Sons of Anarchy s02e08 Episode Script


I finished it.
What do you want me to say? You keep saying you wanna change things.
But you keep repeating old behavior.
You can't have it both ways.
Is there anything you love so much you'd protect it no matter the cost? - The damage it did to you? - Yeah.
- Yeah, a child.
- Yeah.
That's how I feel about this club.
Since I was 5, Tara, all I ever wanted was a Harley and a cut.
Look, change won't happen quick or without blood.
But it'll happen.
It has to.
See you later.
You get any sleep? Not much.
- That fight with Jax.
- It's my problem.
Donna? Don't matter why.
Had to happen.
- What? - Him challenging me.
It's in his DNA.
Maybe you're right.
Ghost of his old man haunting him.
And how does that play out? Guess we'll find out.
I wanna do a dinner tonight.
- It's not a good time.
- It's the perfect time.
We need it.
Do what you gotta do.
What did you tell Stahl? - There's nothing to tell.
- Bullshit.
ATF's looking into Zobelle and the Irish.
She's not digging into Samcro.
She's just doing her job.
She wants the supplier.
I got no delusions about us being on the same side.
But we both know that Zobelle and this ATF bitch are bad for Charming.
You were right.
Zobelle doesn't make mistakes.
- He's protected.
- Oh, my God.
ATF can't touch the League.
- FBI's looking into white hate.
- Right.
That's why Stahl needs us.
And why would the Feds need you? Sons just being mechanics and all.
Big picture, deputy.
Look at it.
It's a little bit painful when I ride.
Sometimes I feel it when I walk.
Other than that, back to normal.
Is it gay that I wanna see it? Gay curious.
Come on.
Drop them.
- Is it supposed to be that swollen? - Think so.
They look uneven.
One nut's always bigger than the other one.
Really? Yeah.
- I think mine are equally huge, man.
Hi, buddy.
What's going on? I shouldn't have to see that.
The new ball.
- I gather.
What's up? We need to take a look at this thing with Clay and Jax.
- I hear they got into it at County.
- It was brutal, man.
Shit's been brewing for months since Donna.
Think Donna's death's got something to do with their beef? No.
It started way before.
- What do you think they're fighting about? - Jax pushing for change.
That kind of beef is good for this club.
It keeps us current.
What's going on between them is much uglier.
And if it keeps going, it's gonna hurt us.
Worse than Zobelle and the ATF.
We gotta dig into them.
- We gotta get to the truth.
- I can talk to Jax.
You two been bumping heads.
He'll tell me.
He knows I wanna help.
All right.
- Trager, you should talk to Clay.
- Yeah.
We have got to find out what's going on.
Bring it to the table and we get past this shit.
It's on us to fix this.
What? Just downloading to the prospect.
And his new swollen nut.
Welcome back, shithead.
Chinese just called.
They want a sit-down.
I gotta head up to Caracara.
Where's Clay? I appreciate you helping us out.
You got my word we ain't gonna burn you on the bail.
Well, you can thank your wife.
Reminded me we were just a couple of kids from a small town.
I might need your help protecting our small town.
- From what? - Jacob Hale.
He's been using his clout on city council.
In the last year, he's changed three city charters given more power to the mayor.
- Mayor gig's pretty much ceremonial.
- Heh.
Not anymore.
The post has full veto authority over town policy including eminent-domain decisions.
- Sheesh.
- Guess who's running for mayor.
- Hale.
Wants your timberland.
I gotta run against him.
It's the only way to protect this.
I need your help.
Samcro has sway over this town.
You in my corner, I got a shot.
Well, there's something I need from you.
Piece of land, access road, power.
- Something off the radar.
- Guns.
You don't ever need to know.
Show of good faith.
It's the knife with your fingerprints on it we used to kill the scumbag raped your little girl.
I know what it is.
I ain't got nothing on you now.
From here on out, we gotta trust each other.
Just the good word of two honest men.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye That's not gonna happen.
Not gonna let anyone hurt you.
Can you call Opie? - What happened? Someone broke in.
Stole our HD camera and my laptop.
- I had three rough cuts on it.
- Shit.
What happened to the guard dog I bought you? See for yourself.
It's okay, sweetie.
No one's gonna hurt you.
Oh, man.
Lyla's scared.
