Sons of Anarchy s07e03 Episode Script

Playing with Monsters

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: August.
Any word on what happened to your wife? Nothing yet.
Revenge can't land on the street.
I won't do a thing until the time is right.
You killed my wife.
I'm here to help.
Just need to know the game plan.
We're gonna unravel Lin.
Take apart his business.
Triads trade their weapons for heroin.
That shit was crazy fun, man.
Let me know where I can drop off cash.
That'll be awesome.
Is that what I'd be, a consultant? I believe the official title is consulting investigator.
I wanna see everything you have on Tara Knowles' murder.
Why is that? I wanna be the best consultant I can be.
Things have gotten a little unraveled.
- We heard about the Chinese guns.
- Lin's gonna be here.
It wasn't us, Henry.
I'll put my Indian Hills charter on it.
They'll dig in.
You have until noon tomorrow.
If I don't have something by then, I will turn Charming into a killing field.
I spent the night in a bathtub, bound and gagged.
What'd that cost you? Juice didn't charge me.
Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
I'm tired of counting bodies too.
How you doing? You guys wanna hit? No, we're good.
Partying all alone? Yeah.
It's just us tonight.
It's Bobby Munson.
Tell Lin we found the crew that hit his delivery.
Hey, Gibby.
Open up.
It's me.
Gibby? Action.
Throw the switch.
More power.
Skankenstein lives.
Skankenstein is horny.
- And cut.
- Yeah, baby! Yeah! Yeah, baby.
Congratulations, boys.
That was the first take of a Red Woody production.
You're a genius.
Thank you.
You said you wanted to help.
And I meant it.
You're working with the sheriffs.
I am.
But that's about Tara.
Something I need to do.
How do I know I can trust you? You really gotta ask me that? You had me bound and gagged in a bathtub, son.
I think I would've already dropped a dime on you if that's what I wanted.
I need a favor.
It's a big one.
But it's something that I need to do.
Before I just run away.
But I'm gonna want a favor too.
About Tara.
Anything that can point me in the direction of her killer.
You give me that and I'll help you.
Oh, Jesus.
Oh, no.
That's too heavy, Mama.
What you got in there? Guns and ammo? Books.
Way more dangerous.
Hey, Gem.
Are you taking these? No.
I've got African crows at home.
They'd just shred them into cat food.
You want them? Really? Yeah.
I think they're beautiful.
Yeah they really are.
They see everything.
Sandy, phone.
It's Ken again.
What? It's my dad.
He doesn't like what I do until he needs money.
DO you really have to leave? Temporary.
I can't believe you're gonna make me schlep out to that Stockton whorehouse.
It just means I'm gonna have to spend a little bit more time at your place.
Why not.
Everyone else is living there.
Oh, come on.
I thought you like a full house.
Heh, heh.
I do.
I do.
You sure everything's gonna be okay with you and Jax? Seems tense.
Streets are still a little complicated.
You know.
We're gonna get through it.
Hey, hey.
Now, I wouldn't pull you back in if I didn't think that.
Hmm? Okay.
We went to Selma.
Found the house.
Was the crew there? One of them.
Shotgun hole in the chest.
- Huh.
- Shit.
Triads get there first? I don't know yet.
There was a lot of blood and footprints.
But whoever did it, left a kilo right on the table.
It was ours.
Did you find the rest? No.
Who were these guys? How'd you get intel on them? One of our other charters, Indian Hills.
Bumped into them a couple times, hauling guns back to Nevada.
Ex-peckervvoods move meth and anything else they can steal.
They put the word out right after your buy got hit that they had smack to sell.
Not very bright.
That's my point.
Figured it had to be them.
We're gonna dig into this.
But for now Henry will keep the detente in place.
Fair enough.
Let us know if you need help.
Think he was lying about the one body? I don't know.
Why would he? They were both very dead.
Family and friends could've found him.
And left the heroin? Dig into the guy that's MIA.
See if you can find out who he is.
And where the hell he went.
I'll call Jury.
Come on.
I gotta visit Tully.
See if he can move these extra keys.
Ebony Prince.
You expecting him? No.
You're a little early.
Twelve Inches a Slave don't shoot until this afternoon.
Get in.
So much for playful banter.
I think they're still a little sensitive about the whole slave thing.
My bad.
If he drives, we follow.
So, what's going on? What did Lin's crew want? I saw them driving away.
