Sons of Anarchy s04e01 Episode Script


Ain't cuttin' my hair till The good Lord comes Ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes Let's go, Teller.
Roll it up.
Arrive upon the mountain Just to see what we've done Cuttin' my hair Cuttin' till the good Lord comes I ain't openin' my eyes Till we all walk free I ain't openin' my eyes Till we all walk free I ain't openin' my eyes Till we all walk free Till the color of our skin It don't mean a damn thing I ain't openin' my eyes Openin' till we all walk free I ain't pickin' up a paper Till the wild wind blows Coming.
I ain't pickin' up a paper Till the wild wind blows Hi.
I ain't pickin' up a paper Till the wild wind blows Say what we should say Until we know we should know it Pickin' up a paper Pickin' till the wild wind blows 'Cause it's a coal It's a coal war What's up? Such a big boy.
It's a coal, coal Let's go.
It's a coal war Here we go, here we go.
Oh, I know.
Look what Mama sucked out for you this morning.
Look what Mama sucked out for you, yes.
I ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes I ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes Arrive upon the mountain Just to see what we've done I ain't cuttin' my hair Cuttin' till the good Lord comes Until the good Lord comes Door opening.
If we cannot see all we destroy We're blind It's not the hand that cuts It's the heart we left behind It's not the hand that cuts It's the hatred deep inside It's not the hand Not the hand Gate.
Hey, what? Yeah! What's up, man? Hey.
Samcro! All right! Good to see you on this side, brother.
It's good to be here, man.
Big day for both of us, huh? Wouldn't do it without you.
I missed you lunatics.
Ha, ha.
I knew you'd vote in when I was gone, you pussy.
Ha, ha.
Thank you, Stockton.
It's been a real pleasure.
Let's get the hell out of here.
'Cause it's a coal It's a coal war Ah, ah, ah It's a coal, coal Coal Five dollars and a head to keep With dull black scissors And some kerosene You burnt the house But you came to bid him well What a thing to tell Put poison in the well Just to say Just to say Just to say Just to say I ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes I ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes I ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes Arrive upon the mountain Just to see what we have done You're an artist, Floyd.
I ain't cuttin' my hair Cuttin' till the good Lord comes Have a good day, sheriff.
If you don't have small-town values 'Cause it's a coal - Sheriff.
- Sheriff.
It's a coal war Ah, ah, ah It's a coal, coal It's a coal war Ah, ah, ah It's a coal, coal Coal Ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes Ain't cuttin' my hair Till the good Lord comes Arrive upon the mountain Just to see what we've become I ain't cuttin' my hair Cuttin' till the good Lord comes Till the good Lord comes Well, now, if you're the welcoming committee I was kind of hoping for flowers.
Maybe a bundt cake.
I'm sorry.
No cake.
- What the hell is this, man? - Just a friendly heads up.
Charming is now under the jurisdiction of the San Joaquin Sheriff's Department.
I'm guessing that's you.
Lieutenant Roosevelt.
Charming-Morada substation is my command.
You got to show everyone how big your stick is, Teddy.
Can we go now? The conditions of your release state that no gang colors or identifying clothing may be worn in public.
We're not a gang.
We're a motorcycle club.
Well, the federal government disagrees.
So the next time I see any one of you who got out today wearing cuts well, they'll belong to me.
We clear? Welcome home, gentlemen.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Now I'm giving you the proof Last time you calling me a liar This time I'm telling you the truth Hey.
History is dead, sweetheart.
It's gotta stay that way, huh? You okay? Yeah.
I'm proud of you.
Ain't easy making things work when they're inside.
You done great.
I couldn't have done it without you.
It wasn't just me.
It was the whole club.
It's true.
I love you.
Me too.
Daddy's home.
Hey, they're here.
Yeah! Say hi to Daddy.
How you doing? All right? Someone's happy.
Hi, baby.
Oh, I'm so glad you're home.
