Sons of Anarchy s03e02 Episode Script


Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
It's been months since my last confession.
I killed a man.
He was part of the crew that murdered my son.
I took the child of another man.
In some twisted way, trying to replace Eddy.
I made so many mistakes against God what I believe.
Can't see a way out.
Don't know what to do.
For these and all my sins, Father I am sorry.
These are very serious sins.
You've broken your link to God, my son.
You need to be willing to repay all those you have caused pain.
Mend the wreckage.
I know.
I'm willing, Father.
Then by the almighty and merciful God, I grant you pardon, absolution and remission of your sins.
Your penance: five acts of contrition.
Say them fast, cousin.
We need to talk.
- Am I out? - Under the circumstances I can make an exception for the obstruction charge.
I'm sorry about Hale.
Me too.
This attack I know what it means, what you guys gotta do.
I don't give a shit about retaliation.
I'm gonna find my kid.
Showing up at Maureen's was very risky.
I know.
I had no place to go.
Jimmy thinks I'm a tout, Kellan.
Not true.
ATF set up Eddy.
Just wanna be able to plead my case to the council.
More than one strike, Cammy.
I know.
Never should have made that deal with the AB.
Just thought, knowing Jimmy's plan for pushing out the Sons Jimmy doesn't make those decisions.
You killed a man that was part of an organization that we have been allied to for more than 20 years.
You kidnapped the grandson of the man responsible for that union.
John Teller was a friend.
Child is fine, Father.
Mo's looking after him.
Took care of him like he was my own.
I know our history runs deep with the Sons, but Jesus, Kellan was John's old lady murdered my boy.
There's gotta be some understanding of that.
I'll speak to Jimmy and the council.
The Sons will require some further thought.
Thank you.
Hello, my son.
What's up, man? - Hey, bro.
Jackie boy.
So, what do we know about the shooter? - His jaw, cheek and nose are busted.
- Mayan? No.
A few priors, but no known affiliations.
- It don't make any sense.
Tell me about it.
- You babysitting at St.
Thomas? - No.
San Joa DA's all over it, getting him to flip on the ones that got away.
On the subject of, uh, fugitives, I got some news on your bride.
Zobelle's girl? Nine mil in her hand when she hit the floor.
- Self-defense? Possibly.
Irish kid took two in the back.
That's still looking like murder one.
Well that's something.
Hey, where are we at with the Irish? Sitting down with Jimmy this afternoon.
Oh, shit.
I'll catch up to you, okay? I didn't know you were out.
I don't know what happens now, Tara.
It's gonna get a lot worse before it gets better.
I know.
Do you? What happened last night is just the tip of the iceberg.
You trying to scare me? Yeah, I am.
I'll see you later.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Look away.
Turn around.
Let me guess.
They were freaking me out.
This one's my favorite.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
- You talk to Clay? - Yeah.
Yeah, he knows we're here.
- Was he pissed? - Gem, he had other things on his mind.
Bad night.
- What? - Drive-by.
Sack's wake.
Jesus Christ.
We're whole, but some kid was shot and, uh, Hale was killed.
- Oh, my God.
- Yeah.
Man, I hate being away.
Morning, doll.
Is he up? Getting dressed.
You haven't asked about your mom.
Thought maybe you'd wanna know what happened to her.
I know what happened.
It's him I'm worried about.
Rose took care of everything.
Nate's care facility will be ready for him day after tomorrow and there's a buyer for the house, the trust has been set up.
Family was real important to her.
Don't remember much of that.
When's the last time you saw her? Mm, I don't know.
Why so much distance? Personal safety.
You didn't get along? What, you writing her memoir, darling? Oh, morning, Daddy.
I know.
Can I get you breakfast? No, no, just, uh, coffee.
I got that.
Well, who did this? You know how your mother hates when things are out of place.
Now, that I remember.
Here, come here, Dad.
- Sit down.
- Yeah.
I hardly recognize you, sweetheart.
Been a long time, Daddy.
How old are you now? Fifty-three.
Hey, Gem, I got Clay.
Who the hell are you? Oh, he's a friend.
How'd you get in here? I'll call him later.
Daddy, Tig's with me.
He brought me here.
You met him last night.
I know that.
I remember.
I'm not I'm I'm not a moron.
Coffee's too strong.
Next time, you let your mother make it.
Oh, okay.
I need you to, um, put this through.
- Leave of absence? - All the paperwork is there.
- For how long? - Six months.
I saw what happened in surgery yesterday.
Panic attack? I'm not sure, it's never happened before.
