Sons of Anarchy s03e13 Episode Script


- Hey.
- Hey.
I love you.
I love you.
- I love you too, son.
- Heh.
You don't know that.
I have a feeling.
What? Whatever happens today I'm right here.
I know.
I wanna be with you all the time Every day, every night You're my deja vu It sounds obsessive But I think it's fine When you're gone all I do is to think of you I live and love with you This charming life I live and love with you This charming life You know you came into the room alone But when you left Then I found that you took my heart It sounds so corny Yes I know it does But the truth is the shade That I choose to wear I live and love with you This charming life I live and love with you This charming life Every government must pass down a law That says the sun has to always shine That everybody gets the chance to say I live and love with you This charming life I live and love with you This charming life I got something for you.
It may be a wee bit small by now.
All right.
- I'm so happy for you, man.
- Thank you.
This charming life Every morning when I open my eyes You're the first thing that I see Lady luck she really took to me Hey, Lyla's got something she wants to say.
We're getting married.
Yeah, brother! Amazing.
Bachelor party! - I'm jealous, man.
- I know.
To Lyla.
To Lyla.
Baby? Hey.
Been looking for you.
I'm just cleaning up.
- Gonna go see Otto.
- All right.
I'll call the Indians, arrange the pickup.
- I wouldn't go in there.
- Heh.
Sit for a sec.
What's going on? Today's about to go off the rails, baby.
We gotta find Jimmy before we go inside.
I know what you have to do.
This is more than retaliation.
We made a deal with the Irish kings.
Taking out Jimmy gets us access to a much higher level of merchandise.
What Irish kings? Real IRA council.
Same guys that got us the deal to get Abel back from Jimmy.
Red-headed godfathers.
You do not say no to these guys.
This is good for us, baby.
I don't have that many more years at the head of that table.
This is an opportunity for us to finish big.
Set us up for the rest of our lives.
While we're sitting in a cell.
Don't know how that shit's gonna shake out.
Let's not worry about that right now.
All right.
I'll worry about it tomorrow when they're carting us both off to jail.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye - This is excellent work.
- Yes, I know.
I'm finishing up the arrangements in Santa Catarina.
- Funds should transfer this afternoon.
- Good.
Donny's closing things up out here.
He'll be back in a couple hours.
Maybe we should get a flight out tonight, yeah? - I'll set it up.
- Grand.
Tig, can I show you something? - Could be really important for you guys.
- Later.
- Hey.
- Mine and my pops'.
Got a call in to Lin for the other one.
- I'm at the station when you need me.
- Oh, you're the best, chemo-sabe.
- That ain't funny.
- Yes, it is.
- What are you doing? - I'm gonna turn myself in.
- What are you talking about? - Drive.
- Gemma, I mean - Drive.
Yeah, Lenny's, uh, real tight with the gulag crew in here.
That's, uh, Putlova's muscle.
We need a location today.
I might be able to get a few minutes with him at the fence but it ain't gonna be easy.
We're trying to arrange whatever we can on our end.
Yeah, okay.
You doing okay, bro? Yeah.
Where's the case at? Ah, heh.
Not really sure.
My, uh My PD don't speak real good English.
PD? What are you doing with a public defender? We put Rosen and Lowen on it.
They had cameras in the reading room.
They got me offing the peckerwood on tape.
There's not much of a defense.
They can plea that down.
- Heh.
I got no grace in here, brother.
Apparently I continue to exhibit a pattern of aggressive behavior.
I'll be, uh I'll be on the row by the time you guys are arraigned.
I'll, uh I'll do what I can to get to Lenny, all right? - Thank you.
- All right, guys.
Do I need to post a chaperone or can you ladies chat with some civility? We'll be fine.
Good luck.
What's this? It's my statement exonerating you for the murder of Edmond Hayes.
And Polly's death has been ruled self-defense.
So you're cleared of the homicides.
Of course there is still the fleeing custody charge but with your recent medical flare-up, I got it remanded to house arrest.
You'll wear an ankle bracelet for six months.
If you behave, you'll have it off in three.
I'll deny all of it.
So you would sacrifice your life in prison just to undermine my case? I found the folder.
I saw what Jax is giving you.
You are gonna get him killed.
If not by his own club, then by the IRA.
You kill the deal or I tell the U.
Attorney it's all bullshit.
Well, unfortunately my testimony's already been documented.
So even if you wanted to take the fall, it's too late.
Looks like you'll have to trust me.
You actually think that's possible, don't you? You are a naive bitch.
These deals, these relationships can never work.
And why is that? Because they're based on lies.
You're lying to your bosses.
Jax is lying to his club.
You're both lying to each other.
There's no trust.
Something will go wrong.
Somebody will get hurt.
I promise you it'll end badly.
You're late.
I just came from your mother.
