Sons of Anarchy s03e03 Episode Script


- What's up? How you been? - What's up, bro? Mayans are locking down Lodi, setting up distribution for heroin.
Ferrying through Charming to get to Stockton Yard.
I know you ain't gonna let that happen.
We run at this now, it turns long and bloody.
Alvarez don't want a war any more than we do.
What we need is intel.
Where they process, when they mule.
All right, we can start digging.
But we're gonna need AK's, at least half dozen.
I ain't gonna have another shipment till the end of the month.
Listen, man, it's been a long time since we had this kind of weight in our backyard, brother.
- We may be able to find some MP5s.
- All right, that'll work.
- You be cool, man.
- Stay right.
Yo, Elvis, you too.
Yo, Luke.
You thinking of adding a little color to the ranks? - Yeah, black Irish.
- You ask Jimmy about the photo? Aye.
Said Cameron was on the train because it's too risky to fly.
Gotta still be in Vancouver.
Well, what about his contacts, places he stays? - You understand? I need details.
- That task is on the soldier.
- Army doesn't get involved in specifics.
- I don't give a shit what the army does.
Your guy has my son.
Sorry, Jax.
You're sorry? - Do you have kids? - I don't.
- Then you don't know shit about sorry Jax, Jax, Jax.
We're being diligent on this, Clay.
Got my word on that.
The last shipment.
Same deal, 10 KG-9s, six rolls.
We'll give you a call after we hand off in Oregon.
Can you bring those over? We gotta find Abel, quick.
Yeah, I know.
- Have Juice find Serg.
- Will do.
Go talk to Lin.
Should I ask? Got the blessings.
It's fast.
We did what needed to be done.
I'm losing sight of that need, brother.
I've come for the boy, Mo.
Why? Where you taking him? A good Catholic family.
He's already got a family.
Don't get attached, Mo.
This can't be about your love for his grandfather.
Do you ever think JT made a mistake? Maybe if he'd stayed in Belfast with me John Teller's family was in Charming.
Where is he? He's in my bedroom.
He'll see no harm, I promise.
Well, you're gonna be fine.
There's no bone or muscle damage.
Thanks, doc.
I'm sorry I pulled you away from your work.
It's okay.
How's Jax holding up? I don't know.
Dad? I'm sure he tells you guys more than he does me.
Daddy? Nate? What? - You seen Nate? He's not in his room.
- No, not since this morning.
- He's gone.
So's the hunting rifle.
Oh, shit.
You know, I did hear a car about 20 minutes ago.
Oh, Christ.
- Oh, shit.
The Caddy's gone.
- Is he okay to drive? Depends what decade he thinks he's cruising in.
Where would he go? I have no goddamn idea.
Someone must know his routine.
Somebody does.
Where do you go when you're blue Who the hell is that? It's his caregiver.
Oh, my God.
Are you insane? - It's complicated.
Is someone there? When you're just an ordinary fool? Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Amelia, I need to ask you a question.
Yeah, and I need to take a piss, like, an hour ago.
I'm sorry.
I forgot.
Ah! That's cold.
Nate took off in the car.
Any idea where he might be heading? What was he wearing? I don't know.
He could be a hundred different places.
Could you be a little more specific? I'm done.
If you cut me loose, I'll help you find him.
- Can't do that.
- My hands and my feet are numb my ass is killing me.
You can keep a gun on me.
I'll make a few calls, help you find him.
That's the deal.
Let me remind you of your circumstances, sweetheart.
You are tied up in a basement with no family, no friends anywhere in the States.
You drop off the planet, no one knows.
No one cares.
Jesus Christ.
Are you threatening to kill me? No.
But I look around this room I see a drill, box cutters, a welding torch.
Lots of shit make you really uncomfortable.
Psycho bitch.
Listen, you ain't heard nothing, Chiquita.
Anything happens to my dad because of your stalling I'll make sure you end up in this wheelchair permanently.
Bitch! Gemma! Buddha's birthday? Luncheon for my Hong Kong clients.
What do you need? MP-5s, half dozen.
- I heard about the attack.
- Deeper than that.
AB gave Alvarez a pipeline to Stockton Yard.
Mayans setting up shop in Lodi.
Guns are for some brothers helping us out.