Just tying down loose ends on the Irish guns.
This doesn't work if we don't trust each other.
And trust can't live in the same space as secrets and lies.
DO you agree? Yeah.
So I'll ask you again.
Why were the Chinese here? Same reason you're here, August.
Chinese gun-buy down in Selma got ambushed.
We're the likely suspects.
I gave Lin proof that we had nothing to do with it.
There's not gonna be a war.
I'll need that proof as well.
It was local peckerwoods.
One of our NV charters got the intel.
I gave it to Lin.
His crew found them dead with a brick of their H.
Sloppy amateurs.
Very convenient.
Dead alibi.
Few kilos still at large.
I know they lost four.
This doesn't work if we don't trust each other.
So we good? You know the biggest difference between me and Mr.
Pope? Damon made his bones being the smartest guy on the street.
I made mine being the deadliest.
Don't cross me, Jackson.
I'd have no remorse killing you or any of the Sons.
Change of plans.
Visiting white will have to wait.
It's a black day.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye What's up, bro? Yo.
Hey, thanks for meeting half-way.
No problem.
What's pressing? Shit.
What isn't? I hear that.
Shit's getting very complicated, man.
Sorry about your old lady.
Sorry about your crew getting hit.
Me too.
August shutting down payback.
That can't be going down easy.
It ain't.
Why am I here, man? August is clamping down on us too.
I know.
He thinks you hit the Chinese gun-buy.
Did you? The direction I'm headed it might not be the same as August.
In fact, we may end up running head on into each other.
That happens, I need to know where I stand with the One-Niners.
We don't have independent business like your club.
Laroy sold our street to Pope three years ago.
August Marks feeds our pipeline.
We shit on that hookup, we could lose everything.
Come on, bro.
You were solid before Pope.
You'll be solid after Marks, right? What if I promise I'll make sure your crew keeps their turf.
Stays whole.
Shit with the Mayans, my niggas is all sideways already, man.
That's gonna be a hard promise to sell.
Maybe this'll make it easier.
Half a key.
You move that on your own.
Nothing goes to Marks.
We'll take a nominal bite.
You use the profit to give purple a base to break away.
And you'll get the other half once we're sure you're with us.
You did hit the Chinese.
Nah, let's just say it fell off a truck.
I have an internal problem.
Could complicate things.
One of my O.
s, Chester Kray he's using this yellow-brown shit-storm to make a play.
He's splitting off.
Starting a new set of purple.
How many going with him? Don't matter.
Any divide hurts me.
You help me squash that I'll make sure that the Niners land with the outlaws.
I did some digging.
I may have an angle on the murders.
That was fast.
This from the MC? Uh, more or less.
Might make sense to focus the investigation on Henry Lin's crew out of Oakland.
Why would the Chinese kill Knowles and Roosevelt? The MC are getting out of guns.
They handed over their business to black.
The crew under Pope's heir, August Marks.
The Chinese are upset about that.
So why kill the wife and not Teller? I'm not sure.
But Eli was assigned to escort Tara.
My guess is he was collateral damage.
Who's your source, Wayne? Somebody paying me back a favor.
It's reliable intel.
You should dig in.
Hand it off to the detectives.
That consulting badge isn't carte blanche to go rogue.
It's a-- I know.
I know.
To aid the investigation.
I need to know who you're talking to.
And if I wanna keep him talking it's gotta be off the record.
For now.
No disrespect.
Well, now, you treat your woman right She'll be back like you knew she would Shit.
I thought she was shopping? Me too.
Brooke? Are you in there? Why is this door locked? Coming.
One second.
Oh, Christ.
Really? In front of the baby? He was sleeping.
And he's like a baby.
Bad judgment.
I got it.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
This was-- This is all my fault.
Don't tell Gemma.
She's just a kid.
Do not pull her into this.
I'm not pulling her into anything.
Just-- Just don't knock her up.
Okay? Bye-bye.
This better not come back to bite me in the ass, handsome Jack.
Come on, Charlie.
You can trust me.
That's what Custer said to his troops.
You'll come out looking like a hero.
Jax, just heard from Chester.
Pier 19, bro.
We'll let you know when it goes down.
I'll be here, waiting for the Indians.
Thanks for meeting us.
Hey, boys.
This is a friendly conversation.
So we can all just relax.
Right? They'll relax when I tell them to.
- I know you been talking to Tyler.
