Sons of Anarchy s07e09 Episode Script

What A Piece Of Work Is Man

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Wha--? What do we know about Moses Cartwright? Ex-military, Special Ops Blackwater graduate.
That's a serious résumé.
What does August want? Dead pastor and his family.
Maybe you accidentally put your cigarette out on the location, we get what we want and we can all go home and sleep.
You took my eye out I didn't tell you anything.
Give me the location of the pastor.
Suck my big white dick.
CHP has got Juice.
Tully will set him up to finally kill Lin.
And if he chokes, and we become his leverage? Then Tully will kill Juice.
Need you to put me in Ad Seg.
Why? I'll tell you who killed Tara Knowles and Eli Roosevelt.
And you could give us proof? Chris Dun.
I'll give you the other name and the location of the weapon once I have my deal.
I'll see if I can pull a sheet on Dun.
If we can get Gemma to ID him as one of the guys she saw I have to make the deal, Wayne.
This kid, O'Leary.
Nothing on friends.
Mom's off the grid.
Her husband, he's got a compound, no street address.
Let's take a ride.
You Gib's mom? Yeah.
What is all this? His dad is a member of your club.
Jury White.
Call Jury.
I'm gonna find out if our rat is wearing a reaper.
I know Gib O'Leary was your son.
You should have told me.
Ratting us out to the Chinese, it only made things worse.
I wanted you dead, Jackson.
But I'm no rat.
I don't believe that.
You gonna gun me down without a vote? Is that who you are? You're the one who betrayed the patch.
- Jackie! - What did you do? - You can't walk away from this! - Hey, hey, hey.
Teller finally reached out.
Unfortunately he made the mistake of thinking the terms were negotiable.
From Moses.
It's okay.
I didn't sleep much.
Me neither.
You sleep at all, mama? Yeah.
A bit.
You want me to take that out of here? No.
It's where it belongs.
- Thanks.
- Hm.
You're not hungry, buddy? No.
Want some toast? Something else? No.
"No, thank you.
" No, thank you.
Why don't you all head up to the cabin, bring the boys.
Well, what about school? Not today.
Abel's struggling, Jax.
That thing with the lunchbox-- He'll be fine.
It's just that the more time he misses, the more he falls behind.
I think that's adding to his frustrations.
He's 5 years old.
He shouldn't be frustrated.
I want him with me today.
Tyler's going to meet us at the cabin.
Any word on Bobby? Nothing new.
I'll see you up there? Yeah, I'll get them there.
I'm gonna need you with us today.
Rat's gonna stay here.
All right, man.
- Hey, see you later.
- Okay.
I'll see you later, all right? Hey, buddy.
So we're not gonna go to school today.
Why? Daddy wants us up at the cabin with him.
Did someone else die? No, baby.
Your daddy just misses you.
Wants you to be with him.
I hate this.
You signed up for it, sweetheart.
You wanna help his son you gotta do it his way.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye It's all gonna come together.
I just need the phone we got from the pimp.
Why? You said August wasn't gonna be a problem once you had my mother's statement.
We're not dealing with a guy who follows a rule book.
Things change.
We're just adapting.
If you give him those videos he'll embarrass my family, and that could destroy our congregation.
We're not gonna give it to him.
I just need to show him the video.
Make him think he's getting the leverage.
What happened? Why do you need more leverage? You don't need to know.
I need you to tell me the truth.
Marks grabbed one of my guys.
Oh, my God.
It's just a setback.
- You need to trust me.
- Please, stop saying that.
All right? Every time you do, something else bad happens.
Tyler's here.
Give me a minute.
There's no plan B here.
Get me the phone.
It's in the SUV.
Come on.
You guys have gone full redneck.
We used to have a couple of black heads on the wall but we took them down, you know? Out of respect.
I appreciate that.
I hear you got another package from Marks and his black ops.
And it's gonna be the last one.
I need you to set up a meet with August.
Him or Moses, doesn't matter.
I'll give him the pastor's body and leverage that will prove that the mom and son can't touch him.
We've tried that already.
I got video footage of the pastor's deviant kink habit.
Him in full slave mode, taking it up the ass by underage boys.
Oh, nice, huh? What the hell? Hit me in the head with a tire iron, took off.
You set that meet.
