Sons of Anarchy s03e04 Episode Script


I needed Cammy to go away not to be splayed out for public consumption.
Army Council sanctioned it.
Felt the NorCal operation had been compromised by Cameron and Eddy.
A message was needed.
They put that mismanagement on you.
The snags, which were out of my control, are all being righted.
When I return the baby to Jax Teller, it's finished.
We all move on.
I think it's best we keep the child here for now.
- He'll be in loving arms till this plays out.
- I'll tell you how it plays out.
A half-mad father and his MC posse rolls into Belfast, he kicks up a shit storm and alerts every peeler on either side of the wall.
- The child is not a bargaining chip.
- My point.
This is not about my agenda with the Sons it's about protecting the progress we've made.
- And the profits you've made.
- Aye.
Aye, Father, I earn.
And it's my bloody efforts that pump cash into our dying fight.
Now, you remember that.
Keeping the child here was not my decision.
Army Council sways to your brilliant advice.
I offer the guidance of a priest, try and keep us focused on God's will.
Well, maybe it's God's will I give Samcro a ring up and tell them the boy's gone because the priest gave him away to a pair of loving arms.
I think God and everyone with hands folded to him would flag that move extremely capricious.
I would pray on it.
I got him.
- Tell me you have my son.
I'm sorry, I don't, Jackson.
Real Army boys grabbed Cammy at Central Station.
Abel wasn't with him.
Well, they had to grill him before they tied off his neck.
No, it happened fast.
- Where the hell is my kid? I understand your rage, friend.
- If it were my son - But it's not.
Abel wasn't with Cammy in Belfast which means your boy is still in Vancouver.
Every word you've spit about my kid has been wrong.
I'm not gonna trust this wave of bullshit.
Well, maybe you'll believe a brother.
Jax, Liam O'Neill.
What are you doing with Jimmy? Crew's tied up in Newry.
Hired us to watch his back while he's up north.
I was with Jimmy, saw the Real provost scoop up Cammy outside the depot.
Had no baby with him, that's for real.
I should come out there, talk to the guys who rounded him up.
Maybe Cameron mentioned a contact or a place he took him.
That'll never happen, brother.
You know the drill.
The Sons are just hired guns.
We got two bloody Loyalists in the charter.
One's the son of an Orangeman.
We're not inside the circle.
Never have been.
Yeah, okay.
He said Abel's not in Belfast.
Cameron didn't bring him.
I explained it to Nate.
I got him to sign.
This gives me power of attorney so if anything happens while you're away Thanks.
It's a good place.
Your mom did her research.
The neurologist on staff specializes in late-stage Alzheimer's.
Does it have a garden? I don't know.
I can't believe I'm sending him off to a goddamn home.
He'll be taken care of.
He'll die alone just like she did.
Hands look like mine feel.
We stick with plan A.
You guys drop off the guns.
Me and Clay will pick up Mom.
We all head north, find my kid.
Here's 10 grand for Serg's tracker.
Sold the panhead.
Thanks, bro.
You ready to do this? Absolutely.
- Yeah? Yeah.
I'll wire that to Serg's guy in Vancouver? Yeah.
Got a favor to ask.
Mom's in real bad shape.
I've been covering the cost of the hospice, but the meds are breaking me.
There's a dealer about 20 minutes outside Rogue River.
She's a good gal.
Supplies all the clinics with scrips.
It's the only way I can get my emphysema meds.
After we make the drop, I'll, uh, take Hap and hook him up.
We meet up at Gemma's old man's house.
- Sorry to hear about your mom.
- Thanks.
- That dealer, she got that albuterol? - Probably.
Tiki's going through three inhalers a week.
- Precious is up my ass.
- Hey, why not? Make it a party.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Shite, it's Jimmy.
Gotta go.
What's wrong? Hands.
You shoot them up? Your mom's the only one that does it right.
Can you hold a grip? You're gonna have to tie me on.
- Yeah.
That good? Yeah.
I tried to make it right.
What, Daddy? You and your mother.
I know you probably don't believe that.
She swallowed us both up.
I don't blame you.
She never recovered from Nathaniel's death.
Blamed it on herself.
I know that burden landed on you.
I prayed for your mother.
Begged Jesus to take away her pain.
You turned to God.
Rose turned to Rose.
Her biggest regret losing you.
Don't let your family slip away.
Hey, Gem.
Boys are here.
Come on, Dad.
Let's go.
- Goddamn, I missed you.
- Missed you too, baby.
So much.
My baby boy.
Hey, Mom.
How's our little man? He's good.
- Is he with Neeta? - Yeah.
- Where's Tara? - She's inside.
She's helping me box up some shit.
Grandpa walking.
How is Pop doing? - Finally hit him that she's gone.
He knows he's going away.
You guys go on in.
I better go help him get settled.
It's gonna be a tough afternoon.
Come on.
How you hanging? You all right? - Good to see you, brother.