- Yeah.
He had a few things to say about you.
None of them good.
That's why we asked you here.
We're looking for someone in purple who's actually got some balls.
Who ain't afraid to stand up to August Marks.
Yeah, and why is that? Lin had my wife killed.
Marks won't let me retaliate.
Same way he won't let your crew pay back the Mayans.
Boss be the boss.
What can you do? I can handle my shit.
When I do, boss ain't gonna like it.
He's gonna try to turn the Niners against us.
I'm looking for some like-minded allies.
And if you find this ally? I'd split the spoils of war.
But first, I'd hand back the guns the Mayans took from you.
Because we know where they are.
Navy docks.
Ten minutes away.
That's bold.
I'll give you all that.
Your intel any good? Oh, yeah.
Charlie Barosky.
Ex-cop, runs the port.
He's on my payroll.
We'll be in and out so fast no one will know what happened.
And you look like a leader.
See you there.
I'm gonna put you on as a contact.
Which means that you can pick up Abel from school if we need you to.
I'm an excellent driver.
All right.
Just keep your claws out of your pants and on the wheel I'll be happy.
What is that? Whoa.
Stop it.
You can't just take what you want.
I can take what's mine.
What the hell is this? Who's this? Your whore queen? Stop it.
This dick a john? I'm her father.
Mind your own business.
All of you.
He's taking my money again.
You're paying me back, lying slut.
Where's your wallet? Get out of here.
CHUCK Gemma.
Gemma! No.
All right.
Hitting women.
All right, all right.
- Baby, you okay? - I'm all right.
Are you okay? I'm sorry.
Oh, Christ.
I'm sorry, Daddy.
- Shut up.
- I'm sorry.
You don't need to be in there.
Here we go.
Let's get you something to drink.
You're hurt, Grandma.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What happened to her daddy? He-- He did a bad thing.
Does my daddy do bad things? No.
Why would you think that? Your daddy is a good man.
That's it.
Gray door, unit 11.
What? There's no Mayans keeping watch? Shouldn't be.
That's what they pay Barosky for.
Know what? Let's play this safe.
Hap, you and me, we'll take your two guys.
We'll go in the side.
We'll hit the front.
Well, all right then.
Let's get our goddamn guns.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
There they are.
Damn, Jax.
I see you weren't playing.
I'm all business, brother.
Check them out.
Hey, Mom.
What's up? Well, he snores a lot at night "I'm not afraid of monsters.
The monsters are my friends.
" Who the hell called the sheriffs? Sandy.
Her dad told her to.
All right.
You Okay? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Where's the animal that hit you? He's in the kitchen.
Did he see it? Not really.
You good, little man? Shut the door, please.
Sheriff Althea Jarry.
Jax Teller.
I didn't realize this was a family business.
Well, we're business partners.
We run another place out of Stockton as well.
I know.
This is a rare occurrence for us.
We run a legit, quiet business here.
I get it.
All your paperwork's in order.
Your permits are up to date.
However, Mr.
Haas, your employee's father he's pressing assault charges.
We're gonna be pressing charges as well.
He came in here, he smacked Gemma.
Haas says he came by to pick up the money his daughter owed him.
They were having a family discussion.
Gemma interfered.
He told her to back off.
Then, Mr.
Padilla here, went to town on him.
Oh, come on.
That doesn't even make sense.
I'll tell you what.
I'll have a chat with the dad.
Let him know how complicated these things can become.
We'd appreciate that.
You know what I would appreciate? I would appreciate you helping me find Juan Carlos Ortiz.
He's the only member of your charter that we haven't interviewed about the murders.
Juice split when I was inside.
He didn't really say much about where he was going.
That's unfortunate.
Because if I can't track him down, the DA wants to put out an APB.
I'll see what I can find out.
What about the Chinese? Would they have any reason to wanna hurt your club? Not that I know of.
I'm a very big fan of their food.
Are we done here? Can I go? Yeah.
Just stay reachable.
I'm sure we can all work together to keep Charming safe and profitable.
For everyone.
Understood? Yes, ma'am.
We should connect later, Scotty.
There is a new sheriff in town.
Apparently, she's looking for a profitable relationship.
And a Glaswegian humping.
I'm gonna let you guys handle the humping.
Barosky called while all this shit was going down.
There's trouble at the docks.
What trouble? I don't know but I'm going there to find out.
Look after your mom.
