Sons of Anarchy s07e02 Episode Script

Toil and Till

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Hey, Jury.
Good to see you, Jax.
I'm gonna move Redwood into more legitimate enterprises.
I want us out of guns.
You told Wendy I was hiding you from the club? What else? That they want me dead.
You gotta go soon.
Jax is out.
Any luck with Tara's case? Evidence? Suspects? Anything? Unfortunately, no.
It's been very difficult finding people willing to cooperate.
Althea Jarry's taking over the sheriff's office tomorrow.
She could benefit from your history lessons.
I'm afraid my badge and gun days got flushed away a long time ago.
Samcro's throwing me a little homecoming bash tonight.
Why don't you join us? Bring your family, your crew.
I think maybe I could convince my guys to roll by.
Get up.
The night Tara was killed, I got a real good look at that guy that was in the house.
It was him.
You killed my wife.
I missed this, you know.
Me too.
I bet you wish that you'd never bought me that drink.
Your life would be a whole lot simpler.
Simple, but not as fun.
We find who we're supposed to find, mama.
Guess so.
Coffee's hot.
You shouldn't be smoking around the boys.
I tell her that.
I got Abel down to a half a pack a day.
Oh, all right.
Oh, hey, did you know about Abel starting pre-K? Yeah.
Tara mentioned it.
This place any good? Yeah.
Pilgrim Grove.
It's really progressive.
Meaning? Meaning, he should go, Gemma.
This isn't the family being lazy.
This is the beginning of his education.
The deposit's due today.
You should go check it out.
No, no.
You go.
I'll write the check.
I don't have a car.
This Pilgrim, that's by Quail Lake, right? Yeah.
I'm heading over to Stockton.
I can give you a lift.
Yeah? Thanks.
I'm gonna go out back and give the azaleas cancer.
She grows on you.
Shit, man.
We've been here for over four hours.
- You think Connor was wrong? - You should stop whining.
What if Lin ain't moving his shit today? What if you stopped asking questions? What if you weren't such a dick? What if when we're done, we go to your house, I rape your mama? What if you find her on top of your dad, slamming a big black dildo in his ass while he's calling out my name? Nice touch.
How'd you know I was here? I didn't.
I, uh I saw your backpack in the closet, seemed out of place.
You, uh-- You hiding from the club? About Tara? No.
Old sins.
How'd you land here? Wendy just got out.
Only other people with keys are me and Gemma.
What are we doing here, son? You can go.
Got no place I gotta be.
Seriously? What if I change my mind? You won't.
What's Jax gonna do if he finds you? What do you think? Right.
Old sin.
Must be a bad one.
YOU got a plan? To get out of Charming.
A destination? What do you care? No.
Not really.
You want my help? There they go.
Yeah? Yeah, it's me.
Looks like they're about to move out.
There's two in the truck - and I think about another four following.
- All right.
Let me know when it lands.
Truck's heading out.
Call Jury.
Tell him we should be in Selma within two hours.
We'll meet him at Mario's off of 117.
You want a full ride? No.
Keep West and Montez on my family.
Everyone else.
Of course, right.
They're coming this way.
Should we move? No.
I'm just a guy on a shitty street getting cheap head.
What--? Come here.
Uh! Are you serious? Shut up, think gay thoughts.
Oh! Like I have a choice.
Ohh So not cool.
They gone? Oh! Not yet.
Oh! Not yet.
Don't fight it.
Take it all.
Are? Are you getting hard? Jesus.
Nero set up the meet.
I pitched the idea to Lin, he liked it.
And the Irish can fill the orders? Yeah.
It's just some AKs and mods.
Only goes to Lin's buyers down south.
A few Triad sets that run heroin in the IE.
You trust that'll satisfy his need for retribution? It's a start.
Plus, it lets brown and yellow start wrapping their head around you being gun king.
It's good.
Smart, Jackson.
It's just survival, man.
It is.
Any word on what happened to your wife? Nothing yet.
Whatever we find out-- And I promise, we'll find out the truth.
--You need to understand that the revenge can't land on the street right now.
Same way I didn't strike back at the Mayans for what happened at the junkyard.
When we kick off a street war we might sell a few more gats to the locals, but all that heat crushes our expansion.
The greatest lesson Mr.
Pope taught me was patience.
In business, or the street, don't matter.
If your emotions say, "Now," your head's gotta say, "Later.
