Sons of Anarchy s07e08 Episode Script

The Separation of Crows

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: You guys all alone? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
It's just us tonight.
- Found the house.
- Was the crew there? One of them.
Shotgun hole in the chest.
What's up, Bobby? I need some intel about those guys who helped us with the Chinese.
I knew the one guy a little bit.
Name was Gib O'Leary.
Figuring out how he disappeared should shed some light.
We're gonna find out who ratted us out.
Juice fired shots at some CHPs.
He went full mute soon as they put cuffs on him.
Probably best he's inside.
Maybe the boy will get his head straight in there.
I'm a friend of Tully's.
Need your help to stop Marks.
Having proof there's a body on one of his properties is not gonna be enough of a threat.
But if you sign a statement, that's gonna be enough to back Marks off.
We have a cabin.
I'll have my mom come out.
She can help taper you off the junk.
She's done it with a few of my guys.
That's what keeps you safe.
Give this to August.
If he comes with force or refuses to meet, tell him that goes to the DA.
Whoa! My name is Moses Cartwright.
I'm the head of Marks' security team.
His reply to your request is in the package.
Tell your CPO I'm ready to talk.
You know the club ain't gonna give you shit.
You might as well just kill me.
Due process.
Hey, brother.
Happy and Rat are on their way back.
Still trying to track down Tyler.
How could I not see this coming? I'm out of my depth here, man.
This is not on you, Jackie.
How can it not be? I completely underestimated August.
He's smarter than I am.
Zero vulnerabilities.
He's got no family.
No one close to him.
It's the perfect move.
He knows how tight the club is.
How much I love my guys.
You can't let this pull you off track, Jackie.
Those guys downstairs they need you focused and strong.
Look what I've done, man.
Now Bobby.
Bobby knows the risks.
We all do.
And we're all still here.
Some of us.
I can't risk anyone else-- Can't risk not to.
If you cave now everything we've done over the past few weeks will be for nothing.
Why did we start this? Tara.
And the brutality that was done to your family.
That's not finished.
Marks, he's just part of this now.
Sons of Anarchy have a duty, brother.
A mission.
And we need our goddamn leader.
I love you, Filip.
I love you too, Jackson.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Hey, Montez is up at the cabin with Gemma.
I got Quinn with Wendy and the boys.
I put Tacoma with Lyla in the garage.
I'm sorry about Bobby, man.
So you talk to Marks? Just his new commando leader.
What do we know about Moses Cartwright? Ex-military, special ops.
Blackwater graduate.
So was his team.
That's a serious résumé.
What does August want? What do you think he wants? The dead pastor and his family.
That photo and statement set him on fire, man.
I've never seen him do nothing like this before.
Moses said for every 24 hours August has to wait he's gonna cut off another part of your guy.
That means you got till the end of the day.
Jesus Christ.
We need to find out where they're holding Bobby.
Already got my guys on it.
Scoping out Pope's office buildings and construction sites.
What about safe houses? Pope had a couple outside of Oakland.
Yeah, those got compromised a while back.
But we'll still check them.
All right.
Thank you.
You know I'm with you on Marks, Jax.
But I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to keep playing double agent.
Niners are the only ones that can get us close to Marks so we can get Bobby back.
Yeah, I know.
But with this new kill squad on the street they're gonna put it together that I'm helping you.
There's no half-in, Tyler.
You want business after Marks, we do this together.
Or you're on your own.
All right.
I'll let you know what we find out.
All right.
Jax, we heard from Coletti.
The bounty hunter with Bobby's ex.
He's got intel on the guy that we used for the Chinese in Selma.
Not today.
There's nothing we can do for Bobby right now.
Until we hear back from Tyler.
If we track down whoever ratted us out to Lin we can shut another door.
We need to find the rat, pres.
He could be the one feeding intel to Marks too.
This shit should've been handled already.
All right.
Bring Coletti here.
I'll call him.
Gemma say why she was there? Club thing.
She didn't give me any details, but she did say she was safe and that Juice didn't say anything about us helping him.
For now.
