Sons of Anarchy s07e01 Episode Script

Black Widower

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Word is Jax is handing over the Irish guns to August Marks.
Makes a real problem for us.
We should have that business.
This is our territory.
We own it.
Gonna get bloody.
Jax killed his uncle and eight of his guys.
It'll be brown and yellow vs.
black and white.
Been in the barrio a lot.
Everything okay? Got shit I gotta work out.
Need to be alone for a while.
You dumping me? In exchange for your cooperation against the MC you'll get immunity from Pamela Toric's murder.
If I pulled a bullet out of a club member from today's shooting, would that be proof? With your testimony, yes.
Where you at with working off the damage? I'm unsure about how to live in this.
Jax said it was what I had to do.
Earn my way.
Darvany? You killed her? I know what you had Juice do.
And then you looked at me in the eye and you lied to me about it.
You betrayed me.
Any word from Tara? Don't worry about Tara.
You just get clean.
Jax will do what needs to be done.
Hey, buddy.
I'll go away if I have to.
I tried to save them from becoming what you are.
I'm not going to hurt you.
Just be a good mom.
Save our boys.
I turn myself in nothing will happen to her or my boys.
I'll let everybody know.
Talk to Jax or the guys? I guess Tara made a deal.
Wayne, that you? Tara didn't rat, Gemma.
Jax gave himself up to keep her safe.
We got a-- Babe? You ask me if there'll come a time It's okay.
Here, let's go.
Oh, it's okay.
Come here.
Let's go.
Here you go.
Never, my love I got him, Gem.
You wonder if this heart of mine Will lose its desire for you Let's go, Rat.
Never, my love Never, never Are you gonna help me clean up? What makes you think love will end When you know that my whole life depends On you Never, my love Never, my love You say you fear I'll change my mind And I won't require you Never, my love Never, my love How can you think love will end When I've asked you to spend your whole life With me Oh, oh, Oh, oh Never, my love Never, my love Wow, this is nice.
This looks nice.
Welcome to Red Woody.
Never, my love Never, my love You ask me if there'll come a time When I grow tired of you No, never, my love Never, my love Never, my love Never, my love Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye You sure you wanna do this? Yeah.
I thought the plan was to put in 90 days.
Well, I think nine was enough.
I was crawling out of my skin in there, Wayne.
So worried about Abel.
Gemma can't take care of those boys.
And even if she could, we both know that's a bad idea.
I gotta do something.
I know.
We all gotta do something.
Teller? I'm assuming we're both here to see the same party.
Make sure I get in there before she does.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Me too.
Everything all right? Yeah.
It's fine, sweetheart.
Protection? Company.
I get lonely.
It's understandable.
You've lost a lot of people close to you.
Yes, I have.
Any, um--? Any luck with Tara's case? Evidence? Suspects? Anything? Unfortunately, no.
It's been very difficult finding people willing to cooperate.
And the person who could help us the most refuses to talk to anyone.
Except his mother.
He found the woman he loved, dead.
The woman he loved more than anything.
What do you want him to say? What's this? His teeth.
I thought you guys were into that.
Make a necklace or something.
I was told if I want the sit-down, I had to make the message clear.
I did.
Your snitch ain't gonna be talking about anything for a very long time.
So, what do you want? Just to clear the air between your organization and my MC.
We never had no direct beef with the AB.
Shit that went down with Darby and the Nords-- Darby was a poser, and the Nerds were a joke.
And we both know Zobelle was a cancer.
Almost killed both of us.
So, what about the slaughter at Gerber's Ranch? What do you know about that? We heard that was an internal beef.
Look, man.
We both know what's happening in Oakland and Stockton.
Brown and yellow are pulling together because black's got the gun trade.
Lin and Alvarez are already playing hard offense.
Street's gonna get bloody.
And that's gonna impact relationships inside.
That don't mean we start sharing tables with the GN.
And they ain't gonna start including us in their nigger movie night, either.
Hey, you can keep hating as much as you want.
But when you get to Stockton let your crew know that when push comes to shiv and white needs a friend they'd do best to reach out to the darkest hand in the yard.
