think that Dr.
Eggman does not correct his weak points? This happens to be an ameliorate version of his plasma shield ! Quit chatting! Ameliorate version or not, it's the same for us! And it proves that you lay on the protection shield to fight! It's the proof of your lack of courage! Be careful what you say! I tell you you're far from winning! With or without your screen! Look at this.
It's very weird.
So that's how the Metarex leave a planet once they destroyed everything There's no living creatures.
Yes although there's many trees.
But there's no birds.
and not an insect It's a dead world Desert Do you think that's a sun? A sun? That I don't know.
It's useless to insist! Missiles and laser rays can't do a thing against me! The protection shield resists to everything! Going badly For now we must try to win time Get him busy! Yes okay Yes that's what I thought to break this protection screen we'd need a formidable energy But the big problem is to know where we could get such energy Knuckles! You're really not fast and you have the flexibility of a radiator Just have to be careful of your moves and with some luck we can anticipate what you will do Bravo, you resist well but that's not how you will beat me Go take a lava bath! And now you will join him in this magma This big can will soon pay! You allright ? You must have hit yourself very hard It's okay I'll hold on We must take care of the protection shield if we want a chance to win But how? Chris! More ships are coming to attack us! They're starting to be annoying! Let's get to work! But what was that?! You understood something? That's kinda weird It looked like these clouds sent flashes after receiving laser rays That's enough like that, you tire me! And it's not over! Let go! Let go of me I tell you! No way! I'll hold! Yea you hear I will never let you win! How could you dare do this! So, you see you're not invincible like you thought you were! Knuckles is really wonderful we have to admit it Let's get away from here quickly while its time You will all pay for what he dared doing to me! Knuckles fought with all his strength to gain some time so we have to act! Calling the Blue Typhoon! You hear me? Chris Sonic Listen there's no time to lose, we must find a way to beat this monster Where did they come from? I thought I got rid of them I'm here too! You're crazy! Your attacks can't do a thing against me! We're here too! It's good! Cosmo ! Alright! Wait! Hey! You bothered too much with Sonic to notice what happened here! Yes, it's too late now! Yes! Look! We did it! My protection shield I'll bring you all with me in the world beyond! Shovel Claw ! Give me your hand! Zelkova! You all saw? The Metarex are all like that.
They're really ugly.
Oh yes.
Oh yes.
very interesting.
That's what I thought By gathering the data's I managed to get I think I understand what the Metarex want Eggman-sama Dr.
May I know what you do here? What? What I do here? But, but nothing your advanced technology is so wonderful that I try to study it and understand it to be able to use it someday Eggman-sama is an untiresome researcher Yes and he does all that only for the Metarex Yellow Zelkova is dead.
He's dead? He was still equipped with the material you created for him and was defeated.
I'd really like to know what you insinuate.
Chaos emerald ? No It's a fake.
What? It can't be for that they do fake chaos emeralds.
Oh you hear? Look, Resistance What happened? It's what happens when we want to resist them and stay alive That's what they call "Order and tranquility in space" They make you disappear and become inoffensive Shadow? Quickly, pocket What is this ? I beg you.
And revenge us.