He requested to talk to me and the new sheriff.
I'm guessing it's about making some kind of deal.
Why did Juice shoot at those cops? He's playing something out for Jax.
That's the only reason he ain't dead.
Hey, you got more in the car? - No.
- No, that's it.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
Be out front if you need me.
Did the school call here? I don't know.
I was in the shower.
Why? I guess something happened again.
They're sending Abel home.
Oh, shit.
You need a lift? No.
They said it's gotta be Jax or Gemma.
Legal guardians.
It sounded serious.
Do you mind? You ever serve? I already know the answer.
Infantry boot for Granada.
Never deployed.
Reserves for 10 years.
I bring up the combat reference to make a point.
We're at war, you and me.
The eye? That's all about expediting a solution.
I don't know you.
I never will.
But if I have to kill you it won't be personal.
It'll be in the service of my current commander.
Oh, come on.
Is that really the line of bullshit you buy into? Every day? You look in the mirror, you tell yourself: "I'm not a bad guy.
" You ain't a soldier.
You're scumbag with a few paid skills.
Thug, like the rest of us.
You're right.
That's why we grabbed you.
You're the one with brains.
And reason.
Teller needs you.
Can't be that smart.
Sitting here talking to you.
Come on, Munson.
You know how this plays out.
Teller will spin his wheels for the rest of the day, trying to track down where you are.
Then I take off another body part.
He gets that, it breaks him he tells me what I wanna know.
You can save him a lot of remorse.
And yourself any further debilitation.
We've narrowed it down to four possible construction sites.
However, it would be a bit time-consuming and conspicuous to go bulldozing acres of city land looking for a body.
Maybe you accidentally put your cigarette out on the right location.
We get what we want and we can all go home and sleep in our own beds.
You took my eye out.
I didn't tell you anything.
You think this little twinkie-dinky heart-to-heart will push me your way? I hope so.
I know how important it is for members to ride.
I'd hate to see you lose that clutch hand.
You're right.
This is about war.
And maybe tomorrow next month maybe 10 years from now someone wearing a reaper will cut your heart out.
Give me the location of the pastor.
And just maybe you'll be the one holding the knife.
This kid O'Leary, where'd you last see him? Selma.
He helped us with the job.
That makes sense.
That's where his VA checks were going.
He was a vet? Yeah, Iraqi Freedom.
Had a few juvie priors before he enlisted.
He's been MIA a couple weeks.
How about family or old war buddies? Nothing on his friends.
Mom's off the grid.
Renee O'Leary.
She popped up for a marriage license two years ago.
Her husband, Carl Egan, did a five-year stretch at Corcoran for running guns across state lines.
Arms dealer? Not to sell.
To distribute for the cause.
One of those militia whack-jobs.
He's got a compound north of Lockeford, no street address.
Just rural roads and county markers.
These guys, they like to think they're ghosts.
But they forget that there's this little thing called Google Earth watching you piss in the middle of the night.
This is good work, man.
Thank you.
Can you ask Bobby to reach out to Precious? Insurance doesn't cover the kids' inhalers anymore.
I mean, this helps, but she asked me to mention it.
Yeah, sure.
We'll let him know.
Appreciate it.
Take care, guys.
All right.
Let's take a ride.
I want you to smoke this.
Give you a nice little rush.
Keep those deep bends from hurting.
Now, you keep drinking water.
These bananas too, if you can stomach them.
I got clean sheets out in the closet in the front room.
- Gonna need to change these.
- Okay.
Thank you for helping us.
Well, you must be important to Jax, otherwise I wouldn't be here.
You must think I'm an awful mother.
It's not my place to judge.
We all fall down.
It's about how we get up.
He's really a good man.
My son.
That's the hardest thing.
Knowing my weakness has driven him to violence.
It's not his nature.
That's what we do when our family needs us.
Things we wouldn't do otherwise.
Well, sometimes those things are a mistake.
Impulse that just causes more chaos.
Doesn't matter what happens.
It's why we did it.
That's what counts.
Wendy's on the house phone.
Yeah, okay.
