Sons of Anarchy s07e04 Episode Script

Poor Little Lambs

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Oh, shit.
I want my men, my guns and my heroin.
It wasn't us, Henry.
I gave Lin proof that we had nothing to do with it.
Are we good? Don't cross me, Jackson.
I have no remorse killing you or any of the Sons.
This place belong to Henry Lin.
Know who he is? August Marks doesn't give a shit.
Ah! How'd you boys do? Good.
I'm three for three.
I took him at gunpoint.
He had no choice.
What do you want? I needed to talk to you.
You're way past talking.
Where is he going? I have no idea.
The D.
wants to put out an APB.
Go get him and drive him out of town.
He's a raw nerve.
I'll go with.
It's just till you figure out where you wanna go.
- I'll check you in under my name.
- Oh, yes.
Wait, Wait.
Ah! You got a problem, this here's Rev.
Jonathan Haddem.
Head Pastor, Piedmont Grace Center for God and apparently women's lingerie.
Let's get the bodies out of there.
Chigger Woods.
Keep them shallow and marked.
What the hell is this? This dick a john? He's taking my money again.
Get out of here! No! No, daddy! Mr.
He's pressing assault charges.
Rough day? Yeah.
This will help.
If I find the right size bowl how much do you think you're gonna be feeding the dog? Two cases.
High-end rice chow.
Is that an old Asian recipe? That's right.
I got some relationship issues to work out.
Some sharing the dog park shit.
So is that a yes? You're gonna meet my dog walker.
He'll make the final call.
Well, that's gonna have to be soon.
Dog food's got an expiration date.
What are you doing? Cameras.
Oh, no, I bought this room.
They ain't on.
Then why the hell are we talking in code? I miss my dogs.
I'm guessing German Shepherds.
- I got him.
- No need.
Grandma, I presume? Maybe.
Well-- I assumed because of what happened.
I take care of him now.
Good morning, Abel.
So you stay in the car during drop-off.
It just makes things so much quicker.
All right, here's your lunch, babe.
Come on.
Bye, honey.
Bye, sweetheart.
You his teacher? One of them.
Folks get a little impatient in the morning.
Yeah, this is a drop-off.
If you wanna walk your kids in, you gotta park-- Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's my first time.
And, uh if you beep at me again, morn l'm gonna shove that cup so far up your ass you're gonna be shitting mochachino for a month.
Damn, grandma's kind of crazy.
Appreciate you helping out.
Lyla off doing porn full time? Behind the camera.
She's running it for Jax.
Kiki, she's great at the door but not much of an administrator.
She's dumb as a rubber thumb.
I was just trying to be diplomatic.
I'll help her.
So is Jax spending any time here? Yeah.
He checks in every day.
Is he doing okay? I mean, that was some brutal shit.
He's, you know doing what a guy would do whose wife was murdered.
Do I have to use, like, math and stuff to figure out these percentages? I'll be here all day if you need me.
I'll check in later.
I'm gonna take Wendy's lead on that private school.
Expensive as shit.
I just don't get it.
I never sent Jax or Thomas to any of that daycare or gymbob jamboree shit.
Feels lazy to me.
Dropping off your kids for strangers to raise.
But I know it's what you'd want.
Schools are different now.
Kids gotta keep up.
Who knows? Maybe Thomas will be a doctor like you.
But Abel I can see it in his eyes.
He is his daddy's son.
He knows his tribe.
I never doubted my loyalty.
Remember Prulow, man? Fat little shithead from Woodhaven.
I bailed out his pussy ass when the Ozone crew was gonna gut him for losing that numbers bag.
I didn't have to do that.
I just knew his heart was in the gig.
Club's gotta know that.
It doesn't seem fair.
Who you talking to? Someone in the shower? Thank you.
This ain't gonna end so good.
I'll take the morning shift.
Tully's boots on the ground, Leland Gruen said he'll meet us at Oswald's timber trail.
I gave him your number to lock down a time.
Anybody know this guy? AB lifer.
Did double dimes for assault.
I think he got out last year.
