Sons of Anarchy s04e02 Episode Script


Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Hey, they're here.
Sheriff Roosevelt.
I'm Linc Potter, Assistant U.
You're here because you can be trusted.
We need you.
Count me in.
We'll get tape on Putlova buying and selling illegal arms.
We will take down the ROC and by association, the Real IRA and the Sons of Anarchy.
Charming is now under the jurisdiction of the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department.
Next time I see any of you who got out today wearing cuts, they'll belong to me.
It's beautiful.
We should get married.
I'm done with Samcro.
We're gonna take our boys and get the hell out of here.
Be a real family.
I pronounce you man and wife.
This is for Jax Teller.
Just business.
How you doing? Didn't wanna wake you.
It's good to be home.
Made the papers.
Oh, yeah.
Four bodies out by Haleville.
Just part of the process.
We're protected.
Not worried about that.
This fell out of one of Abel's coloring books.
He must have found it somewhere in Jax's house.
Letters? Maureen Ashby.
Trying to turn my son against me.
Bitch must have stuffed them in his bag when we left Belfast.
And you think Jax read them? Had to be Jax or Tara who found them.
Ah, this is J.
wooing pussy.
Probably a bunch of love letters, some half-gay poems and shit.
Yeah, or a stack of hate.
John sharing his every woe and suspicion.
I am telling you, that Irish gash is reaching across the Atlantic.
She can't hurt us.
And John he can't hurt us.
John trusted her.
Had a goddamn family with her.
There's no telling what he confided.
If this was real, it'd have blown up by now.
We're good.
So don't go setting fires when there's nothing to burn.
You hear me? I don't do that.
Not all the time.
I gotta go.
There's oatmeal on the stove.
Mmm, oatmeal.
Love you.
Love you.
Okay, so Elyda comes at noon and your mom watches them in the morning when I'm at work.
But I can change the schedule if you want.
No, I don't wanna mess with their routine.
It's already a big help having you around, Daddy.
Charming, California was rocked earlier this morning by the discovery of four bodies at a housing development.
Details are still coming in.
We have learned the victims were shot multiple times.
Were you involved? How much you wanna know? - -Bore tattoos, suggesting associations with Russian Organized All of it.
It was retaliation for what happened to me in prison.
We made Ah, look at this perfect family.
Kids are at school.
We should take advantage.
It's our honeymoon day.
I have to go to work.
The sooner we get you knocked up, the sooner you get to stop working.
Dondo gets very fussy if his actors don't show.
He takes his girl-on-girl very seriously.
Wouldn't wanna upset the prince of labia.
You hear the news? They said those bodies they found were all Russians.
Really? There were Russians at our wedding.
Were you guys part of this? No.
We're good with the Russians.
Not surprised, though.
Those guys are mixed up in some crazy shit.
See you later.
See you later.
Everything okay? You know, with us? What are you talking about? I just missed you so much.
We're fine, Mom.
I love you more than anything in this world, Jackson.
You know that, right? I know.
I love you too, Mom.
See you later.
See you later.
I'm guessing there are another three or four dead Russians somewhere else in Charming this morning.
Not all Russians.
Sorry about Worski.
Yes, I know.
He was a good agent.
I did not see this coming.
It is through being wounded power grows and can, in the end, become tremendous.
Am I missing the upswing to this? Bold.
They are growing bold.
Why? How'? Sons are a midsized club, barely in the top 10.
What empowers them to go head-to-head with the ROC? Wipe out a whole damn gulag.
They wouldn't have lasted this long if they were that stupid.
Mayor McCheese approaches.
Does it bother anyone in this town that their mayor is also their biggest developer? No one smells that stench? Yeah, this shit is gonna make his head explode.
Nothing like a pile of bodies to bring down property values.
Yeah, no kidding.
Clock is ticking on the eminent domain buyout.
He loses his investors, the vote goes back to city council.
They can revert back all the land.
There goes the neighborhood.
- Good morning.
- Not if you're Russian.
I hope you have no doubts as to who's responsible for this.
I'm on it.
Clay and his guys did this in the first 24 hours.
We don't know if it was the Sons.
The Russians run with dangerous crowds.
Jesus Christ.
Are you gonna tell me that dumping these bodies here was not a calculated move by Clay Morrow? Could be sending a message.
Could be.
You run hard at these white-trash barbarians.
You understand me? This shit cannot happen again.
Is that an order from the mayor or the real-estate developer? It's the plea of a citizen.
Do what the taxpayers hired you to do.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye They're waiting inside.
Keep the crusher on, it may get a little noisy.
I got it.
Good to see you, man.
How you doing? All right, bro.
