Sons of Anarchy s02e12 Episode Script

The Culling

First thing I remember Come on, little man.
Okay, come on.
And Daddy always smiled Took me by the hand Sayin ', "Someday you'll understand" Don't worry, baby.
"You'll understand" Strap in, sweetie.
Take care of yourself.
You better learn it fast You better learn it young 'Cause someday never comes No, no, someday never comes But time and tears went by And I collected dust For there were many things I didn't know When Daddy went away He said, "Try to be a man" And someday Get this out already.
Kids, let's go.
Everyone's in.
- Okay, good.
Lock it down.
You better learn it young 'Cause someday Yo, lock it down.
I'm on it.
Oh Someday you'll understand Then one day in April I wasn't even there For there were many things I didn't know A son was born to me Mama held his hand Everybody! Listen up! I wanna welcome you all to Club Reaper.
Glad you made your reservations early, you can see we are booked to capacity.
You're here because you're family and because Samcro takes care of its own.
Next couple of days, this club's got some business to handle that could put our members and the people connected to us in unfriendly situations.
Now, chances are nothing's gonna happen but people have already been hurt on my watch.
And that ain't ever gonna happen again.
Nobody gets in, nobody leaves without an escort.
You got a safety concern, you talk to Piney.
You got a comfort concern, you talk to my queen.
Under this roof, you'll all be safe.
I want you to make yourself at home.
I love all of you.
All right.
All right.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye All right.
Got all the ammo, we just need the AKs.
We got two cases at the safe house.
Problem is ATF will be sitting on it waiting for Cameron to show.
When he does, Stahl's gonna get to Jimmy O and tag me the rat.
We're gonna protect your family, Chibs.
I put a call in to McGee in Belfast.
Club's gonna watch over Kerrianne.
You should reach out to Fiona.
Bring her in, we'll keep her safe.
- I know.
Okay, I appreciate it, boys.
It's all just a precaution, bro.
We think we got a way to get our guns and convince Jimmy who the real rat is.
- Right.
- Lifted these from ATF before they left.
We show Jimmy that Cameron and Edmond have been under ATF's thumb should be enough to convince the IRA the betrayal's in-house.
How do we get our guns from the safe house? Old bait and switch.
We'll move on the Irish.
You, Ope and Juice start spreading the racial harmony gossip, all right? You got it.
Hey, Sack.
What happened? My body rejected the implant.
I know.
Stupid idea.
- Where's he at? - His year's up in about a month.
How's everybody feeling about him patching in? Yeah.
Half a sack, shitload of balls.
Hey, you let me know what Tacoma can do.
It's good you're here, man.
We're gonna need the muscle.
You okay with this, Tiggy? Yeah, it's really great.
You want a kiss? I'm not okay with this.
I couldn't tell.
Get out of my sight or I'm gonna do you serious harm for the upset you caused my kids.
Little junior's a psychopath.
We're not here to provoke, we're here to educate.
Seems your "Great White Hope" only gives a shit about one color: Green.
Zobelle is dealing heroin with the Mayans.
Those AKs that you took from us gave them to brown to control the street.
You're talking out of your ass.
I followed Zobelle and one of your guys.
They met with Alvarez.
Left with a duffel of heroin.
Guess they've been keeping you out of the loop.
Lots of private meetings, AJ.
You being the true believer and all.
You need to leave.
Say hi to your kids for me.
- We don't have much time.
- For what? What's going on? The Feds may be closing in on Jimmy.
There's a chance it could blow back.
- Did you rat him, Filip? - No.
But the ATF are threatening to tell that lie.
Oh, Jesus.
If he thinks Hey, hey, hey.
Clay's already tasked Belfast.
- They're gonna watch over Kerrianne.
- Oh, Filip, what have you done? Fi you have to come with me.
We're locked down and we can keep you safe if this thing goes bad.
Come with you? Who do you think I am, one of your old ladies? Jimmy would kill me if he knew I was here.
I love my daughter and I love you, Fi.
I just wanna take care of my family.
My sweet boy.
You never change.
We got a problem, Jimmy.
ATF's got a probe up your ass.
- Where'd you get these? Got Charming P.
On the payroll.
ATF tried to use those to piss us off, hoping we'd turn on you.
We didn't.
Guess who did.
The boy.