You talk price? Leland will test it.
Give us a street rate.
This ain't about profit.
It's about protecting our flank.
And dumping this poxy heroin.
Hey, Tyler's here.
You can use the bar.
I'm in post all day.
All right.
Hey, boss.
Three Chinese rub and tugs got hit last night.
Black guys.
Lin wants blood.
He thinks that it was us.
Was it? Hell no.
August is spinning out, man.
He's afraid that the streets are going to blow up as he's trying to close this deal in Piedmont.
It's a huge government housing project.
The one where his partner's MIA? Yeah.
He's a pastor over at Piedmont Grace.
August needs his signature on the paperwork by the end of the day tomorrow.
And before Lin retaliates and all his investors get skittish.
And what, the preacher won't sign? He dropped out of sight last week.
And now his old lady is MIA.
- Why are they all disappearing? - I don't know.
But his wife's got power of attorney, she can sign off on everything.
August thinks that she'll be easier to find.
- So, what do you need from us? - Search and rescue.
The wife, Loutreesha.
I mean, look, Piedmont might like its pastors to be black but they prefer their residents to be a shade paler.
You need some white boys to knock on doors? Something like that.
That's a clean town, man.
It's gonna be hard to shake out information.
Loutreesha goes by her maiden name, McQueen.
She's got a sister in Piedmont, she's got a half-sister in Montclair.
That's all I got.
All right.
You might wanna have Andre the Giant and Captain Psycho sit this one out.
- Ha, ha, ha.
- I'm just saying.
Don't wanna scare them fragile white folks.
All right, we'll dig in.
Let you know.
The Pantyhose Preacher.
It's a small world after all.
If we don't find that wife Marks is gonna keep digging till he finds the pastor.
Lot of eyes could have seen us go in that apartment, man.
We went in big.
So where do we start looking? Chigger Woods.
We're gonna ask the preacher.
Jesus Christ.
That's the good preacher.
Phone's in his pocket.
- Rat? - Shit.
This is probably getting you hard.
What was that? This is gonna be hard.
They're wet.
We'll charge them up.
See if we can salvage anything.
All right.
I'm gonna stop by Diosa.
See you back at Red Woody.
Come on, come on.
Hole's not gonna fill itself.
That's what he said.
Ha, ha, ha.
That was funny, honey.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Hey, is West at the warehouse? Yeah.
I'm with Gemma today.
Any activity at the docks? No, it's been quiet.
Barosky's guys have been around, checking out the guns.
But that's about it.
All right.
Looks good.
I think I'm gonna lose these blinds and hang some drapes.
I think it'll help with the noise.
We all know how loud a good massage can be.
You good? I'm fine.
Did you take him to school? Yeah.
Brooke's got Thomas.
Is Nero around? Um, your blond mommy fetish out there said that he'd be back in a few hours.
Heh, heh.
First of all, if I had a mommy fetish, I'd be hooking up with some psycho dominatrix.
That seems unfair.
Second, the phrase "mommy fetish," coming out the mouth of my own mother should never happen again.
I just call it like I see it, babe.
I gotta head back to Red Woody.
Do me a favor.
When you see Nero, give him the heads up about Juice.
Let him know he's around.
Why would Nero care? Just tell him.
He can call me for details.
Stay with her.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you for helping out here.
Will I see you later? I don't know.
I hope so.
Be careful with him.
Don't worry, mom.
We're just friends.
Right now he needs more than a friend.
Just don't complicate his life any more than it already is.
How could I do that? Making him think too much.
I think your calculator's messed up.
Keeps giving me the wrong answer.
If he's hanging out here, that shouldn't be a problem.
Let's go.
I just totally wrote that.
Got an update on the escort's father.
Did you find him? Yeah.
Ken Haas spent the last 36 hours at St.
Fractured jaw, concussion, two broken ribs.
Let me guess, he's withdrawing the charges.
I pressed.
He wasn't having it.
Think it was Padilla? Shit.
Grab Cane.
Follow me to the whore club.
All right.
