Sons of Anarchy s07e07 Episode Script


Previously on Sons of Anarchy: August is spinning out, man.
He's afraid the streets are gonna blow up as he's trying to close this deal.
It's a huge government housing project.
Is that the one where his partner's MIA? Yeah.
He's a pastor over at Piedmont Grace.
The panty hose preacher.
So, what do you need from us? The wife, Loutreesha.
He wants me to sign off, making him a partner.
She can't just hand it over to some gangsters.
She can if she wants you two alive.
My club wants me dead.
I need to get to Mexico.
What makes you think I'd help you? I'll give any intel you want on Samcro.
The DA's getting pressure to offer Lin a deal.
Think they're trying to get Lin to give up the MC? Shit.
I gotta go.
- What happened? - Juice freaked.
Don't make sense.
If you ratted him out Jax would find out you helped him.
It don't matter why.
He couldn't pull the trigger.
This time.
DA knows Lin's been warring with the MC.
This is how we tie him to Tara's murder.
I'm not talking to the cops.
You tell Jarry or I do.
Alvarez wants to talk.
We got someone you've been looking for.
What the hell is this? Showed up at the store wanting to trade club secrets for a ticket to Puerto Vallarta.
Big move.
What do you want? I want the gun business.
I'd need more than just Juice.
How much more? Give the AB a piece of the prison trade.
Takes care of a debt to Tully.
Let him distribute in Stockton.
You split Lin's heroin turf with Tyler, 50-50.
How do we handle Marks? We take him out.
Lin will most likely start his sentence here.
Parole violations.
I'm gonna need access to him.
Why don't we burn that cross when we get to it.
For the record, if we couldn't make a deal, I would've never made one with a rat.
Thank you, brother.
I'm sorry.
Lockdown's over.
That's good.
Did you take Abel to school? Yeah.
He didn't wanna go.
He was okay by the time I dropped him off, but he seems really-- I don't know.
Something's up.
He seems more distant every day.
He'll be fine.
What's going on? You see Jax or any of the guys this morning? No.
Not since last night.
Why? They have Juice.
How? Doesn't matter.
Do you think he told them about us? I don't know.
This shit with Juice, that's on me.
If you wanna split, I get it.
I'm done running, Gem.
I'm here.
I know how hard you're trying.
So do they.
If you hear anything, I'll be at T-M.
If Juice did tell him, what do you think Jax will do? Honestly, I don't know.
That's what scares me.
Officer taking fire, request for backup.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye - Can I bend your ear for a minute? - Yeah.
Eglee's awake.
That's great.
She say what happened? Only to me.
Which was? Told me about who was there when they got ambushed.
But what you need to know is what she's not gonna say.
And are you sure about that? Yeah.
As long as she's not in anybody's crosshairs.
Especially the kind that look like swastikas.
She's not.
I need your word.
Nothing is gonna happen to her.
Then I'll make sure her memory stays vague about the MC.
Did you push her in that direction? No.
She went to high school with you, son.
She loves this town.
Just wants it to stay whole.
I want the same for her.
Well, for the record, we had nothing to do with what happened.
I've always liked Eglee.
I get it.
Not that it matters.
Any word on Juice? No, as far as I know, he's still missing.
Why don't you stick around and watch.
Cocks and Bagels is gonna be huge.
Heh, heh, heh.
Let me see your hands.
Hands on your head.
Do it now.
Hands on your head.
Take him to the ground.
Good boy, Ratty.
You guys head to Piedmont now.
CHP's got Juice.
One piece.
I know this is a big risk.
But the boy will do what he's told.
This is all he wants.
Well, he did have a million chances to run.
If he stays on plan Tully will set him up to finally kill Lin.
And if he chokes and we become his leverage? Then Tully will kill Juice.
- Did you find the right spot for the pastor? - Yeah.
Starting to break ground on Pope's commercial row, just outside of Montclair.
Middle of nowhere.
Only a project manager on site.
He's gone by noon.
We'll put him someplace sacred.
Did you reach out to Tyler and Alvarez? Aye.
Tyler's set.
Mayans are in all the way.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't see this coming.
I hoped we could end Lin without severing our ties to August but I knew the odds.
