Sonic X (2003) s03e22 Episode Script

Eye Spy

Nooo ! Where are we? The Lost Planet Well there.
we're stuck.
There's nothing to do.
Do you still have the intention to kill Cosmo? Her friends know the truth.
I let them decide her fate.
Anyway I'd like to know where we are.
Tails, you need a little more rest.
I want to know what happened.
I know that Cosmo isn't a spy of the Metarex.
Wait Sonic Your wounds are not healed yet.
Don't worry, I'll be back quickly.
Wait! I come too! Oh ! you won't escape me ! Hi You again! We'll make it so every thing's perfect so Cosmo can get a good rest okay? Cosmo-san There's no electronic chip nor micro That's what I thought.
No wait a second.
What is it? What's happening? There's no more doubt, Cosmo's brain sends a very small signal.
So weak even a radar could miss it In my opinion it might be this signal that sent to Dark Oak everything Cosmo saw and heard up to now Ok if I got it right, during all this time Dark Oak spied our moves through Cosmo's ears and eyes ?! The Metarex left us do observing us.
They preceded us when it was necessary.
They gave us precious informations.
But they kept watching us non-stop to get rid of us when they'd want to.
In other words, the closer we were to Cosmo, the more interesting it was for Dark Oak Got an idea.
Why don't we simply try to operate Cosmo ? We'd just have to remove the applied part ? Because the part that controls all Cosmo sees and hears is directly linked to Dark Oak and it's him who controls it If we remove it, Cosmo will lose her sighting and hearing perception.
Great that was all that missed Don't forget Cosmo wasn't aware she's for nothing in this story you hear me! Of course she didn't mean it! That's why we look for a solution! Therefore, maybe you know how to get her out of Dark Oak grasp! No I don't know that's the thing! Now that's enough both of you! And you Chris? What do you think? Think we can still help Cosmo? I'd like to But it's impossible.
Either we sacrifice her sighting and hearing, or we fight Dark Oak.
How can we fight him when he sees all we do and hear all we say? Why don't you shut up and think a little!! It's a very important mission ! we must do everything to know on what kind of planet we are You're right and I didn't want to stay aboard the ship, it bothers you ? Of course not I didn't say a thing however I advise you to watch where you going.
By the way, why did you bring Shadow with you? Because of him Cosmo got big problems now.
But thanks to him you found out it was a spy who's completely manipulated by the Metarex And you think it's really a reason to kill her? That's up to you and the others to decide.
Gosh you're kidding I hope ! Watch out! Yes.
What's happening? No need to yell at me like that Knuckles You, how dare you still contact me! We're all in trouble because of you! You never should have brought Shadow aboard the ship ! You'll pay for that ! How interesting Here Amy he's yours.
It's me Knuckles.
We found out on which planet we are.
What? In our opinion, it's Cosmo and the Metarex's planet.
Be welcome on the old Green Planet Leave quickly There's nothing left on this planet.
Nobody remains.
This is the cemetery where our late ones are resting.
It became the lost planet.
Hey there! You got us in one crowned kneader I tell you and I feel we will have an hard time making it out and sincerely a hand from you wouldn't be refused anyway you don't have anything else to do You really decided to big headed Anyway you could easily be my next opponent I'm ready confront you whenever you want If it's your will and not someone else's Our hate and our sadness provocated this destruction It happened long ago it all started by a war implying the whole galaxy We will never make it alive I'll go to the final phase to try to push them away But Unfortunately, it suffices that one of us goes to the final phase to drain all its energy and die It makes no doubt but if we stop fighting now we'll be eliminated by these monsters I agree to fight against the disappearance of our people but the number of child's deciding to go to the final phase is getting higher Due to the actual situation, either we die because of the war or we die by suffering an extremely tiring transformation I suggest that we leave this planet Leave this planet devastated by the war and find a new planet to live on You are serious? If you wear this, you won't ever go to the final phase Just a second You think we must abandon our powers and run? Hertia! Luke! If I got it right, we must admit defeat and let these monsters populate our planet? Yes.
We don't have any other choice.
You know that they will end up destroying the whole universe because these horrible monsters are able of only one thing.
Destroy! Maybe you rather fight for an unsure future and the we all end up dying? What ?! It's getting complicated.
Those on Luke's side refuse to leave the planet.
I put myself at their place and understand what they feel but for now, really, I have no other choice Quick! Come see! It would seem the vegetation is dying! What are you saying! Luke! Yes, Hertia? Listen to me ! I got a very bad news ! Something abnormal is happening with water, earth and plants But it's Yes it's wonderful.
You assist at the crystallization of our Planet's Egg ! I discovered that we just had to pull our energy from this heart to avoid dying when going to the final phase You think that's a good thing? The system is still a little unstable but as soon as I manage to control the energy we'll be able to go to the final phase as many times as we will want to You hear that? We can keep on living while fighting! No.
It's false.
Doing this you are just encouraging this terrible war and the planet dies Why are you crying? Do you realize what you just did ? You just killed our marvelous planet by your own hands ! So what it's just a planet after all? You must not let yourself be dominated by your emotions I want you to reunite all the Planet Eggs of the surrounding planets.
