Sons of Anarchy s02e11 Episode Script


I wanted to tell you.
You did the right thing, keeping her secret.
- You had no choice.
- You going after Zobelle? Yeah.
I'd do the same for you.
You already did.
I can't help but wondering Your dad's manuscript.
Would that be his solution? More violence? If Gemma had gotten raped on John's watch he'd have written a whole different book.
It's all right.
It's okay.
I know it's late.
- I'll get him.
I got it.
Come on.
I'm sorry, son.
So am I.
- What they did to your mother - I know.
Charges pending.
Feds in town.
This retaliation needs to be smart.
I can't do it without you.
I'm not going anywhere.
How do you wanna handle it? We kill them all.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Guessing this has to do with those patches being back on your cut? Yeah.
- I'm not going Nomad.
- That's good news, Jackie boy.
Just listen up.
The night of Bobby's party Gemma never drove into no barricade.
She was jumped on 18.
They took her to the utility house, three of Zobelle's crew.
And they gave her a message to deliver: Stop selling guns.
They raped her.
What? - Oh, God.
Jesus, Clay.
I'm so sorry.
One of them was Weston.
- What do we do? We get bloody.
- And we chop their goddamn heads off.
- That's it.
That is it.
We ain't ever seen an assault like this.
And as much as I would like to cut their hearts out show of force just puts us back in jail.
We gotta do what they've been doing.
You know, find a weakness.
- Unravel them.
- And until then, nobody reacts.
You see Zobelle, you see Weston, you see any of the crew, you You swallow the urge to kill them and you walk on.
Understood? We gotta get our hands on some guns.
Cupboard is bare.
Chinese gun source is laying low since the immigration snafu.
It's gonna be weeks before we see any of that shit.
We gotta tap our personal stock.
- All right.
- Everyone bring in what you got.
It's open.
- Morning.
- Hey.
Doing okay? Sure.
It was brave, doing what you did.
Had to be done.
Snap Jax and Clay out of their bullshit.
Had to be done for you.
Do you wanna talk about it? There's nothing to talk about.
Clay's never gonna wanna be inside something that's been ripped up like me.
- Jesus Christ, Gemma, Clay loves you.
- Love don't mean shit.
Men need to own their pussy.
His has been violated.
He'll find another.
It's what they do.
I thought you were at work.
I have that vacation time.
- Shit, I'm sorry we can't go.
- Of course.
I know.
- Did you see my mom? - Yeah.
She's kind of numb.
- Maybe you could keep an eye on her - Okay.
I love you.
I love you too.
I got suspended from St.
They figured out what I did for Chibs.
There's a hearing in two weeks.
Jesus Christ.
- What does that mean? - Worst-case scenario, I lose my license.
Best-case, a black mark that follows me my whole career.
- Shit.
- I wasn't gonna tell you.
Last thing you need with everything going on, but I just, I don't I don't want any more secrets, Jax.
It's okay.
We'll get through it, just like everything else.
You know it would kill me if I knew you were sleeping with other women.
What? Cheating.
It's a It's a deal breaker for me.
And at some point, playing house isn't gonna be enough.
- Can we talk about this? - I'm gonna want a baby or two.
- Jesus - I need to know that whatever this is it's heading in that direction.
- Tara.
I know, I'm sorry.
I just I needed to say all of that.
Probably should've done it in smaller doses.
I haven't been with anyone since this became whatever this is.
I wouldn't have told you all that I have if I didn't think this was moving toward something more.
It's all right.
Come here.
You want some orange juice with that? Sorry.
Not myself.
- Been a rough morning.
- Yeah.
You need anything, you let us know.
What's all this? Oh.
The Chinese contact didn't pan out.
We're collecting personal stock.
- I'll get mine.
- All right.
Gem, Gem, Gem.
I got it, I got it.
I'll get it.
- Ah.
- Okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
What the hell are we doing? What the hell are we doing? Wow.
Looks sweet, Ope.