Stay focused on what's in front of you.
Get Well.
That's how you help your boy.
Looks quiet.
Too quiet.
Maybe the revolution took a day off.
Shit! Get down! Jesus! What the hell are you shooting for? We just wanna talk.
About Gib O'Leary.
Hey! We got no beef with anyone in there.
- Whoa.
Guess they don't feel like talking? - No.
What do you wanna do now, Jackie? Who's this? - Ma? - Get the hell out of there! Denny! Put it down.
You stupid shithead.
Put it down.
We got five guns pointed at a kid out here.
All we wanna do is talk.
We're not gonna hurt anyone.
Let the kid go, I'll come out.
You ain't exactly earned my trust yet, bro.
Put the gun down.
Not until you let him go.
Put down the gun, Carl.
I'll cut you in your sleep, old man.
Get over here, Denny.
Sorry, Morn.
You get inside.
Could've gotten us killed.
Go ahead.
Hit him again.
Are you Gib's mom? Yeah.
What the hell is all this? Carl is Gibby's stepdad.
His real dad is a member of your club.
Called me about a week ago said Gib was killed.
Happened on a job.
He had to get rid of the body.
Keep it quiet.
I didn't say goodbye to my boy.
Couldn't give him a proper burial.
I was pissed off and I threatened to call the cops.
Which clearly I would never do.
Figured you guys were here to keep me quiet.
Who is his father? Jury White.
I mean, if you ain't here for Jury, what do you wanna know about Gib? He was a friend of mine.
We did boot together.
I've been trying to track him down.
I'm sorry, son.
Me too.
Look, will you do me a favor? Don't tell Jury we were here.
I'd like to pay my respects in person.
I never talk to him.
I'm sorry for the hostile welcoming.
Carl gets a little paranoid.
Yeah, I can see that.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Quick thinking, Rat.
So far, he's coming up empty on Bobby.
So Jury must have been the one that took Gib's body from the house.
Saw Lin's heroin.
Maybe he put it together.
He's the only other one who knew where we were storing the Chinese guns.
Call Jury.
Have him meet us halfway.
Sutter Creek or Pine Grove, somewhere quiet.
Just him and his VP.
Tell him it's urgent.
That I need, uh, counsel on how to handle the Triads.
What are you gonna do, Jax? I'm gonna find out if our rat is wearing a reaper.
Come on.
It's Teller.
I'm sorry.
Could I speak with you for a moment, um, alone? We'll be in the car.
- All right.
- Come on, buddy.
Come on.
Did you speak to the head of the school? Yeah.
And your shrink.
They think the kid needs evaluating.
Was that your call? I just report what I observe.
Some bully got in his face and he stood up for himself.
Abel hit the kid with a metal lunchbox and put a gash in his head.
It was unprovoked.
Nothing is unprovoked, sweetheart.
Look, Abel's a good kid.
We all know that.
But clearly losing his morn has affected him deeply.
I don't need a shrink to tell me that.
Teller, we all want Abel to succeed.
Know what I want? I want teachers and shrinks and pompous assholes to stop judging my grandson.
That's the sort of aggression he learns to imitate.
Next time I'll make sure you're the one he slams with a lunchbox.
That was Tully's guy.
Just heard from County.
Juice put shit in motion.
All right, let's go.
Wake up.
My hearing's tomorrow.
I'll land in Stockton on the parole violation.
I need you to put me in Ad Seg.
Why? I need protection.
From who? It's a long list.
Why'd you go all cowboy on the CHP yesterday? I don't like cops.
Give me the deal before the hearing and I'll tell you who killed Tara Knowles and Eli Roosevelt.
We already know it was the Chinese.
What you know don't mean shit.
It's what you can prove.
And you could give us proof? Names and the murder weapon.
Well, you're gonna have to give us some of that proof to take to the DA.
Otherwise we're just wasting our time here.
Chris Dun.
One of Lin's guys.
There were two of them that did the murders.
I'll give you the other name and the location of the weapon once I have my deal.
I'm gonna need a few days to put-- You have until tomorrow morning.