Let's go, Teller.
DA wants to talk to you.
So we good? I might need a few things from you in the future.
For now, we're good.
I got it.
I got it.
I left in such a hurry.
Place is a disaster.
Well, okay.
Thanks for the lift.
Oh, sure.
Hey, can I give you some advice? Please.
Before you go see the boys, you should talk to Jax.
Let him know what you wanna do.
It's the respectful thing.
He's in county? Yeah.
The guys will give you all his info.
They're probably at the ice-cream shop.
Let me know if you need anything.
I will.
What the hell? Oh, my God.
Oh, shit.
The evidence has been processed.
All the lab work's back, and other than the obvious facts the results gave us nothing.
We've talked to family, friends, neighbors, the MC except Ortiz, he seems to be MIA and no one can shed any light on who or why Tara was murdered.
I understand the pain you're in, son.
The reason for your silence.
I lost a son.
And a nephew to gang violence.
I didn't want anyone arrested, I wanted them all dead.
Heartless, cold bullets to the back of the head.
Just the way they killed my boy.
That's a natural reaction.
The desire for revenge.
It's a part of grieving.
The difference is, in my world I knew that those violent desires would never become real.
In yours it's a very likely outcome.
We couldn't tie you to either murder.
Parole violation-- The gun wasn't fired.
It was in the house.
We're gonna let you go.
Your mother's here to see you.
She can take you home.
I've been doing this for over 20 years and until today, I have never said a word about my personal life to someone on the other side of this table.
So Why me? Because I needed help to connect with the man who did the right thing 10 days ago.
Who knows the importance of family.
And that more violence will only destroy what's left of his.
So? Why would Gemma let you stay here? I'm in a situation.
She said you'd be gone a few months.
Well, I'm back.
And as much as I appreciate you tidying up and for some reason, rearranging all my furniture you gotta go.
I can't.
I'm hiding.
From the club.
It's complicated.
It's simple.
I live here.
You don't.
They'll kill me.
Juice Look, I'm sorry.
I'll find another place.
Can I at least wait until it's dark? Ah, Jesus.
I gotta go to county and talk to Jax.
Is my car still out back, or did you move that too? It's still there.
Please don't say anything.
To Jax.
I won't.
Patterson grilled the guys.
Me too.
Everyone at T-M and the hospital.
I don't think they have any suspects.
They don't.
Bobby said you reached out.
August got me a burner.
Club's up to speed.
Any word on Juice? No.
We tracked down his sister back east.
She hasn't seen him in years.
Tacoma's still watching his apartment and the weed shop.
You know why he split? Club shit? Yeah.
Everything go okay with the funeral? Yes.
Had the service two days ago.
Just club.
It was quiet.
Abel doesn't know what happened.
Just that his mommy's in heaven.
It's good you're out, baby.
Those boys need you.
Where you going? Scoops.
I can't see them yet, Mom.
I gotta get clear on what I have to do.
I get it.
I know how much of this has landed on you.
The burden of that.
What you're doing for Samcro and my boys means a lot to me.
Couldn't do it without you, Mom.
I love you.
Love you too, sweetheart.
I'm here.
Whatever you need me to do.
Ain't this something.
White boys and colored folk rolling together.
Lordy, lordy Yeah.
You know, why don't you come ride with us, Flint? Oh, shit, that's right.
You got no damn legs.
Really? Wow.
I just thought he was, like, incredibly short.
Very small feet.
Yeah, and a big dick that still smells like your mama's ass.
Nice tight ass, though, huh? I've been up inside my mother's shitter so many times she used to call me little "Alex Enema.
" There a reason why Freak Show and the Oreo bikers are taking up my time? I got one man dead, two in critical care because someone ran them off the road in an old blue Impala.
People on the street said the guys driving the car were East Dub Crew.
People are wrong.
That was Rat.
Jackie boy's out.
Now, listen, he needs us around the table.
Always make This may take a minute.
Now, I ain't saying it was sanctioned, but it happened.
I need to know who it was.
No idea.
I'll ask around.