Our guy in P.
Saw Stahl meet with him in the safe house.
Registered CI.
And the Feds are still watching the house.
We can't get our AKs.
You coming with a solution? Jesus.
What are you doing here, Pol? I told you things are crazy for us.
So that's why you had to cut off my father's gun supply? You're here on business? Shit, I missed you.
Oh, thanks.
- You want some coffee, doll? - I can get it.
I got it.
Cream and sugar? Sure.
Black, two sugars.
They need to do that.
Show respect.
Oh, please.
Don't just toss that off.
You've earned that, sweetheart.
You're not just some crow eater you're Jax Teller's old lady.
And that means something in this clubhouse and in this town.
People need to show you respect.
And you don't take shit from anyone.
The past few months have been brutal for all of us.
Niners, Asians, losing more than half your H territory to brown.
Sons struggling to reboot weapons porn business burned to the ground.
The Gaza connect is back online.
Our gun supply is being restocked.
So what? You can defend the little piece you got left? What about what you lost? You're gonna need help.
- Not looking for partners.
- Neither are we.
I ain't talking about a partnership I'm talking about an understanding.
We all have a common enemy.
Alvarez is running proxy for a bigger player backed by the AB.
Ethan Zobelle.
League of American Nationalists.
Those crazy peckerwoods.
They all talking about God's plan for a free world without color.
Without Samcro.
He's pushing us out of our own town.
Financed by your hard-earned drug money.
Zobelle's the one arming the Mayans, helping them take over heroin.
We stop Zobelle, Mayans lose their guns and they lose their power.
Then we help you take back what's yours with a little extra.
All the Mayan territory.
Wipe them out, split it up.
Henry, you get everything south of Ghost Town.
Niners, you take everything north.
Friendly borders means we could focus on business instead of staying alive.
All right.
Son of a bitch.
Don't! Look, this is sanctioned.
Zobelle knows all about this, I swear.
Where are the guns? The Mexicans.
Don't be You need to put ointment on these burns every few hours otherwise you run a pretty high risk of infection.
Man, you must have really pissed somebody off.
My personality is such that there's no middle ground.
People either love me or loathe me.
Jesus Christ.
You just won't die.
He showed up at the gate.
He has some eyewitness intel on the Caracara.
Come on, doc.
Let's go run those errands.
- You take somebody.
- Yeah, baby.
Don't worry, I'll put someone on her.
Thanks, old man.
What did you see? Three or four of them.
Looked like they all had Aryan ink.
They called one of them "Westing.
" - "Weston"? Yeah, okay.
That son of a bitch.
They splashed gasoline everywhere and they set the place on fire.
- Could you identify Weston? - I got a pretty good look.
Arson claims are keeping us from collecting on our fire insurance.
Chucky should share the information before he goes MIA again.
Prove to them that we didn't start the fire.
- And collect a very big check.
Yes, sir.
- Do that.
- Yeah.
Chucky, why don't you go wait by the chief's car? Play with the siren.
- Really? - Sure.
So we planted the seed with Weston.
He knows about Zobelle being in bed with the Mayans.
Zobelle will be unprotected and Weston will be making all his own decisions.
- Hopefully irrational ones.
- We may need help inciting him.
See you later.
Girl's on the move.
Where's your father, hm? He's the one that you're supposed to be bringing around not Zobelle's little bimbo.
I know you listened in on Jimmy's call.
Now you don't need my da.
Jimmy will be picking up the guns himself and delivering them to Clay.
You'll get him and the Sons in one move.
You're not really in any position to tell me I can tip off Jimmy with a look.
He'll walk out of here with nothing.
He'll be out of the country in a heartbeat.
That Catholic guilt kicking in, Eddie? Hm? You feeling bad about giving up your da? Yeah.
You must be feeling real stupid about him shaking your ATF tail.
You know, you had better play this out the right way.
If I do me and my da walk? Yeah when I arrest Jimmy and Clay.
But if you screw me, little boy I'll bury you.
- Where have you been? - Just running some errands.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
You smell of him.
The Irishman.
You are sleeping with him, yes? Or is somebody else's odor staining your fingertips? I just went to find out about our guns.
And somehow that led you to his bed? You have feelings for him? You gave our guns to the wetbacks.
What are you talking about? - Where is Ule? - Dead.