I love you.
Mm, I love you too, Mom.
She did good.
Yeah, I know.
She did great.
I picked out the one you wanted.
Where's Wayne? I don't know.
He said he'd be here.
Really good to have you back, Clay.
Holy shit, Chucky, you got digits.
You grow those? - It was Gemma.
- Gemma? Yeah, I bought him fingers.
Those shitty little nubs were freaking me out.
Were you freaking her out? Were you freaking her out? You're freaking her out.
[Me LAUGHING] Chapel, 10 minutes.
Yeah? Sheriff Roosevelt.
I'm Linc Potter.
Assistant U.
I, uh I have a, uh, card here somewhere.
It's, uh There you are.
It's nice to meet you.
Same here.
All right.
We're renting space up on the third floor.
I've seen you guys coming and going.
So, what can I do for you? Well, uh, I was hoping maybe you could stop by later.
Wanna bounce a few things off of you.
Officially? Yes.
I talked to Sheriff Moore.
You're clear to join us.
Mayor Hale.
Lincoln Potter.
I've heard a lot of great things about you, sir.
- You're the AUSA.
- That's right.
Well, uh, sheriff, I will see you later.
It was so nice to meet you.
What's that about? Oh, probably just protocol.
You know, those guys have been setting up shop upstairs in the last two months.
How did it go this morning? Without incident.
Clay and his boys got the message.
I hope you don't think one roadblock is gonna get these scumbags in line.
They've been quiet because they've been inside.
I'm on top of it.
Oh, I know.
That's why I brought the sheriffs here.
We need your kind of law.
And that's what you're gonna get, Jacob.
I've dealt with gangs for the last 15 years, so Neutralizing their power is not gonna happen in a day.
Of course not.
You and I both know there are important things to accomplish here in Charming.
I'm trying to keep everyone focused on those goals.
Yeah, I understand.
I understand.
And I appreciate that.
You let me know if you need anything.
Thank you.
Your combat pay, gentlemen.
I knew that two years of community college would pay off.
Even at a small percentage, the new guns are pretty sweet.
Mayans, Italians, Niners, everybody loves them.
Small percentages are over.
Piney, Ope, Chibs, Kozik.
You did an outstanding job holding us together making this new business work.
You did all the hard work.
We just grunted out the day-to-day.
- Well, you got my deepest appreciation.
- Absolutely.
Thanks, Ope.
You too, Chibby.
So you know anything new with our mayor's little McMansion utopia? Rich yuppies are fleeing Stockton.
The city is a war zone.
We're hearing Hale has got a load of presales and just needs a few investors before he starts swinging hammers.
This, uh, Oswald Construction bid, what is that? Is that some sort of consolation prize from Hale? And when Hale pushed that 99 on-ramp through the city council all that timberland went eminent domain and Elliot, he lost millions.
So Hale is letting him make it up with lumber and labor.
Charming has pretty much embraced it, Clay.
It'll provide construction jobs, doubles output at the mill.
Hale's building homes in this town no one in this town can afford.
Anybody else see a problem with that? I mean, Jacob Hale has been laying this track for more than five years now.
City councils, zoning committees, getting rid of Charming P.
We're not gonna let this happen.
The black-and-proud Sheriff Roosevelt.
Who the hell is he? We don't know much.
He's out of a gangland task force from Oakland.
Been working 10 months.
He's let us know he's here but this is the first time he's whipped his dick out.
He's been pretty low-key.
Not anymore.
Guess today was about letting us know it ain't gonna be business as usual.
We're gonna have to dig pretty deep into this guy.
You're not gonna get this sheriff on your payroll.
This boy is a straight-up cop.
All right.
The meet is set with Putlova.
The Jellybean Lounge.
- What is it with Russians and strippers? - Ain't strippers.
You've been to the Jellybean? It's horse meat in a G-string.
Uh, I love the Jellybean, man.
