Sons of Anarchy s07e06 Episode Script

Smoke 'em if You Got 'em

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Two cases.
High-end rice chow.
You'll meet my dog walker.
He'll make the final call.
Cops! Shit.
If they called that in, we gotta get out.
Let's go.
Eglee took four to the back.
She's alive, for now.
Did you have anything to do with this? - Of course we didn't.
- We like Eglee.
This wasn't a message, brother.
It was straight up retaliation.
Somebody sold us out to Lin.
You've been lying to me, man.
That's why our girls are getting stuffed into goddamn bags right now.
I need to understand why this happened.
Lin ordered the hit on my wife.
You don't know that.
Gemma saw two of his guys leaving my house that night.
I had nothing to do with what happened with your old lady.
Jackie, Jackie, Jackie.
SWAT team's on its way.
We gotta go.
- Shit.
- That was what I had to do.
- Darvany? You killed her? - No more games, Juice.
I'm gonna go home, I'm gonna pack a bag and then I'm gonna drive you to my dad's place myself.
Hey, hey.
- You okay to do this? - Gotta be done.
Damn it! Stop running.
I trusted you.
Please, don't kill me.
You better have cigarettes.
Here we go.
I'm sorry, ladies.
We made it right.
Can I bum one? Yeah.
Where's the rest of the guys? Working out of T-M today.
Jax doesn't wanna bring business around the kids.
So Rat and Hap will stay here.
How much longer? Should be good by the end of the day.
You doing okay? I guess.
I see you around the boy.
That should feel good.
It does.
So, what's gonna happen now, Bobby? What's gonna come of all this? Not sure.
Does Jax know? Doesn't matter.
We're with him.
You love him.
I can see that.
We all do.
You know, I know how rough it's been between the two of you.
All the shit that's gone down.
It's just Jax, he doesn't have an outer crust like most of us.
He just lets everything in.
Swallows it whole.
The shit just boils in his gut.
Since he was a kid.
I know.
I never really knew what he was feeling.
Until, you know, it blew up in my face.
It's his heart that drives him.
He does want the best for both his families though.
You still love him.
I do.
Oh, girl.
He sees it.
It's not lost.
Did you know that Kiki offered a mint-flavored blow job? We're looking for outstanding balances, dickhead.
Sheriffs took all the client books.
Wives are gonna love getting that call.
The reunion's all set with Leland.
Meet the AB at noon.
County Road Six.
Out by our favorite farm.
Why don't you check in with Jarry.
We'll see what's pressing with Tyler.
Did he say why he wanted T.
there? I'm guessing it's a black thing.
What's a black thing? Tyler needs to connect with us and the Bastards.
About Marks? That would be the black thing.
Oh, sorry.
Good morning.
- Morning, guys.
- Morning.
What are we gonna do here, mano? Hm? Clean it up.
Hire new girls.
You really think people are gonna wanna come back? Oh, come on.
Guys love pussy, bro.
We could've left the bodies on the floor, they'd still come back.
Too soon? Hey.
Why don't you stay in Stockton.
Run Colette's end.
No, I'm all right.
I'm gonna call Lyla, have her bring some of the girls over here to collect what's still in one piece.
- All right.
- Hey, Nero.
I'm sorry, man.
Bobby's ordered some new carpets.
Was thinking we'll get some of the hang-arounds to come in some paint, fix the walls.
Yeah, yeah.
That sounds good.
That's good.
Did you hear anything? Lin is done.
Few of the guys that were left, they split.
I doubt very much the Triads are gonna bother with any kind of retaliation this far up north.
What about Alvarez? I stopped by the liquor store.
It was locked up tight, so I'm I'm guessing he'll be in touch.
Where's your guys? You shouldn't be riding alone, man.
I told them to lay low.
Can I put Quinn with you? I think I'm a little old for a babysitter, mano.
I'm sorry, Nero.
I know how much of this has landed on you and how hard it's been.
We've got your back, brother.
For real.
Who knows I may be calling you "stepdaddy" soon.
Yeah, and we all know how well that worked out in the past.
We're a fun family.
All right.
Anything else? I think that's it.
One eighty-one.
Hey, can I get a pack of D's too? Yellow.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye He talked to all of us, Niners, East Dub.