I say we start with these pussies.
They don't know nothing.
I don't have time for this.
Listen, Stumpy, we don't want this to jump off any more than you do.
But if it wasn't your crew, just point us to the car and the driver.
I ain't Triple A, shithead.
Find it yourself.
All right.
Let's just move this along.
Shall we, boys? We get it.
You're not gonna tell us.
We know you're lying.
Things get heated.
Then we get here.
- Yo, yo, yo.
- Hey, hey, hey.
You black fellas over there, I suggest you put your guns down.
- Aah! - Damn! Damn.
Anybody else wanna go rolling down the ramp? Now, my little crippled friend l'm gonna ask you one more time.
Who was driving the Impala that took out our brothers? Sorry, man.
I can't understand a goddamn word you're saying.
You guys got any idea what Clan McDouchebag is talking about? Turn around, step clap Stop the bike, man! Stop it! Stop it! Sorry about that.
Had to speed up the process.
Jax just got out of the county.
Zoom, zoom.
Slow down! Thanks, Mom.
Of course, baby.
Head straight to T-M.
Take one of the Tacoma guys if you go anywhere.
Yeah, I know.
I welcome you.
Are you shitting me? What are you doing here? I'm just looking for Chibs or Bobby.
I just wanna get Jax's info.
I wanna talk to him.
He's out, and that is not a good idea.
Gemma, I just wanna help.
I want him to know that.
Not today.
Where are the boys staying? My house.
Well, I guess I could talk to Jax when he comes to see them.
I'll be staying with you, now that you sublet my place to Juice.
What'd he tell you? He's hiding from the club, and for some reason you're helping him which, forgive me if this sounds harsh, feels way out of character.
There's been enough death.
I'm really sorry.
Really sorry.
Want me to take care of this? Chibs, it's okay.
I got it.
I'll meet you upstairs.
What are you doing here? I just wanna talk to you.
I thought you were in rehab.
I checked out.
Look, I told her to come.
I know I should've waited till you got out, but I needed help.
It's just about helping the boys.
Talk to her.
I'm so sorry about Tara.
I spent the last week or so trying to wrap my head around that-- It's not your problem.
I'm not here to judge you, Jax.
Or to insert myself into Abel's life.
Honestly, at this point, I don't care if he ever knows I'm his morn.
Gemma's right.
I just wanna make sure he's happy and safe.
And Thomas too.
Just let me help.
Work it outwith Gemma.
My uncle is a shop steward for the ILW.
Has access to everything coming and going out of the port.
Which means we can use water to move product.
Keep that shit off the highway.
That's smart.
Hey, you all know that anything moves out of Stockton Port it's gotta go through Barosky.
We'll make sure he gets his piece.
For now.
But Barosky, he's like all those dirty cops.
Careless and greedy.
At some point, he's gonna push too far.
That was Peacock.
DA cut Teller loose.
He's on his way home.
Call Lin.
Let him know.
I'll go check out where Jax is at.
Hey, we appreciate you stepping in the middle of this.
I ain't no politician.
But maybe I can help put something together.
Keeps us all whole.
Yeah, but what if you can't? Then it's gonna get messy, ése.
For all of us.
And you're okay with that? Oso and his crew are concerned about your loyalty because of your personal connection to the Sons.
I guess they're just gonna have to trust me.
Like you do.
And what about Teller's mother? She knows how the world works.
You didn't answer my question, ése.
No, huh? Hey, maybe I would make a good politician.
I didn't think I'd be in this chair again.
Thank you for helping Gemma handle everything.
Taking care of my family.
Of course, brother.
Anything you need, Jackie.
Our alliances we locking them down? Yep.
Irish was setting up with black.
Connor's here to handle the transition.
And we took care of an internal family problem for Cacuzza.
So Italians are in our debt.
No muss.
No fuss.
No Tony.
And the Grim Bastards? That's where we were when Rat called.
Few days ago, Darker Dan and a couple prospects got run down in Lockwood Gardens.
Dan bled out, prospects are barely hanging in.
Bastards found out it's one of Flint's crew.