She wants Ope.
Hungry? Dim sum's better than good head.
What do you want, Lin? Last time we visited one of your restaurants we were throwing shots at each other.
Why I wanted to see you.
We need guns.
Our distributor is temporarily offline.
If it was the Feds that shut your guy down, we're not interested.
It wasn't ATF.
He's having a little trouble getting into the country.
We know you deal AKs.
We'll pay double, all you can get us.
As a show of good faith - A gift.
Come on.
- Ah, shit.
- Hey, guys.
- What the hell happened to his hands? - My sexual proclivities.
- They took their toll on Mr.
- Can't grab it, can't pull it.
- I accept that.
- Jesus Christ, man.
Turns out you only need two fingers to work a calculator.
He paid off his debt.
But my new son-in-law's an accountant.
I told my daughter I'd give him the job.
So Chuck is all yours.
We'll pass.
- I thought he was a friend of yours.
- I am.
- Otto and me are best friends.
- We'll let you know about the guns.
Please, Clay.
If you don't take me, they're just gonna kill me.
- Already dead in my book, Chucky.
Come on, Clay.
Lin's a psycho.
Hey, hey, hey.
We'll take him.
What? He can, uh He can do the books at Caracara.
It'll free Bobby up.
Get up.
Come on.
Now, are we really going to the Irish for the AKs knowing Stahl's onto them? We don't know anything Stahl says is true.
She'll tell you anything to get what she wants.
We'll go to Edmond's.
We'll feel it out.
He's got guns, we'll figure out a way to make the transaction.
If he doesn't, then we know he's selling to Zobelle.
Be right there.
That was Jax.
I gotta go to Caracara.
Hey, I'm gonna need you guys.
You stay available.
Take Chucky.
Go on.
Go on.
What? Come on.
Open the door for him.
Fiona? Morning.
What the hell are you doing here? I heard about what happened.
We were worried.
That's from Kerrianne.
- You alone? - Doesn't matter.
Came to see you.
How are you feeling? Like I was blown up.
Doctor says I'm healing.
I'm glad.
Bad idea, you coming here.
My life's a series of bad ideas, lovey.
That dog cost me 4 grand.
And that was a $ 10,000 camera.
The camera's insured.
The rough cuts, worth 10 times as much.
- This had to be Georgie, right? - Of course it was.
Look pretty cozy.
I think they're kind of cute.
Reminds me of me and Otto.
She okay? - I think so.
Who did this? Shit that's missing, it's gotta be Caruso.
Let's go.
- See you later? - Yeah.
What time does Gemma want us for dinner? Oh, 8.
Gemma's having a potluck.
Wants us all there.
Sounds like a good idea.
I, uh I got Kenny and Ellie.
Bring them.
Lyla? She's been helping me out.
- You serious about it? - I don't know.
Kids like her.
- You hitting it? Come on, Bobby.
- We're just hanging out.
- Dude, she's a porn star.
Your point? - My point is she's a porn star.
You gotta hit it.
What do you know about hooking up with porn stars? Just what I heard.
You know It can get, like You know, I have been around.
I mean, it's like You know, it gets crazy sometimes.
You know? - You should bring her to dinner tonight.
- Yeah.
Gemma won't mind.
Come on.
What the hell, dude? I forgot.
Gift from Chinese.
He could help with the books.
It's nice to see you.
Wow, they chopped them off? That is deep shit, man.
- I'm still adjusting.
- Does that mean you can't? I'm very thick.
So, yes, masturbation is pretty much impossible.
- That's gotta suck.
- I'm very indebted to all of you.
Lin's been out of his mind.
Why is that? - He's losing turf to the Mexicans.
- Heroin? - Yeah.
Mayans took over everything south of Water Street.
- That's why they need the guns.
- He's pushing in on Niners turf.
What does that mean for us? Georgie's studio's halfway to Oaktown.
Maybe we should check in on Leroy.
Come with us, Chucky.
- We'll put you to use.
- I accept that.
Late night at the pub? In the future, I'd appreciate a heads up before you fellas drop in.
Where are the Russian AKs, man? Sold them.
To who? Guessing you wouldn't want us telling other customers who you were.
Our deal was we move your handguns, you sell us the AKs.
When we get more, you'll be the first to know.