Of course you do.
I love it too.
- And the freak circle is complete.
- Yeah.
Ope, everything set? The Wahewas are gonna let us use the, uh, southeast reservation.
The exit off 18.
Be there at 6:00.
And I know how much money is in those envelopes so those wedding gifts better not be bullshit.
All right.
We all got our marching orders.
This is a very big day.
So let's get it done.
We got company outside.
Two sheriffs, watching us down the block.
He's probably gonna tail.
Well, if he does, he can't follow all of us.
I want, uh, Jax and Opie with me.
I need the rest to help get us there.
- Squiggy.
- Yeah.
Drive the tow truck behind us.
Is that because you're upset with me? We're on parole, genius.
We can only congregate if we're working.
I mean, come on, man.
I should be with you.
I'll be all right.
It's best for most of us to stay detached.
We get the fun stuff.
Promise? Heh, heh.
They're splitting up.
What do we do? We stay with Clay.
What the hell is this? They're boxing us in.
Goddamn it.
Clear the road.
Hey! - Chibs! - Whoa.
Look out! Son of a bitch.
I'm gonna kill these bitches.
Why the confidentiality? Peace of mind.
That way you say anything about what you see I strip your badge and throw you in jail.
I, uh, have some trust issues.
Some of these faces may be familiar to you.
In 1970, Dick Nixon signed into law the Organized Crime Control Act.
Section 901 of that law Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.
Welcome to the war room.
Agents Lane, Kessler.
Vance, ICE.
Woodrow, Grad, ATF.
Have a seat, sheriff, please.
So you really think you're gonna be able to use RICO against the Sons'? The, uh, MC has become a major distributor for a group of Real IRA members modestly self-titled the Irish Kings.
Struck a deal when they were in Belfast last year.
Sons killed Jimmy O'Phelan, IRA boss turned rat.
In return, the Irish opened up their arsenal.
Gave Samcro access to a whole new caliber of weapons.
Pun intended.
So how do the Russians fit in? The Russians were providing a safe house for O'Phelan in exchange for guns.
But they got a better offer from the Sons.
Then, uh, Clay double-crossed Putlova took O'Phelan, left the Russians with zip.
And that's why Jax Teller got shivved in Stockton.
Russians' retaliation.
And to make peace, Clay made a distribution deal with Putlova.
They got the lion's share of the, uh, guns and profits while the MC was inside.
And now that the Sons are out, all of that will be changing.
And as to, uh, how we'll know soon enough.
You have someone on the inside.
FBI Agent Ronald Worski.
Undercover with the Russians for over a year now.
He's very close to becoming Putlova's number two.
We've tracked distribution from Belfast and Dungloe over to Canada, then down the West Coast to Mendocino.
AK-47s, KG-9s, FN-57s, AR-15s.
Once our agent is inside the circle we'll be able to get tape on Putlova buying and selling illegal arms.
And in one broad stroke, we will take down the ROC and by association, the Real IRA and the Sons of Anarchy.
And all this is going down in San Joa.
It's the only reason why you would wanna bring me in.
Most likely, it will happen in your backyard.
But that is not the only reason we're talking.
I checked your file, talked to your superiors.
You have years of street time with the local gangs and players in northern Cali.
We don't.
You're not here by default, sir.
You're here because you can be trusted and because we need you.
Count me in.
Let's get him up to speed.
Welcome, gentlemen.
I trust you are healing well? Fine.
- Just business, right? - Yes.
I'm glad we could settle all that.
It's not all settled.
You've been, uh, taking 80 percent of the Irish stock - for your customers up north.
- And 80 percent of the risk as well.
We handled all the transport and storage.
Well, now it's time for that, uh, equal-share scenario to kick in.
As we discussed, you'll get 50 percent of the hardware.
But if we continue to transport and house the guns - we need to be compensated.
- It's gonna take us a little while to set up shop.
We'll give you 5 percent.