- Is he still East Dub? - Oh, yeah.
He gave up the owner of the car, though.
Well, kind of dragged it out of him.
It's an '82 Impala.
Belongs to this hood rat who hooked up with an O.
named DuLain.
Grim Bastards are good.
Fence mended.
How'd it go with the AB? Took almost a week to get a sit-down with Tully.
That guy's a super freak, man.
A freak with clout.
He's number three in the Brotherhood now.
Once he gets to Stockton, he's gonna be calling the shots from Fresno to Portland.
He didn't give much, but I think I cleaned it up.
He may want a favor or two in the future, but for now, I think we're okay with white.
What about business? Where we at with that? Garage is solid.
Diosa's picking up.
We got the okay to demo the clubhouse.
We're fielding some bids on the rebuilds now.
Porn studio's almost ready, brother.
Lyla's tracking down all the Caracara girls.
And the new name cleared.
Red Woody Incorporated is now open for business.
I never really wanted this chair.
I guess some part of me knew it would happen, but I always dreaded the weight of it.
The responsibility.
Truth is, I can barely make the right choices for myself.
I've been trying to take this club in a direction I thought made sense.
To move us away from all the outlaw shit.
That hasn't worked.
I think some part of me was trying to buy back all the bad shit I've done.
The people I've hurt.
That's a false pardon.
It's dangerous and it's selfish.
did the same thing.
And those choices took away everything from my old man.
His family and his patch.
I already lost the woman I love.
I'm not gonna lose my club.
For me to move forward with the all things we now have to do I need to know this table has no doubts.
No mistrust.
That every single one of you would kill or die for the man next to him, and if you don't feel that way now's the time to speak up.
We're all in, brother.
We love you.
We trust you.
Tell us what you need.
You told Wendy I was hiding you from the club? What else? That they want me dead.
She was gonna kick me out.
I bought myself till tonight.
All right, look, I'll take care of Wendy.
And you're not gonna have to leave tonight, but you gotta go soon.
Jax is out.
All right.
I'll figure it out.
You've had over a week to figure it out, sweetheart.
Just need my cash from the weed shop.
Jax has got Tacoma sitting on it 24/7.
Look, um I'll pull together some cash.
Just enough to get you out of town.
Go to Idaho, Montana.
Somewhere there isn't a charter.
Things will calm down here.
I'll get your money from Clear Passages.
I'll send it to you.
You need anything? No.
How's Jax? Sad.
What did you say to him? I mean how did you just have a conversation about Tara? I'm not a psychopath, Juice.
I know what happened with Tara and Eli was awful.
What I did I know how horrible that was.
But it happened because we were both protecting the club.
Jax was turning himself in.
I didn't know that.
I made choices based on the truth I had.
So did you.
You did what any member would've done.
But you know if Jax finds out not only will he have lost a wife but he'll lose his mother.
And Abel and Thomas will grow up never knowing the love of a strong woman.
I am the only thread holding this family together.
This ain't about protecting you and me.
It's about protecting Jax and those boys.
That's how I look him in the eyes.
That's how I talk to him about Tara.
Because I know as selfish as it seems keeping our truth away from him is the right thing to do.
Understand? Yeah.
I don't know what you did or why Jax wants you dead.
It's probably better I don't know.
But you helped me.
You gave me a truth that works.
So I'm gonna help you.
So you just keep it together a few more days.
Stop chatting up the junkie.
Okay? Thanks.
She misses you.
Yeah? She tell you that? No.
She hardly says a word to me.
But every time a car pulls into T-M the way she looks up with a little bit of hope l know she's wishing it was you.
Good to see you, 'mano.
Glad you're out.
Me too.
Can we talk? Yeah.
I'm really sorry about Tara, Jax.
I know there's nothing that I can say that'll help.
But you just let me know if there's anything I can do.
I appreciate that.
You got any intel on who might've been involved? Nothing from the sheriffs.
You know I've been sitting down with the Chinese and the Mayans.
I heard.
I'm just trying to figure out a way to avoid having my hood and Oaktown turn into some kind of combat zone.