That's bullshit, man.
Don't mind if I take a look around, do you? - Don't take kindly to your suspicions.
- It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
We just got an unexpected order, we was hoping to fill it is all.
- Next time.
- Yeah.
- Those guns are in that house, man.
- I know.
- Means they're selling to Zobelle.
- We keep eyes on him.
Zobelle's crew shows up, we take our guns back.
- Sack, you got first shift.
- Right.
They were pissed.
Clay backed them off, but he knew something was up.
We sure about this, Dad? We haven't even cleared it with Jimmy O.
Yeah, okay.
I'll let you know.
Morning, lovey.
Your dad? Yeah.
Who's Jimmy O? He's no one you'd ever wanna meet.
You're a long way from home, sweetheart.
Yes, I am.
- Why? - I was worried about him.
You could've sent flowers.
Just needed to see him, Gemma.
We are in a shit storm here.
The last thing we need is you turning him inside out.
Knowles, Fiona Larkin.
Nice to meet you.
I'm afraid ICU is for immediate family members only.
She is family.
I'm his wife.
Pardon me? What do you need? I called Mr.
Caruso about watching my reel.
Mutilation fetish.
Wait here.
He's here.
Not interested.
I got something else.
- Hey.
Hey, get out.
- Now.
How does that feel, you dead bitch? Hey.
Come in, O.
Get us the camera.
Before my boy here crushes his throat.
Get the goddamn camera.
I'll cover him.
I'm guessing this one's ours.
But maybe we should take both just in case.
All my shit's on that one.
- This one? You son of a bitch.
That's for killing the dog, you psycho piece of shit.
You think this is how it works? You idiots can just crash in here and take stuff from me? You got no idea.
- You white trash morons.
You got no - Lyla's with me now.
You touch her, call her, even think about her I'll kill you.
Come on, Chucky boy.
I think we owe you a drink.
Two fingers of tequila.
Humor's very healing.
I bet Georgie could use a drink and a laugh.
What do we do here? - I didn't know Chibs was married.
- Well, they never got divorced.
It's been a long time since they were together.
I'm sensing she's not a favorite.
There have been three women I'm afraid of.
My mother, my third-grade math teacher, and that Irish bitch.
Hey, where's Chibs at? His insurance shit? He'll be off critical in a day or two.
He'll have to finish his recovery at Stockton.
That can't happen.
Not with her around.
- He can't be out of our sight.
- Nothing I can do.
There's always something we can do.
Do you have the paperwork for.
? Do you see that redhead? Margaret Murphy, chief administrator.
She has been up my ass about the club.
I try anything, she'll be all over it.
Can't happen.
Going down? Yes, ma'am.
- Where's the van? - Jax and the guys took it.
Jesus Christ.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, this thing with Jax, man.
I mean, you haven't said much.
Is it that Donna thing? That's part of it.
- Anything I can do? - I doubt it.
That shit's already got you spun around.
What does that mean? Killing Donna, it's flipped some switch in you.
Not even sure that patch makes sense.
You think I can't make the hard call? All the shit that I've done for you and this club? It's not the shit you've done.
It's about the shit you may have to do.
I can do my job.
Good to know.
- Yeah? - Weston just got here.
One other guy.
- Follow the guns.
- Right.
Call everybody.
- What do you want? - Leroy.
Won't mind us dropping by.
Hey, wait here.
We know the way.
Pardon me.
Orange Fanta, please.
Oh, shit.
New owners.
- We should go.
- Yeah.
Don't get mad They stay stunned So, bitch, say something Get smacked up Ow! She's that bitch I'm that bitch I'm that bitch Weston has the guns up ahead at the rest stop.
It looks like they're waiting for a pickup.
Where is everyone? Get them on the phone.
- I want them here.
- All right.
Probably should've called ahead and made sure Leroy was home.
That would've been the smart play.
That's gotta be Clay wondering where the hell we are.
I heard things got pretty out of hand in County.
You and me always been able to talk about shit.
Not lately.
Think maybe it's got something to do with this beef you got going with Clay.
- Maybe if I knew what it was - It's about keeping shit contained.
What the hell is that supposed to mean? You're getting in deeper with Clay.
I don't know, Ope.
I feel like I'm losing all my friends.
Leroy don't live here no more, ése.