We'll create an army of warriors and counter-attack Luke Let go of me will you! We will get rid of these monsters and reestablish once and for all order and peace in this universe Luke But why? Why are you doing this? There are 230 warriors still resisting You may use the nuclear weapons Now I will fuse the air navigation system Trust me.
I will guide you all to an universe where peace reigns.
So you are abandoning us? You think we won't make it? I advise you to make your prayers because it's you who's gonna die! We are the only ones to decide what kind of life form must subsist All this of course in the name of the Order and Tranquility in Universe So these warriors disappeared at the same time as the planet But it's possible that some of them found a way to survive and in the name of our people I will do anything to stop them no matter the cost We must absolutely not let them take the control of the universe Yes we all agree Sonic! And we must end this immediately Why has Hertia made this choice? Maybe wasn't she agreeing to sacrifice the planet to maintain order and tranquility But it doesn't justify her need to fight against her own Right? Knuckles Clan, don't do this I beg you Attack! Now! But it's true that fights in a same clan are more violent than any other How sensible words ! What's suddenly happening to you ? What? Lets hope it's not gonna rain Hey ! You're not funny ! My words always make sense! But you can't stop yourself from provocating me! I wonder why There's something abnormal Say, you sure you not really hungry Cosmo? What if I simply prepared a small vegetable soup? It's mom who taught me how to do it and trust me it's really delicious Leave me alone Cosmo You know who I am.
Right? Yes I'm nothing more than a spy of the Metarex No it's not true! To us you are a friend to whom we care particularly! That's enough! I remind you it's me who's got in danger all the friends I care for! And you know what? Being eliminated by Shadow would have been better than staying alive ! No, you're not allowed to say such a thing Do you forget how Tails risked his life to protect you ? That's how you thank him? Go.
I need to stay alone Cosmo-san Go away! All I'm saying now is heard by Dark Oak hey don't you think it's early to get up? I've got enough staying in bed Speaking of this, you feel better? In full shape, I'm more resistant than you are for your information I'm analyzing the datas that Rouge gave me It concerns the Metarex? I don't know who assembled these informations but this folder looks important enough It contains data's on Cosmo and much more things Do you remember the ones we retrieved thanks to Tails from the Metarex Base ? Well, after superimposing them to these ones, I managed to decrypt the folder The Metarex are placing Chaos Emeralds a little everywhere in space and develop plantations which obstruct any living being to survive and this vegetation is their way to create an universe of order and tranquility We should have understood what was going on long ago when Cosmo helped us to decrypt it --"It's the Metarex writing" So maybe we could have done something for her It's not by keeping coming out with the past that we'll find a solution Yeah it's true But it's too cruel what's happening to her now I don't know how to tell news to Tails and Cosmo To think that I'm almost adult and I can't do anything for her It really has no bearing on being an adult or a child, you are yourself and that's what matters most ! Anyway, Tails and Cosmo probably know the truth by the time it is now As well as Amy, Cream, Cheese and Knuckles too They all know Yeah, you're right Where are you going? Stay there I decided to leave the ship And for which reason do you want to leave the ship? To visit Dark Oak I've got some things to settle up with him And you wish confront him alone? Of course I feel responsible of what happened I want to do something, I must do something ! And moreover, I survived, I point out that to you ! I took his hand and I survived ! and that's why I must confront him If that's how it is I come with you You forget a little detail he knows what I have the intention to do You're all going through this terrible trial because of me No it's not your fault My hate and sadness gave you misfortune They ended up putting you on the way of destruction There's one thing that no hate or sadness can erase and I believe in this thing more than anything Can we know where you're going you two? If you're going to fight the Metarex then we're coming with you! You're not yet totally mature to go alone Cosmo Would it bother you to say things a little nicer? I do whatever I want to! Everyone and no matter who spies on us after all yes the important is to win We already told you that you were wonderful? You see Cosmo? I told you so.
We always have friends on whom we can count on.
Tails-san What a band of idiots! You're most likely right But it must be why they are able to do something so stupid as risking their lives to save the world Wanna come with us? I don't care if you benefit of us If our goals are the same, I'm sure you'll do better joining us rather than being alone What'cha say? If you want my opinion, the fact you travel with a spy can only bring you tons of problems Yes maybe Shadow! Ah I finally found you Hey but you're with Eggman! I beg you Shadow come help us You must absolutely save Eggman! What's the meaning of this? We want to get out of here immediately! You have stolen informations pretending to be on the Metarex side Fortunately we clearly saw through your game from the start No need to be haughty with us How dare you be so insolent after taking so much advantage of Eggman-sama technology We will use as much as possible .
the technology that you provided us Eggman from now on you can rest in peace Hey come back we do not want to mildew here! Dark Oak-sama, the preparatives for the plantation project are done.
Dark Oak-sama? Hertia, it would seem your daughter decided to follow your steps But her and her friends can't do anything All the emeralds have been reunited The Order and Tranquility will soon reign on the whole universe