Sons of Anarchy s03e12 Episode Script

June Wedding

Hey, boys, welcome home.
Welcome home.
Come on, all of you.
Oh, you're back.
I got it.
Hi, baby.
I missed you.
Hey, Gem.
- Hi.
- Anything on Tara? - No, brother.
I just talked to Unser.
There's nothing new.
I'm sorry.
- All right.
- Okay, come on.
- What's that? Prospects.
They spent all night on it.
ATF, Charming P.
are digging into Salazar.
They talked to that aunt who owned that house and they rattled a few of the Calaveras.
So far they got nothing.
All right, I'll check in with Unser.
And you see where Stahl is at.
We got a complication.
Alvarez found out that the cops are all over Salazar.
Now, if Hector gets picked up, he could blow a whistle on this heroin operation.
If the Mayans are looking for Salazar they're not gonna give a shit about protecting Tara.
Call Alvarez, set a meet.
And, uh, let's find this aunt who owns the house.
Maybe we can convince her to share some info on little Hector.
Well, he's dealt with Russians, right? - Well, that seems better.
- Good, because we're gonna need Kozik.
And you, we're gonna have to get up to the cabin.
You gotta get out of sight.
I wanna stay here.
Piney's already up there waiting for you.
Let him wait.
Nobody knows I'm back.
I just wanna sleep in my own bed.
We'll lock down the garage.
She'll be safe.
For now.
My mom never leaves your sight.
Got it.
I'm gonna dump my shit.
We'll go, yeah? - Will you take him? - Sure.
- There you go.
There's a sweetheart.
- Hi.
- I'll be right back.
- Hi.
- He didn't mean that literally.
Yeah, no, of course.
We'll just be here if you need us to not literally follow you someplace.
That was smooth.
Isn't he a cutie? Hi, boo-boo.
- Don't get used to staying here.
You're going home, with your son and your old lady.
Yes, ma'am.
Now sit down.
I need you to tell me what's going on with Stahl.
- Ma, we've been through this.
- You're doing this for me, Jackson.
I think I got a right to know.
You'll find out soon enough.
You're just gonna have to trust me.
I can't protect you from Clay if he finds out.
And if you go to jail with them knowing you're a rat you'll be dead in a day.
Look, I promise everyone is gonna be okay.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Really glad you found the kid.
Yeah, thanks.
Gemma? Bail hearing is set for two days from now.
I don't know when I'm gonna see her again.
She ain't going anywhere.
I'll make sure we stay clear.
So Tig fills me in on Hale and the department.
San Joa Sheriffs, that a done deal? If I can tie Hale to Lumpy's death we got a shot at keeping Charming P.
Sheriffs take over Charming it's a different town.
Whole new ballgame for Samcro.
- So how we do prove that Hale's dirty? - We gotta take Salazar alive.
Ratting on Hale is the first card he'll play.
I'll make sure my guys know.
- Thanks for Gemma.
- Yeah.
Is she at T.
M? Maybe I'll come by.
See how much she hates me.
Last I know, she was headed toward the house.
But I'd enter at your own risk.
Well, look who it is.
My favorite frequent flyers.
I'll meet you back at the clubhouse.
Where's O'Phelan? MIA, just like Tara.
Look, Salazar is still in the area.
We've got it locked down.
We will find her.
Yeah, I know that you're taking a bit of an emotional beating here, Jax and I'm sorry about that, but you and I have a lot at stake.
The Irish gave Jimmy safe passage out of Belfast in exchange for my kid.
He's up North with the Russians.
- Putlova? - Yeah.
We're into it.
We got a brother in maximum security, Lenny the Pimp.
Lenny Janowitz.
The scumbag who killed three ATF agents.
Lenny's got direct ties to the Russians.
He's a real source.
But he's got no visitation rights, so we gotta use Otto to reach out to him.
- Otto's in the hole.
- He's out tomorrow.
If you can arrange for Lenny and Otto to get some yard time together we might get a lead on where Putlova had Jimmy stashed.
All right, well, I'll see what I can do.
In the meantime, I'd like you to, uh, take a look at these.
Former high-ranking leaders of the IRA now make up the ruling council of the Real IRA.
Did you have any contact with any of these guys? A few of them look familiar.
- I'll be able to focus when Tara's safe.
- We don't have time for this.
The sooner we find Tara, the sooner I find Jimmy.
Belfast is just a portal.
The guns come from four or five different sources.
I still have all those relationships.
You'll be one of the biggest distributors of weapons in the Northwest.
That's a very big promise, Jimmy.
Once I'm set up in Santa Catarina, we can work out the details.
Securing your passage to South America means pulling in a lot of favors and paying off some very influential people.
- It's a big risk for us.
- I'm aware of that.