August knows what Lin knows.
He can't prove it, but he's setting up to cut you out.
And by cut me out--? He's gonna kill all you white boys.
You gonna have to let him know that's not part of my plan.
Hey, I'm gonna let you deliver that message.
So, what's his play? On the streets, he's gonna take out your support.
The Bastards.
He's gonna use East Dub.
Why not the Niners? My guess is he's saving us to take you on.
And if that happens, brother, we better know which way to jump.
Wheelchair bitch is still in the VA.
Who's running point for East Dub now? Bitch that took out three of your guys.
That shit ain't gonna happen.
Where's DuLain at now? It's not my hunt, man.
It is now, brother.
You wanna know which way we jump? Fast and forward.
I hope you got a plan.
I got guns and manpower.
That's a plan.
I'll track down DuLain but you gotta take it from there.
We Will.
T? We're gonna handle East Dub.
You're looking at my whole table here, man.
We lose another guy, we're just a few black guys on bikes.
Let me ask you something.
Who in your crew could cut it in a full OMC? What do you mean? You get patched over, who's gonna make it? You talking about the Sons? The last time I checked, we're the wrong shade of white.
Just answer the question.
I wouldn't take Sticky.
Too unpredictable.
Menace is solid.
Boiler maybe.
Are you serious about this? One miracle at a time.
First, we gotta shut down August Marks.
Oh, yeah.
Give me a minute.
Oh! I thought you were with my mom.
Oh, I was.
She had me follow her halfway up.
Said if she had a problem, she'd reach out to Rogue River.
You know how she gets.
She hasn't checked in since last night.
Oh, she did with me.
Her SUV broke down.
I'm headed up there to get her now.
Why didn't she call me? She didn't wanna bother you.
She's fine.
Well, have her call me when you get there.
Oh, hey.
She wants me to bring Wendy.
Why? Guess she needs some feminine products or such.
Sorry I asked.
All right.
Well, as long as Brooke's at Red Woody to watch the boys Okay.
All right.
All right.
- Call Chibs.
Tell him to get here.
- All right.
No one rides alone? Things being what they are.
Which is? A bit thorny.
What happened in Stockton? Arresting officers told the DA's office you guys cooperated.
Had nothing to do with the take down.
If word gets out that we're cooperating with the DA it's gonna make things worse for us.
You should be thankful you're not in jail, Scotty.
They found two keys of pure heroin on Lin.
Drugs is not our game.
We were just there to try to negotiate a peace.
Of course you were.
Who tipped you off? Whose payroll are the cops on? Charlie Barosky's? You share, I share.
Understood, lieutenant.
How's Eglee doing? She's awake, but still critical.
- Yeah.
- Is that a worry for you? I was raised a Catholic.
Everything's a worry for me.
We gotta get back to T-M.
Duty calls.
Thanks for yesterday.
For the sex or the heads-up? For the heads-up.
You should be thanking me for the sex.
Oh, hey.
I hear the DA's getting pressure to offer Lin a deal.
Get him to flip.
On the Triads? I doubt it.
It's gotta be local.
Call came from the Oakland City Council.
You think they're trying to get Lin to give up the MC? I gotta go.
That was the first time I realized he wasn't gonna be mine forever.
He never said much about how he felt.
But I could tell.
It wasn't just a teenage crush or He loved you so much.
That never changed.
Excuse me, ma'am.
You can't smoke in here.
It's a trucker joint, ain't it? Yeah, but you can't smoke.
What about coffee? Is that allowed? Sure.
Are you okay? You want me to call someone? Yeah.
The guy who's gonna pour my coffee.
Got it.
Long night.
I get it.
You want something to eat? The blueberry Danish are homemade.
That sounds good.
What's your name, sweetheart? Gertie.
Thank you, Gertie.
Two days, two years Too fast We can get back down Down where we belong Does Jarry know who? No, just that pressure's coming from Oakland City Council.
Gotta be August.
You really think Lin would turn? After what we just did to him? Marks has that kind of pull? He's got access to Pope's weight.
I mean, he's gotta prove himself, but How do we stop that shit from happening? By showing the upstanding suits that August Marks is just a greedy thug in Pope's clothing.
We should head out, brother.
Why don't you ride with us? Where to? Nazi powwow.