Explains why they've been giving us less resistance in Oakland.
New shipment from Gaza, 2K each.
- Shit.
Jew guns are a little steep.
That's the family rate.
- I'd double that price on the street.
- We're gifting this hardware.
Ain't got that kind of up-front cash.
You still got your Caracara contacts? - Why? - Client's new favorite American pastime: Making videos with young white porn stars.
All I got are Asian whores.
- How many bodies you need? - Four or five willing to get messy.
Think Lyla could reach out to a few of the Caracara girls? Even split, fifty-fifty? - I guess.
- You good with that? Okay, personal appearances.
Ten grand each.
- Come on.
Hey, you're getting the family rate.
I'd double that price on the street.
Give us the guns, pay us the difference in cash charge Hong Kong Spewy whatever you want for the party flicks.
Okay, better be some high-end, lily-white pussy.
Need them here by 3.
You and Denise coming to Hale's service? - Yeah, we'll be there.
- What time's it start? Ahem.
- How long for a chair? - About 15.
Uh Sorry about your deputy.
Looks like you got yourself an empty chair.
Maybe you better give me a shower too.
Well, town's a little upset, Piney.
- It'll settle.
- Mm.
Wayne, hey, got a second? I wanted to apologize.
I think I came on a little too strong the other day.
It's an emotional time.
I'm sorry.
You had something to say and you said it.
I This town needs Charming P.
Yes, it does.
I got a hit for a Timothy O'Dell.
Arbutus Lodge, Vancouver, four days ago.
Only stayed one night.
- Then what? Nothing after that.
- Could he have gotten on a plane? - Not under that name.
If it were me, I'd pick up another ID.
Keep the trail cold.
Check into the port authority records.
See if he registered another boat.
Limited access, man.
Hunting bounties is an American privilege.
I got no rights in Canada.
- Shit.
- What do you do if you wanna find somebody north of the border? - Mercenaries.
I got a great guy.
No questions asked, first-rate tracker.
Needs cash wired to him before he'll start looking.
Ten grand a head.
Do it.
Where's your partner? Rosen's in court.
Wanted me to talk to you in person.
- That don't sound good.
- It's not, sweetheart.
Charming City Council put a motion before the San Joa judge.
Won a new bail hearing in the assault case.
Yeah, but what does that mean? It means everyone goes back inside until trial.
- Why? What did we do? - The attack at the wake.
That's right.
They're saying your criminal enterprises instigated the retaliation.
- Yeah.
- Jacob Hale.
The guy's a prick.
Got a big ax and he's grinding it.
I picked up on that this morning at Floyd's.
The town's pissed.
What happens if we don't show? Longer in the wind, more time it adds.
Hundred and eighty days before your bail is forfeited.
When's the hearing? - Friday.
Need a heads up either way.
Sorry, fellas.
This spun my head too.
Best intel puts Cameron and Abel in Vancouver.
That's where I'm going.
Do this last run for the Irish.
I'm gonna pick up my mom, get some new ID and head north.
It gets Gemma out of dodge.
I'll hook up with Serg's tracker, find my kid.
You ain't going alone.
Look, we don't know how these San Joa charges are gonna land.
Lowen said most of the people in that hall won't testify.
Might end up just being the federal gun charges.
But if we all skip, we look guilty.
They'll use that against us.
I can't ask you guys to take that hit.
But I can.
Who's up for a Canadian adventure? Oh, aye.
You lose, eh.
- You're all very unbalanced individuals.
- Oh, yeah? Thank you.
You take Gemma with you, you're gonna have to tell her about the kid.
I know.
We'll do that together.
He's not at the church.
I went down every street, checked the mini mart, gas station.
No sign of him.
I tried calling a few of his friends, there's nothing.
Can't believe I just let him drive away.
Jesus, how could I do that? - Stupid bitch.
- You have her tied up in a basement.
- You can't expect her to be cooperative - I'm not talking about her.
- Thanks, Pop.
- Mm-hm.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You going to pick up the kids? - Yeah.
I need the Caddy.
Is something wrong? I gotta ask you for a favor.
Club needs some money to track down Abel.
We got this opportunity with the Chinese.
Kind of a private-party kind of thing.
Porn-star movie fetish? Sounds about right.
Five grand each.
This afternoon.