You've done a great job restoring that bad boy.
Need a hand? No, I'm all good.
All right.
Awful thing, Gemma.
- You okay? - I'm fine.
- Can I ask you a question, Opie? - What's that? The night that Donna was killed why was she driving the truck? I was taking the kids home.
Needed a back seat.
Why'd you ask me that? She wasn't supposed to be in the truck, Ope.
You son of a bitch.
What did you do? What did you do? It was Stahl, Ope.
She made you a rat.
She's the one who killed Donna.
Me and Clay, we didn't wanna believe it.
I came clean.
Clay and I were good.
Found wiretaps in your truck, in your phone.
The feds put money in your account.
Stahl, she wanted to make us think that you had turned.
It was supposed to be you in the truck, not Donna.
Opie! - I'm sorry, Ope.
I'm so sorry.
Clay! Hey! What the hell happened? Opie.
Opie! - Call Tara.
She's at my house.
What the hell did you say to him? Tell us.
I don't even know who I am anymore, man.
- What are you talking about? - I had to tell him.
Tell him what? - That I killed Donna.
Jesus Christ.
- It was Stahl's fault.
Opie knows.
- Opie knows what? Stahl's the one who really killed Donna.
He's going after Stahl.
- Where's ATF? - Well, they left a little while ago.
Why? Opie got wind of what happened to Donna.
- He's putting it on Stahl.
- Oh, shit.
I just saw Opie's truck on the street.
He's probably tailing her.
- I gotta stop him.
- I'll call Stahl.
I'm gonna give her a heads-up.
I'll put an ATL out on Ope.
Any idea where she's headed? She's got a buyer that's willing to turn on the IRA.
It's probably someone from Zobelle's crew.
- They're the only ones buying guns.
- All right, I'll start there.
I'm guessing Jax told you.
Crew found out about Gemma.
The rape.
Jesus Christ.
Made a decision to do right by her.
Wherever this leads, whatever I gotta do for them it's on me only.
You're gonna protect Samcro? I'm gonna help a friend.
And you do whatever you need to do.
Understand? Consider yourself acting chief.
What do I do? I know sometimes you gotta make executive decisions.
I get it.
You earned that power.
But word gets out to our crew, other charters that one of the founding nine put out a hit that landed on the wife of a member that is some very bad PR, brother.
We gotta keep this to the few who know.
So how do we convince Opie of that? He's in the apartment.
Thanks, doc.
- Do I ask? - Just a scuffle.
Me and a brother.
- Clean out the scrapes on your hands.
- All right.
Thanks, doc.
You okay? I think something may be going on with the implant.
Going on? - Can I show you? - Uh Okay.
Oh! - My God.
- That's bad, right? That's very, very infected, Half-S - You have to get to an ER.
- All right.
Holy Mary of ball.
Shit, you got kind of like elephant nuts.
Figured you'd show up sooner or later.
Me being there wasn't doing him any good.
Ope needs to be a dad.
You know, I don't give a shit about that.
What do you want? Look you know, the broads and my drinking I never really gave you a chance to be a good wife or a mom.
The mistakes Opie made are my fault.
What the hell is going on? You got the cancer or something? You take care, beautiful.
Call me after the pickup.
- Where you headed? - Ule and I have a meeting at the church.
- Need me to come by afterwards? - I think we got it covered.
This is everyone's personal stock.
Zobelle's got enough automatic weapons to suppress a Third World coup.
We can't go at him with handguns, a couple of AKs, and hunting rifles.
We're gonna have to reach out to Jimmy.
We've gotta repair our relationship with the Irish.
- What about Chibs? - Chibs is gonna have to understand.
Everybody's gonna have to make sacrifices.
This is for Gemma.
In exchange for cooperating in the arrest of James O'Phelan we will provide immunity for your wife and protection for her and your daughter.
You will be registered as a confidential informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
The deal was for Fiona and Kerrianne, immunity for Samcro.
Immunity from the IRA connection I can guarantee but the DA's office in San Joaquin hasn't put together the assault case yet.