I mean, you may have to hide in the back of the bus.
That's cool.
We'll just keep our white hoods on.
Come on.
We heard you were looking for a few Mexicans to help clean up.
No, man.
I think we got it covered.
Why don't you ask the ladies to step out? Diosas, go wait in the kitchen.
Yeah? It's okay.
I'm just working here, Marcus.
Me too, ése.
I was looking for you this morning.
Why's that? To let you know what went down with Lin.
I know what went down.
He got busted with two kilos of heroin.
Barosky's cops.
The Sons set him up.
You know anything about that? I know all about it, so do you.
Lin killed Teller's wife.
Gemma saw the Chinese leaving Jax's house that night.
Convenient your bitch is the only witness, huh? You should tell your junkyard dog, he makes another comment like that I'm gonna cut him a new smile.
What am I supposed to do now, Nero? Huh? Lin sat there and gave me an ultimatum, man.
Either I bring him Jax or he was gonna kill me and go after my kid.
So it was my problem.
I wasn't gonna bring you into that, Marcus.
I believe Teller.
I'm not saying how he went about it was right, but I had to make a choice, que no? And I did.
I've known you a long time, carnal.
But this reads as betrayal to my crew.
I gotta handle it accordingly.
What's wrong? You're coming with us, huh? You drive him.
Where? To my office.
Hey, don't make this harder than it already is, huh? Let's go.
Why don't you wait here.
We shouldn't be too long.
All right.
Well, well, well.
Did you bring another police escort? Just us bad guys.
We had nothing to do with the sheriffs.
Of course, you gunned them down, so now they're everyone's problem.
We hear the bitch lived.
But she is critical and not talking.
And if she does? Well, if she does then we'll take care of her.
- Did you talk to Tully? - Yeah.
How the hell did the Chinks steal your heroin? Uh-uh.
Technically, it was their heroin.
They just stole it back.
Now it belongs to the San Joa DA.
We wanna make this right, man.
We can sell you guns.
As many as you want.
Now, see.
I deal drugs not gats.
Niggers and wetbacks got a chokehold on heroin.
You promised us two keys.
That H fell into our laps.
We did Tully a solid by sending it his way.
And he's already made arrangements based on that solid.
What, credit in Stockton? Yeah.
Set in motion a lot of favors.
Jesus Christ.
That was Danny.
He's on his way in and said there's a pack of coons on Harleys sitting at the turnoff.
What the hell is that? They're with us.
Maybe you're planning a little payback ambush.
Or maybe I'm just a white guy who's not living in 1956.
I'm gonna talk to Tully.
You do that.
I hate these Nazi pigs.
Come on, man.
That ain't necessary.
Just a friendly little fight.
Come on.
Put them away.
What's the matter? What, you afraid to put down the gun, bitch? What time is it? It's noon.
Little past.
Thank you.
Sorry about hogging your table.
No worries.
My station's half empty, anyway.
I'm taking a smoke break.
You wanna join me? Absolutely.
You married? I was.
Five years ago.
When you were 10? When I was pregnant.
Boy? Yeah.
It was my dad's name.
It's a good name.
Can I ask who you were talking to? Before you put out the smoke, you were-- Yeah.
Just myself.
You were talking about someone being in love.
It sounded sweet.
My son.
Lost his wife recently.
We were close.
I'm sorry.
How'd she die? It was my fault.
I didn't mean to pry.
It's done now.
Can't stop it.
Can't stop what? It's just life, right? That's my Honda over there.
Keys are on the tire.
You wanna lay down in the back seat and get some rest? I appreciate that, sweetheart.
My ride will be here soon.
You're a good girl.
I saw that right away.
Your kid's lucky.
Hey, you're kidding me with this shit, right? - Until I find out where I'm at with the Sons.
- Come on.
No one asked you to referee this fight, ése.
You volunteered.
Come on, Holmes.
What the hell happened? Sorting shit out with Hitler Youth.
He's here.
What do you want? My club wants me dead.
I need to get to Mexico.
Safe passage.
Full ID.
What makes you think I'd help you? A little under two grand.
That ain't shit, man.
There's an APB out on you.
Give you any intel you want on Samcro.
Your guy wouldn't let us wait inside.
What do you want? Alvarez wants to talk.
- You should follow us.
