Sonic X (2003) s03e24 Episode Script

The Light in the Darkness

Poor animals this feeling you call hope no longer exist Time has come to assume your responsibility for the chaos you made in the universe Order and tranquility will soon reign forever in space Sonic! Concerns for Sonic Sonic! Sonic! Calm down But Sonic will disappear! It would be useless to try to help him now we must first get a plan No! I'll go save him I won't abandon him! No think about it before getting hit by this monster Sonic went to your rescue Sonic Chris, Knuckles We are sorry if we had been here it never would have happened Sonic will end up making it alive It's a hero who manipulates the light of the emeralds he won't let himself be defeated so easily When we are a hero like him, we always end up winning.
You agree? Yes I approve.
He won't let himself be defeated so easily.
Yes we must absolutely trust him he's a wonderful one Don't be afraid it's me You hear me? I attached my spaceship to your Blue Typhoon He's playing with us Yes it's obvious But up to now he spares us willingly I assume he rather take care of Sonic definitively to drown us in despair and sadness Yes he's cruel enough for that This horrible vegetation is spreading across the whole universe because of the light it emits It could easily soon reach our planet If these terrible plants spread they will eliminate all they will meet But how can we do such a thing It's pure egoism and nothing else It's not very fun to think that soon only these plants will remain on the planets! I wonder if Dark Oak hates that much other species in the universe or does he simply want revenge of what mom did to him and his people? It's quite annoying to stay not doing anything but attacking is out of the question No even if we tried to approach we'd be quickly eliminated Still there's no time to lose! If only we could stop him from moving just one small moment Well no me I say we must attack head front and show 'em all who's the strongest! Quit saying stupidities and shut up By using the energy of the Chaos Emeralds he intensify wonderfully the energy that he got from the Planet Eggs that he took a little everywhere in the universe and he uses its power to quickly spread these horrible plants We have the Master Emerald left Yes! There's a very good idea from you! I think we could use the energy of the Master Emerald to counter-balance the one from Chaos Emeralds Really not bad We'll assemble all the energy that the Master Emerald can give and send it in the Sonic Driver it will allow us to fight ! That is wonderful! For me it will be a kiddy game I find this determination admirable Then, you're ready to sacrifice the Master Emerald in trying to save the universe? To sacrifice!? Anyway the Master Emerald will allow us to have a wonderful energy Yes but even if we can use the energy given by the Master Emerald we can't know ahead of time if it will suffice or not Yea, you're right Do your best of course but try to not sacrifice yourself.
Anyway if it can reassure you, we'll pick up the pieces of the Master Emerald if it blows up yes and on this plan you can count on us we're very good to pick up the emeralds Especially if we can keep some for us! Just a minute If unfortunately Master Emerald blew up how would the Sonic Driver work then? No problem for that, Don't worry.
We'll connect the Sonic Driver to my ship, I have enough power for it.
yea very reassuring Who does not risk anything does not have anything You are not gonna tell us you're scared Of course not! Yes I see this stone risks to be dangerous Shadow ! I'm sending missiles against him! And me laser rays! Bravo! Yeah! Continue! We won't let you touch the Master Emerald He made a grave mistake underestimating us! yea he's been wrong This terrible to think he is the last represents our people and that he is so terrible and violent I've always tried to be nice with others, it's sad There! I finished the modifications brought to the Sonic Driver Now it's compatible with your system Good work.
I've also ended on my side.
But are you really sure you can handle this? Yes explain to me how you managed to get in this world I used the energy of the Master Emerald to synchronize our two spaces And once they were on the same wave-length I teleported myself here You understood If you managed to get in this world, it's thanks to the energy of the Master Emerald But during the teleportation an incident happened which explained why you got here younger and smaller than when you left and honestly we can say it's miracle nothing worst has happened I understand better why you're so small for someone who's 18 years old Oh yes it explains it all Anyway you must have made a mistake somewhere nothing to be proud of You you'd better shut up! Listen to the rest If the Master Emerald ever lost all of its energy then all the datas concerning you would be deleted Nobody is able to say what the Master Emerald will become It could take years until it retrieves its energy In summary if the Master Emerald spends all of its energy you won't be able to go back on Earth and in the worst case you could even leave your life ! I'd be stuck Fine for now I'm connecting this ship with the Sonic Driver It's done.
The dices are cast.
Maybe I'll stay in this world There's nothing sure yet and you know it The inhabitants of this world brought me much and it's kinda normal that I also bring them something Anyway don't worry we have much fun here Yea we never get bored and if you promise to obey Eggman-sama you could become one of us Yes and if later you become one of us since I was here before you you will end up under my orders Yea but don't go so fast I did not decide what I will do Eggman, I ask you to not tell to the others I won't tell anybody.
There it's done Eggman's ship is connected to our system I only have to modify the parameters of fire and the circulation of energy flux Here we go.
The Servers are the 7 Chaos Emeralds The Chaos is a Power enriched by the Heart ! Go away! The Master Emerald is the one who controls and unifies the Chaos ! Its light will always be the most powerful element of the universe and will be eternal ! I call to your immense power to protect the whole universe even if it's at the cost of my life, I beg you, listen to me, I need your help ! There! The energy level is going up! 80 90 100% Energy connected to the Sonic Driver Removing safety lock, target Metarex Give all the strenght of the reactors Master Emerald I beg you give all your strength! To the Sonic Driver ! Fire ! From the past to the future, from an extremity of the universe to the other The last times are always the same ones Animals fight and eat each other Vegetation will decline and the world will die New species will maybe appear and the cycle will start once more Somewhere are reassembled the souvenirs of the life of the planets Souvenirs of hate and sadness, of life who perished because of animals I'll correct the next world Destruction and violence will be banned, calm and tranquility will reign forever What kind of interest is there to run in a world ravaged by the destructions? You kept your trust and still piled up somewhere I have the memories from the start to the end of the universe and these memories plead against you and your trust No matter what happens I'll run accross the world You who is able to control the light you also summon up the violence You too are only an animal after all we cannot co-exist How to know? Keep running.
Keep running in vain courageous little animal.
I run to go home because I know I'm waited there It's a mistake, the world where you wish to return is only a labyrinth where you will never get out of Keep running Sonic the Hedgehog.
Keep running in what you believe to be liberty while it's only a big prison, pathetic hedgehog ! Keep going you too ! Look! The effect of the Chaos Emeralds has been cancelled by the Master Emerald in these conditions he couldn't survive any longer There! Sonic! Sonic! Amy Sonic! Amy! I won't let you disappear in such a place We'll all go back together on our planet Yes we are inside the Planet Egg ! Sonic! It's weird I suddenly detect a rise of negative energy Hate and sadness won't disappear with scenes like this one I am the only one who can control the light of the Chaos He disappeared I will build a new universe where there will be no hate or sadness The hate and the sadness has absorbed up to the last particle of energy from the Chaos Emeralds Dark Oak