I get that.
Lin and Alvarez they wanted me to extend their condolences.
And to let you know, brown and yellow had nothing to do with this tragedy that's hit your familia.
That's good to know.
I think, maybe, until we're certain how all this plays out, I should handle Diosa here.
You focus on Colette's place.
Keeps potential conflicts out of our business.
Yeah, that makes sense.
Listen, once you're settled in, maybe in a few days we should sit down with Lin and Alvarez.
See what can be done.
I don't wanna wait.
Let's do it now.
Yeah? All right.
I'm gonna set it up.
District Attorney Tyne Patterson.
What can I do for you? Do you remember me? Yeah.
We worked the Cahill Warehouse murder a bunch of years back.
You were an ADA then.
Good memory.
There ain't nobody here right now if you're looking for the club.
I'm actually here to see you.
Oh, yeah? And why's that? I know that you and Tara were close.
I already gave my statement to the sheriffs.
What if I wanted more? Now, you've had a long history with the Sons of Anarchy.
Whatever you did here to manage the MC, it worked.
For a long time.
That's ancient history.
Althea Jarry.
She's taking over the sheriff's office tomorrow.
She's replacing Eli Roosevelt.
She spent six years with the Organized Crime unit in Stockton.
I think she's a good fit for Charming and Morada.
She's a little out of the loop on the local lore.
She could benefit from your history lessons.
What exactly are you asking me? To help her with the MC.
After Tara and the war that's brewing in Oakland we both know it's gonna get pretty bloody.
I can make you a consultant.
Uh-- I appreciate the offer.
Yeah, but l'm afraid my badge and gun days got flushed away a long time ago.
Pity doesn't suit you.
What happened here was wrong.
Tara deserved better.
I'll brief Sheriff Jarry tomorrow.
I'll mention that we talked.
Nero expressed your condolences.
Appreciate that.
Awful thing, losing family.
So let's figure out what we have to do.
Keeps everyone moving forward.
Pushing back on turf, blood for blood.
We all know why we do it.
But we also know how much it hurts business.
You throw in the heat from the ATF, gang task-force we just gonna end up choking each other out.
No one wins.
We have to be smarter than a loaded gun.
Eh? I know us handing off the gun trade to Marks upset the balance.
It's hard to explain.
It was historical shit.
I was so focused on moving us away from the IRA I didn't give a shit about blowback.
That was a mistake.
For better or worse, I got a relationship with Barosky.
You guys bump up against him at the port, I can help.
Or, at the very least, I got no trouble looking the other way.
We got tight with Connor Malone.
He's the boots-on-the-ground here for the Irish.
I can't take back any business we gave to black.
But I can get you access to the Irish guns you currently don't have.
The very least, you can increase your business to your customers outside of San Joa.
It's a start.
Samcro's throwing me a little homecoming bash tonight.
At our new adult entertainment facility.
You talking about that shitty porn warehouse on the docks? When you say it like that, kind of loses all its magic.
Why don't you join us? Bring your family, your crew.
I'll invite Connor.
You guys can have an easy informal chat.
No offense, but last time my family entered a warehouse with the Irish and your crew, no one came out alive.
Bohai came at us for what the Irish did to you.
We had no idea that retaliation was going down.
Well, my uncle didn't handle things the way I would've.
Old World shit.
I understand your concern about walking into a trap.
But my family's gonna be there, friends.
Probably some kids.
Nothing's going down on our end, except some Jack and beer.
Niners? Apart from the Grim Bastards, won't be any black to slam into.
Hey, you all come by.
If it feels right, you stay.
If not, we figure out another place and time.
Your, uh, escorts gonna be serving snacks? Snacks.
Think maybe I can convince my guys to roll by.
I'll make it work.
Call you with the time.
Looks like everyone's friendly.
Things are moving fast.
We're throwing me a party tonight at the studio.
I want it packed.
Porn stars, Diosa, friends, Croweaters and Gemma.
All right.
We'll make it happen.
Track down Connor.
Need him there too.
Jax, that was T.
on the phone.
They found the Impala.