Here it comes.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
Who's my dirty, little whore, baby? Are you shitting me? Oh, no, that happens later.
Yeah, it does.
Jax, we couldn't get the cell phone to work.
This has no personal info on it.
He just used it to record his cummings and goings.
Besides Venus, the only thing on here is the shit that went down that day.
Find Venus.
I know where she is.
We've stayed in touch.
Should I be worried he stayed in touch? You do good work, Mama.
Where you been? You didn't come home the other night.
I haven't heard from you, so Just-- I've been putting in long hours down at T-M.
Trying to catch up.
Everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Look, I know everything's upside down because of Tara.
And you know, you got every right to be a little far away.
I just need to know it's not about us.
I mean, there isn't something happening here that I should know about, right? Uh-uh.
No, no.
We're perfect.
Oh, shit.
This just might be my ride.
Give my lawyer a call.
How can I help you, sheriff? I'm here to deliver the good news.
Kenneth Haas isn't pressing assault charges.
I mean, uh you came all the way out here with backup to share that? Haas also spent a day or two in the hospital.
Seems someone picked up right where you left off.
Broke his jaw, a few ribs.
Tuned him up pretty good.
You thinking that was me? I don't know.
Maybe I should ask the den mother.
I don't think we've officially met.
Lieutenant Sheriff Althea Jarry.
Althea? Guess your folks were hoping for a black baby.
We don't know what happened to Sandy's dad.
Where's Teller and the Scot? Working.
Tell them I'd like a few minutes of their valuable time.
Absolutely, sister.
If we see them, we'll let them know.
We'll check the garage and ice cream shop.
Their porn studio is up and running too.
Stockton Port.
Find Chibs.
I'll start there.
Keep it off the radio.
This is personal.
Yes, ma'am.
Oh, well, I do love those boots.
Oh, yeah, me too.
Why are you looking for him? He and his family might be in danger.
Well, I'm not surprised.
That freaky, little holy man liked to live close to the flame.
God can only protect us so much.
Why do you have his phone? We need to find his family, baby.
Where would you meet him? Oh, different places.
First, he took me to this unsavory apartment in an area code beneath my station.
I told him never again.
I need a certain level of comfort to maintain my dignity.
After that it was usually nice hotels.
A quiet lake house once.
A lake house that he owned? I think so.
It had pictures of family, I'm assuming were his wife and children.
You remember where? Outside Berkeley.
Lake Anza, I believe.
I'm sure I have the address in my appointment book.
We're gonna need that address.
I will help you because I am fond of you.
I am fond of you all.
I feel we are connected on a deeper vibration.
Do you feel that? Yeah.
Well, I have a little lonesome dove waiting for me upstairs.
But his abreaction is usually rather swift.
So just give me five minutes then perhaps Alexander could come up and retrieve your address.
That'd be great.
Thank you.
Thank you, darling.
Something we need to know here? We're friends.
You know, we got things in common.
I can think of one thing.
Don't be disrespectful.
I'm gonna head upstairs, get her to move it along.
She tends to dilly-dally.
Dilly-dally? Okay.
Now I'm worried.
Want some? No.
What happened to Haas? I don't know.
Don't lie to me.
I didn't wanna involve you.
Jax? He did it to protect you.
Oh, Gemma, come on! That's a lie too! Your boy, he's unchained right now.
He's looking for any excuse to rage.
Can you blame him? I understand it.
The problem is it gets to a point, Gem, where it ain't about revenge anymore.
You're doing it because it just feels good.
Jax came by today looking for you.
Wanted you to know that Juice is still around.
Seemed concerned.
Why does that matter to you? What happened with Juice? You see, baby? There are some things we just can't share.
Best we don't.
Rat, wait out front.
Keep an eye for neighbors.
- Tiggy, you and me, back door.
- Gigiddy.
Oh, shit, Tiggy.
Hey! Whoa! Put down the gun! Drop it! Leave us alone! What do you mean "us"? Who's with you? Mama! She's in the back seat.
Careful! Jackie.
What--? Shit.
Jackie! Come on back.