APB on Juice is very bad.
Hey, I'm sure that boy is far, far away.
You park in the back? Yeah.
You sure you wanna do this? I have to.
You can't back out.
Let's go.
Yeah? Jury, it's Bobby Elvis.
What's up, Bobby? I need some intel, my brother.
We're getting some blowback about those guys who helped us with the Chinese.
What kind of blowback? Well, I heard they've been bragging about what happened.
We just need to track them down, remind them about policy.
Sorry to hear that.
That's my bad.
I vouched for them.
Well, it's not a problem yet.
But we just wanna find out who they are before it does.
Of course.
I knew the one guy a little bit.
Name was Gib.
I think it was.
Well, that helps.
Anything else? No.
Appreciate it.
All right.
Take care, Bobby.
Give my best to Jax.
Will do.
We took care of your internal problem.
Chester won't be making noise no more.
I appreciate that.
Some of my crew are gonna get very nervous when that word gets out.
But the rest are gonna be very loyal.
You need to weed out the nervous ones.
Yeah, man.
You do.
We don't wanna have to do this again.
How do I do that? Why don't you have someone you trust put out the word that Chester is gathering up anyone who wants to see a change in leadership.
His ghost? Yeah.
Say he's meeting out of town.
The old Creme Club on Winchester.
Four o'clock.
I could do that.
We're in this together now, brother.
You understand that, right? I'm good with that.
I'll make the call to August.
Let him know about our renegade problem.
My brother.
I appreciate it.
No doubt.
That was the DPO.
- My parole officer needs to see me.
- What for? I don't know.
Just left a message.
Be at the diner across from their office in an hour.
Bullshit check in.
DOC cracking down.
All right, go.
Handle it.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
A beautiful day in the neighborhood.
How many? Three One-Niners.
My guys got a call about something black.
Saw the lock blown off the door.
Come in here hot.
End up dropping all of them.
We'll dump them in Lincoln Village.
Give those shitheads something to do.
We don't like paperwork.
Thanks, Paulie.
This cleanup's gonna require extra in next week's envelope.
How did the Niners find out where we store our shit? Not my problem.
You pay me to protect it.
I did.
I think it's gonna get worse.
There's a One-Nine coup going down right now in Oakland.
These guys had something to do with it.
Word is, Tyler had nothing to do with coming after your guns.
Rogue set looking to arm up.
Makes them a threat.
Gotta be dealt with.
Exactly, and I don't want it landing here.
Here? This Niner splinter group's is meeting in Stockton, off the grid.
Gathering up at the Creme Club down on Winchester.
They'll be there today at 4:00.
How do you know that? I know everything dirty that moves within a 10-mile radius of here.
You should take note of that.
Collect your crew.
We'll meet at the liquor store.
This is a Mayan problem.
No, carnal.
It's a brown problem.
And you may not wanna believe this, ése but you're in this shit as deep as the rest of us.
So be there.
It seems you're weak when I am strong I know we set each other off What are you doing here? Sit down, please.
Sit down.
I had a friend make that call from the DPO to get you out here.
And why the hell would you do that? I'm sorry.
I took him at gunpoint.
He had no choice.
Jesus Christ you dumb bastard.
It's the only way I can get you to come alone.
I needed to talk to you.
You're way past talking.
You should've run when you had the chance.
This is all I have.
I got no place to run to.
What the hell do you want? Did the club vote for Mayhem or is Jax doing this on his own? That's none of your business.
I need to know if there's something I can do to earn my way back.
I'll do anything, man.
If I were you l'd take that gun put it in my mouth and pull the trigger.
You follow me out, I'll put a round in your tires.
I'm sorry, brother.
I never meant to hurt the club.
It's the only family I have.
I love you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
There's a dozen badges between you and the door.
Where is he going? I have no idea.
He's lost, son.
I know.
That's why he has to go away.
He wanted to know if there was a way back into the MC.
So I told him to turn the gun on himself.
How'd he get to Unser? Says he turned up at the trailer, middle of the night.
Took him at gunpoint.
What does Unser know? He knows we want him dead.
But he doesn't know why.
All right.
We should alert the other charters.
He might reach out.
Take an envelope to our friendly sheriff.
I'll convince her Juice is a dead end.
You think? Two K? Yeah.
Get her off the Chinese trail.
I got a name on the missing body from Jury.
I gave it to the bounty hunter that's with my ex to see what he turns up.