Most of the girls are hurting for work.
I'll call Ima, Tina and maybe the twins.
Um I wanna do it too.
Jax doesn't have to pay me.
It's my way of helping.
- You don't have to do that.
- I wanna do it.
Look, I know you hate it, Ope but I've got maybe another year or two in this niche.
I need to cash in while I still look like everyone's kid sister.
Gotta let it go.
I just don't want you ending up What? Sad.
How could I ever be sad? I'm with you.
You're my guy.
- Gotta go.
- Okay.
See you later? Yep.
She gonna be able to help? - Yeah, she's gonna call the girls.
- Beautiful.
- You guys are working things out, huh? - Yeah, I can never tell.
Every time I try to talk to her, we end up naked.
Just marry her.
That'll stop it.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
You're the doctor they were waiting for? I wasn't expecting a woman.
I'm gonna have to clean that out.
It'll sting a little.
I can't see, but I'm guessing my hands are a nice shade of purple right now.
- Can you feel your fingers? - No, I'm numb.
No circulation.
I'll cut one hand free, let the blood flow back in.
Don't do anything stupid.
Thank you.
Can I trouble you for the bedpan? - Sorry.
- It's okay.
I can't, um Can you? Can you just slide it a little more? Gemma, Nate just pulled up.
Gemma, Gemma, Nate just pulled up.
He's headed into the backyard.
Come on.
Where'd you go, Dad? Where's the gun? I got rid of it.
Why? Did I kill someone? - Oh, no, no, Daddy.
- I remember that I It was an accident.
Tig is okay.
It's perfect.
Everything is fine.
Days like this when I can remember everything I usually forget these are the worst days.
I was useless to her, Gemma.
I couldn't even comfort her at the end.
You know Mom's gone? And you know we're gonna have to leave this place soon? Go someplace where people can take care of you? I know, I know.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
- How's the campaign shaping up? - Not official yet.
I'll announce next month.
Well, we got a little announcement too.
Hale's using his influence with the city council to lock us up till trial.
Not surprised.
He's leveraging David's murder, tipping the scales of public sentiment.
- Yeah, well, it's working.
Afraid so.
- Any news on your boy? - Got a solid lead.
He's up in Vancouver.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You're gonna skip.
- Temporary departure.
- I got 200 acres up against that bail.
We'll be back before it defaults.
You ain't gonna lose your land.
We're not afraid to do the time, Oswald.
This is about finding my son.
Jacob's gonna use the bail against me in the campaign.
He'll say if I didn't put up the money, his brother would still be alive.
We'll remind everyone if you didn't put up that bail Zobelle and the Mayans would own Charming by now.
If anything else happens, Clay, I'm not gonna be able to help.
I need some distance.
Well, when you need us, we'll be here.
Good luck finding your son.
- Hah! - Where are the keys to Nate's car? I don't know.
I will cut your goddamned throat.
I swear, I don't know where they are.
Probably still in his pocket.
No! Oh, my God.
She She's dead.
Her plan not mine.
- I leave you girls alone for 10 minutes.
- Any ideas here? - Jax can't know about this.
- This is the last thing the club needs.
Then we'd better work fast.
They're making a run for the Irish.
- They're gonna be up here tomorrow.
- Perfect.
Bachman's based out of Crescent City.
He can probably be here in an hour.
- The cleaner guy? Yeah, he's independent.
He works for around two or three grand, but he is good.
There's some cash here, but not that much.
- Will he take jewelry? - I'll call him.
- All right, go keep my dad busy.
- All right.
We'll take care of her.
- We will? - Hey, you're the one who decided her fingers needed to breathe.
You don't want Jax to find out about this, we gotta handle it.
- Concussion? - Mm.
I'm okay.
Cherry, baby? Little less smoking, little more sweeping? Yes, ma'am.
How was your holiday? - What's the matter, Trini? - Walking back from the depot there were peelers everywhere.
They found Cammy Hayes strangled.
Army tag on his head.
Take your laundry upstairs.
Get it started.
Ain't you got nothing to say, Ma? Cammy was your cousin.
Cammy was a fool.
He died a fool's death.
Now go on upstairs.
Do you hear me? Hey.
All right, listen to your ma, huh? - Well, I guess you heard.
- Aye.