She's in the cage at Charming P.
She tried to turn herself in and shit on our deal.
- Goddamn it.
- Mm.
Doesn't matter.
She's been cleared of all the murder charges.
How? Well, Tyler confessed before she died.
Told me everything that Gemma said in her statement was true.
Jesus Christ.
Good your bosses don't know our deal.
I gotta think killing one of your own might be a bad career move.
I didn't kill her.
Mexican bikers did.
Your mother seems to, uh, believe that you and I shouldn't trust each other.
She know something I don't? - She thinks you're gonna get me killed.
- Ah.
Are you? You boys are running out of time.
Bail hearing's set for tomorrow morning.
Clay's sitting down with Otto right now.
Hook him up with Lenny the Pimp, we'll get some info.
The meeting's been arranged.
You owe me something, now, don't you? We met with Dooley, Brogan and Roarke.
I never saw any of the others.
Put it in the document along with my statement about Jimmy and I'll sign off on all of them.
Good, good.
- Keep me plugged into Jimmy.
- Absolutely.
You waiting for a tip, shithead? - How you doing, Lenny? - Better than you.
Yeah, that's a pretty solid majority these days.
No shit.
Listen, the, uh, club needs a big favor.
Need you to reach out to your Eastern Bloc friends.
They're protecting an ex-IRA, Jimmy O'Phelan.
Either in Northern Cali or up in Oregon.
Why do we want Jimmy? Killed five members in Northern Ireland.
We, uh We need the location of the safe house.
Putlova's got no love for the Irish.
I'm sure he'd be open to a better offer.
Buy him out? That's the only way to get Jimmy.
All right.
Why don't you, uh? You find out what that would look like? We gotta know fast, though.
I'll pass on what I know through the attorneys.
Okay, that'll work.
I'll let Clay know.
- You take care, Lenny.
- Okay, brother.
- What a crock of shit.
- Hey.
Where is she? What were we just talking about? Sorry, baby.
Nothing impulsive, right? These are reckless times, Clay.
We are all doing impulsive things.
Things we would never do otherwise.
- I know.
- I don't think you do.
Losing Abel.
All the death.
Every decision you make has to be made in the light of these extreme circumstances.
What are you saying? It's a different time.
We can't look at Jax in the same light as John.
Yeah, okay.
These equations were forwarded to me by Lenny Janowitz's lawyer.
Don't know what it means, don't really want to.
"Twenty equals zero.
" Thirty-eight-point-three-five-eight-eight- eight-eight minus 122.
288818 equals 2 million.
"True or false?" Thanks.
Give us a minute, will you? We gotta do the math.
Take a few.
They're big numbers.
Twenty equals zero.
Lenny couldn't get a location.
The others are longitude and latitude.
Two million.
Means we can buy Jimmy.
Two million.
Why don't we just take Jimmy? We got enough hardware.
It's not gonna be the safe house.
It's gonna be a place for the exchange.
Trust me, Putlova's bringing an army.
Looks like an access road outside of Rio Vista.
Forty minutes.
Tell Lowen the equation's true.
Where the hell we gonna get 2 million? What, are we robbing banks now? Tell Lenny's lawyer it's true.
Need a time.
You do know I charge hourly, right? Just send it.
Jax, can I show you something? Real important.
- You really ought to know about it.
- Not now, bro.
- We hear from Lenny? - Yeah.
- Putlova wants 2 million for Jimmy.
- Jesus Christ.
Hey, I need a minute.
- Where's Abel? Lyla and Neeta are with him at home.
Your mother's in jail.
I know, I heard.
The homicide charges were dropped.
She doesn't want Clay to know.
She's terrified.
What's going on, Jax? Please.
You can tell me.
- What's this? - Tell them.
After Tara got kidnapped, I tried to tell you guys about this.
When I was running the counterfeit operation for Lin I was supposed to throw away all the misprints and dirty runs.
I didn't.
He's got three boxes full.
Twenties, 50s, 100s.
- Over 5 mil in fake currency.
Gotta be kidding me.
Holy shit.
Hey, don't bend them.
Sit down.
I'm gonna lend you my hand so you can jerk yourself off.
- I accept that.
- Come on.
Go ahead.
Come on.
- Don't you point that thing at me.
Come on.
Come on.
We got Eddy to loan us his print cutter.
It's gonna take a couple hours.
- All right.
Every one of these bills is irregular.
Any scrutiny, the Russians are gonna know.
Maybe we need to create some sort of distraction.
Putlova's too smart.
I don't see how this is going down without it turning bloody.
Well, then we better bring everybody just in case it does.
If we could front-load the stacks with real cash it could buy us enough time to get Jimmy out of there.
Hey, I got 40 bucks in my wallet.
I got an idea.
Putlova wants 2 million for Jimmy.