- Heh, heh.
Ah I don't think so.
We got someone you've been looking for.
What do you want with Juice? Don't want anything.
He came to us.
I'll leave one of my guys here.
Good faith.
I told you to come alone.
I would have.
We're still on lockdown.
What the hell happened? What do you think? Juice freaked out.
Pulled a gun.
Made me head east.
Kicked me out at Salt Springs.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You Okay? I had a gun in my face, and I just walked 12 miles in spiked boots.
So, no, I'm not really okay.
Can I get anyone anything? I'm fine, sweetheart.
Uh, coffee, please.
No, thanks.
Where's your restroom? Through the back.
Second door on the left.
Now, tell me what really happened, Gem.
I told you.
Juice was unraveled but you were the only lifeline he had.
What happened? Did you kill him? No.
He kicked me out of the car.
I thought he was gonna kill me.
That don't make sense.
You ain't a threat.
I mean, if you ratted him out, Jax would find out you helped him.
It don't matter why.
He couldn't pull the trigger.
This time.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Henry Lin was arrested on drug charges last night.
DA knows he's been warring with the MC.
This is how we tie him to Tara's murder.
You just gotta tell the sheriff what you saw at Jax's house that night.
I'm not talking to the cops.
You tell Jarry, or I do.
Either way, she's gonna get your statement.
What the hell are you doing, Wayne? The right thing.
For a change.
Let's go.
Thanks, sweetheart.
Give the old guy the bill.
When's he gonna be back? Oso had to take it to his table.
You remember how that works, don't you? Yeah.
What the hell is this? Relax.
They're just some old friends.
How'd he get here? Showed up at the store.
Wanting to trade club secrets for a one-way ticket to Puerto Vallarta.
Big move.
What do you want? Lin getting picked up has us rethinking our alliances.
Now we know you've been chopping him down.
And we know why.
We knew nothing about him going after your old lady.
I believe that.
So, what happens now, Marcus? I want the gun business.
That's Irish business.
It's not mine to give.
You gave it to Marks.
Tell the IRA you changed your mind.
With Oso's charter in place, we can offer you everything black does.
If I were to do that l'd need more than just Juice.
How much more? I need you to give the AB a piece of the prison trade.
Takes care of a debt to Tully.
Let them distribute in Stockton.
The Niners are breaking away from Pope's tit.
Tyler's on board to take down Marks.
You split Lin's heroin turf with Tyler, 50-50.
That's gonna triple any hit you take from the AB.
How do we handle Marks? We take him out.
When that's done, I'll do the dance for the Irish Kings.
Be the white face on the brown machine.
All right.
Talk to Tully.
Take it to your table.
We'll do the same.
If it works out we got a deal.
And a truce.
And you get your traitor back.
Take that cut off him.
Let's go.
Pull his cut.
Oh, shit.
You better start the conversation.
You already know it.
Shit I told you that night about Darvany.
I betrayed my club.
So, what are you doing in a Mayan closet? Tried to buy a ride to the border.
That didn't go as planned, huh? No.
Why the hell are you here? Price of playing in the wrong backyard.
I helped Jax bring down Lin.
For killing Tara.
Does Gemma know about that? I'm not sure.
Why? What's Gemma got to do with Tara? Doesn't matter.
I'm sorry about Darvany.
Yeah, Juice? Well, you need to tell her son that, who's still alive.
I ain't gonna be telling anyone anything.
This is death row, brother.
You sure about that? Club rule.
It has to happen.
I deserve it.
Then why you running? Because I'm a coward.
You own the room? I'm not sure there's enough dog code to explain what I gotta say.
We're alone.
I assume you heard from Leland.
What do you think? What happened to the two bricks? I used them to flush out Lin.
It went a little south.
I made a lot of promises based on that delivery.
So I hear.
So how are we gonna fix that? It's already fixed.
I just sat down with Marcus Alvarez.
We settled our differences.
He's agreed to give you the H trade in Stockton.
Mayans supply, AB distributes.
We don't like mixing race with business.
You kidding, Tully.
You don't give a shit about race.
The only color you see is green.
It's my job to maintain the brand.
All right.
You bring a sample of the H to Leland.
If he's cool with it, I'll make it work.
I'm gonna want something in return.
