Sonic X (2003) s03e25 Episode Script

A Fearless Friend

Is she the only one to be born from the very last seed ? Unfortunately.
All the others are dead during their growth.
The processus of genetic reproduction seems overwhelmed and it's at the end of its limit.
Yes and our mother to all has reached a degree of oldness and tiredness that will disallow her any reproduction in the future in reason of its lack of potential energy.
We have to keep hope though.
Oh but stop crying we have to find her a name.
Cosmo My last child The last hope to save the Universe What could it be? It's kinda worrying.
Mom Cosmo's Work The energy level of the planet is quickly raising.
It's impossible to measure it.
It's true.
And this energy will unfortunately be used at the profit of the vegetation.
Shadow Chris Yes! Let's go! We're going us too! Ring tunnel! Sonic We have the Chaos Emeralds Ah yes? Unfortunately, they can't serve us anymore Mr.
Chaos Emerald died.
Of course it's sad ! But don't forget we also sacrificed the Master Emerald ! But it's not because of this that I will not keep fighting ! Eggman ! Yes, I think if we succeeded in transferring all the energy we have remaining in the Chaos Emeralds we'd have the possibility to give them back their power Eggman-sama It's horrible I feel my strength leaving me What's going on ? The waves that are sent are emptying us of our vital energy I'm starting to feel very weird Even our robot energy is disappearing Yes you're right.
Soon I won't be able to move These waves are using all the energy that they spot in the universe to use them at their profit ! They use it to accelerate the development of the vegetation Cosmo ? These waves have no effect on me fortunately It's because I'm a creation of plant essence Let me do it Cosmo ! If I bring this to Dr.
Eggman, he will be able to regenerate the power We must continue the fight and hope that someday animals and plant will be able to live together When this day will come, life will be much better for everyone ! Anyway, me, I'm everybody's friend Dark Oak I know you observe everything we do everyone fights with its own ways to try and assure its survival Each wants to keep its way of living on its own planet even if it brings a number of conflicts But we will have to get along someday It's only an illusion A vain prayer A reaction of weak No it's not a weak reaction at all, it's all the contrary It proves we still have trust in the future and that we will never give up ! No ! Cosmo ! No ! The Chaos Emeralds ! It's not true what is it ? Where's this light coming from ? It comes from the Planet Eggs ! The life removed with the Planet Eggs answers to the call of the Chaos Emeralds and to the hope within our hearts It's incredible we don't feel the pain anymore Look how beautiful it is Sonic Shadow Shadow, you hear me ? I hear you and it's whenever you want ! Cosmo-san Sonic Shadow They did it ! What ?! it's not finished ! It's pitiful ! You refuse to abandon this illusion that you call hope ! It's your death condemnation that you sign At the same time as this immature universe ! The energy level is brutally raising ! But what's going to happen to us now ? I know ! He will compress to the maximum the Planet Egg in order to create a wonderful gravitational field Yes ? Where does he want to get to ? Let's say, if he goes all the way, he'll make it explodes just like when we compress a ball The poor ball can't resist long to the pressure Yes and then the ball explodes ! Wait ! What will happen if the planet explodes ? Universe will do as much Yes, it will explode We will stop this ! We have to ! Eggman-sama.
You must absolutely do something You think? Then I will have to exploit my last weapons.
Decoe! Bocoe! Yes ? I never told you but I placed a very powerful self-destruct system inside of each of you Time has come to use them Ah but no you can't do that Dr.
Eggman ! And anyway it would be useless how do you want our attack to succeed where super fighters such as Sonic and Shadow failed ! Ummm Dr.
Eggman I was kidding in reality I must admit it I can't do anything for now Ah but search ! If you really are a genius prove it ! Yes, and hurry up ! we don't really want to assist to the end of the universe.
Even less to ours.
No wait.
Don't remove your rings ! Keep them up to the very last moment ! And now you all listen to me ! Call all the strenght inside of you and reassemble all of the energy you can find ! Next the Sonic Driver will give me victory ! Your organism is overloaded of energy since you transformed into Super Sonic ! It wouldn't support to be shot by the canon ! And nothing proves, Sonic Driver can pierce the formidable wall of energy wich surrounds this planet and protects it so well ! You mean by this that it could be not enough and could kill Sonic ? No way then ! We must find another way to fight ! If there was another one, we'd use it It's unfortunately the only one Amy ! Don't worry.
I promise you all to come back ! You promise us Sonic ? Heh yes I'm connecting all the remaining energy to the Sonic Driver We have 163 energy rings left, I'm sending all this to the compression room And me I'm sending the energy of our spaceship Yes, I'm stopping all the annex functions and send the energy to the Sonic Driver Dr.
Eggman do you think everything will end well ? Super Sonic will be able to get victory ? I hope he wins I hope he wins Yes mommy ? Cosmo you're able to do it you only have to use your crystal to save your friends and the universe Yes, I'm the only who can do it, Mom Cosmo ? You must all let me do it Call back Sonic and Shadow please I'll help you to create a world of future and liberty Cosmo-san.
Cream She's going to sacrifice herself to avoid Sonic and Shadow from doing it ! Uh ? Cosmo.
I finally found how to be useful I know who and what to protect That's why I'm doing it with a great pleasure Cosmo I'm in place, You can do your shot now I'm directly linked to the body of this monster by my body as you can see So I beg you, shoot on me and you will be able to destroy him She melted herself in him They're only one ! Cosmo That girlwill die? Eggman-sama We can't do anything If we try to separate them he will let explode all the energy he compressed Anyway, Cosmo was condemned to disappear, the day she would become an adult It's the fate of those of her species It's not true! It's not true, right?! I disagree ! I don't want this to end like this ! You hear all I don't want ! There must be another way ! A way to save Cosmo and beat Dark Oak ! Hey Chris ! I'm sorry But we have to do something ! You won't let Cosmo sacrifice herself ! Hey, what's with you guys?! Cosmo's going to die! HEY, TAILS! Would you stop screaming !? We're all as sad and revolted by what's happening ! Yes believe me.
We all wanted to stop her Everyonecan you leave me alone? It bothers me much to ask but I really insist Tails it's time There's no time to lose Checking good functionality of the Sonic Driver Sending the energy to Sonic Driver Sonic, spin start! Energy brutally went up ! Yes, it's weird, where's this added energy coming from ? It's Shadow Sonic drive FIRE ! Fire! As I thought, I can't do it no because wasn't it a promise? When all this was over, you said you would come with me! Tails Do you want her sacrifice to be useless ? Impossible I can't shoot on her Do you know what kind of feeling she's having right now ? You traveled that far with her, of course you understand ! Sure I know Still I don't want Tails-san Until the end, For all the problems I brought to you, Excuse me No Cosmo, You never caused me problems I've been happy with you! I realy want Tails-sanshoot at me! It's no use! Because Cosmo, I can't CosmoIto you! Tails-san, Thank you I will never forget you ! Nor me We've got fun ! Why is this? Right now all I see are everyone's smiling faces Cosmo Tails-san