It's an apartment on Cranston.
- It's Niner hood.
- Yeah, it is.
And he didn't wanna make a move until you clear it with Tyler first.
Don't worry about the Niners.
Tell T.
we're on our way.
You don't wanna head home? Bastards could be useful tonight.
I might need T.
owing me a favor.
What's up, T.
? It's the corner unit.
Girlfriend came out about 10 minutes ago, had a smoke.
Then went back inside.
Not sure who else is in there.
That's a brand-new Rover.
Little high-end for this address.
I don't like it.
Impala just sitting there.
No East Dub.
Flint would've given DuLain a heads-up.
could have a crew just waiting for the door to kick open.
Anyone wanna find out? Why not? Front room's empty.
Watch the front.
Oh, yes.
No! Wait, wait! - Oh, shit.
- We okay? Yeah.
What the hell? Take a look out front.
Make sure no one heard the shots.
We got a problem.
He ain't East Dub.
More like Piedmont Grace.
Assistant pastor.
Check their IDs.
Oh, goddamn it.
White dude, another assistant pastor.
Oh, boy.
This here's "Reverend Jonathan Haddem.
Head pastor.
Piedmont Grace Center for God.
" And apparently women's lingerie.
The O.
that killed my guys ain't here.
We gotta clean this mess up.
Bobby, it's registered to the church.
That's a serious congregation.
A lot of dough.
All quiet in the projects.
Wait till it's dark, take West and Montez, get the bodies out of there.
- All right.
- Hey.
Burn them at Skeeter's? No.
Too much exposure.
Chigger Woods.
Keep them shallow and marked.
Got it.
Sorry I led you guys to this.
My table is shrinking, man.
Not sure how much longer I can hold the charter.
We gotta find this nigga who killed my crew.
Maybe give us some juice.
I get it, bro.
It's all good.
We're gonna find your O.
We're not gonna let you fold.
Come here.
Hey, I might need a favor tonight.
Whatever you need.
All right.
Let's hit it.
I'm gonna help Jax launch it.
And if it works out, I'll run it.
In front of the camera? No.
I'm tired of squats and waxing.
Me too.
I'm thinking of bronzing my clit.
Turning it into a necklace.
You may wanna hold off on that jewelry project.
He misses you.
Mind if I sit? No.
Man, they really cleaned up this old shit-hole.
Talking about the warehouse, right? Yes.
You see Jax? Yeah.
We talked.
You know why I had to put some distance here, right? Yeah.
I get it.
Street calls, you gotta handle your shit.
I don't answer to the street anymore.
I'm just trying to help the people that I care about not die in it.
How's that going? Well, I think we might be okay.
Winter stole the light The first cuckoo of spring Has brought me back to life I love you, Gemma.
Me too.
So, what happens now? One day at a time.
I hate that shit.
It's me.
So I spoke to Gemma.
Stay for a few days till you figure things out.
I'll go stay with her.
Thank you.
And I picked you up some fresh fruit, and some water and shit.
And some cleaning supplies.
In case you get bored.
It's Unser.
It's my ride.
Gemma thought I should leave you the car, in case you need to leave in a hurry.
Okay? I gotta let him in.
I'm sorry.
I'll be ready in a minute.
I just gotta pack a bag.
Take your time.
See you gave the place a pretty good cleaning.
Got a little carried away.
Little bit.
Glad you talked to Jax, worked it out.
Me too.
A little surprised Gemma's letting you stay there.
Well, it's just for a few days.
Give her a chance to catch up.
It'd be good to be close to the boys.
You bringing these groceries? No.
Hey, can you grab my coat out of the closet? Yeah.
Which one? The long leather one.
All right.
All set? Yep.
Let's do it.
You got your dirty little finger In everything You got power impeded It's already up her leg Oh, held to your story In a chain-link fence If you can walk on water Then why you drowning? Yeah, I'm desperate, dirty You have the leverage here, brother.
Look don't agree to sell Lin hardware till you know who his buyers are and when they hit the street.
A request you'd make of anyone.
Listen, just get us that intel.