Yeah, we put that together.
Where'd you get the Russian hardware? New friends, opportunities.
You got a point to make, make it quick.
My mom's expecting us for dinner.
I'm not invited? I might need someone to bus a few tables.
You tell Clay that bullshit truce we had is off the table.
Every state, every charter, Mayans are no friends of Get them out of here.
And take their cuts.
That ain't gonna happen.
You will lay it at my feet.
Pull the trigger, man.
That's the only way this leather's coming off my back.
Summer of love may be over, jefe, but killing the mother charter's VP? Well, you might want to think about that move.
Next time a Son walks into Mayan territory they don't walk out.
Aw, shit.
- What do we know? - Know she's dead.
Beaten to death.
Saw some wood splinters.
Probably a bat.
Call for a body wagon.
What the hell? Right there.
Do not move! Easy.
I think you may have accidentally picked up our order.
Yeah, these are definitely our cigars.
Something funny, white boy? It's just amazing how bad your timing is.
Oh, shit.
Drop it, drop it, drop it.
Go! Move! Come on! Shit.
I want the guns.
- Come on.
- Cover him.
Come on, let's go.
Go, go.
Come on.
Go, go, go! Jesus Christ.
How the hell did that happen? - They follow you? - I'm not sure.
We whole? Load them.
I'll follow you to the delivery.
Zobelle wants to do this personally.
You should head back to the cigar shop before something else goes wrong.
And you should adjust your attitude.
- Thought you were bringing a salad? - I've been busy.
What? This is a hostile work environment claim filed against me and my proxy by Margaret Murphy.
Are you kidding me? - What a bunch of pussies.
- You threatened her.
I had a passionate conversation with her in the elevator.
This is my livelihood.
Do you have any idea how hard I've worked to get to where I am? - Yeah, I get it.
- Do you? This could cost me my goddamn job.
The club is the club, my life is my life, stay out of it.
Serving hand jobs for dessert? That's real nice in front of the kids.
- Lyla, where you going? - Home.
I am tired of taking abuse, Ope.
That doctor's an arrogant bitch.
Thanks, brother.
Jesus Christ, here we go.
Dinner with Mom.
Weston almost lost the guns to Samcro.
He got all bent out of shape when he couldn't deliver them to you.
Weston does a lot of things very well.
But understanding the need for this type of relationship evades him.
That's not necessary.
This is the third delivery you haven't let me pay for.
It's not the way business is done.
I'm a venture capitalist, Mr.
I'm investing in the future of your organization.
Talk to your associates in Stockton and Pelican Bay.
They'll assure you I'm a fair player and a good friend to have.
I will.
Can you ease up on Lyla? She's just I know.
Doing her best.
I keep hanging out with this family, I may be sucking cock to pay my bills too.
What the hell's the matter with you? Ask your mother.
- What happened? - Come on, everybody.
Come on.
Let's sit down.
- Where were you? - What are you talking about? Two guys in hospital beds and the rest of you decide not to pick up your phone? We were neck deep in our own pile of shit.
We almost got killed trying to take back our guns, man.
Club business.
Not here, asshole.
Whoa! Hey.
I mean it.
I mean it.
Come on.
- All right.
- Hey, they were helping me, Clay.
We had some payback to deliver at Caracara.
Hopefully it went better than the Trammel task.
- Blow me, shithead.
Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt.
I figured I should tell you this in person.
We just found Luann Delaney off County 18.
Beaten to death.
There're no other details right now.
I'm sorry.
This beard that I'm growin ' Not fully grown The years are not comin ' The way I thought Did you cause this? - What are you talking about? - Payback at Caracara? - This is on me, Clay.
And me too.
What did you idiots do? - I'm not talking to you.
Watch your mouth, Bobby.
Come on.
Watch your mouth.
Come on, back off.
See what you're doing to this club? I'm serious.
Do you see what you're doing to this club? - I was risking my ass for this club.
- Bullshit.
You're as blind as you are crippled.
The blind guy's in jail with no wife because you just got her killed.
I'm not the one murdering women.
Well, it's time all you people Turn around For the life we've been livin ' And messin ' around The blood we've been spillin ' Will bleed us dry The life we've been killin ' Is your life like mine? Turn around For the life we've been livin ' Messin ' around