Good, because we want our compensation up front.
The full 2 million.
It was supposed to be 500 down and the rest once I'm in Brazil.
I don't have that kind of cash here.
We could probably pull together 700K, maybe 750.
I'll give you the guns for cost plus 20 for the first year.
Cost plus zero for the first six months.
Then if all goes well, cost plus 10 for the next two years.
Make the arrangements.
We'll be back with the 750.
I think you should stay here.
Your associate can make the collections.
Well, it'll go quicker if I'm the one doing it.
I'm not in any hurry.
You're lucky to have such a loyal man.
Be so easy for him to collect that cash and just disappear.
How long of a drive is it to Vegas? This way.
Right here, baby.
There you go, my beautiful boy.
Can I ask you something? Well, sure, honey.
Lyla and me.
I think she's sweet.
- Seems good with her kid.
- Yeah, she is.
But she earns her living catching come in her mouth and I'm sensing that's a problem for you.
Donna begged me to give up the life.
I guess now I know how that feels.
I ain't got no right to ask her to give it up.
Not unless you marry her.
She needs security, Ope.
Marry her.
My guess is, she starts working with her legs shut.
Get off of me, you fat ox.
Hey, he just barged right in.
It ain't funny, okay? He's crushing my back.
What should I do? - Just stay right there, sweetheart.
What? What are you doing here? I came to check on you.
I'm not here to take you in.
- Why should I trust you? - Talk to Clay.
I already did.
Let him up.
Glad I could offer you all some amusement.
Could we talk? Yeah.
Come on in.
Goddamn it.
See what happens when I'm away, Wayne? Shit dies.
Everything dies.
No matter who's looking after it.
I've come to believe God's a blind prick.
Going a little dark on me, chief.
I just wanted to make sure you were okay.
Just last week, you were pulling a gun on me.
Technically, I pulled it on Tig.
Everything's shit-side up, sweetheart.
This last year or so, this town just It can't catch its breath.
It'll settle.
It always does.
Not this time.
It's all going away.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Jax is in trouble.
Cut some kind of deal with Stahl.
- What's he giving her? - I'm not sure.
Well, the ATF's on this thing with Tara.
Stahl's working out of the station house.
I could, uh I could talk to her, feel her out.
No, better not.
Everyone needs to really focus on finding Tara.
Yeah, you're right.
Thanks for the chat.
Welcome back.
- You find your boy? - Yeah.
That's good.
I know why you wanna talk.
- Salazar has my old lady.
- Yeah, I know, I'm sorry about that.
But I gotta look out for my family too.
Salazar's a threat to me and my club.
He's gotta die.
Salazar's got a much bigger card to play than you.
He's running dirty errands for Jacob Hale.
Now, we bring him in alive, yeah, it keeps Tara safe but it also protects the heroin trade.
What are you talking about? Jacob Hale becomes mayor Charming turns into suburban Disneyland.
All protected by a corporate-fortified County Sheriff's Department.
Salazar wants me dead.
He'll give me and the heroin up just to watch us burn.
Look, I don't wanna see the doctor get hurt but her safety, it ain't my priority.
Out, out.
If I have to listen to one more word of this I got nothing to say to you assholes.
Take me back, or I call the cops.
Shut up! - Anything? No, I Her name's Ramona, I think.
I can't understand a word she says.
Nobody speaks Spanish? Nothing? I'm a Puerto Rican from Queens.
I speak better Yiddish.
Why did they bring you here? My nephew, Hector Salazar.
Wanna know where he is.
So do I, bitch.
And unlike these stupid white boys, I'll kill you unless you give me something.
What are we doing here? I don't know where he is.
Where would he go to hide? The old dumping yard, along the 18.
Might be there.
I don't know.
Please Let's go.
Stay with them.
Check the house.
We'll take the road.
I'll go.
Ése, you better come see this.
Can you get me a bottle of water? I need to take my meds.
Office supplies? - No.
I really have to show this to you.
Not a good time, Chucky.
- I need you to open the back gate for me.
- Where are you going? I gotta, uh, test-drive that Beemer.
Quality assurance.
You're lying to me, right? That's right.
Now open the gate.
- You worry too much, Jimmy.
- Aye.
If Donny can't come up with the cash I'm gonna have to reach out to other people.
It'll mean me venturing out from your lovely hospitality here.
You're a man in a very dire situation.
The feds, your Irish brothers, a lot of people want you.
If you leave here there are too many things that could go wrong.
And you simply know too much about us.
Jesus, Viktor, I'm not gonna get caught.
And if I did, I'm not a rat.
I know that.
And I want nothing more than to continue our relationship.
But the only way that can happen is if we get you safely to South America.
And to do that, I need the money.
Get in the car.
Really? Gun.