Well, I'm guessing you never watched a man get stabbed to death before either.
You shouldn't have been back in the OR so soon.
Well, now you get your way.
I'll be gone.
Dropping out for six months will hurt your career.
Maybe you should take a few personal days, think about this.
What do you care about my career? Unlike your very heated response my actions against you were not personal.
I was protecting this hospital.
Same reason I'm telling you to rethink the leave.
Thomas needs good surgeons.
Love you, baby.
- How's she doing? - Safe.
Guess the old man's not so hot.
Sorry to hear about your grandma.
I didn't really know her that well.
Sheriff's guarding the shooter, just like Unser said.
All right, I'll see if Tara can help.
Let's go visit Chucky.
Brighten his day.
I'm telling you, Eddy set me up.
Pulled me into the house so ATF could catch me with the guns.
Clay can back me up.
He was there.
I find it hard to believe Cammy wasn't privy to what his son was doing.
He needs to go away, quietly.
Well, that is a council decision.
He's a tout.
Decision's obvious.
Been away too long, Jimmy.
You've forgotten how we do things at home.
- It's not a one-man army.
- You giving me a sermon, Father? I don't swing incense at St.
Matt's anymore.
Oh, I'm very aware of that.
What do we know about Clay's old lady killing Edmond? Meeting with Samcro this afternoon.
What about the wee one? - The baby's safe.
- Good.
I'll give you a bell after we talk with the Sons.
Troubles? Our good priest.
Getting a mite too godly for his collar.
Excuse me, I'm looking for Dr.
I'm sorry, she's off rotation.
What do you mean? She needed some personal time.
- The suspension was lifted, right? - Yes.
It was.
What happened to your face? Tara asked for a leave of absence.
I think it's a mistake.
She needs her work.
We both know she belongs here.
Yeah, she does.
Tara can't help.
- We got it covered.
They cut off my fingers.
- They cut off my goddamn fingers! - Hey.
I come here to have a mole removed.
Look what they did.
- They took my thumbs off.
Put some pants back on.
- I love Chucky.
This is a secure hallway.
Easy, ése, easy.
This guy ain't gonna be doing any talking.
Who ordered the drive-by? Alvarez? Is this a Mayan hit? Check his ink.
No Mayan colors, no gang tats.
Yo, we need to get out of here.
L? Calaveras.
It's a wetback MC.
Calaveras is a Mayan puppet club.
What the hell are they doing proxying a retaliation? Holy shit.
What if the attack was initiation? It's a goddamn patch-over.
Mayans are moving into Lodi.
It was heart disease.
A family flaw.
Guess it got pretty ugly.
- I'm sorry.
Well, she's still pulling the strings.
Even dead, Rose is a control freak.
Sounds familiar.
I am not my mother, you little shithead.
Thank you, Jackson.
I love you, Mom.
How's our baby boy? He's good.
- You go do your thing.
- Yeah.
You take care of yourself, Mom.
Wasn't my old lady killed Cameron's kid.
It was ATF.
Shot him in the back.
Gemma was there to settle the score with Zobelle's daughter.
Fed gash didn't wanna take the heat for the dirty kill.
Put it on my wife.
Why would my mom kill Edmond? It doesn't make sense.
That's the truth, Jimmy.
Jesus Christ.
Shit just gets deeper.
Cameron directed his vengeance at the wrong target.
Now he's got my son.
And we know he's got a fake passport.
He's gotta be back in Belfast.
My intel says he's still here.
How do you know? He can't make a move in the six counties without me hearing about it.
He hasn't jumped off this rock yet.
I'll be heading back home in a couple of days.
Luke will take point here.
Any news about Cammy or the boy I give you my word, you'll be the first to know.
Bobby? Your ex-wife with that Guido bounty hunter? - Yeah, why? - Wanna put him on Cameron? Might be all we can do.
Cops aren't doing shit.
We aren't getting anywhere.
Well, I'm currently at an impasse with Precious.
How much of an impasse? Six months alimony, two months child support.
Of course.
Let's go visit the crazy redheaded rattlesnake.
You got any idea how expensive Tiki's inhalers are, huh? The albuterol? - Shit.
- Precious, I sent you a grand.
Did you really just say the check is in the mail? - Really? - Yeah.
You think I'm as dumb as you are fat? - Get out of my store.
Get out.
- Hey.
Don't make me hurt you.
Get out! - Precious.
I will kill you.
Precious, we need your old man to help me find my kid.
He's missing.
My brother.
You guys have had a tough run.
Condolences all around.