What the hell was that about? He gives up names for isolation? No plea, no reduced sentence? This is the MC.
Juice betrayed the club.
He was a dead man.
Jax let him live because he needs him in Ad Seg.
Henry Lin's in Stockton.
They have him in segregation? I'm sure they do, yeah.
That's what they're using Juice for.
To get to Lin.
Pay for his sins.
He kills the chink, buys his way back into Samcro.
I'll see if I can pull a sheet on Dun.
If we can get Gemma to ID him as one of the guys she saw I have to make the deal.
Mm Put Juice in Ad Seg.
I can give the DOC a heads up, but we have to put Charming first.
DO you think he really knows who killed Tara and Eli? Yeah.
I do.
I'll reach out to Patterson.
You coming? Oh.
I'm gonna go change, and get back to the cabin.
I can have Quinn take me up there if you wanna stay here.
No, I'll take you.
Thank you.
I'm gonna go check on Thomas.
You hungry, baby? Can I have some milk? - I got it.
- Yep.
Oh, shit.
What? Gemma.
Gemma! Hey, what's going on? Are you guys okay? Jesus Christ.
Where the hell is the baby? I don't know.
What's the matter? Oh.
Nothing, buddy.
Why don't you go into the kitchen.
I wanna go in my room.
- No, no, no.
Not now, Abel.
Not now.
- Hey, you guys here? Gem? Wendy? Get in the kitchen.
Oh What's going on? Okay.
Okay, come on.
Come on.
Let's go.
Come on.
They killed my birds.
Patterson's gonna put Juice in Ad Seg for 48 hours.
When Gemma corroborates, she'll make a deal.
Give him protection for the length of his sentence.
You'll give DOC a heads-up? Patterson will.
This could close out the murder you joined up to solve, Wayne.
I know.
Something don't fit.
Gemma and Juice There's a piece missing.
Maybe you're too close.
I hope you stay on here after we shut the book on this.
I like having you on my team.
You're a good cop.
It's not like I got a lot of hobbies.
Other than waiting to die.
Listen, I'm gonna go check on Eglee.
See if there's anything she needs.
How are you, brother? Good to see you.
Any word on Bobby? Not yet.
Diosa, West, and now Bobby.
Shit's coming apart in Charming.
We've had some setbacks.
What's so urgent with the Triads? This isn't about the Triads.
Someone gave us up to Lin.
Gave up the location of our Chinese guns.
That's why West was killed, our girls slaughtered.
Someone? You were the only one who knew the location of that warehouse.
You better have all your facts before you throw that kind of accusation at me.
I know Gib O'Leary was your son.
You should've come to us.
I didn't know you were gonna kill two innocent men.
That shotgun you used? The same one I used during the Chinese fire fight.
I didn't raise Gib.
I only saw him twice in 20 years.
He looked me up when he got back from Iraq.
We were just getting to know each other.
None of my guys knew he was my son.
And I didn't say anything about finding him dead.
You should've told me.
Ratting us out to the Chinese that only made things worse.
I wanted you dead, Jackson.
But I'm no rat.
I didn't tell Lin shit.
I don't believe that.
So, what now? You gonna gun me down without a mayhem vote? Is that who you are now? Don't try to put this on me, Jury.
You're the one who betrayed the patch.
You had the chance to be something good for this club.
Something your old man always wanted.
But you turned into everything he hated.
You became the poison.
The reason he checked out.
Checked out of what? I was the only one J.
trusted at the end.
You weren't even a member of the club then.
That's why.
I knew the life, but I didn't wear his patch.
I was just a friend.
A safe ear.
So, what did he tell you? John couldn't live with what the club had become.
But he also couldn't bring himself to take it down.
Take it down how? He wrote some kind of book.
I never read it.
But whatever was in it, if it would've gotten out would've destroyed the Sons and tore apart his family.
What do you think happened to your old man that day? Out on 580? Clay sabotaged his bike.
Yeah, we heard those rumors.
But there was one thing that didn't hook up for me.
That Panhead was an extension of John.
He would've known if anything was wrong with it the second he kicked it over.