We're gonna find out who ratted us out to Lin.
And we should be getting something back from Coletti about the guy Jury knew.
Figuring out how he disappeared should shed some light.
But I knew, even without the rat we'd end up going head-to-head with Marks at some point.
I mean, he's not Pope but this is more than just another street beef.
He's got money to buy protection, intel.
His political sway is growing.
I'm not sure how deep that goes.
That's why we need to handle him with leverage, not blood.
But that choice puts us all here at risk.
Our families too.
I need you to know that.
We know that, Jackie boy.
There's an upside.
The Niners and the Mayans are right there with us.
Those are important relationships.
Your loyalty and faith in me over the last few weeks I can't express my gratitude.
This vengeance was personal.
And all of you have allowed me to bring it here.
I know I keep asking for way more than the patch requires.
And never once, have any of you hesitated or had a blink of doubt.
I don't think I'm gonna be able to repay that debt.
You're my family.
I love all of you.
We love you, Jackie.
I just heard from Jarry.
Juice fired shots at some CHPs.
They brought him down on the 580.
Why'd he shoot at cops? I don't know.
He ain't saying shit.
He went full mute soon as they put cuffs on him.
Probably best he's inside.
Maybe the boy will get his head straight in there.
Thanks, man.
Thanks, sweetheart.
You know you could talk to me, right? I'm aware I'm some kind of mascot.
The guys think I'm a joke and stuff.
But I'm a good listener, Gem.
You're not a joke, Chucky.
Thought you went to Diosa.
I was.
You hear any more on Juice? No.
You see Jax? No, not yet.
I'm headed over to Red Woody though.
I wanted to talk with you first.
About? It's time for me to make a decision, Gem.
About what's next.
What's right.
What are you talking about? I tried to get back my rhythm.
I was running my crew again.
I don't know.
I guess it made me feel vital.
You are vital.
Not on the street, mama.
Not anymore.
This thing that happened with the Chinese, I just made it worse.
And I almost got myself killed.
I was talking to my Tio Benny in Norco, my uncle.
He'll give me his farm for an even mil if I come up with 150 cash as a down.
I'm gonna sell Jax my piece of Diosa.
I'm gonna take Lucius, and I'm gonna just-- Perfect.
I want you to come with me.
I can't leave my family.
You wouldn't have to.
The boys-- The boys, they're gonna-- They're gonna love it out there.
I'm not gonna run away.
No, it's not running away.
It's us having a place that we can run to.
I want you with me.
This is about us.
Look, I can't.
There's just too much shit going on.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
And I'm sorry I'm just putting more stuff on top of everything else.
But after these last few days Before you say no just think about it a little, okay? Take into consideration all the bad shit that's happened here.
We deserve something better, Gemma.
Do we? Yes, baby.
Yes, we do.
We do.
I got serious love for you.
I love you too.
I'll think about it.
Thank you.
See you later? Sure.
You hear anything? Yeah.
Juice got picked up for firing shots at highway patrol.
What? Exactly.
They caught him out on 580.
He's in county.
Did Juice say anything to Jax? Not sure.
But I could tell that they already knew he'd been picked up.
They're working Juice, Gemma.
Using him for something.
Oh, Christ.
I'm gonna need a few days to find a place to park the shithole.
If that's okay.
Hey, Wayne.
Don't go.
I'm-- I'm sorry.
And I know I said that, but I just-- I don't want anyone else leaving me.
I don't know what you want but my mother's in no condition to talk to anyone.
She doesn't have a choice.
We did what you said.
She signed the deal for August Marks.
Now, please, just leave us alone.
Signing it bought you some time.
But for Marks that's just the beginning.
He's gonna suck every dime out of this place and level it for condos.
We can help you.
If you help us.
She's starting to bend.
I'm trying to take her down a little every day.
Why don't you put her in detox? It's too public.
We can help with that too.
We haven't lied to you yet.
Keep an eye out.
We know for sure your husband was killed.
It was August Marks.
Sweet Lord.
How do you know? We've been watching Marks.
We saw a couple of his thugs burying a body at a Pope construction site.
And you dug it up? Jesus.
We can show you a picture.
What do you want from us? I need your help to stop Marks.