Thanks, T.
So how can we help? Drive-by had to be ordered by the Mayans.
We figure it was a patch-over.
Initiates out of Lodi.
Calaveras MC.
Oh, shit, yeah.
We been seeing a lot of Mayan activity in town.
Calaveras have been on a recruiting spree.
- All adds up.
- Yeah.
We're gonna have to break it down.
Can't have these Mayans at our borders.
We can't have them inside ours.
Dope, pussy game's tough enough without Alvarez stepping on it.
What's the move? Let's find out what Alvarez is up to.
I need you to locate a C.
for me.
It's gotta be an officer, somebody plugged in to making club decisions.
We'll find the right beaner.
- See you, man.
- Okay, bro.
- Take care.
- Okay.
Need help carrying this stuff out? What the hell happens now, chief? I stay on as chief until city council finds a replacement.
I meant for Charming.
Copping you out when I brokered a deal 25 years ago.
You expedite Samcro's criminal needs and they protect the town.
Everyone knows no one cares because it worked.
Doesn't work anymore.
Murder, kidnap, gangland shootouts.
I'm afraid the 21st century has come to Charming.
Just what you and your brother wanted, ain't it? Progress? County sheriff's office would like nothing more than to absorb Charming P.
And the city council is ready to let them.
- There a point behind this threat? - It's not a threat.
I think it's a bad idea.
Charming needs its local police.
Back me for mayor, support my changes, I'll let you handpick your successor.
You protect your department, we both protect the town.
Even if I'm the devil, it wouldn't be the first time you shook my hand, Wayne.
You think about it.
I'm not going anywhere.
I hacked into as many local sources as possible.
You got access to commercial and federal databases.
I need you to find this guy.
We got a bigger obstacle.
She's pissed.
Yes, she is.
I got a high-risk bounty today.
Arty Brand, ex-military.
I'm running half speed.
I was gonna hire a few guys.
But if we do it, you'll help us? I take half your day pay for running intel on Cameron Hayes a.
Timothy O'Dell.
The other half of the cash, throw to Precious and the kids.
Oh, hey.
- Well, hey.
- Hey.
Nice robe.
Uh, where you going with the baby oil? I'm not gonna lie to you.
Gemma, I'm a very big man and a little bit of lube sometimes, it's just the humane thing to do.
Well, I hope that's the Guatemalan hottie in there and not my dad.
No, yeah.
I mean, Nate's a very handsome man, but not my bent.
We're here to make sure that you get everything your body desires.
Arty's in the jerk booth in back, number four.
Hey, we'll take the skip.
- Make sure his buddies stay out front.
- Yeah.
I need this guy whole.
- For the price of one.
You know you've always wanted to try it.
Now's your chance.
They will give you everything you've longed for and then some.
Remember, we're Adult Emporium, your one-stop pleasure shop.
Check out our newest arrival on DVD, Sorority Girls at a special low introductory price, starring the delicious Lily Flowers.
Sorry to step on your post-whack bliss, Arty, but you got a bounty on your head.
Drop it.
Get down.
I got them.
Oh, shit.
Don't shoot him.
It's over, Arty.
Damn hybrids.
Get lost.
I can handle it from here.
Hey, I want something on Cameron Hayes by the end of the day.
- Make sure that happens.
- Yeah.
Bastards found the Calaveras' president, Hector Salazar.
End of the road.
He's up there with his old lady.
Yeah? We backed over your Harley out here.
- You might wanna come and take a look.
- What? Oh, shit.
What the hell you cabrones doing here? Find the girl.
Puto, get out of my house.
Some of your pussy patches paid us a visit last night.
Why are you doing Mayan bitch work, ése? Caca, piece of shit.
Go, go.
Easy, darling, easy.
Having a rough day with the ladies.
Luisa! Don't hurt her.
You puto bitch.
We know Calaveras are patching over Mayan.
We wanna know why.
I don't know shit about no patch.
That's the wrong answer, bitch.
We'll take him to the hole, finish this.
You can't kill me.
I'm a patch president.
I don't recognize your bullshit MC.
Come on, sweetheart, come on.
That's enough.
- How is he, sis? - He's a special one.
They're all special at that wee age.
Where's Trinity? She's on holiday with a friend.
How is our cousin? I heard from Jimmy.
He has proof that Eddy worked for the feds.
Oh, shit.
It gets worse.
I spoke to Clay.
It wasn't Gemma killed the boy.
It was ATF.
Oh, Jesus, Kell, no.
I know.
I've consulted with the council.