- You too.
How's the shoulder? It's all right, as long as I don't run out of Grandma's Vicodin.
Can you ride? Yeah, I think I can.
How about you, brother? I may have to hit up Grandma's stash myself.
I got some of that for you.
- Did you just get here? - Yeah.
- Is Nate taking all this stuff? - No.
Gemma wanted to pack up all the sentimental objects and valuables put them in storage.
The rest goes to the church.
- You doing okay? - Yeah.
What is it? You want the truth, right? Gotta tell you what's going on.
They're pulling our bail on the church assault.
Two days, we're all supposed to go back inside.
"Supposed to"? Oh, my God.
- Where is he? - Vancouver somewhere.
You're heading up there? Yeah.
We hired a guy to help track him down.
Gonna take Gemma, head out after Nate's taken care of.
- Did you tell Gemma about Abel? - Not yet.
We will.
Oh, hey, brother, uh, Clay's looking for you.
- Okay.
- Tara, are these boxes all going down? Yes, please.
Is that from Tig? Yeah.
Where's the girl? The one taking care of Nate.
Wasn't that who Tig was tapping? Yeah, she, um went home, back to Guatemala.
- I think she was freaked out.
- Yeah, I bet.
- Hey, get home safe.
- Take it easy, brother.
I'll call Luke, let him know we handed off the guns.
- See you guys at Gemma's.
- Safe ride.
Bitch aged me two years.
So, what's that gonna look like? Me in Canada? We'll get you set up someplace safe, off the grid.
- Get you good papers.
- Maybe you could go redhead.
Oh, Christ.
I'd rather shave my head.
Heat will die down, Mom.
And when do I get to see my family? My grandson? We'll figure it out.
It's our only choice, baby.
Good to see you, Nate.
How are you? Hey, Grandpa.
Why are you here? Clay's here to help me get you settled.
I don't need his help.
This is what killed your mother.
Well, old man certainly seems to remember me.
You okay, Mom? You guys should just stay clear of him.
Tara and I will handle it.
- You have to tell her.
- I know.
Maybe we'll wait till Nate gets settled.
Spread out the misery.
Bobby? Yeah, I see them, and it don't look good.
Let's go find Honey.
Oh, no.
Check the cabinet.
Honey, get out of here.
- Get her up, get her up.
Gotta move.
- Shit! Move.
Hey! How many of them? They're in the other room.
- Who the hell are those guys? - They're local peckerwoods.
They run most of the crank up here.
They decided they wanna be in the scrip-dope business.
Got no service.
Tell us where the drugs are or we'll tear this whole goddamn place apart! - Suck my ass, you inbred puddle of piss! - Rip this place apart.
Find them meds.
So we stay in the room, they find the drugs, maybe they leave.
That's not gonna happen.
They ain't going nowhere.
Check the garage.
- Come on.
Let's go.
Go, go, go.
- Come on.
- Phew.
Holy shit.
- I got over half a million in scrip here.
Those tweaker scumbags will kill us to get it.
I think that's all of them.
I wanna come with you.
To Canada.
Look, I'm the only one who's not wanted.
You're gonna need my help.
What I need is for you to go back to work.
- Go back to work.
- He's mine too.
- I wanna be with my family.
- We're not your family! Do you see how deep I'm buried here? - You don't want this.
- Don't tell me what I want.
- I asked for the truth, you gave it to me.
- So you would stay put! - You're not coming up north.
- Yes, I am.
You wanna be an old lady? Then act like one! Do what you're told! Pack your shit and head back to Charming.
I just helped your mother kill someone.
That old lady enough for you? - What are you talking about? - The caretaker.
She attacked your mother.
What the hell did you do? I had no choice, it was self-defense.
- Tig helped us get rid of the body.
Found one more.
What? - Oh, shit.
What happened? Gotta go.
I'm dealing with something.
Yeah, so are Bobby and Piney.
What's going on? Apparently, our lovely ladies whacked the caretaker.
And this idiot helped them.
- What? - Actually, I just made a phone call.
Jesus Christ.
This later.
Let's go.
Douche bag.
What happened to, "Oh, we can't tell Jax about anything"? You two are killing me.
I lost it.
I don't know what the hell he wants anymore.
Well, what do you want? I'm just trying to get closer.
I wanna go with you to Vancouver.
That's a bad idea.
I thought you, more than anyone, would understand.
We're gonna need you in Charming.
If Jax goes away for that church assault and I'm God knows where someone has to take care of Abel.
No one I trust more than you.
You'll be a good mom.
I'm sorry.
I better go help Nate get ready.
I'll be going with you.
Someone might see you.
My risk.
How are you, Mo? Jesus.
- How'd you get in? Your lovely daughter.
- What are you doing here? - Looking for you.
I know Cammy came to you to set a meeting with your brother.
Makes sense.
I know you'd be my first choice to take care of an infant.
Jimmy O'Phelan, the all-seeing, all-knowing wizard of East Belfast.