So is the slave labor.
- What the hell have you done? - Me? You lied! You race-trading son of a bitch! - AJ.
You lied to all of us.
- AJ, you know who I am.
- A scumbag! Running dope with wetbacks.
It's my job to think about the big picture.
The sad truth is once you control the drugs, you control the city.
I need, we needed, the Mayans to do the dirty work.
- I did not lie to you.
- Back off.
- Now, goddamn it.
Get out! Stay calm, everybody.
No need for this.
Please, please.
It wasn't about taking over cities it was about stopping color from getting stronger.
And now you piss in the face of our cause: White America, a future for my boys.
You make me sick.
Cliffy? - What does this mean? - Call Deputy Chief Hale tell him somebody threatened your life.
He will send somebody to keep you safe.
Where are you going? To secure new protection.
Just get in the van.
Cliffy! Duke! What the hell is this? I'm their father.
Your sons were left alone in your house with access to loaded firearms.
They know how to use them.
They're not ghetto kids, they're smart.
- They're 10 and 6.
It's unconscionable.
- It's okay, boys.
I'm gonna get you out.
That won't happen without a hearing.
They'll be placed in our group facility until then.
Was this you? Just protecting the children.
I see your kids are taking that little trip I arranged.
Son of a bitch.
I'll kill you for this.
At least I didn't gang-rape them.
You wanna kill me? Time and place.
Timberland, 8:00.
Your 10 best against mine.
Access road, L-4, off the main lumber drive.
- No weapons.
- No witnesses.
Either you or me goes home in a bag.
I'll be there.
Somebody called Zobelle's daughter and threatened her life.
I got Ryan and Craft babysitting.
This has to be Clay.
- That don't make sense.
- Does this make sense? San Joa County has a triple homicide.
Two Mexican women and one of Zobelle's lieutenants.
Murder wasn't Samcro.
They're too smart to kill innocents.
Rage I just saw, I'm sure they could justify a little collateral damage.
We cannot turn a blind eye to bloodshed.
Ain't gonna be no bloodshed in Charming.
Just because they bury the bodies someplace else Our jurisdiction begins at the Lodi border and ends at the Wahewa land.
I can't be that kind of cop.
You told me to do my job.
I know.
And I gotta do mine.
Who is this? He's got some info on an insurance beef.
I'm finished.
Grab Clemens and take an unmarked sedan and head over to the Sons' clubhouse.
If Jax or Clay leave, you put a loose tail on them, and you let me know, okay? Sure.
You want this? Eyewitness testimony on the Caracara fires.
What? Let's go.
Was your dad a Catholic? Pfft.
You seem better.
Little more at peace? Do you believe in God? Not that God.
I believe there's something connecting all of us.
You? I believe we all got a job to do.
Our lot.
For you, it's medicine.
You're a healer.
And nothing should ever stop you from doing that.
For you it's family.
I get it now.
God wants me to be a fierce mother.
That's my path.
Plates match.
It's O 'Phelan's SUV.
Hello, Jimmy.
- Guns are in the garage.
- Shh.
Where did you get the wetback? Home Depot.
Short on manpower.
Where's your da? Not sure.
- Tell him we need to talk, yeah? - Yeah.
Okay, Jimmy.
We got confirmation.
It's Jimmy O.
All right.
We'll stay on the SUV, you grab Edmond.
Oh, what is this? No.
Jesus Christ.
Target's on the move.
Edmond just confirmed.
Jimmy and two others in the SUV, guns onboard.
Picking up Edmond.
It's all clear.
Gentlemen, your hardware.
All right, bring it back.
Bring it back.
- All right, that's good.
Get it in, boys.
Glad we can move past our history, Filip.
Appreciate you reaching out to Fiona.
Nothing happens with Fiona that I don't know about.
How many times do I have to teach you that lesson? You touch her or Kerrianne and I will cut you into a million pieces.
Are we okay? Ah.
Just swapping old Irish folktales.
We're done.
We got bikers.
Samcro is in the building.
Let's go.
ATF! Everybody down! Get down! Easy.
Hands where I can see them, now! Hey.
Don't move.
Right there.
It's clear this side.
- Where is he? Jose here is the only one that got out of the SUV.
Get that Irish prick in here.
Let them up.
All right, fellas.
Where is Jimmy O? Jimmy who? Shit.