" Clarity settles all scores.
Pays back all debts.
When I find out who killed my wife, I won't do a thing until the time is right.
Girl of my dreams Girl of my dreams You are the only girl for me You know I love only you Please say That you love me too Darlene You're the girl of my dreams Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Wayne Unser's here to see you.
Yeah, okay.
It's good to see you again.
You too.
Unser, how can I help you? You get a chance to talk to Patterson? About me maybe helping out a bit.
I got the impression from Tyne that you weren't interested.
Well I'm giving it some more thought.
Where do you land on it? Well, if you're worried I see it as a threat, don't be.
I know Charming has a complicated, bloody history.
I'm not fooled by the Mayberry setting.
I'm very aware of what happened to the last person sitting in this chair.
I like the idea of having someone local to consult with.
Is that what I would be? A, uh, consultant? I believe the official title is Consulting Investigator.
It comes out of the county task-force budget.
So it doesn't chew into my luxurious perks.
It's part-time pay.
But Patterson got you on the county insurance plan.
Sorry about the cancer.
Me too.
Fill those out.
Eglee can take your picture for the ID.
You can carry, but you have to supply your own gun.
Second thoughts? Uh, heh, I wish.
I'm somewhere in the trillions at this point.
A terminal malady tends to do that.
Constant state of self-evaluation.
That sounds very unpleasant.
I'm gonna wanna see everything you have on Tara Knowles's murder.
Why is that? Just bringing myself up to speed.
Wanna be the best consultant I can be.
There's one Sons of Anarchy member that we haven't been able to question.
Ortega? Ortiz.
Any idea where we can find him? These guys come and go all the time.
Charters up and down the coast.
He could be anywhere.
You think he might know something? About Tara? I doubt it.
Juice is kind of, uh, like a child.
Not too savvy.
As opposed to the other leather-clad Mensa members.
Don't buy into that white-trash myth, ma'am.
These guys are not cretins.
Jax Teller is formidable.
As smart as he is dangerous.
Good to know.
Take it easy, Mr.
I'll try.
You have a nice day.
I know.
Yeah? Hey.
Here we go.
Hi, baby.
I'm gonna take these guys to T-M.
Chucky will watch them while I catch up on some work.
Hi, sweetheart.
Here we go.
Um He keeps asking questions about his mom.
And wants to know when Jax is gonna be back.
I didn't know what to tell him.
I'll talk to him.
Come here.
Let's go get something to eat.
Come on.
Hey, sweetie.
What we building? Nothing.
You know, your daddy's gonna be home real soon.
Loves you so much.
Were you there when Mommy went to heaven? No, baby.
How do you know that's where she went? Because your mommy was an angel.
And all angels go to heaven.
Are you okay, Grandma? Always.
So are you taking Abel? Or? No.
Best he plays here.
- Hey, bro.
- Appreciate you coming.
Good to see y'all.
You guys follow me up here, man.
I know how deep this is for you, brother.
Indian Hills has got your back.
What happened to Tara, that shit should never happen.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
I just need to let my crew know what else you'll need from us.
We've been doing some muling for the Vegas Triads into Mexico.
Look, Jury, striking back at the Chinese is Redwood's war.
If you're worried about blowback reaching Nevada-- I'm here to help, Jax.
Just need to know the game plan.
We're gonna unravel Lin.
Take apart his business, fracture all his relationships.
But for now, no one can know it's us.
August Marks doesn't want us to trip up his gun expansion with some street war.
He cannot know that we're the ones gutting Lin.
Black is not an enemy we want right now.
That's ambitious.
Where does it end? I'm gonna wait till Lin's vulnerable, out of allies.
Then I'm gonna reach out, offer him a helping hand.
Once I'm inside, got his total trust l'm gonna let him know that I was the one who ruined him.
Then I'm gonna look around his table, at his men, his family ask him who he wants spared.
First person he points to, that's who I'm killing.
And then everyone else he cares about.
I'm gonna let him live in the agony of that for a little while.
And then I'm gonna end him.
As slowly and painfully as possible.
I understand your personal need here, son.
The level of payback you're talking about pulls the club in a very different direction.
The last time I heard you share your vision you were talking about cutting the ties to the things that were killing us.
I don't have a vision anymore.
All I see is what's right in front of me.
This the local muscle? Yeah.
Where'd you find them? One of my whores.
We can trust them.