Come on.
Come on.
I got you.
- Come on.
- Get mama.
Get mama.
You okay? You okay, Mama? I'm cold, Grant.
So cold.
Track marks are fresh.
Sometimes her demons get the best of her.
You Haddem's son? Stepson.
That freak is not my father.
He's the reason this is all happening.
What's happening? They probably killed him.
Now they're gonna hurt my mother.
Who sent you guys looking for us? Was it August Marks? Get them inside.
Let's go.
Come on, mama.
Pull her up.
Come on.
Get up.
Oh, Jesus.
Remember when our biggest problem was which Mayan to kill? Simpler times.
Simpler men.
Damon Pope helped my stepdad some years back.
Created some zoning loophole that helped us buy neighboring lots.
That's how we built the additions to the church.
I told him not to get involved.
Knew they'd come back looking for something.
Looking for what? August Marks wants to use the same loophole.
He wants to build low-income housing on the rest of our church property.
He wants me to sign off, making him a partner.
His construction company gets the fed kickback and he uses the project to launder money.
And the houses never get built.
What are you gonna do with us? No one's gonna hurt you or your morn.
But as far as this property deal goes, that's something your stepdad started.
There's nothing you can do except ride out his sin.
My mother's the one who built that congregation.
Supported Joseph in spite of all his degradation.
She can't just hand it over to gangsters.
She can if she wants you two alive.
I found you in an hour.
You think you can hide from Marks? I'm telling you, next time, neither one of you comes out of the lake.
I'll sign it, honey.
It's not worth it.
We got a friend coming up here.
Come pick you up and take you back to Oakland.
He's gonna make sure nothing happens to you.
Jax, I checked the block, it's all quiet, man.
All right, just hang back for a minute.
That same guy's gonna bring something that's gonna keep her even.
Excuse me.
How's he doing? I think I got most of that buckshot out.
There's no major damage, but I'm worried about the infection.
These dressings have to be changed every few hours.
- All right.
- Hey.
Give Venus a call, would you? Please.
That was Tully's guy.
They're gonna be at the timber trail in under two.
All right.
I need you to stay here - with the mom and the kid.
- Yeah.
When Tyler gets here, let him know she'll sign for Marks.
But nothing happens to them.
You make that clear.
You understand? Yeah.
What about Tig? Take him back to Scoops.
We got medical supplies there.
All right.
You got it, brother.
Thanks, bro.
All right.
Let's go.
I just got off the phone with Patterson.
They're putting out the APB on Ortiz.
I thought they were holding off? I guess they got tired of waiting.
Statewide? Whole Northwest.
All right.
Appreciate the update.
What? APB went wide.
We gotta get you out of here.
I'm gonna call Gemma.
All right, sweetheart.
I need a favor, blondie.
My bodyguard behind me The littlest outlaw? I gotta step out without a set of eyes on me.
I'll keep him busy.
I like you.
You could be good for him.
I'm not really in the market for a marriage blessing but I appreciate that.
Chibs and Teller.
Let's catch up.
Jax Teller.
The other guys aren't wearing cuts.
This is bad.
- Yeah.
- Cops! Shit.
Wait! No! Let's just go.
Load them back.
Ah! Jesus Christ! What the hell are you doing, man? You tell me.
I'm not the one who brought cops to a drug deal.
We had no idea they were behind us.
Are you crazy?! Come on, man.
If they called that in, we gotta get out of here.
Let's go.
Get in your truck, brother.
Jesus Christ.
Jackie, we better go too.
Come on, son.
Yeah, come on.
Okay, you're good.
- Sir.
- Hey.
Is that Eglee? It's Cane.
Eglee took four to the back.
She's alive, for now.
Who was it? We don't know.
Did they call it in? Request backup? No.
Looks like an ambush.
Our name says it all.
This is a bad place, isn't it, Wayne? I had to know, Gemma, if there was any way-- Now you know.
No more games, Juice.
I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna pack a bag and then I'm gonna drive you to my dad's place myself.
You got the boys? Yeah, okay.