- I cannot make that deal.
- Bullshit.
I've given you Edmond and now you're dicking me around? I figured you wouldn't wanna wait, risk your family's safety.
You promised all of it.
I'm not giving you nothing until you make it happen.
Edmond already gave up his old man.
If that streak runs in the family Cameron's gonna crack and turn on Jimmy O.
You know, if Jimmy O figures out that you're the one who got the ball rolling there's no telling what he would do to your family.
I'm gonna kill you, you filthy whore.
Come on.
I'll tell you what.
You look this over.
Sign it before I leave here today, or Fiona and your kid are in the wind.
Let him go.
Oh, shit, Chibs.
Holy shit.
Now, you know my heroin is good.
What's your business proposal? It's simple and lucrative, Marcus.
I provide you with unlimited heroin distribution to every prison in Northern California, Mule Creek to Pelican Bay.
By my estimation, it'll more than triple your current business.
- What's your take on all this? - I split the prison profits fifty-fifty.
Half? That's my heroin, ese.
And it's my pipeline, friend.
If I say no? You're a smart man.
You know what happens then.
Not only does this opportunity vanish, but so do my weapons.
You lose ground to black and yellow.
Before long, you're in third place again.
That's your share of the profit from this order.
He's gonna make the same pickup every 10 days.
I'll see you in 10 days, friend.
- That's the four dozen AKs.
- Good.
We hit an inventory snag.
This may be the last shipment.
- What are you talking about? - Our Russian pipeline's dried up.
- Zobelle's gonna be pissed.
- I'll give you a call when I know more.
Sorry, boys.
Put a tail on Cameron.
Yeah, Agent Stahl returning Deputy Chief Hale's call.
Get out.
I'm not sure what this is about, Ope but whatever it is, this is not the way to handle this.
Shut up.
You gonna kill me? - You found out something about Donna - Don't you talk about her! Okay.
What do you want from me? I want you to feel what I feel.
I never thought that you or your family would get hurt, Opie.
I underestimated Clay's capacity for vengeance - Don't you dare try to pass the blame.
- I'll take my share of the guilt, okay? - It comes with the territory - Donna was a beautiful woman.
She was a wonderful mother.
She was an innocent in all of this.
The outlaw had mercy.
You remember that the next time you try to twist the truth to kill one of us.
Can I bum one of those? Um, yeah, sure.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
- This your parish? - Yeah.
You here for a meeting? I'm not sure.
Took me three months before I could actually walk through the door.
Clean 21 years.
Good for you.
Good for everyone else too.
Can I ask you a question? Do you think? You think God forgives you for doing bad things? L I mean like really bad shit.
God forgives absolutely.
We're the ones who usually can't.
I get that.
Took me a long time to let go of all the wreckage I created.
That's why I do what I do.
Service to others is the only thing that keeps the self-loathing to a tolerable level.
I'm not sure how much service I am to anyone.
You're being of service to me.
A smoke, relevant conversation.
Highlight of my day.
Look for the opportunities, Gemma.
God puts them before us all the time.
It was nice meeting you.
I've been looking for you.
I didn't kill her.
The rift between you and Clay? You knew about Donna the whole time.
I couldn't tell you, man.
Her getting killed was bad enough.
Knowing this? Yeah.
What do I do, Jax? Clay, Tig.
How the hell am I supposed to share a patch with them? Burden lands on the club, Ope.
We both know it.
Clay is Clay because of us.
We made him.
Then how do we unmake him? Pfft.
I've been trying to figure that out.
But the one thing I know for sure is I can't do this alone.
I need you, bro.
I'm here, man.
What? I got something I want you to read.
Cameron panicked.
Boy gets a little twitchy, he smells a fed.
- I had no idea he changed alliances.
- Bullshit.
I'm really trying hard to be diplomatic here, Clay.
Well, you can't really blame Chibs for being irked.
You get in bed with the scumbag that blew him up, nearly killed him? Can't kill Filip.