If we don't act now, he is gonna destroy what's left of both our families.
My wife was murdered a few weeks ago.
Oh, my God.
What do you want her to do? Just tell the truth.
Just having proof there's a body on one of his properties is not gonna be enough of a threat.
But if you sign a statement saying that he threatened you and your husband into signing that housing deal that's motive for murder.
That'll ruin him.
That's a threat with teeth.
Then why not just have him arrested? Because then he has nothing to lose.
And he'll have you both killed.
Look, the leverage of him losing an empire he can almost touch that's gonna be enough to back Marks off.
You keep the death photos of your husband and your statement with an informed third party.
That's what keeps you safe, protects your church and your husband's legacy.
You need to tell him.
Tell me what? One of my stepfather's suppliers has been blackmailing us.
He has cell phone footage of Jonathan with very young men at the lake house.
And you can see pictures of my mother and me in the background.
I don't have any more money to pay him.
When that comes out, the church's reputation and my credibility will be ruined.
I mean, I'm afraid my statement against Mr.
Marks won't provide much leverage.
I'm sorry.
Are you talking about a pimp? He goes by the name Greensleeves.
Oakland P.
We can handle your blackmail problem.
But I need to know you're with us on Marks.
We have a cabin a few hours from here.
My guys could take you up there.
I'll have my mom come out.
She can help taper you off the junk.
She's done it with a few of my guys.
We can get you well.
Oh Oh, baby, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry I brought him into your life.
No, Mama.
Mama, it's not your fault.
Okay? It's not your fault.
I am still here.
I'll give you your statement.
This is it.
All right, have her sign it and then you sign it as a witness.
Make me a copy and that's what I'll bring to Marks.
This'll keep her even through the night.
I'll have you follow one of my guys up to the cabin.
My mom will be there as soon as she can.
Look, I'm sorry your family got caught in the middle of this.
But you need to trust me.
This is the only move.
Do you believe in God? What's important is that you do.
All right, go on.
Your mom needs you.
Call Nero, see if he knows our pimp.
You're taking a road trip.
All right.
They're gonna follow you up to the cabin.
Make sure you keep them in your sights.
You got it, boss.
All right, call Gemma.
Tell her I need her at the cabin.
What do we tell her? That I need her at the cabin.
What if she says no? Your mom can, you know, be a little difficult.
Are you afraid of my mother? We all are.
She doesn't need details.
Just tell her I got a mother-son issue, a family problem that needs some help.
I'll call her when I get there.
Nero's going to meet us.
Jimmy's on Lancer.
All right, let's do it.
What do you want with Greensleeves? Or shouldn't I ask? Just wanna talk to the fella.
Semi-automatic discussion? He's trying to blackmail a friend of ours.
Innocent people are gonna get hurt.
That's the truth.
Adam Greenblat.
Been in the game for a while.
- You know where he hustles? - Out on Mission.
Near the Blade.
You think you could ID him? Oh, yeah.
Yo, when it's done, I need 10 minutes.
Diosa stuff.
Why am I being isolated? I should be in GP.
Guy by the Hummer.
You need me? No, I think we got it.
I'm here, mano.
I'm gonna hang back.
All right, cool.
That dot-head is batshit crazy, G.
He almost broke my arm the last time.
Like that? Shit, G.
Yeah? Is that what he did? Yes.
Tell me, does it hurt? Yes! Ow.
Oh, no, baby.
See? It don't hurt.
What it does is it makes you stronger.
See, that Iranian, he is paying for the privilege of making you stronger.
See, now my other girls, see, they can't handle that.
They ain't brave like you.
They ain't special, are they? No.
See, that's my champion.
My golden girl.
My Winsome, lose none.
Come on, baby, who puts the O in "ho"? Heh,heh,heh.
I do.
Who puts the O in "ho"? I do.
That's right.
See, that's my girl.
My perfect player.
I don't wanna hear no more talk about you refusing customers.
See these limbs? They are way too precious.
Right? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I-- Excuse me, kids.
Sorry to interrupt, but I'm looking for a guy called Adam Greenblat.
DO you know where I can find him? Never heard of him.
How about a pastor named Haddem? You heard of him? Wrong tribe.