Walls are closing in, sweetheart.
You stay, MC finds you or the cops do.
Either way, Jax gets to you and you end up dead.
Is that what you want? I don't wanna die.
I just I don't like being alone.
I'm not good on my own.
My head gets so loud.
And shit doesn't make-- Nothing syncs up.
I start thinking about my thinking and getting lost in the details of nothing.
Nothing can pull me out of it.
And I-- Hey.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
Why don't you take a deep breath, okay? It's okay.
Okay, hey, you're not gonna be alone.
Okay? All right? Okay.
All right.
It's gonna be okay.
God damn! I'll reach out to Tully tomorrow.
Try to explain this.
Yeah, well, if Eglee or Cane called that thing in we'll all be able to talk to him face to face.
I talked to Lee.
He's gonna send some guys down from Tacoma.
We'll need help if this unravels.
Jarry's downstairs.
How many with her? She's alone.
Said she needs to talk to you and Jax.
I've got him.
Chibby You should just get out of here, baby.
This ain't your problem.
I've sworn an oath to the care and nurturing of a dear friend.
Where did you come from? Well, my sweet Alex I was born of man.
But I believe my true genesis happened a bit later.
When I was stirred by the gods of love and beauty and transformed into an angel.
Whose sole purpose is to bring light to the shadows and a little bit of joy to all those lost souls who can no longer find it.
I need to know if you had anything to do with this.
Come on.
Of course we didn't.
We like Eglee.
Does it fit any kind of gang pattern you know of? Cop retaliation? Someone new trying to earn cred? No.
We'll keep our ears open.
What about Kenneth Haas? You have anything to do with that? We absolutely-- I did it.
Guy's a scumbag who beats and extorts his own daughter.
I made sure that doesn't happen again.
- Get out of here! - Get out! Shit! Move! Watch your step.
You okay? Any information you can give us would be appreciated.
You Okay? Did you know the guy? He was one of Lin's.
You saw him.
I don't know.
The Chinese were the ones who killed Tara, weren't they? That's what this is about? The shit that went down at the timber trail? No.
Did the club retaliate for Tara? I don't know anything.
Hey, Scotty.
Grenades just went off in an ice cream shop on Main Street.
If the MC's in some kind of war that's now blowing shit up in Charming I gotta know.
Because the next time, that ice cream shop could be filled with kids.
Could you live with that? Let me drive you home.
Good evening, gentlemen.
Welcome to Diosa Norte.
We've had a long ride.
We're just gonna grab a drink right now.
This wasn't a message, brother.
That dude saw us in the shop.
It was straight up retaliation.
Somebody sold us out to Lin.
Jesus Christ.
Check on the guns.
West ain't picking up? Reception out there ain't so great.
Holy shit.
Everybody whole? Yeah.
What? No, man.
That don't make sen-- Yeah? Mr.
Lin appreciates all your efforts in getting everyone together.
What happens at Diosa, will impact you but it's meant for the Sons of Anarchy.
Who is this? Oh, my God.
Diosa! Shit.
Baby, please don't go Baby, please don't go Baby, please don't go down to New Orleans You know I love you so Baby, please don't go Before I be your dog Before I be your dog Get you out of here Let you walk alone Before I be your dog Howl, howl, howl Turn your lamp down low Turn your lamp down low Turn your lamp down low I beg you all night long Baby, please don't go Turn your lamp down low Woo-hoo Woo-hoo Woo-hoo You brought me way down here You brought me way down here You brought me way down here By the Rolling Forks Treat me like a dog You brought me way down here Baby, please don't go Baby, please don't go back to New Orleans I beg you all night long Baby, please don't go Bow-wow, bow-wow Woo-woo Mm-hm Bow-wow, bow-wow Before I be your dog Oh, before I be your dog Before I be your dog Get you out of here Let you walk alone Before I be your dog Baby, please don't go Baby, please don't go back to New Orleans Get your cold ass clean Baby, please don't go Howl, howl, howl Get your lick Howl, howl, howl Woo-hoo Baby, please don't go