Lin will most likely start his sentence here.
Parole violations.
I'm gonna need access to him.
I'm not asking you to take him out, just to facilitate.
Why don't we burn that cross when we get to it.
All right.
Leland has a problem with your love of all things dark.
If we want this relationship to move forward gonna have to convince him that he can trust you.
And how do I do that? You're a bright white boy.
Figure it out.
That was Teller.
It's coming together.
Call your guys.
Sons are gonna need some backup.
And cut Nero lose, huh? Nero.
I'm sorry it had to go down like this, huh? Me too.
So we good here, Marcus? Yeah.
Ain't no bad blood.
Is that Gemma's ride? Not anymore.
That's what Juice showed up in.
It's to cover our holding fee.
What's gonna happen with him, man? That's Teller's call.
Lowrider's outside.
Where's Jax? He's on club business.
He's on his way back.
What about Nero? Not here.
You should head back to Red Woody.
I'm gonna wait for Jax.
And the other thing? After I talk to my son.
How the hell did Unser find out about the Chinese? The sheriffs must've gotten it on the streets.
Nero's guys, Bastards, Niners.
Guess it's out there.
Jarry's been pressing us on it.
Unser wants me to tell her.
You gotta do it.
We don't talk to cops.
She's on the dime, Mom.
This could help us.
The DA is trying to flip Lin.
If they have him on the murder of a doctor and mother they're not gonna give him a deal.
Okay, baby.
Can Quinn go with? I can't spare him.
Have Unser take you.
All right.
You Okay? You look like hell.
That's where I'm living, Jackson.
Let's go.
Tyler found DuLain.
All right.
Sure you wanna do this now? Yeah.
I want you and your shithole trailer off my lot.
Gemma-- Stay here with your friends.
I'm taking a cab.
Now I know who your source is.
This is a big win, Wayne.
You should feel good about it.
Feels great.
Eglee's been taken off the critical list.
She's been asking to see you.
There's a million boys rhyming Who don't know how to spit I keep it all one hundred Like Olympian sprint I'm hip, I get In the party on strength I got a lot of chicks Who hotter than wasabi and grits They try to get away And shred my paper and split We own the night And all the rights to the script Based on a true story Guts, blood, glory That's why my true soldiers Got love for me in the trenches In the streets, in the office On their job, in the club Or behind bars on the yard Going hard Shit! Through the hardship and pain Regardless, I'm gonna rep For all of y'all in the game 'Cause the clock ticking fast Lost time ain't found Now or never, bro It's the countdown All right.
All right.
You DuLain? Yeah.
Nice Impala.
Good? Yeah.
I talked to Tully.
So did I.
Here you go.
Ain't touching nothing that touched the hands of a nigger lover.
This is so you know we can be trusted.
Holy shit.
- You killed all them? - Aye.
Just for you.
Who are they? Really? Does it matter? They were black.
Now they're dead.
You want them? Target practice or something? You serious? Yo, man.
We didn't ask you to go all Newtown.
This shit is your problem.
Give me the H.
It's pretty good.
I'll let Tully know.
All right.
Let's go.
I think we scared them.
Another victory for race relations.
We're running out of room in Chigger Woods.
They're not going to the woods.
I gotta get back to Red Woody.
Put Abel to bed.
You should come, Gem.
Too many people.
I can't do it right now.
Where you been? Visiting friends.
What? What? Oh, I just spent me some quality time bonding with Juice.
Where? In a Mayan closet.
This whole thing with Lin, I'm with Jax on it.
Alvarez had a problem with that.
Oh, Christ.
Not to worry, mama.
Fences were all mended.
Samcro and the Mayans worked shit out.
How did Juice get to be--? Juice was trying to sell club intel in exchange for free passage to Mexico.
Using your SUV as a deposit.
Were you helping him hide out? Where's Juice now? Wherever Jax is.
Part of that MC truce was handing over the traitor.
You were helping him.
Oh, no.
What? Oh, no.
If-- If he tells Jax what he knows How you feeling, sweetheart? I'm okay.
I need some help, Wayne.
What's going on? I have to tell you what happened.
With the shooting? And who was there.
To our renewed friendship, huh? The way it should be.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
Just for the record even if we couldn't make a deal, I would've never made one with a rat.
Thank you, brother.