That's an awful lot of risk and manpower for just 5 percent.
Hey, we know how much you're making running these guns.
Don't play broken peasant with us.
Fair enough.
Five percent for the first month and 15 if you stay longer.
Um, we're gonna wanna see the new merch.
Get familiar with it.
I wanted to bring it here.
We got some local eyes on us.
We're hoping we could see them tonight.
Check out your operation.
I thought tonight was a celebration.
And we thought it'd be good cover to get away.
Of course.
- I'll make sure my men are there.
- Great.
- So we'll see you at the party.
- I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Well, here's to a long and profitable relationship.
Jesus Christ.
I heard you.
You're gonna take it off the hinges.
I thought you might have upped and died on me in there.
Well, if I did, knocking louder ain't gonna help.
Well, I've been known to wake the dead.
Jesus, Wayne.
You told me you were gonna hire somebody to help you out.
I don't need nobody nosing around my shit.
Besides if you'd have called, I might have had a chance to clean up a little bit.
Well, your phone's been disconnected.
What? Sit down.
Clay came home today.
You were supposed to come by.
Jesus Christ.
Was that today? Ah I'm sorry, I I just, uh I kind of lost track of time.
How are the new meds? I don't know.
I quit taking them.
I can't afford them.
Coverage is shit.
I mean All they do is make me puke and sleep.
What's going on with you? Just, uh Living the dream.
Does, uh, Clay know about, uh, me and Della splitting up? Yeah.
I don't think he's, uh, privy to your new rock star lifestyle, however.
Noticed your plants weren't doing so well out there.
Everything is just kind of dying on me.
Oh, shit.
I know, sweetheart.
I know.
Dispatch, this is SJ-19 for substation Morada.
Bobby, you getting anything for ope? I'm just gonna give him cash.
How much you giving him? A lot more than you, you cheap-ass bastard.
I'm not cheap.
Just mindful of excessive spending.
- Dude, you reuse condoms.
- Ugh.
How about you, Juicy? Giving them both 10 sessions at Clear Passages.
What? It's the herbal colonic and weed shop on Crestview.
I own 20 percent.
That is so disturbing.
Have you ever seen the contents of a lower colon? Stop! - And you tried to take them out? - They boxed us in.
I clipped one trying to stay with Morrow.
Were they driving the speed limit? At first.
Must've been doing 110 on 18.
It was crazy.
No shit.
These guys are smart.
They'll claim you tried to kill them that they were fleeing out of fear.
Then they'll try to sue us for assault.
Just cut them loose.
And the next time you try to play GTA on my watch I'm gonna bounce you back to park duty.
Yes, sir.
He'd keep his cool Just heard from Worski.
Sons are meeting at the warehouse tonight checking out the Russian operation.
MC is not wasting any time.
Should I put a team nearby? Wire it up? No.
Let's not risk it.
Sounds like it's just a show-and-tell.
Let them all get friendly.
One big happy family.
The boys are napping.
Oh, my God.
I missed you so much.
Love me.
That was fast.
Yeah, that's because you're used to speed-banging Juice in dark hallways.
Don't turn what Juice and I had into something cheap and tawdry.
I'm sure it was sweet Puerto Rican magic.
- Ah.
- Ha, ha.
No more time, baby.
I don't think I can handle it.
Yeah, I know.
We're gonna be all right, darling.
The Russians? Handled.
These new guns, gonna be our golden ticket, Gem.
My finder's fee, my new percentage I should bank around seven figures before I'm done.
We are gonna be okay, baby.
No more killing ourselves.
I promise.
How bad are they? The meds they gave me inside didn't do very much.
I mean, it's all right on a day like this when it's warm, but I don't know how many winters I got left.
One, two at the most.
There's plenty we can do.
I had Tara looking into a good surgeon.
I ain't letting nobody cut me open.
I'd have to step down to recoup.
It don't make any sense.