Clay, Jax.
Romero Parada.
Friends call me Romeo.
Good to finally meet you, man.
Yeah, thank you for coming up.
Santos and Luis.
I heard Viktor Putlova never made it home from Samcro's wedding.
Yeah, we, uh We had to put him down.
Whole North Cali crew.
Must've been a wild party.
We'd like to avoid them throwing one for us.
The word has been put out.
No one is to interfere with our new friendship.
Thank you.
Yeah, thank you.
Now, let's see the wares.
Right here.
Got AR-15s, SIG 551s, AKs, KG-9s Glocks, FN-57s.
Got two dozen of each local.
Except the 57s, only got 15 of them.
Just like we discussed, What about ammo? The Wahewa press everything we need.
These are excellent.
We'll take all you have in stock.
Let's set up a shipment every two weeks.
Three dozen of everything except the Glocks.
We can make that work.
There's more.
I need bigger.
How much bigger? RPGs, .
50-caliber machine guns, long-range sniper rifles.
- Well, I'll have to make a call.
- Good.
Let me see, if my math is correct that's 700 and change for your current stock.
Give me 100 K in mixed ammo.
Five hundred K should cover half plus your transport payment.
Well, I got a run scheduled for this weekend, bro.
I'll have the coke ready for you for the run back.
Sounds good.
You guys are welcome to keep the, uh, samples.
I'll be in town a couple days.
Call me as soon as you hear from the Irish.
We're trafficking blow? No.
We're just muling it back.
Mayans are chopping and distributing.
Jesus Christ.
Part of the deal.
I had no choice.
Who else knows? Nobody.
That's why you're here.
I need you to understand this.
Understand what? That you forgot to mention we'd also be running coke for the Galindo Cartel? We voted in selling them guns.
We'll have another vote.
You brokered this whole goddamn thing in Stockton.
Kept us out of the loop on purpose.
The Russians needed to die for what they did to you inside.
The Galindo Cartel is the only player deep enough to keep the Russians off our backs.
Don't give me the "I did this for you, son" bullshit.
This ain't about me, Clay.
And this ain't about the club.
This is about you cashing out.
These last two years brutal.
Your mom and me no savings, no medical, no retirement cushion.
I got, what, a year? Maybe two.
I gave my whole life to this club.
I don't wanna walk away with nothing.
You pushed a guy off a roof in Belfast for the exact same thing.
McGee was a rat.
What do you want from me? This vote splits the ranks.
I want you to back me.
It's the only way this thing passes.
If I do this I'm out when you're out.
What the hell you talking about? You wanted the gavel your whole life.
Not anymore.
What are you? What, are you gonna leave Samcro? What the hell else you gonna do? It doesn't matter.
I need your word you'll let me walk away.
No recourse.
What about your mom? She's an old lady, Clay.
She's not a member.
I'm gonna need you to keep her in check.
It ain't that simple.
Yeah, it is.
When you hand over the club you push for the president's patch to go to Opie.
That's the deal.
My out for your drugs.
Samcro's never been in the drug business.
And never will.
The last thing that we wanna do is give Alvarez leverage over our business.
We've been good with the Mayans for over two years, Ope.
If it wasn't for our brown alliance, Russians would've shivved all of us.
Cartel's already committed.
Word's been put out.
- Russians aren't gonna touch us.
- What about the feds? Drugs put us on DEA's radar.
We're gonna find a new buyer.
It may not pay as much, but with the Niners and the Italians, we'll still earn.
The IRA have an expectation of big volume.
Without the Russians, that burden lands right here with us.
Cartel gives us all the demand our supply can handle.
We do this short-term, cash out.
It's a goddamn cartel.
There is no short-term.
I think it's worth the risk.
Down payment for our first order.
We should all think about this.
We'll vote when the others get back.
Jax, go check on the ammo and, uh, take Ope with you.
I want this.
Tell Happy we're gonna have to keep the guns at his aunt's house a couple more days.
I gotta lock down the storage.
All right.
Give me a minute? This move, I know why you're doing it.
But all due respect it's a mistake.
Well, I appreciate that but I'm not asking for your counsel.
Push this through it kills Samcro.
I love you, brother but I love this club more.
Not gonna let it happen.
Well, I I love you too.
Do what you have to do.
It's okay.
Oh, shit.
It's okay.
I know.
I know.
Here we go.
Everything okay? Yeah.
Just handle Thomas, okay? Sorry.
What are you looking for, baby? Mommy's bag.
Feel so well Down to the bone And there was a closed casket At the funeral Hold on right now Really? Nothing to say? I'm not quite sure who I'm talking to anymore.
That's deep, man.