Get a 20 on Tig.
All right.
Hey, brother.
Lin's truck just pulled down a private road.
Local farm.
It's too risky to follow, man.
No other way in or out.
- Where are you? - Where are we? County 201.
Lower McCall is the closest cross street.
It's about two miles east.
- Did you get that? - Yeah.
Stay out of sight.
We're on the way.
Truck just pulled up a private road.
A farm just off the 201.
Let's do it.
Let's hit it.
Chibs, see if they'll sell us some of those bales.
I have to be clean for 18 months before I can get my certification back.
I test every other week.
And they still holding a spot for you at sober living? No.
You'd think I'd have my own wing by now.
Heh, heh.
Is that your story? Rehab? Oh, yeah.
They call it Chino.
I signed up for 30 days, but they thought I needed a few more.
Three thousand, six hundred and twenty-seven more.
Ha, ha.
Twelve-step program, huh? Yeah, right.
First step, you admit you need drugs to the wrong guy.
Then you get stomped on by six pissed-off Norteños.
They take all your dope.
Cut off all your hook-ups.
You spend the next two weeks on a cold cement floor in a puddle of your own blood and piss.
Bending out of a soul-crushing, Wow.
You make me look like a pussy.
Ha, ha, ha.
Let's just say I ran out of good ideas.
I stopped taking my own advice.
Unfortunately, I still think I have good ideas.
You go to meetings? It's not really my thing.
I go to church, unload on the priest.
I see my kid a lot.
He keeps the wound fresh.
He's got spina bifida.
His mom was a junkie.
Oh, shit.
I'm sorry.
I wasn't making a judgment call.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I know.
It's crazy how I can just forget that shit.
You know? What I did to my son.
What? No.
You cleaned up.
I mean, you stumbled a bit.
But you know what's right.
That's why you're back, right? For your boy.
He's gonna know that.
That truth will work itself out.
There's this part of me that gets off on all the shit that Jax and Gemma stir up.
It's like the more broken the family gets-- The lies and the violence and Tara's death.
--The more I want to be there.
And I know it's to help, but-- It makes you look like the healthy one.
That's some scary shit, huh? Yeah.
Here's what I know, Wendy.
And it's true on the street as much as it is with my family.
If I stay in truth and I just give it to people straight-- You know, no lies, no spin, no games.
--I always know that whatever happens, it's gonna be the right thing.
You know? Whether I like it or not.
Even if that thing is, like, killing a guy? Really? I'm trying to impart spiritual wisdom here and you gonna go step on my Zen with, like, gangster shit.
I'm sorry.
All right.
You coming in with me? No.
I gotta get over to port.
I'll pick you up in, like, an hour or so.
Oh, come in with me.
Gemma could flip on this school thing.
And I'm gonna need backup.
And she will listen to you.
It won't take long.
Please? All right.
You'll have to take a ride with me over to the port and Stockton afterwards.
That's cool.
We can go visit all my old drug dealers.
So who do we say we are? I don't know.
The nanny and the gardener.
I'm gonna pretend you didn't even say that.
All right.
Silver BMW, panel truck, pulled on to that private road about five minutes ago, brother.
It's gotta be the buyers.
All Asian.
Three deep in the sedan.
Single driver in the truck.
All right, we do it now.
All right.
Rat, take care of this.
What the hell is this? I don't know.
No one is supposed to be working today.
Get them out of here.
Yo, finish them! Go, go, go! Shit! Chibs! Keep going! Jesus Christ! I'm okay.
Let's get these goddamn rice monkeys! Shit.
Get down, brother! Nice driving.
Oi! Monkey.
Oh, shit.
That's Lin's? He asked you a question.
Triads trade their weapons for heroin.
Aah! Take it.
It's ours.
Take all the guns.
You should call Barosky, tell him we need some storage for the hardware.
The docks? Yeah.
Somewhere his guys can keep an eye on it.
What about the smack? We weren't expecting the drugs.
We'll store it with the guns for now.
I got a couple ideas who might want it.
Like, fifty-fifty with the Indian Hills.
You good with that? Yeah.
And the pile of slants? We got that, brother.
We got it.
Thanks, Jury.
Good job.
Let's clean this up.
That shit was crazy fun, man.
Yeah, I'm sorry about the truck.
Yeah, it's cool.
It was a junker anyhow.
Hey, thanks for the work.
No, let me make it right.