Well, we'll just We'll get better meds.
Keep doing the cortisone.
You got plenty of time, baby.
I went to see Unser.
You gotta go out there, Clay.
He needs you.
He needs this club.
What he did for us Stahl.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
I think we should talk about some things, Jax.
We should talk about all the chick shit you decked out my house in.
I'm sorry.
Maxim posters and Harley mirrors aren't really my style.
I wanna talk about the boys, Jax.
About what we're gonna do.
Sounds like someone else wants a shot at those puppies.
I'll get him.
You're supposed to be gone by now.
It's bad luck to see the bride.
I'm just getting my stuff.
Figured I'd wear my clean socks on the big day.
I'm honored.
You sure you wanna do this? It's kind of late to back out now.
It's never too late to run.
I'm not running.
I'm not going away.
Like it or not, I'm part of this family.
I like it.
And I'm happy that we're gonna be adding to it.
he)' Hey.
What is this? Come on.
Here's Mommy.
Hi, sweetie.
Wanna lie here? Here you go.
Oh, my God.
It's beautiful.
Are you? Yeah.
We should get married.
Really? I mean, you want that? I love you, Tara.
I've loved you since I was 16.
You stayed when anyone else would've bailed.
You've given me a beautiful son.
Taken Abel on as your own.
I love you too.
So much, and I I want all of that.
But? I just I know this is who you are, Jax, and I I would never try to change that.
The club, Charming.
I've learned so many things while you were away.
So did I.
And I look at Thomas and Abel, and I I think, "How does this work?" How? How do they grow up in this? Yes.
I know.
And they're not going to.
What do you mean? I realize you being with me is not some kind of accident.
It sounds crazy but I think you were put into my life to get me out, Tara.
Fifteen years ago.
And now.
I'm done with Samcro.
We both know if I stay, I end up back in prison or dead.
You say that because you just got out.
I've been coming to this for a while.
The bond that holds this club together isn't about love or brotherhood anymore.
We lost that a long time ago.
It's just fear and greed now.
That's what your father said in his manuscript.
He wanted to get out.
was a coward.
He lost himself on Irish pussy and bailed on his family.
Instead of writing about it, he should've done something.
He should've taken me and Thomas and gotten out of Charming.
Well, he would've had to go through Gemma.
Then he should have run her ass over.
I'm not my father.
I'm not weak.
How do you get out? Clay and Gemma will never let you just leave.
We got a good thing going with the Irish now.
It's smart, under the radar.
We're making big money this year.
I just gotta hang out for a while and earn.
How long? More guns means more risk.
I don't have any skills, Tara.
I'm an okay mechanic with a GED.
The only thing I ever did well was outlaw.
I just need to make some bank, set myself up with something Jax, I can go anywhere.
I make good money.
I'm not gonna live off my wife.
I can't.
Look Clay's hands are going.
His days are numbered.
When he steps down, he loses sway, that's when I get out.
And Gemma she's just an old lady.
All this scares me.
I know, babe.
You gotta trust me.
This is all I have been thinking about for the last 14 months.
I'm gonna finish up with Samcro and we're gonna take our boys and we're gonna get the hell out of here.
Start fresh somewhere.
Be a real family.
What the hell you doing here? I got a call.
Jed Clampett wants his front yard back.
What? It's my new style.
Retro redneck.
Good to see you.
Good to see you too.
I'm, uh I'm sorry I missed your homecoming.
Ah, that's all right.
I got some beer in the fridge.
I'm good.
I heard you sold the business.
Uh Controlling interest.
Still get a check every month.
Enough to keep me in the, uh, lifestyle I'm accustomed to.
I see that.
Assume you're caught up on the growth and prosperity of our little burg.
I saw it riding in.
Also met Wild Black Hickok.
He, uh, provided me with the interracial shadow.
Town's upside down, Wayne.
I know.
I'm not sure which cancer is worse.