Why don't you leather boys hop back up on your scooters and get the hell off my block? Shit.
Are you okay? Hey! Hey! Asshole! Hey, hey, hey! - Just get off! Get off of me! - Shh! Shh! Shh! Shut up.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Hey, maybe she wants to clean up a little bit.
You know, work in a nicer environment.
What's your name, darling? We've got an offer to make you.
That's lovely.
Don't be mean.
We need to find Greensleeves.
We just want some information.
Yeah? If I give it to you, he'll cut my lips off.
Guess that'd be bad for business, eh? What's your offer? Get you off the street.
More money.
Nicer employer.
"Diosa Escorts"? I'm not really the girl you take to the opera before I swallow your cock.
Well, most of our girls work in-house.
You get to set your own schedule.
Choose the guys you wanna work with.
That's right.
And ain't no one cutting your lips off for making a mistake.
So, what, you'd be my pimp? Your employer.
Who'd break anyone's arm they so much as lay a hand on you.
That's kind of sweet.
Yeah, we're all very sweet.
Come on, darling, where can we find the Jew pimp? Winsome, we'll get you out of here right now.
You will never have to deal with him again.
Not to sound anti-semantic, but the whole Jew thing I think it's kind Of bullshit.
He's got a foreskin that almost reaches his knees.
We'll be sure to keep an eye out for that.
Tell us where we can find him, sweetheart.
I need it now.
What do you mean you can't get here? I'll pick it up.
It don't matter, all right? I need it.
Do you know these guys? Get the hell out, man.
Get the hell out! We just want the phone with the pastor.
All I want you to do is suck my dick.
How the hell did you find me? Don't matter.
I will slit her throat wide open.
What, you think I give a shit about one of your strung-out whores? Why is he so mad? That sucks.
Time for a nap, love.
- Get up.
Get up! Phone with the preacher, where is it? It's on the table.
The Android on the table.
Who talked to you, huh? Was it Winsome? That weak little crazy skank.
She cave on me? Got it.
I don't know who you guys are, but I'm gonna find you.
Isn't there some kind of rule in your religion about tattoos and suicide? Can't get into heaven or something? Yeah, you can't be buried with your family.
Like I give a shit.
Heh, heh.
Yeah, that's cool.
No! Unh! That was a very sloppy suicide.
Yeah? It worked.
He's dead.
What about his junk mate? She ain't gonna remember shit.
Appreciate you helping out.
Been a rough month, mano.
I want you to buy me out, Jax.
Why? Why do you think? Look, man, I know I haven't dealt with all this stuff very well.
No, it's not that.
I should've listened to my gut.
Walked away a few months ago.
It's all gonna calm down, Nero.
Look, Lin's gone.
We're good with the Mayans.
I'm making shit right with August.
It's gonna be business as usual, I promise.
You promise.
Sorry, mano.
I've heard that a few times.
I know.
Need a lift? No.
I'll wait for the flatbed.
I should get her over to Diosa.
There's no rush.
Greensleeves won't be able to hurt her no more.
See you later.
And you wonder why I want out, huh? Are you a gangster? I don't think so.
Tyler, he can meet us here.
Ten minutes.
All right.
Where's Jax? Oakland.
He wants you to come with us.
Where? The cabin.
Club business.
I need to talk to Jax.
He said he'll call you.
I got-- I got a lot of shit to do in here.
And I just can't.
It's a mother-son thing.
Family problem needs your help.
That's all we can tell you.
He was clear, Gem.
Gotta come with us.
And if I said no? You can say whatever you want, mom.
Just gotta do it up at the cabin.
- For how long? - Not sure.
- Just gotta pick up a few things at my house.
- Okay.
Give this to August.
My guys will text you the photo.
Where do you wanna do this meet? Crescent Park, near the picnic tables, 6:00.
If he comes with force or refuses to meet, tell him that goes to the DA.
You coming deep? Mayans will be there.
And us? No, we need to wait on breaking you away.
I still need you close to him.
All right.
Let's just hope he don't kill the messenger.
Fill it in.
I'll send these pics to Tyler.
What's up, A-man? Why'd they send him home? He got into a shoving match with a first grader.
What are they doing here? They came with Gemma.