- Jesus Christ.
- We got our hands on counterfeit cash but I gotta pad it out with real bills, buy us time to get Jimmy out of there.
- Where did you get the counterfeit cash? - Not your worry.
I need money.
I still have access to the 250 K that we used for Tara's ransom.
That should do it.
What happens when the club asks you where you got it? I'll tell them it was in evidence here, that I got Unser to sign it out.
- We're gonna be there at the exchange.
- No.
If the Russians see you, they will kill Jimmy.
If my club sees you, they'll know someone ratted.
We can't take that risk.
It's the only way you get the cash.
I'll give you the location.
But you gotta hang back, a few miles at least.
All right.
We'll put Jimmy in the van.
You send in your team, pretend you're after the Russians.
Let us go, grab Jimmy.
Fair enough.
I'll set it up.
We've confirmed the charter flight this afternoon.
San Jose.
That's good.
It's wonderful.
Is Donny back yet? No, I don't think so.
Get your motor on When the vulture's sing I'm a working man, mama When the darkness swings I'll be miles away Yeah, I'll be miles There's no time left for good, now We ready? Yeah, 2 mil, more or less.
KG-9s, shotguns, MAC-10.
One here.
Snug them up tight, lads.
You're gonna need them.
You sure we can't spare one of the prospects? We don't know what Putlova's gonna show up with.
We need bodies, at least till we make the exchange.
- Yeah, okay.
- Tara's here.
- All right.
We'll keep her safe.
Come on.
I got it.
She's all set.
You sure about this? I'm the only one who can do it.
Admit it, you need me.
Yes, I do.
I need you to wear this.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
To us.
You promise you'll tell me everything? You'll know everything soon enough, baby.
You guys, uh, headed out? What gave it away? Lowen's down at the station finishing up Gemma's release.
She should be home soon.
Okay, thanks.
And I'm all set.
You, uh You stay whole.
Will do.
What you do for us it won't be forgotten.
- You guys set? - Yeah, it's set.
- We make no mistakes.
- Yep.
Jackie boy.
I love you, brother.
- Be good, old man.
- Take care of yourself, boy.
All right, bro.
- All right.
- Stay cool, man.
- Yeah.
Let's go, boys.
- Come on, let's go.
- Come on.
When you get the text, you let us know.
- Then deliver these two letters.
- I know.
We'll handle it.
I love you, son.
I love you too.
You all right? Yeah.
Let's just finish this.
No Donny? Don't make sense.
Maybe he changed his mind.
Didn't Luke just up and leave you too? Luke didn't leave.
Luke got taken out.
Where we going? We need to pick something up.
They call him the matador He settles all the scores What the hell is this? Sorry, Jimmy.
Jesus, Viktor.
After all I done for you.
The money, the guns.
Don't do this.
Well he don't know what to think He ain't had enough to drink Well he'll take him by surprise To see the whites of his eyes A million per bag.
Fifty stacks, 20 K in each.
Thank you.
A moment.
Well he'll settle things in the sun Plays God like the chosen one Well he's storied from town to town Five more minutes and we move in.
- We're good.
- Excellent.
Clay, Jackson, lovely to see you.
- Pleasure doing business.
- Yes.
- Take care, gentlemen.
- Take care.
Children cry in their mother's arms As the people replied With a deafening swarm The crowd rose As the blood's running warm Oh They call him the matador He settles all the scores He kills in plain sight With a blade and a smile Tara, keys.
Almost home, Jimmy.
- Straight to the garage, okay? - Absolutely.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let me look at this money.
Where to? It's fake.
Go! Get them! Think Viktor did a little accounting.
Gimme friction baby And I like it Gimme friction baby And I like it, love it Like it, love it Gimme deathpunk baby And I like it Gimme deathpunk baby And I like it, love it, Like it, love it Like it, love it Like it, love it Get it on, get it on Get it on, get it on, get it on Here they come.
Close it off.
- Yes, ma'am.
Let's go.
Right on Right on What do you want? What do you want? I wanna get it on, get it on, get it on Go, go, go! What do you want? I wanna get it on Right on Right on Right on Right on Put out an APB on the Russians.
Want my money back.
Right away.
He's not here.
- Where is he? - Warm and cozy.
- What the hell are you pulling, huh? - Just keeping us both honest.
You get Jimmy and my statement when my club gets free of hard time.
My recommendation that the federal automatic weapons charges be reduced from 15 to three years.
Parole in 14 months.
All it needs is my signature.
- Based on me turning over Luke? - That's what's on the record, yeah.
And for that, you give me this.
Your statement of cooperation.
You share your full knowledge of the gun-running operation and any illegal activities perpetrated by the Irish council and Jimmy.
All it needs is your signature.