Trust me.
I tried.
- You wanna try again? Enough.
Make one more comment like that, Jimmy and not only do we not get back into business but I call McGee in Belfast and I pull all the Sons' support.
I was out of line.
Twenty years working together.
Let's not ruin a good thing.
And no more guns to white power.
It's already dead.
We keep running your guns up the coast, you supply us with Russian stock.
- And I mean, I need some now.
I'll give you Zobelle's next shipment gratis.
We'll call it reparations.
Fair enough.
Fly low, ye carrion crow Seize my body for the dead I owe Drop me high into the depths below For the things I've seen No one else should know This This club This club killed my wife.
How does it ever get made right? - We wanna fix this, Ope.
Me too.
That's why I'm staying.
That's real good.
I don't want anybody knowing my business.
Doesn't help me, my family or Samcro that this gets out.
This secret dies here.
Anything else? When I went looking for Stahl I saw Chibs coming out of her office with paperwork.
- Goddamn it.
- What? You need to hear him out.
Get the truth and trust what he says.
Hey, darling.
You okay? Your head? Ah Head's fine.
Just everything else is shit.
What's going on, honey? I don't know.
You ever done something that just made you feel wretched? Protecting someone you love? More than once.
I've dug myself a good one, Gemma.
I've got no idea how to get out.
Oh, sweetheart.
It's okay.
It's okay, honey.
What do I do? You tell them.
Whatever it is.
It's the only way out of the hole, baby.
You know something? Don't know what we'd do without you.
We love you.
Zobelle is in bed with the Mayans? It was a buy or a trade.
Alvarez's only commodity is heroin.
- What would Zobelle want with heroin? It's the missing piece.
Think about it.
This was never about a race war.
The guns are about controlling the H traffic.
Feed the Mayans weapons so white can control the heroin trade.
How does that work? Weston and his guys are hard-core color haters.
That's why Weston wasn't at the heroin deal.
So Zobelle's doing all this behind his lieutenant's back.
- Sounds like something we can unravel.
Can I have a minute, boys? Stahl played my hate for Jimmy O and I told her I'd give him up for Fiona and Kerrianne's safety and immunity for the club.
Jesus, Chibs.
I didn't make the deal.
I guess Edmond turned on his old man.
And if Cameron gives up Jimmy Stahl has threatened to tell them I put the whole thing in motion.
Jimmy will kill both of them to hurt me.
I'm sorry, boys.
You didn't make the deal.
You ain't no rat.
Figure out a way to make this thing right with Jimmy, is all.
We're not gonna let anything happen to your family.
Thank you, brothers.
- You son of a bitch.
- Piney! Get the goddamn gun off him.
Goddamn, Piney, take it easy.
Get off of me.
Get him on the chair.
You okay? - Yeah, I'm all right.
Hey, hey, hey.
Get him.
Get him.
All right, all right.
Give me the room.
- Give me the room.
- Come on.
He's a crazy old man.
You got every right to make him go away.
This was about protecting me.
He was afraid I was gonna kill you.
He didn't want for me to take that fall.
- There probably was truth to that fear.
- Yeah.
And now? Now I'm asking for you to give my old man a break.
He's dead without this club.
Go home, Pa.
Let me know how you wanna handle this.
Hey, old man.
Don't ever come into this clubhouse without your cut.
It won't happen again.
Be good to them, girls.
It's been a long day.
She's in the office.
She needs to know you still love her.
- What are you talking about? - Gemma.
Thing that's causing her the most pain is thinking you don't want her anymore.
Yeah I'll always have your back, brother.
I love you.
He loves everything she does It all makes sense to everyone But I still can't make it through Let's go home.
Oh, honey, I should catch up.
We'll be buried.
What the hell's the matter with you? I want my wife.
She holds me close And love looks easy But I'm still crippled by her side The pain never leaves me And I still can't make it Through the night No, I still can't make it Through the night Oh, I still can't make it Through the night