Sonic X (2003) s03e21 Episode Script

The Cosmo Conspiracy

Tails, don't you want to take a break ? Yes, but just now the security system have been cut for a few seconds I want to verify it Do you want help ? No, thanks.
I'll handle it There's no enemy in sight at the moment, then take advantage of this time to take a rest That won't last, will it ? Obviously not That's done, I only have to restore the security system There's an intruder in zone 12, In Cosmo's room ! Shadow's Arrival You will Die ! Cosmo ! Shadow Wait Shadow I hope you have an explanation for what you've done Sonic ! Tails ! Take Cosmo and escape ! Cosmo, What happened ? I can't believe it, that was horrible Shadow tried to kill me But what happened exactly ? Someone can answer me ? I have bad news, Sonic and Chris have been attacked by Shadow and they are severely injured Why Shadow did that ? We don't have any idea, but it seems he attacked Cosmo a few seconds before Then, he's our enemy finally Whatever he's our friend or foe that's not important ! At all cost, He must be stopped before it's too late I hope you understand that ? Okay, I will take care of that, it may become dangerous then stay where you are Access to the Blue Typhoon Computer Heat Sources Research Program Launch What are you doing ? He entered when I were verifying the security system of the Typhoon I will do things so that he can't locate us Let's go I think it succeeded Surveillance Camera Damn ! he can see us This way Get ready to pay for what you've just done Why do you think Shadow attacked me ? Maybe it was an order from Eggman, or maybe he's manipulated by a Metarex What ? a Metarex you think ? But that's not what is worrying me the most The only certain thing at the moment, is that someone try to kill you Then, from now on, I promise to protect you Don't worry, I'm here ! Tails-san Wait ! We're going aboard the X-Tornado and leave the ship Take off gear ok Catapult on You're safe now Leave her to me now ! If it can reassure you, I'm not interested in your life I want to know why do you want to kill Cosmo ? Are you manipulated by a Metarex ? That only concern myself Let me do it, otherwise you will die too No, I won't leave her ! I'm here to protect Cosmo ! You can't do anything against me But But What are you doing here ? Glad to see you again, me too Tell me, Isn't it you who is manipulating Shadow ? That's exact, I think you're very sharp for one time Why are you doing that ? Obviously, Your friends and yourself still didn't understand But I forgot even today, scatterbrained are existing Keep your sarcasms for yourself You necessarily have a way to control him Yes I have an excellent way So, What are you waiting for ? I remind you 2 life's are in danger Yes I know calm down Shadow it's me do you hear ? Shadow, do you hear me ? Shadow ? What's happening ? Shadow, answer me now ! Shadow ? Shadow ? Sorry, I don't come to contact him Tails, Cosmo I made the promise to protect Cosmo whatever happen ! And You're convinced to have this power ? There's only one way to answer your question There have been an explosion in the hangar It's clear, they are obviously there Intruder Detected, Elimination in Progress He's coming Don't worry, Believe in me ! We're almost there Quick, this way Knuckles-san ! I'm alright, I take care of him You don't know who you are facing Run away ! Thanks knuckles Nobody get in my way Perfect, then come on, confront me if you dare, I'm waiting you As you want What ? I were wrong to underestimate this echidna He even managed to extract the limiter What a determination ! This way No, we can't go forward anymore This time we're done Now, my time has come, I beg you Shadow, who ordered you to kill me ? Nobody I decided it by myself That should be a pity to make 2 victims instead of one, don't you think ? But why do you want to kill me ? It's better for you to leave this world without knowing Be careful ! I didn't say my last word yet ! Trying to win time is useless We don't try to win time You can't escape me ! What's happening ?! Sonic Driver Set up Sonic drive emergency fire ! We've been lucky if Shadow decided to attack us in another way that wouldn't have succeed so good Well, come one Well done, Nice, Good job Where's Shadow ? I bet he's still alive, on the other hand, I guess he won't come back before long Yes, so much better Now, tell me what happened ! Okay, no need to get angry There Everything begun at this time Look at this world, he's dead What? Look Resistance What happened ? That's what hapening, when we want to resist them and stay alive That's what they call the "order and tranquility in space" They make you disappear and become harmless Shadow Quick, pocket Got it I beg you Fight and avenge us We attended to similar scenes on other planets Then this is the Metarex World I don't like this world at all it is evil Wich kind of world is good for you ? you, who don't have any memory precisely I don't have any other idea, but I can't imagine this kind of world is good How come this is related to the fact of killing Cosmo ? The exact answer to your question is inside this Now, it's up to you what you want to do with I did want to tell you that You don't need to say anything Left to start the Typhoon and leave this place as fast as we can It was fake Quick Run away Cosmo ! Tails ! Tails-san Close your eyes I will protect you I made the vow Good Job White seed You accomplished your mission What ? My mission White seed White seed I don't want to die Listen to my voice and take my hand I don't want to die Take my hand, Listen to my voice Your eyes will be mine, and your ears will be mine Nooo !