Let me know where I can have my guys drop off some cash.
Yeah? Man, that'd be awesome.
One of Colette's girls? No.
Teller's ex.
Little Abel's mom.
She's been looking after the kids.
She needed a ride.
Some sad shit about his old lady.
You baby-sitting for Teller now? Those kids lost their mom.
I'm just helping Gemma pick up the pieces.
So I understand the Mayans got a little business happening waterside.
That's right.
Moving up some coffee from our growers in Central America.
You got a place to store your beans? Yeah.
You don't need to know where.
Don't tell me what I need, amigo.
One phone call, I know where you're holding space.
On the other hand, you telling me, see, that lets us establish a little trust.
You got it all locked down, don't you, teniente? What, are we gonna turn this into a pissing contest here? Business, eh? Business.
You need each other.
We're on Port Road Six.
Got some family in the ILW, he hooked me up.
You got product there now? How often you loading in and out? Shipments from Quetzal will be coming in once a month.
We'll need access to the coffee two, three times a week.
Folks gotta have their lattes.
What's your piece, Charlie? No piece.
Flat fee.
Week to week.
That's the way Alvarez wants it.
Alrighty, but you're asking a whole lot of folks to look the other way.
It's gonna take at least 5K to make everybody happy and quiet.
You know, the dirty cops in Oakland were smart.
Never got greedy.
Never let the power go to their heads.
All right, homey.
Come on.
No, it's all right.
Let him finish, man.
I enjoy it when I hear a rapist share a good law enforcement anecdote.
What? You don't think I did a little homework on you? That rape's at the top of your rap sheet, Oscar.
How old was that girl? Seventeen, right? You're a scumbag like the rest of us, Charlie.
That was your move.
So you don't get to sit here and play good cop anymore.
I'll take your offer to the table.
We'll let you know.
I don't think he likes me.
Throw another patrol around Colette's place.
The Navy freaks, they're getting a little rowdy.
They're bothering the neighbors.
Mona, right now you're the only wetback I don't wanna see dead.
Hey, kids.
Where's the little monsters? Mm.
At the house.
With Brooke.
Where the hell you been? Ah, pajama party.
Chucky, you give us a minute? You okay with that? - Yeah.
- All right.
I'll be right outside.
Should we have, like, a signal or something? I'll scream for help.
That'll work.
He's very protective.
I see that.
You look like shit, Wayne.
I didn't sleep much.
Spent the night in a bathtub, bound and gagged.
Wow! What'd that cost you? Nothing.
Juice didn't charge me.
I know you've been helping him, Gem.
How'd you know he was there? Wendy? I spotted Juice's bag there when I was picking her up.
Went back to check it out after I dropped her off.
What'd he say? Not much at first.
Neither did I.
That'd be the bound-and-gagged part of the story.
Jesus Christ.
He cut me loose.
He's all twisted up, Gem.
Told me why you were helping him.
It's a good thing.
You putting friendship over club rule.
I know that choice didn't come easy.
It didn't.
I told Juice.
I'll tell you.
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
I'm tired of counting bodies too.
Thank you, Wayne.
I'm gonna go lay down a little.
Bring you some tea? That would be nice.
Come on.
Get in there.
Copacetic? Perfect.
All right.
Did you get it? Oh, yeah.
That'll help.
Think Lin knows yet? He will before we hit Modesto.
Here you go, sweetheart.
So that's gonna be, like, five days a week? Yeah.
But you start slow.
Half days.
Let the kids adjust a little.
Grandma's the only one who'll need to adjust.
Oh, yeah.
Ha, ha.
Whoa, whoa, what this guy doing? Get down.
Get down.
It-- It's okay.
Just stay here.
What's going on? I don't know.
What the hell is this? Someone hit my gun delivery in Selma.
All we found was a lot of blood and an overturned truck.
Six of my guys, four of my best customers are MIA.
Along with my guns and compensation.
So why you going all "GTA" on me? I'm here with your partner trying to help secure the port.
Only ones outside my circle who knew about that delivery were the goddamn Irish.
They must've told Teller.
The MC hit my delivery.
No, no.
That makes no sense.
Come on, Henry.
Jax set this up.
He got you the Irish guns.
Why would he want to take it down? I don't know.
That's why you're gonna find him and bring him to me.
All right.
All right, I'll try.
Don't try, Nero.
Do it.
Détente is over.