Whoever Jimmy is, she doesn't like him very much.
We're just trying to buy some camping gear.
Open it.
Oh, shite.
Can we go now? Maybe we should wait for Galt P.
- File some assault charges.
You hit like a girl.
- What the hell happened? - Jimmy happened! And now because of you me and my da are dead men.
You need to go find your daddy and bring him to me.
Because right now I am the only one who can pull your asses out of this Irish stew! Bring him.
Let's go.
Just completing my charts.
- That should have been done already.
Yes, I know.
Well, you may not have to worry about paperwork after next week.
I pity you.
You walk around here with your little administrative degree pretending like you know medicine.
You're just a cheap suit, too stupid and lazy to get into med school.
So now you compensate by making the healers jump through hoops.
Well someone's true colors have finally bled through.
I guess you and that biker whore you travel with How dare you.
You don't know her, you don't know any of them.
Oh, my God.
You hit me.
You are finished.
I'm calling security.
This is assault.
- No - Oh! that's assault.
I know where you live, where your kids go to school.
Samcro has the cops on payroll, this town in its pocket.
You say a word about this to anyone it'll be the biggest mistake of your little red life.
Do you understand what I'm saying? And I suggest you drop this bogus claim against me.
There are a lot of people who need my help.
- I love you, baby.
- Be careful.
Big shot screaming "Put your hands in the sky" I gotta go.
"Give it up or you're gonna die You'll get a bullet In the back of the neck In the back of the neck Right between the eyes" Big shot screaming "Put your hands in the sky" He said, "Give it up, boy Give it up or you're gonna die You'll get a bullet In the back of the neck In the back of the neck Right between the eyes" Come here.
Come here.
It'll be all right.
Let's get them all inside.
Come on, kids.
Hey, Stumpy.
Come with us.
He said, "Give it up, boy Give it up or you're gonna die You'll get a bullet In the back of the neck In the back of the neck Right between the eyes" Big shot screaming "Put your hands in the sky" He said, "Give it up, boy Give it up or you're gonna die You'll get a bullet In the back of the neck In the back of the neck Right between the eyes" Hey.
All right, boys.
Here they come.
Italicized lies Headlines, bold type Whatever happened to 10 on 10, no weapons? Guess you couldn't handle a fair fight, huh? Fair is for losers.
I'd rather win.
Yeah, me too.
Put your weapons down.
Put them down.
- Let's just stick to the plan.
Come on! What you got? Kick him! Shit! Let's go.
Come on.
Collect everyone.
Get out of here.
That's right.
We ain't done yet.
I'm not going anywhere.
You son of a bitch! Black Ford truck headed southbound.
Holy shit.
This doesn't concern you.
You're inside Charming! Who the hell else does it concern? Go home, deputy.
- There's no crime here.
AJ Weston, you're under arrest for arson, burning down Caracara.
Put your hands behind your back.
Read him his rights.
Clean him up.
AJ Weston, you have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you Call Unser.
Tell him to move on the cigar store.
All right.
All right.
Closing time.
Yeah, I guess it is.
What happened to the other cops? They're off doing something that matters.
What are you doing here? Unser cut us loose.
Follow me.
- Where's your father? - I don't know.
Hey! Hey! Now, you get Daddy on the phone and you bring him here, or I kill his little girl.
I don't know where he is.
- Oh, Clay! Clay! Hey! - She's as guilty as the rest of them.
Don't you move.
Welcome back.
What do you want? Talk, outside Charming.
- You're just gonna let this happen? Walk out the door.
You wanna kill me, do it here on Main Street.
I was just trying to accommodate our friend with the badge.
Deputy chief! Deputy chief, they struck my daughter.
- They threatened my life.
Arrest them.
- I got this, deputy.
- What are you doing? My shield still outranks yours.
And I'm telling my men there's been no crime here.
And there won't be one here.
Now all of you just turn around and go back to the station house.
Go ahead.
Officers, my daughter and I are in possession of illegal narcotics.
There's a load under that cash register in the center drawer.
You can find them there.
It's here.
Arrest us.
Do it! Get up.
Get up.
Cuff him, take him to the station.
We're gonna kill you.
'Cause someday never comes No, no, no - Someday never comes - Never comes - Someday never comes - Someday never comes No, someday never comes