- Where's the baby, Maureen? - He's not here.
- What do you care? - He belongs with his da.
- It's not my decision or yours.
- But we know whose decision it is.
- You have sway with the good priest.
- Jimmy, I'm a half-broke shopkeeper.
I have no sway with any Things are in flux, darling.
The world is changing.
And life and the Short Strand had better bend to it or we'll all snap like a twig.
You need to decide what end of the stick you want to be holding.
I'd hate to see you and your tight wee family out on the street.
I don't know where the baby is.
I suggest you inquire.
Soon, yeah? We know the scrips gotta be in there.
You guys with the patches, we ain't got no scrap with you.
Ain't no reason you should get your head blown off guarding some hippie drugger.
So here's the deal.
Take what you came for, all you want on the house.
And you just walk away.
We both win.
What do you say? Ninety percent of her stuff goes to hospices and clinics.
Well, then we say: Keep moving.
Easy, asshole.
Got your boys.
You put them guns down or Grandpa gets his head blown off.
This ain't the way to handle it.
Do it! Now! Should I call for more backup? Your move, Fester.
Down, now.
Why in the hell are you doing this? Because we're the good guys.
Hands right there.
Found these in the van.
- Whoa.
Goody bags.
- More scrips.
Well, that's not mine.
Must have hit somebody else up too.
You should take it.
Well, it's HIV protocol stuff, steroids.
It's not my niche.
It's got a lot of street value, though.
Throw it in the van.
Money's money.
You made a crazy ex-wife very happy.
Thank you.
- For your mom.
- Thank you.
I think y'all earned it.
Whenever you need any help Rogue River SOA is only 20 minutes away.
- I'll be fine.
- I know.
Knock it off.
- I'll go tell the front desk we're here.
- Okay.
Daddy do you know where we are? Where's Rose? She's not here.
I wanna go home.
Take me home.
Daddy Please.
No, please.
Please, just take me Take me home.
- Please.
I can't.
- I can't.
- I wanna go home.
I know, Dad.
- This way, Nate.
- No, no, no.
I I wanna go home.
L No, I have Come on.
- I have to go home.
- I got - There's people waiting to meet you.
- I'm sorry, Dad.
- I have to go home now.
No, no, no, I Come on.
- No, I have to - Please, I have to go home now.
- I can't.
No, no, please, I Come in.
It's okay.
It's gonna be okay, Nate.
Jimmy just paid me a visit.
That bastard threatened me.
Said we'd be out on the street when things change.
He wants me to find the child.
Nothing's changing, Mo.
My family's getting hurt because of your dick-fueled power struggle, Kel.
You and Trinnie are gonna be safe.
You know that.
What I know, what I can't get right with is a man of God giving away a wee baby.
That child is out there, Kel, with no da, no kin belonging to it.
What are you thinking? Do you know why Jimmy wants to end our association with the MC? McGee said something about not bringing in outsiders anymore about putting the tasks of the Sons onto Real Army men.
Not men.
Jimmy's circle has been down in Newry, South Armagh recruiting off the streets.
Broken kids, some as young as 10, 11.
Promising there'll be a united Ireland, all the cash and prizes that go with it.
This isn't a child's war, Mo.
Jimmy's lost sight of who we are, why we struggle.
He's not a soldier anymore, just a gangster.
It's a very delicate situation.
We need someone from the outside to help us with Jimmy.
Someone who's got as much to lose as we do.
I think it's time you gave Gemma Teller another call, mother to mother.
Let her know her grandson is here.
How did you know I called Gemma Teller? She's on the run, won't be using her own cell.
Probably a throwaway.
I'll make some inquiries, see if I can get the number.
Hello? Uh, could you connect me to Agent Stahl? It's very important.
I got a line on a fugitive.
- What happened? - She just took off.
What do you mean? - I went inside to check in Nate.
When I came back, Gemma and the car were gone.
- Did she say anything? - No.
She was crying when I left her.
Nate was begging her to take him home.
Broke her heart.
She went home.
She went to see her family.
Like a bird on the wire Like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way To be free Like a worm on a hook Like a knight from an old-fashioned book I've saved all my ribbons For thee And if I have Been unkind I hope that you Just let it go by And if I have Been untrue I hope that you know It was never to you Neeta? Where the hell did she take him? And if I have Been so unkind I hope that you Just let it all go by And if I have Have been untrue I hope that you know It was never to you Neeta been here with the baby? No.
And if I have Have been untrue I hope that you know Yeah? Gemma? It's Maureen Ashby.
You know who I am? Yeah.
- How'd you get this number? - Just listen.
Cammy Hayes took your grandson.
He was my cousin.
He brought the wee one to me to take care of.
What? Abel's in Belfast.
Like a bird on the wire Like a drunk in a midnight choir I have tried in my way Mom! Shit.
Mom, breathe, breathe.
I have tried in my own way To be free