Some guys out back to see you.
What color? Black and blacker.
Let's go.
I'll be right there.
You know any time you feel the need to slow this down we would understand that too.
I'm okay.
When I think about where this all started Sometimes, I wonder what would've happened if you didn't come back.
Wendy hadn't been such a mess.
But then I look at them I realize it all happened the way it was supposed to happen.
You talking to your birds? Yeah.
Unser's here.
He needs to talk to us.
I got him.
Um Thanks for-- Thanks for not saying anything.
I love him.
You don't even know him.
Yes, I do.
And you must've loved Jax when you were together.
I still do.
I just know I can't be with him.
I stopped Chibs from going after him.
It was a cop diner.
Oh, shit.
Did Juice tell him who's been hiding him? No.
I told the Scot that he took me at gunpoint from my trailer.
But the DA wants to put out an APB.
Oh, Jesus.
If Jax finds out he was in town, just a matter of time before he realizes where he's been staying.
Is he back at the apartment? I guess so.
Where else would he go? All right.
Go get him.
Physically put him in your car and drive him out of town.
Where? Anywhere.
Find a hotel in Sutter or San Jose.
Just get him out of San Joa.
He's a raw nerve.
I'll go with you.
Now would be better than later.
All right.
This started because we couldn't hit back at the Mayans.
How many? Hard to say.
Chester has influence.
Six, maybe more.
- You need to kill that virus.
- We'll handle it.
We're just giving you the heads-up.
These rogue guys could strike out at the Mayans.
Or the Chinese.
If shit goes down, you need to know it wasn't us.
I've got a huge property deal that needs to close, and my business partner's MIA.
Our investors are already getting skittish.
The last thing I need is a gang war that brings the feds sniffing around my relationships.
End this rogue problem.
I hate to tell you, Mr.
Marks, but the war's already on.
And you're losing it.
Yo, this our dog? Yeah.
That's Chester's ride.
Let's do this.
When it ain't about nothing When I tell you That it ain't about nothing It ain't about nothing Sheriff.
It's Ally.
I'm Off duty.
"Chip" was it? Chibs.
Scottish slang for "street blade.
" My God.
How old were you? I was an angry 19 year old.
An angry 21.
On the job? Easter dinner.
My ex.
One of them.
That for me? Sure is.
I was expecting intel on Ortiz.
You finding Juice is not gonna help your investigation.
And this APB well, that's just complicating everything.
For everyone.
Well, that's a call that comes down from above but I'll do what I can.
At the very least, I'll buy you a few days.
All right.
Not sure where you're getting your intel but we're all good with the Chinese.
That a complication as well? Just trying to help you do your job.
I can see that.
That's a flexible rate.
Based upon your services.
We'd also appreciate a heads-up on anything coming down from above.
And I'd appreciate a heads-up of anything ugly coming up from below.
Fair enough.
Ride safe.
It's just till you figure out where you wanna go.
You gotta stay put.
That APB goes out, every cop will have your picture.
I'll check you in under my name.
We'll check on you tomorrow.
Okay? Let's go.
She home? Uh, not yet.
I'm just doing laundry.
But have a seat.
Gemma made cake.
I'm on my own again Though the sun still shines With no point, no language, no friends There's just the passing of time Hey, babe.
I appreciate you helping out.
Oh, of course.
You know, any excuse to bake.
Rough day? Yeah.
This will help.
Paper prince in a Play-Doh tower Stay.
What are you doing? This place belong to Henry Lin.
Know who he is? August Marks doesn't give a shit.
Oh, shit.
Homerun, baby.
Don't you look at me.
All right, fellas, let's round them up.
Let's get out of here.
- Let's go.
Let's go.
- Come on, yo! I might be back for you.
How'd you boys do? I'm three for three.
Grim Bastards 1, Chinks 0.
Yeah, but those was some skinny-ass hoes.
What's up with that shit? Hey, next stop is Chow-Foo Spa and Rubs.
Paper prince in a Play-Doh tower Hey.
I'm sorry about today.
I had no right getting in your business.
How'd you find out where I lived? I asked Sandy.
Wanted to come by.
Peace offering.
Say, I'm sorry.
Pineapple upside-down cake.
Might wanna put it in the fridge.
Get me a drink.
Come on in.
Everybody is looking up But I have to look down So, what can I get you? No, stop.
Oh, please, stop.