I sign this what's to stop you getting the IRA, letting us rot in prison for 15 years? What's to stop you from delivering this to your lawyer and killing Jimmy? Now, you just lied to me.
So it's your turn for a show of good faith.
I'm officially a rat.
Your turn.
Where's Jimmy? - Don't do this.
- Nothing changes.
I just need to see him alive and then I sign.
There is no play here.
Follow me.
- We okay? - I don't know.
Oh, shit.
Good afternoon.
Where's Jimmy O? Look, I can have a dozen agents here in 20 minutes and they'll shred this white trash shit hole.
Get him.
Let's go.
Thank goodness for the justice system.
You're being taken into custody on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a terrorist act.
Pleasure, lads.
Sorry things didn't work out the way you planned, boys.
Luck of the Irish, yeah? How'd you know he was here? Because your VP made a deal.
- You son of a bitch.
What? What is she talking about? You made a deal for Jimmy? - What? - I did it for the club.
- You ratted? You ratted? I had no choice.
Look at everything we'll be facing.
All this time tracking Jimmy, you turn him over? - He blew up five men.
Chibs lost his nephew.
I'm sorry.
- She made him do it.
- He wasn't a rat.
You're dead.
You hear me? You are dead.
You just signed my death warrant.
I'm sorry, but your mother was right.
This could never work.
There's just no trust.
I had to make sure that the prince had turned rat.
Let's go.
Come on.
Keep moving.
Hey hey, my my Rock and roll can never die Let's go.
There's more to the picture Than meets the eye Hey hey, my my Your clients will be out in three years.
They don't kill anyone, parole in 14 months.
Out of the blue and into the black You pay for this but they give you that And once you're gone You can't come back Out of the blue and into the black Make sure they're separated.
All right.
You're on this side.
This side.
Come on, sit down.
The king is gone But he's not forgotten Is this the tale of Johnny Rotten? It's better to burn out Than fade away The king is gone He's not forgotten Hey hey, my my Rock and roll can never die There's more to the picture Than meets the eye Hey hey, my my Out of the blue and into the black You pay for this and they give you that And once you're gone You can't come back Out of the blue and into the black What's this idiot doing? It's Unser.
Should I pull over? He might know something.
Jesus Christ.
Yeah, pull over.
What the hell is this, Wayne? I'm sorry, but I didn't have your cell number and I didn't wanna put this out over the radio.
- What? - Uh, I got an anonymous tip.
Probably bullshit.
But they said four or five of Jimmy's guys were gonna be waiting for you up at the Newton turnout.
That's only a few miles south.
I can call the San Joa sheriff's and, uh, have them check it out.
- No, I Sheriffs are idiots.
- You guys check it out.
- Wait.
I don't wanna leave you alone.
I'll stay.
I'll call for backup, just to be safe.
It's okay.
Really? I'm at stage three cancer, sweetheart.
I ain't got that many perks left.
No, thanks.
You should really have some.
You gotta be shitting me.
What the hell is going on here? Take care of our girls, Filip, yeah? Oh, yeah.
This is insanity, Opie.
You have any idea what kind of heat this is gonna bring the club, huh? Put your hands on the wheel.
- Put your hands on the wheel.
- Please.
Please, don't do this.
Please, Opie.
You had mercy before.
I'm begging you.
Don't do this.
And now I don't.
This is what she felt.
Let's go.
- Is that the deal? - Yeah.
Left side.
I had bridgework done on the right.
- You okay? - Go ahead.
Let's go, kids.
Hey hey, my my Rock 'n' roll can never die There's more to the picture Than meets the eye Hey hey, my my Out of the blue and into the black You pay for this and they give you that Once you're gone You can't come back Out of the blue and into the black The king is gone He's not forgotten Is this the tale of Johnny Rotten? It's better to burn out Than fade away The king is gone He's not forgotten They need to see you.
Jax wanted you to read this.
Then burn it.
- What is it? - I don't know.
Is Tara here? No.
- She's at Jax's.
Have a good night.
Hey, Mom.
If you're reading this, it means Stahl and Jimmy are dead and the club will be doing short time.
I'm sorry it had to be this way, Mom.
I know how painful it's been for you , but I couldn't tell you.
It made you an accessory.
It was a club vote.
I'd never turn on my club or my family.
I'm not my father.
I love you more than you could ever know.
I'd do anything to be with you.
Every day it becomes more clear that I don't belong here.
I'm certain now that Clay and Gemma are together.
They barely try to hide it from me.
Gemma hates my apathy.
She hates all of me.
Her chill is terrifying.
I know my days are numbered, Mo.
And when these letters stop, you can be certain that my death will come at the hands of my wife and best friend.
At least my sweet Thomas will never suffer my life.
I miss him so much.
I only pray that Jackson finds a different path.
He already reminds me so much of myself.
The king is gone He's not forgotten Hey hey, my my