Not really.
When you were inside, what'd you think about? Donna, kids.
Yeah, me too, man.
The whole time.
Tara and my boys.
Tara and my boys.
Wondering how the hell I'm gonna take care of them.
Stay whole, be a decent father.
Pushing coke was your solution? No.
Earning big was.
Look, I know running with the cartel is serious shit but I don't wanna live hand-to-mouth anymore.
I want something more for my boys.
You know, I watched Tara take care of your kids.
She's a strong chick, man.
She really stepped up.
But Lyla, she I mean, I love her but she's not Donna.
I go away, she'd never be able to take care of three kids by herself.
I can't do that to her.
I can't do that to them.
We're not going away, Ope.
The cartel is protected.
Got politicians and law enforcement on the payroll from Lodi to Mexico City.
No, we're gonna be fine.
You sound like you're trying to convince yourself as much as me.
- So where's the rest of your team? - Reassigned.
They all knew our undercover.
Gets too personal.
Tread water for a few weeks.
Wait for new intel.
And what if that intel doesn't come? Sons wouldn't have taken out the Russians without a contingency in place.
It's too ambitious a move to be lateral.
A bigger player.
Who? Not sure.
Hence the water treading.
You got water, I got blood.
I'm getting a lot of internal heat on this thing.
These guys shit on my front lawn.
I gotta protect my town.
I just came in to give you a heads-up.
Do your job then, good sheriff.
Should look like business as usual.
Be the badge.
You don't call.
You don't write.
Welcome home.
You guys didn't waste any goddamn time.
Four dead bodies.
Jesus Christ.
Why would you always assume that when it's bad and bloody, it's my crew? Yeah, I'm guessing the hometown homicide sets back Hale Properties.
Oh, yeah, and, uh, Oswald Construction.
Had to take the offer.
I get it.
Your bottom line went red as soon as Hale took all your acreage.
Completely understand.
What do you want, Clay? A little understanding.
My debt's paid.
I'll make you a deal.
I will, uh, suffer progress, let you and Hale build your, uh, suburban paradise in exchange for this.
This place is a dump.
I store my old haulers here.
Spare parts and shit.
It's private, gated property, completely secure, near the Wahewa.
More weapons.
Rosen will draw up a lease.
Dummy corp.
As if you're, uh, renting to a complete stranger.
Everybody's protected.
Security deposit.
Where did you get this kind of cash? It's a brand-new day, Elliot.
And if I say no? We'll be, uh, moving some of our shit in here tomorrow.
I took a huge hit.
I need Charming Heights to happen.
It'll happen.
Yo, Running Mouth.
These guys are worse than the Irish.
Wake up.
Lay some down.
I'm gonna get in the truck.
You hop in the back.
We're clear.
You all right? Ah, yeah, I think so.
You? Don't move.
You were stupid to steal from us.
Now you watch this.
You tell me where the guns are, or I blow her head off.
Okay, okay, okay.
Kill her! No! No! No! I'll tell you! I can get them here.
I just need to make a call.
Damn it.
Oh, shit.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, my God.
When was the last time you rode this thing? I think I had hair.
Is that Gemma's meatloaf? Yeah.
Yeah, I missed this almost as much as I missed pussy.
You all right? Not really.
Look, look, look, I know.
Just get behind Clay on this cartel, man.
He wants you there.
No, he doesn't.
He's locked me out.
He's locked all of us out.
Except for Jax, he's the only one on the inside and that's dangerous.
What do you mean? He had you and me.
He trusted us.
We gave him balance, protected the club in the process but that's gone.
So you think that I'm on the outside too.
Hey, guys.
Jax is on the bar line looking for Clay.
He says it's important.
Clay, we got Jax on the bar phone, man.
Not now.
Gemma's always been stronger than me, I loved her for that but as I lost my way, she found hers.
She's moved closer to Clay, grown deeply committed to the club.
She's become more the woman I married and I've become less the man.
The death of our love is my failing, not hers.
- Sure, no problem.
- Thank you.
Oh, hey.
You locked the door.
Didn't mean to.
He's hungry Mommy's here, yes.
Good boy.
There we go.
Come on.
Hi, little guy.
There you go.
Where's your ring? Oh, heh, at home.
We're not sure when we're gonna tell people.
Why the hesitation? Just waiting for the right time.
Oh, you ready? Yeah.
So, uh what's the urgency? I just got an order this morning, requires an 18-wheel solution and somebody who knows the truck routes to Tucson weigh stations, roads to avoid.
Thought maybe you wanted to discuss the cold war you started in Charming Heights.
Pretty sure, uh, homicide is a parole violation.