Rat won't tell me anything.
He's so different around the club.
Get used to it.
My precious Thomas.
Hey, baby.
I love you.
I miss you so much.
I have to tell him.
But you're the only one, sweetheart.
You're the only one who really needs to know.
I was trying to be a good grandma.
To help my family.
I love my family.
But accidents You know, sometimes, sweetheart accidents just happen.
They-- They happen for love.
They happen for reasons we don't understand.
Killing your mommy was an accident.
It was such an awful accident.
I didn't wanna kill her.
I didn't mean it.
I loved your mommy so much.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Why are they taking you to the cabin? Jax wants me there.
Oh, hey, Gem, Jax isn't gonna hurt you.
Come on, you know that.
He'll be pissed, but he loves-- Who knows what Juice told him? What does that mean? We gotta go, Gem.
Come on, baby.
Tell Nero to come to the cabin.
Take care.
Why do you want out, ése? Seriously? You had my brown ass locked in a closet two days ago.
I had no choice on that.
I know.
I know.
Colette's gone and, you know, Lyla, she's running Red Woody now.
It's really gonna be too much work, man.
Teller's okay with you selling your piece? It's business.
He's gonna have to be okay.
Besides, it'll give you guys something to bond over.
How much? Three hundred K.
I'm gonna need half of that in cash, upfront.
Yeah, seems fair.
Anything else I need to know about doing business out here? Other than the occasional Chinese payback, it's a very quiet place.
Come on, Nero.
I know you ain't afraid of a few bullets.
I'm just getting too old to dodge them, homes.
Think about it, hm? Let me know.
I'll bring it to the table.
Wendy, hey.
What--? What for? Jesus Christ.
They say any--? Yeah, yeah.
I know where it's at.
I know.
Gemma got you running pickups now? No.
Not yet.
About your mom.
I got a call from Wendy.
I guess Gemma was pretty upset about having to go up to the cabin.
What are you talking about? Said she was crying, kind of freaked out.
I mean, something going on? No.
- What the hell did he say to her? - I don't know.
I mean, she is gonna be safe up there, right, son? I mean, no grenades or angry outlaws? She'll be fine.
All that's done.
Maybe I should head up there, make sure both mothers are okay.
Yeah, I'd appreciate that.
Take Quinn with you.
You need him.
Tiggy can take the Glide.
I'll take the tank.
All right.
Thanks, brother.
Tyler just confirmed, boss.
August is gonna be there.
Almost home, boys.
In the bedroom.
I just need some water.
Who's this? The mother and son.
The family problem.
That's why you're here.
My one and only prayer Is that someday you'll care My hopes, my dreams come true My only prayer will be Someday you'll care for me But it's only make believe God.
Oh, shit.
Ah! Ah! There he is.
He's late.
We know.
I'll call Tyler.
It seems, my love, you do me wrong Fooled me with your cunning wile Yet I have loved you for Oh so long Enchanted by your boyish smile Relax.
I'm a friend of Tully's.
Greensleeves stirred my heart anew Greensleeves caught my eye of blue Nero's car.
Greensleeves put my soul at ease Hey.
What are you doing here? So I gave my love to sweet Greensleeves Where's Gemma, guys? I'm here.
I asked him to come.
Does Jax know? Hey, you pretty much kidnapped me to help some junkie.
I need another junkie to do that.
Thanks for coming.
It's been over an hour, Jackie.
What do you wanna do, prez? Is that him? I don't know.
Where's the Rolls? My name is Moses Cartwright.
I'm the head of Mr.
Marks' security team.
And where is he? His reply to your request is in the package.
I really admire your level of camaraderie.
I can see how brotherhood is important to all of you.
You guys have a good evening.
Greensleeves stirred my heart anew Greensleeves caught my eye of blue Greensleeves put my soul at ease So I gave my love to sweet Greensleeves Greensleeves, now you say goodbye I pray you find the love you crave Greensleeves stirred my heart anew Greensleeves caught my eye of blue Greensleeves put my soul at ease So I gave my love to sweet Greensleeves Greensleeves stirred my heart anew Greensleeves caught my eye of blue Greensleeves put my soul at ease So I gave my love to sweet Greensleeves