So I guess you heard all that? Yep.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna revoke my diplomatic immunity.
Uhn! Shit.
What are you doing? You do understand the way you stay alive is that people don't know you're here, right? Unser found my bag.
I got that part of the story.
How'd it go with the Chinese last night? I don't know.
I picked out one of Lin's guys.
Jax on board? Whatever that running beef is it was deep enough for him to believe that Lin's crew killed Tara.
He needed it.
So, what else you tell Unser? Nothing.
He was poking around about Tara.
Said he wanted to help me get out of town.
Why? You think he's bullshitting? Unser's helping the sheriffs with Tara's case.
Hired him to be some kind of consultant.
What does that mean? Well, he was relieved that I'm keeping you alive.
So I don't think he's gonna out you.
But you know we can't take any chances.
It's a clean burner.
Here's $4300.
It's all I could get right now.
I have money at the shop.
It's the key to my dad's house.
They put it up for sale.
It's empty.
But the power's on.
You can crash there till we figure out something permanent.
Gemma-- Pack your shit.
Take the junkie's car and go.
Call me when you get there.
There's nothing more to talk about.
You gotta leave.
Hey, thanks for coming.
Listen, things have gotten a little unraveled.
We heard about the Chinese guns.
From who? Fox News.
They're blaming Obama.
We got a pipeline just like you, amigo.
I hope that pipeline has some answers because Lin will be here any minute.
Hardly bring anyone over I keep everything as quiet as I can And over I-- Over Hello? Hello? It wasn't us, Henry.
We met with August this morning.
We've been at the porn warehouse since then.
Then it must've been the goddamn Irish.
Maybe Marks has them on a string too.
No, no, IRA doesn't give a shit about local buys.
And they hate the fact they're working with black.
So Wasn't Connor.
Look, I put my Indian Hills charter on it.
They know Selma, they're gonna dig in.
I'll find out Who did it.
You have until noon tomorrow.
If I don't have something by then, I swear to God-- I get it-- No, you don't! I am done playing by nigger rules.
I want my men, my guns and my heroin.
Let me be very clear, Jackson.
If that does not happen the violence will not stop at the Stockton-Oakland borders.
It will come to Charming.
I will turn Mayberry into a goddamn killing field.
Oh, hey, man.
Come on in.
How you doing? Hey.
You guys want a hit? No.
We're good.
For the truck.
- Thanks for that.
- Thanks.
You guys partying all alone? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just us tonight.
That's good.
But I'm not a fool There's no need to pretend Set it.
It doesn't mean I have to come deal with it You handle your own when you become a man And become a man when you handle your own Ain't much I can do but I do what I can Good? It's good.
Till it's gone Till it's gone It's Bobby Munson.
Tell Lin we found the crew that hit his delivery.
Very solid.
Out of Selma.
Yeah, I got an address.
Well, you can come out whenever you want.
Ain't much I can do but I do what I can But I'm not a fool There's no need to pretend Just because you got yourself in some jam We are running out of room out here.
I know a thousand places to bury bodies.
Of course you do.
And become a man When you handle your own Ain't much I can do But I do what I can But what can I do if I do till it's gone? Till it's gone Till it's gone Till it's gone But what can I do if I do till it's gone? I'm not the trash can Not the last man at the finish line, now I'm not the new kid Hey, Gibby.
Open up.
It's me.
Needle in the haystack That you finally found God.
I'm not the gold watch and the new truck That you're scheming to check out Ain't much I can do but I do what I can But I'm not a fool There's no need to pretend So glad you're here, baby.
It doesn't mean I have to come deal with it You handle your own When you become a man And become a man When you handle your own Ain't much I can do But I do what I can But what can I do if I do till it's gone? Till it's gone Till it's gone Till it's gone Hey.
Good night.
Good night.
I jump to the sky for my people I walk through the fire I give love when it's equal Don't tell me not to complain About my money and fame when you Come around me telling me I've changed Damn right, I've fucking changed When there's fucking change in my pocket Hit the bucket It was a-rocking all of a sudden I went from shopping without nothing To going shopping for my cousins Gibby.
Pull me over just to say "I'm a fan" Hip hop, gotta love it Ain't much I can do but I do what I can But I'm not a fool there's no need to pretend You handle your own When you become a man And become a man When you handle your own Ain't much I can do but I do what I can But what can I do if I do till it's gone? Till it's gone