The one in me or the one in Charming.
Well, you rotting away out here, it ain't helping either one.
It don't hurt as much.
I mean, being unplugged.
You're gonna have to plug yourself back in, pal, because I need you.
I ain't gonna let Hale win.
There ain't gonna be no Charming Heights.
How are you gonna stop it? Make nature take its course.
I got no idea what the hell that mean.
Other than it involves a lot of shit and a big fan.
What do you need? You still got access to the rental trucks? Yeah.
I'm gonna need one tonight.
Like, uh, catering trucks.
Something you might see around a wedding.
What's it for? You know.
Wedding shit.
He'll be asleep soon.
I got him.
I got him.
Sweet dreams, douche bag.
How are the wrists? A little sore.
How are yours? Good.
Yeah! SJ-30.
CDL Nancy-Michael-8444878.
No 10-29 They all here? Yup.
It's a who's who of bad guys.
Niners, Mayans, Russians.
Love is in the air.
Keep your eye on that party.
Make sure it doesn't leave the reservation.
- Yeah! - Walk it, Piney.
One in front of the other, baby.
You're beautiful, Lyla! Can you handle that, Opie? You a lucky man, Opie.
Welcome to the club.
Brothers and sisters we come together today under the all-seeing eye of nature to witness the blessed joining of Opie and Lyla.
I'd like to share with you a blessing of the Apache.
"Now you will feel no rain for each of you will be shelter for the other.
Now you will feel no cold for you will always be warmth for each other.
Now you will feel no loneliness for you will always be each other's companion.
Now you are two persons with only one life before you.
May beauty and peace surround you both in your journey ahead and through all the years to come.
" You got the got the? Got the rings? What? With this ring, I vow my love.
I promise to always be a faithful and loving wife and old lady.
With this ring, I vow my love.
And I promise always to cherish and protect you.
What else? And treat you as good as my leather and Ride you as much as my Harley.
By the power invested in me by the laws of the Wahewa and the state of California I pronounce you man and wife.
Have at it.
All right.
Look at that.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
Yeah! You get a hint of a tail you abort.
Yes, man.
Drink heavily for us.
Early in the morning I appreciate you giving brown the nod inside.
Kept us alive while we figured out our Russian problem.
Just protecting my interests.
Talked to our man yesterday.
All set up for tomorrow.
He should probably get there first.
We got the local law keeping tabs.
We should be safe once we're inside.
I'll let him know.
Let's dance.
I was waiting.
You changed You changed my life Oh, yes, you did You changed my life They call it the Cop Killer.
It cuts through Kevlar and body armor like soft cheese.
Very little kick.
- Best wedding gift ever.
- Wait till you see Juice's gift.
You're gonna wanna use that on yourself.
Changed my life - Yeah! - New hand cannon.
Thank you.
And this next song is a bride request.
Oh, I'm gonna wanna play with this.
It's your party Ope! Ha, ha.
Come dance with me.
Yep Wow.
Barely an hour, and you're already in the bowl covered in pussy whip.
All right.
- Come on.
It's our song.
- Okay.
Let's go check this shit out.
I see trees of green, red roses too I see them bloom For me and for you And I think to myself What a wonderful world That's what I call a gun.
I see skies of blue Clouds of white Bright blessed days And dark, sacred nights And I think to myself What a wonderful world This is for Jax Teller.
The colors of the rainbow So pretty in the sky Are also on the faces Of people going by I see friends shaking hands Saying "how do you do?" They're really saying "I love you" Let's get these guns in the truck.
Just business.
And I think to myself What a wonderful world What a wonderful world The colors of the rainbow So pretty in the sky Are also on the faces Of people going by I see friends shaking hands Saying "how do you do?" They're really saying "I love you" This is nice.
I hear babies cry Yeah.
It's good to be home.
They'll learn much more Than I'll ever know And I think to myself What a wonderful world What a wonderful world What a wonderful world