So do you know anything about it? Just that he's dead.
- Right.
He was your kin.
- He didn't reach out to you? I've got 47 cousins.
None of them reach out.
If I ask you to do something, think you can keep your mouth shut? - Of course.
- I need you to reach out to Charming.
- Get a cell number for Gemma Teller.
- Why? Part of the mouth shutting, not asking any questions.
I'll give Half-Sack a call.
You're missing a sweet Asian buffet inside.
- All you can eat.
- Ah.
With your mom being away, it feels too much like cheating.
I miss her so goddamn much.
Yeah, me too.
Shit, I better go get my dick sucked, I'm starting to sound as whipped as you.
Blow me.
I love you too, son.
Talk to him.
- Hey.
- Finally.
There's been a lot going on here.
What was the crisis with Nate? You really wanna know? - Shit.
Apparently, your granddad went off the rails a bit.
Shot Tig.
Thought he was an intruder.
- Jesus Christ.
- He's okay.
It's pretty much superficial.
Look, I'm heading up there tomorrow.
Just stay put, okay? Yeah.
I'm sorry I left the way I did.
- It's okay.
As long as everyone's safe.
- Yeah.
Everyone's fine.
Who's that? - It's someone for Amelia, Nate.
Yeah, he's giving her a ride home.
This is what I need.
Most of this stuff's in the garage.
- I'll send Tara out for the rest.
- Okay.
How's the drain in that slop sink? - I think it's fine.
- Good.
I'm in the mood for some music.
I'll make that happen.
I like the smell of this one.
I know.
I knew you would.
Vietnamese is not my favorite, but Chinese, I like - You said you were Chinese, right? No? - Mm-hm.
You have a full American ass.
I see you check me out Oh, shit.
Hey, Ope.
Shit! - Let's go.
Opie, what are you doing? Hey! Let go! Let me go! What the hell? Hey! This is my life.
Get out, Opie.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on! Get out! Stay in.
Get off.
Show you what I've got Stay down.
Show you what I've got Hopefully someone is filming it.
You guys really know how to crash a party.
Ope's still adjusting to his old lady's career path.
Yeah, then why the hell was he here? - I don't know what he was thinking.
- He was thinking he doesn't want any guns or money.
I need those MP-5s.
Come on, Lin, all the shit I did for you in Oakland, you can't front me? That would set a precedent.
Impacts all my other business.
What about a piece of our trade? Italians like small guns.
They'll want the MP-5s.
I give you Cacuzza, you cut me in for 10 percent.
Five, and I deal direct.
Get us our guns.
Hey, darling.
What happened? I just talked to one of the Crow-Eaters and your cousin killed Half-Sack.
The prospect was your guy? Why wouldn't you tell me something like that? I'm so sorry, love.
I didn't know.
Here's Gemma's number.
Are you gonna be okay? It's part of the deal, right? Yeah it is.
She ain't here.
All done.
- Where is she? - Where's who? Oh, 1600.
Um Take the rest in goods.
Hidin' in silence Watching you walk inside Radiance swallowed in light I'm sorry, brother.
But I know, it ain't right It's all good, man.
It was a stupid idea.
We shouldn't have put you through it.
We'll find the money.
- Mm.
Grab a drink.
- Hey, sweetie.
No reason for alarm What? You'd kill to get your old lady out of her day job.
All I want is mine to go back to hers.
But how can I be sure Tara wants to take a leave.
But I know Maybe it's the best thing.
All the shit she's been through.
Yeah, I don't know.
I'm struggling with it.
My old man's manuscript, he said there's only two ways an old lady makes it.
Either you tell them everything or you tell them nothing.
Anything else, shit falls apart.
I didn't tell Donna anything.
The comedown Is no surprise All right, Bobby.
Chin up.
What about this one? - Thanks.
I don't know yet.
- Hey, killer.
- You wanna take me home? - Sure.
- Finish this later? - Nope.
But for now All right.
- Love you, bro.
- Love you too.
Make-believe wears a thin disguise Can you give me a lift? This love's just a lonesome lie Jax, Clay, you gotta see this.
I just got an e-mail from the Belfast VP.
This was taken six hours ago.
- Short Strand, Belfast.
Cameron's in Ireland.
Then where's Abel? But I think you won't Come around