Meaning what? You think my old man ran into that semi on purpose? I don't know.
Maybe it was his sacrifice.
A way of letting his club and family survive.
My old man didn't kill himself.
It doesn't matter.
As long as he ain't here to see what Samcro did to you.
Jackie! What the hell did you do? Jury admitted he was the one who ratted us to the Chinese.
I hit him, he went for his gun.
The Chinese? What are you talking about? Fill him in.
Fill me in? You just killed my president.
You can't walk away from this! Easy, easy, easy.
There's history here, understand? Jax.
Something happened at Gemma's.
This shit is gonna vibrate throughout the whole organization! Your boy is out of control and he's going down! Hey, hey! My boy ain't going anywhere.
You understand? - Do you understand? - Chibs.
Chibs! We gotta go now.
Come on.
What you making there, sweetheart? You wanna tell Grandma what happened today? Why'd you hit that kid? I don't like him.
Did he hit you? Tease you? I don't know.
You know, you hurt him real bad, Abel.
Did you know that? It was an accident.
Do you understand what an accident is? Do you? Hey, buddy.
I heard you had a rough day.
I'll be back in a minute, all right? Stay with Grandma.
Jesus Christ.
They had to get in when we went to get Abel.
Quinn was out with Brooke.
I guess they must've been watching the house.
Can you give me a minute with my guys? Yeah, okay.
I'm staying here tonight.
I'll have a few of my guys sit out front if you need Quinn.
What do we do about Bobby? We're running out of time, Jackie.
Yeah, I know.
All right, call Tyler.
Have him set up a meet with Moses.
I'll give him the body and the statement.
But I am not handing over the mother and kid for August to kill.
Let's go, guys.
Come on.
Still haven't heard a word from your crew.
You sure there's nothing you wanna tell us? Yeah.
Suck my big white dick.
Good for you.
You got balls.
Most guys would've caved by now.
We got a call.
Teller finally reached out.
Unfortunately he made the mistake of thinking the terms were negotiable.
Tyler got a hold of Moses.
Gave him your offer.
Hasn't got back to him yet.
Maybe he's gonna track down Marks himself.
Anything you need to tell me about what went down with Jury? Nothing you don't know.
We have to be careful with this, brother.
This Redwood war is making some of the other charters a wee bit nervous.
Beginning to impact our relationships and some of the friends up northwest.
This morning you told me I needed to stay on point.
That's What I did.
Jury is part of this now too.
I know.
But the way it went down, Jackie there's gonna be questions about the rights and the wrongs of the whole thing.
It was self-defense.
But to Indian Hills, it looked more like murder.
What did it look like to you? It looked like a very complicated situation.
I'm just saying, we should get ready for the heat that this might bring.
I'm ready.
Aye? Yeah.
I offered it to Jax, but I don't think the MC can cover it.
So I found another buyer.
So, yeah, I'm selling my piece of Diosa.
That's great.
My uncle said I can move down there whenever I want.
Don't even have to wait for the escrow to clear.
So when are you going? As soon as I can clean up things in Stockton.
I gotta figure out some things for Lucious.
How to get him some help down there.
Well I can make some calls.
I know a lot of OT people.
Yeah? That'd be great.
Does Gemma know? Yeah.
I could use some help with that too.
Listen, I want-- I want her, you and the boys to come down there.
There's plenty of room.
Lucious would love to have other kids around him.
God, Jax and Gemma will never let Abel and Thomas leave.
After today, how could they let them stay? "There must be some kind of way out of here," Said the joker to the thief "There's too much confusion, I can't get no relief Businessmen, they drink my wine Yeah, they drink my wine Plowmen dig my earth None of them along the line Know what any of it is worth" Yeah, yeah, yeah "No reason to get excited" The thief, he kindly spoke, "There are many here among us So many Who feel that life Who feel that life is but a joke But you and I, we've been through that So many times now And this is not our fate So let us not talk falsely now The hour is getting late" From Moses.
It's getting late All along the watchtower The wind began to howl All along the watchtower All along, all along