- What are you doing with Jax? - What did he tell you? Nothing, which means it's bad.
Your son knows his priorities.
My son isn't thinking straight.
And I'm sure whatever he's got cooking with you is only gonna hurt his family.
What do you want? Kill the deal.
That's not your decision.
Kill the deal or I turn myself in to the U.
attorney and tell him my statement was a pack of lies you fed me.
I'm sure that agent you're hanging all the blame on will have no problem backing me up on that.
You have no idea what you're stepping on here, Gemma.
End the deal or I end your career.
Now get out.
What the hell was that? - Nothing.
- Gemma's a fugitive.
We gotta call it in.
- No, we don't.
- June Shut up and get in the car.
Left it pretty bad with her, didn't you? We gotta find her, Bobby.
Well, we just traveled halfway around the world to get your boy.
Tara should be a walk in the park.
Anything? - Looks like the girlfriend bled out.
Other victim was bludgeoned.
Laurie Allen.
Never made it home from work.
Salazar killed her for the ride.
Gray Lexus.
We put out an APB.
Ramona, listen to me.
Don't worry.
I'll be okay.
I promise.
Tell my mom I love her, okay? Bye.
We need to see Jacob.
I need that spec sheet - Inside.
Oh, my God.
Let Charming know they got themselves a hostage situation.
- What's happening? - Uh, sheriffs have taken over.
Negotiator's setting up a call with Salazar.
If it was Tara who killed his girl, a negotiator ain't gonna do shit.
Jax, they know what they're doing.
- Salazar's gonna hurt her! All right, look.
As far as we know, Tara is fine.
If he was gonna hurt her, he would've already.
Now, we will get her back.
Come on.
- You need to keep it together, son.
- Yeah.
- All right.
What? That was Miles.
I guess Gemma gave him the slip.
- She's MIA.
- I'll find her.
- I'm with you.
What do we do about them? Buy them some popcorn.
Ain't nothing any of us is gonna be able to do now.
They're gonna be calling any minute.
You're gonna do the talking.
Write this down.
I want a police vehicle, like, um Like a SWAT van, something secure.
I want enough food, water and gas to get to Tecate.
- Mexico? - No, New Zealand.
What do you think, bitch? I want the roads clear of cops and safe passage over the border.
And let me guess, a suitcase full of money.
No, there's only one other thing I want.
- You get his demands? - Yeah.
He wants a free ride to cartel country.
- Gonna give us Hale for that.
- What about Tara? He only lets her go if he can trade her for you.
- Let's do it.
Minute he sees your face, he'll gun you down.
We ain't gonna let you take that chance.
Salazar needs a hostage to get out of there alive.
- He ain't gonna kill me.
- Too risky and it's against policy.
I'm gonna call the FBI, let Tactical handle it.
He's desperate.
He ain't gonna give us time to plan.
I'm doing this.
- Can I show you guys something? - Not now, Chuck.
She finally showed up.
In the kitchen.
It's on me.
I let her slip out.
It's all right, man.
You just got Gemma'd.
Happens to all of us.
Never happened to me.
You okay? Prospects were shitting themselves.
- Just needed to run an errand.
- What's that for? I wanna make a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning.
Love that.
Anything on Tara? Salazar's got her and Jacob Hale hostage.
Holy shit.
The cops and feds are everywhere, Gemma.
You can't go.
I mean it.
You get scooped up right now, it'll crush Jax.
Here you go.
He'll just make me take it off.
Tell him we've got the vehicle he wanted and we're making arrangements with Border Patrol.
When Tara and Hale come out, we'll give him the van.
See you later.
All right, there's only two ways out if this goes south: Front door here and a fire exit off the back alley.
I think we should load up the back.
That's the way he'll go.
I'm gonna call in for more agents.
Why don't you let us take the back with local P.
D and you can run tactical from here.
- That's fine by me.
- Let's go.
Tell them to make the call.
They're sending in Jax.
You're gonna kill him.
First I'm gonna kill you, make him watch.
Then I'm gonna kill him.
Come on.
Come on.
Shut the door.
Get them up.
Come on, come on.
Sit down.
I said, sit down.
Let her go.
You don't tell me what to do.
Huh? Get up.
Okay, okay.
I watched my girl bleed out and die.
You kill anyone that's not a cop.
- Teller! - They're in the office! Salazar's on the run.
Looks like the hostages are safe.
Watch the exits, people.
He's gonna be moving.
He's headed to the front.
You guys back up the sheriffs.
Let's go, out front.
Come with me.
Mama, Mama, tell me I ain't gonna die Well, maybe baby Say you found the Astroglide Nowhere left to run, bro.
Put the ax down and I'll let you walk out of here alive.
That's bullshit.
It's not bullshit.