After that, you're not part of this.
You clear this with Marks? August is in New York.
He'll be back in a few days.
We'll bring him up to speed.
It's a win-win.
I like my wins one at a time.
Are we doing this? Aye.
I'll talk to him.
You remember Connor Malone? Yeah.
Ryu Tom.
He was my uncle's number two.
Circumstances are less daunting from last time we met.
Wouldn't you say? Hopefully, a little less bloody too.
That's right.
No more blood.
Come on.
Let's sit down.
We'll get you some drinks.
Get them some drinks.
Get up.
How we doing, son? Yeah, you're easy on the eyes, baby Yeah, you're wise beyond your years I said that I'd like to Call it a night Need a refill? No.
I'm good.
This place is crawling with free pussy and porn-hos that are getting paid to fill every orifice with Asian cock.
You're sitting here all by yourself.
Doing that Shaolin monk thing.
Somebody's gotta be on the job.
No offense, but you sound like a mom.
I am.
That's my son.
- Guest of honor.
- Got it.
Nice to meet you.
What about you? No wife and kids? No.
Didn't expect to be alive this long.
Tell me about it.
You enjoy yourself.
You too.
I'm gonna need that favor.
What's going on? Chinese guy at the bar, yellow shirt.
I need you to follow him when he leaves.
Take him down.
I need him alive.
What if he's got somebody with him? They'll just see black hands.
Keeps us off Lin's radar.
We got masks and everything you need in the van.
Bring him here.
I gotta know what this is about, Jax.
What do you need, baby? Tell him.
The night Tara was killed I was coming over to Jax's house to pick up some things for the boys.
When I got close, I, um-- I saw someone in a Mercedes waiting in the driveway.
Then this guy, he runs by the side of the house, coming out the back door.
Threw his jacket and some other shit in the trunk and hopped in the car.
I went real slow when they passed by.
Got a real good look at that guy that was in the house.
It was him.
I didn't know Tara was inside.
I left.
Went looking for the club.
Chinese killed Tara.
All right.
Is this the real life? ls this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality Open your eyes Jax.
Look up to the skies and see I'm just a poor boy I need no sympathy Connor said things went well.
See how it goes.
Thanks for the hospitality.
Least I could do.
Any way the wind blows Doesn't really matter To me Mama I just killed a man I put a gun against his head Pulled my trigger Now he's dead Hey.
Uh-- I'm sorry to barge in.
I'm looking for Gemma.
That's okay.
Come on in.
She's not home yet.
Thrown it all away Mama Here, here.
Really? Thanks.
Hey, Thomas.
I didn't mean to make you cry It's coming.
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow Carry on, carry on Nothing really matters Sorry about the Wendy of it all.
Didn't see that shit coming.
Actually kind of believe her.
I don't think she's trying to replace you.
Or me.
Probably be good for the boys, having her around.
I trust her, for now.
Mama, oh, oh Any way the wind blows I don't wanna die I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all You're all set.
Good night, baby.
Good night, Mom.
You killed my wife.
I know you're just a soldier.
Lin made the call.
But what you did to her.
How you did it.
I'm gonna make sure you feel that.
If I'm not back again this time tomorrow Carry on, carry on Nothing really matters Too late, my time has come Sent shivers down my spine Body's aching all the time Goodbye, everybody I've got to go Gotta leave it all behind And face the truth Mama, ooh Any way the wind blows I don't wanna die I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all I see a little silhouette of a man Scaramouche, Scaramouche Do the fandango Thunderbolt, lightning Very, very frightening me I'm just a poor boy Nobody loves me He's just a poor boy From a poor family Spare him his life From this monstrosity It's okay, Mama.
I'm here.
It's all gonna be fine.
Easy come, easy go, will you let me know? Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me So you think you can stone me And spit in my eye? So you think you can love me And leave me to die? Oh, baby Can't do this to me, baby I just gotta get out I just gotta get right out of here Hey.
Stay with me.
We're almost finished.
We're almost finished.
Nothing really matters Anyone can see Nothing really matters Nothing really matters to me Any way the wind blows