If we leave it till Jimmy or the MC get ahold of Cammy it'll be brutal, Mo.
Yeah, I know.
How does it land on the cause? Jimmy's desire, see Cammy erased.
No trace that he or the lad were ever here.
Last thing Jimmy wants is Samcro shooting up here, looking for this one.
Yes, that would complicate his plans.
And what do you desire Father Ashby? To give the sacrament to make sure our kin end up on the right side of God.
Dad, soup's almost ready.
Oh, yes, that's it.
- Yeah.
- Rose? Oh, yeah.
Rose, are you all right? Yeah, give it to me.
- Yeah? Gemma, it's me.
Something wrong? No, just calling to check on you.
You on your cell? Using one of Jax's prepays.
You're learning.
Yeah, I guess.
You okay, sweetheart? I don't know.
Guess I just needed to hear a friendly voice.
You've been through it, baby.
What happened with the prospect, that's shit no one should have to see.
Gotta hold on to family, baby.
That's what's getting me through it.
Jax, Abel, don't let go of them.
Keep your strength.
- What was that? - Shit.
- I'll call you back.
How could you do this to me, Rose? - How could you? - Jesus Christ, Dad, what are you doing? - He shot me, the crazy old prick.
- He thought I was Rose.
What, what is it? Oh, Jesus Holy shit, Dad.
What? Oh, God, what? What did I do? Oh, God.
Okay, Vicodin.
Here, eat up.
Rose don't need them anymore.
- How's Nate? - Hopefully he'll forget by morning.
We gotta get you to the ER.
It's a bullet wound.
They'll report it to the cops.
It's an accident.
They can't arrest your father.
Not him I'm worried about.
Okay, but you're gonna have to pull this slug.
Think you can do that? Yeah, I'll just use a little lube.
- I'm sorry.
Come on.
You're making a mistake.
You're making a mistake.
You talk to Juice? Yeah.
Waiting on Serg's intel.
We miss anything? Just about to get started.
You want first crack at the piñata? Yeah.
What are you doing? I'm helping him through it.
What is this? Please.
Tell them no.
Bravo, matador, bravo.
No more.
Why's Alvarez patching you over? Heroin.
The Mayans are setting up a bag-and-cut operation in Lodi.
They're moving H to Stockton prison.
That's all I know.
This had to be the deal Alvarez cut with Zobelle.
Must still be on the table.
Mayans supply the dope, AB gives them the prison market.
They're processing H in Lodi means they're running it through Charming to get to Stockton.
- Gotta take Alvarez down.
- Shred him in pieces.
We get bloody.
We can't afford another war.
We just ended one almost finished us.
We got assault charges pending.
Gemma gone, Abel.
We off this guy, it's an escalation.
Bloody '92 all over again.
We spare this shithead, might give us a little room to negotiate.
Negotiate what? Alvarez wants us dead.
Well, then we'll just have to change his mind.
Do I need to take a vote? Let this pendejo out of the hole.
He's going home.
Hey, Hector.
It's your lucky day.
Doing a little research? Look, whatever you did, it's none of my business.
I'm just here to do my job.
I appreciate that.
- Where you going? - Rite Aid.
We're out of gauze.
You should stick around.
Under the circumstances, think it's best.
Circumstances? Ones that might tempt you to make a $10,000 phone call.
- The reward's been upped to 25 grand.
- Wow.
How many bedpans you gotta empty for that kind of cash? A lot.
I'm sorry.
Now, get out of my way.
The gun's empty, sweetheart.
Go ahead.
Pull the trigger.
But this one is very loaded.
Let's go.
My greedy little Guati.
Go on.
Where you going? Gemma called.
Something happened with your granddad.
She wants me up there.
If you get caught with my mom, that's aiding and abetting, federal crime.
What do you want me to tell her? Tell her you're taking a leave of absence.
I was gonna tell you.
The beating you put on your boss? You gonna tell me about that too? Yeah? When? Okay, I'm on my way.
What is it? I'm not sure.
I'll be back in a little while.
We need to finish this conversation.
May the Lord who freed you from sin save you.
May he raise you up, my son.
Wait until dark.
Mark him.
Drop him in Short Strand.
I want everyone to know Cammy Hayes came home.
What did Serg find? Three days ago.
Amtrak station in Rocklin.
Timothy O'Dell and infant bought a one-way ticket to Vancouver.
My kid.
Abel's fine.
We know he's up north.
We're gonna find Cameron and we're gonna bring your son home.
Now I surrender Peaceful to sleep Into thy hands Give thee my soul to keep