You got dirt on Hale.
We wanna see that prick burn.
I let you walk out of here, you gotta rat him out.
- Come on, bro.
Open up! Ah! Shit.
He came at me with the ax.
I had no choice.
Ten-four, copy that.
Salazar attacked Teller with a fire ax.
Teller killed him with his own knife.
All right, Jax.
That's some good news.
Salazar's a 926.
All the hostages are safe.
Let's bring it in, kids.
What is it? Hey, a situation here.
Three Mexican males, maybe Mayan.
We're pinned down.
Copy that.
Shit! Agent down.
I repeat, agent down.
Officers responding.
Get an update.
One, do we have an update? Shh.
Just go, baby.
Just go.
Agent Stahl! Agent Stahl! - Help me! Over here.
- We need a medic.
- Somebody help me! There.
Strong heartbeat.
Looks healthy.
Thank you.
I believe if I hadn't acted, all three of us would be dead.
Because of the ongoing investigation, I can't say any more about the case.
- But I do wanna say - You doing okay? Yes, thank you.
I'm so glad you're safe.
Thank you.
- I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
Thank you.
Our conquering hero.
- Of the complete disregard these According to him he brought down Salazar single-handed.
After this, Oswald would be an idiot to run against him.
I'm sorry that didn't go the other way.
Well, I guess, uh, it's time to retire.
Mom's doing a breakfast tomorrow.
You should come by.
I'd like that.
Whatever happens with these charges, we're looking at time.
We got a game-changer with this new Irish opportunity.
I'm not gonna let that slip through my fingers even if I gotta run it out of Stockton Yard.
Which means Samcro is gonna need some bodies to make this happen.
Now, we got six guys willing to make the transfer.
Voting them in is gonna take place after we're inside.
Which means we gotta vote in a new member before we go away.
We need Kozik to stay whole.
Jax and Piney's proxies, yea.
Me, yea.
Can't do it.
The baby's fine.
I know.
I know.
Seven hundred and twelve.
It's everything I could get.
I'm sorry.
And you had no faith.
Everybody okay? Good.
You? Getting through.
I, uh, have to give my statement to our IA group.
Yeah, I'm sorry about Tyler.
Look, you and I need to finish what we started here, Jax.
I know.
We just got word that Jimmy O is draining his accounts.
He's gonna jump.
Set up a meeting with Lenny and Otto and we'll find Jimmy, finish all this.
Let's just hope that happens before your mother tanks the whole thing.
She took me at gunpoint today.
Told me to kill the deal or she would turn herself in and tell the U.
attorney that I made her lie under oath.
She is afraid of what will happen if the club finds out about this.
I promise they won't find out if we do it the right way.
Now, I need the Real IRA council.
You give me names, I clear your mother.
You give me Jimmy, I clear your club.
It's nice up here.
This was my grandmother's ring.
Next few days I gotta do a few things.
Not sure how it's all gonna land.
Everything's changing.
What are you talking about? We should get married.
I tried.
- I just can't get past it.
- Yeah.
Clay's gonna need Lee or someone down here to make a fourth guy.
Just come back when I'm inside.
They'll vote you in.
No, I'm not gonna slip in the back door like some kind of bitch.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
We're gonna need you to finish things up here.
- All right.
I'm here till it's done.
- Ah, thanks.
I loved her too.
So leave the window open Leave the window open I wanna take in this view And smell the streets below And live this life before it's gone Honey, leave the window open Hey, baby.
Hey, baby.
And, uh, then I returned fire.
I don't know if I hit anyone.
They ran to the car and took off.
It was a late-model gray Honda.
Well, were they wearing colors? No.
I wasn't close enough to see any ink so I couldn't tell if they were part of the Calaveras or the Mayans or some other crew.
Um, anything else? Yes.
Um I need to disclose something.
Agent Tyler and I were having a relationship, romantic.
It was new, so we didn't have time to document anything.
Which makes what I'm about to tell you that much more painful.
Amy Agent Tyler confessed something to me today before she died.
What was the confession, Agent Stahl? It was about what happened last month at the safe house with Edmond Hayes.
Uh, she was first on the scene.
I arrived and she recounted what had happened.
I made the call, filed the report because I'm the primary, and, uh, well She told me today that it was all a lie.
What happened at the safe house? She got into an argument with Edmond Hayes.
He hit her and then he tried to escape.
And she shot him in the back.
Then she hid when Gemma Teller showed up.
And she witnessed Gemma kill Polly Zobelle in self-defense.
And then she decided to frame Gemma for the murder of Edmond Hayes.
To protect her from the dirty kill.
To protect me.
She knew how important this case was to my career and she didn't wanna disappoint me.
So everything in Gemma Teller's statement was true.
Gemma was wrongly charged.