Little late to be good cop, ain't it? Yeah, I guess it is.
I'll look into the, uh, truck situation.
I'm sorry, man, I didn't mean No, it's all right.
Forget it.
Just forget it.
Need anything else? Question.
While we were inside, did she ask you anything unusual? Unusual like what? Like history.
John and me.
Why would she? Clay, we got trouble, man.
- What do they want? - I don't speak Russian but I'm pretty sure they're pissed off about their guns.
You bring all the guns now or I kill them.
That's gonna take a few hours.
You have one.
We got a problem, Wayne.
I think Tara knows about John.
Uh, how is that possible? John had another old lady.
In Belfast.
Before he was killed, he was writing her letters sharing all his secrets.
She tried to send those letters home with Jax.
Tara must have found them.
I came across this note.
It pointed me to the letters.
I found them in Tara's office.
And you read them? The ones I did, it was J.
wringing his guilt about Thomas his failed marriage and his fear of Clay and me getting closer.
That's just speculation.
Tara had a copy of the accident report.
Charming P.
Now, you only pull something like that if you have suspicions.
Uh, you tell Clay? Yeah.
He didn't give it any weight.
He didn't know John the way I did.
You know, Clay's got a lot on his mind.
Best we don't burden him with this shit.
Not until we know the fallout.
Hurry UP It's gonna take Happy and Kozik at least two hours to get the guns there.
- Shit.
- Yeah.
What's the matter? Complications.
Where's Jax? Shit.
This is bad timing.
How do you wanna play this? This prick is starting to piss me off.
The Russians got Jax and Ope.
I need for you to call up T.
O have the Bastards head down to Wahewa backland.
Just lay low and wait for my call.
If you're looking for fleet work, you're gonna have to make an appointment.
No, we just had a couple questions regarding your whereabouts last night.
You know we never left the reservation.
You were out front all night.
Directing traffic, right? You smell smoke? Take me to the other side Hey, Bastards are on a toy run.
Gemma's left a message with T.
's old lady.
You made your point.
Now it's time for you and the campfire girls to get the hell out.
There's no brothers on your wall.
What's up with that? What's up is not having any brothers on the wall.
We got no problem with color.
As long as it stays out of Charming.
Just do what you gotta do.
No, this This feels warm.
Might be electrical.
Come here a second.
I'm the poster child For the other side Gimme your money and enjoy the ride I'm the poster child For the other side Gimme your money Oh, you piece of shit.
I'm the poster child For the other side Gimme your money and enjoy the ride I'm the poster child For the other side Fire chief found nine code violations.
You got 30 days to fix it.
It's a good thing it wasn't a fire, huh? I'm willing to work with you, Clay figure out the boundaries that keep us both happy.
But you pushed me to this.
And I strongly suggest you guys don't do it again.
Let's go, boys.
Hell of a honeymoon.
Should have just stayed in bed with my wife the porn star.
They're never gonna make it from Dogtown in an hour.
I know.
Who is this? It's a Mexican guy and a Mexican guy.
Get up.
Far enough.
What do you want? Hear you're looking for your guns.
Yeah, they have your guns.
Where are they? Some of them are right here.
You can have the rest when you let them go.
That's shit.
Bring us all the guns.
Thirty minutes.
Or I kill them.
You boys all right? Yeah, thanks.
Thank you.
No problem.
That's what friends are for.
Already missed all the fun.
Gee, you all right, man? Not really.
How'd you know this was going down? We got contacts in the ROC.
We have contacts everywhere.
You guys lay down some serious shit.
This relationship is very important to my organization.
I'm sure this is the last we've heard of Putlova's crew.
We should cut one of them loose.
Let him bring this memory back to his pals.
The Wahewa will want retribution.
I volunteer him.
Come here.
Come here, bad boy.
Looks like you got this under control.
Thank you.
We'll be in touch.
Hey, thank you.
So the cartel just showed up.
They just showed up.
Cartel doesn't know we still have to vote this in, do they? That's our business, not theirs.
Jax? Hey, babe.
Are you okay? I'm all right.
What happened? Misunderstanding.
I know.
You get a crew in here tomorrow, start fixing it up.
I have some good news.
We're engaged.
Did you know about this? Yeah.
Serve them up.
Hey, hey, let me have a little of that.
My son.
Are you lonely tonight? What'd I tell you? She's a good girl, huh? I'm headed home Congratulations, Mom.
Love you.
Are you dreaming out loud? Scared of the crowds? I'm headed home to go it alone again Congratulations, brother.
Thank you.
It's all good, bro.
And taking it home to go it alone again I'm taking it home to go it alone again Taking it home To go it alone again