Pull over.
Stay with him.
Pull over! Now! Ah! Hey! Next one's in your head! Pull over! Get out.
Get out! Get out! Get out of the car.
Get out of the car.
You stupid little shit! What was that about?! Look, I can't sit back and just let you get us killed.
So, what, you run away? Look, I was gonna find Marks and offer him me instead of my mother.
You have no idea what is going on here.
Who Marks is.
He'd break you, find out where you mother is and put a bullet in your head! I do not care.
I have to end this.
That's what we're gonna do! I get it, you don't trust me.
Hey, look.
The shit that's gone down, I don't blame you.
But you going cowboy is gonna make things worse.
Get all of us killed.
Hey, and that includes your mother.
You understand that? I got it, boss.
Next time, I'll put a bullet in your face.
All right.
Get him back to the cabin.
Have Montez lock him down.
Chibs, find that phone.
You okay? Yeah.
Got it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You headed out? Nothing gets past you, chief.
I need to talk to you.
About Juice.
Juice gave up a name.
Chris Dun.
One of the Chinese that killed Tara and Eli.
Why would he do that? He's making a deal.
Trying to get protection in Stockton.
Does Jax know? Your boy's calling all the shots.
Getting Juice next to Henry Lin.
Gonna finish the payback.
What's that got to do with me? Jarry's gonna come to you to corroborate his name.
Have you ID Chris Dun's mug shots.
I looked through all those mug shot books.
I don't recognize anyone.
Trust me, the last thing I want is Juice doing the club's bloody work.
I'm just here giving you a heads-up.
The DA is gonna press you for cooperation.
Did you hear all that? I did.
Sneaky Pete.
You gonna say something or just stare at my tits? Jax is gonna need you to identify Dun.
So Unser's right.
You are setting up Juice-- You don't need to-- - Hey, are you ready to go--? - Get out.
I was asking-- Go back to the kids' room.
I'll tell you when to come out.
Go ahead, sweetheart.
You don't need details about Juice.
Just know it's to help the club.
Go to the sheriff, ID the Chinese guy from the party.
Don't buy into the myth.
That to wear the patch, you gotta treat women like shit.
Because when it comes to finding a good old lady you don't get what you want, Rat.
You get what you are.
Don't be a dick.
We okay here? Yeah.
I'm gonna need a ride into town.
Gotta pay a visit to our Scot-sucking sheriff.
Out of nines.
Check storage.
From Tully, for the hit on the chink.
When is it going down? Soon.
I'll let you know.
You might wanna hide that before my black friend gets back.
You ain't got any pockets.
I looked through these the last time.
I don't recognize anyone.
I know.
Most of them are in jail or dead.
Wouldn't know anything about that, would you? I run a garage.
I'm not privy to the rise and fall of Asian thugs.
What about this thug? Recognize him? Yes.
I saw him leaving Jax and Tara's house that night.
You sure? Yes.
We done? Did you ever share what you saw with Juan Carlos Ortiz? No.
Why? He claims to know an awful lot about the murders of Dr.
Knowles and Eli Roosevelt.
What does that got to do with me? I don't know, I was hoping you could shed some light.
He identified Dun also.
He used the information to make a deal.
I'm just trying to connect the dots here.
Well, I guess you and your dots will have to ask Juice.
This is your daughter-in-law's murder I'm trying to solve here.
The mother of your grandkids.
Save the righteous cop bullshit for someone dumb enough to buy it.
I know you're on the take.
What did you say? Seriously? You're gonna break out the Dirty Harriet routine? You can't play both sides, sweetheart.
You're on the club's dime and Chibs' dick.
- Lieutenant! - Stop! It's okay.
I'm fine.
Wait outside.
Now, sheriff.
Yes, ma'am.
Let me make myself clear, Mrs.
I am not on your son's team.
I am playing by the corrupt rules of your dysfunctional little town.
So if I call the DA right now she's gonna know all about your MC petty-cash fund? I serve and protect my quadrant my way.
That's all she has to know.
All right, Althea.
Far be it for me to burst anybody's happy little bubble.
I'll keep on telling myself that I'm a model citizen and you keep on pretending that that badge ain't tarnished.
You lay your hands on me again I will throw your white trash ass in jail.
Well, I guess you'll have to.
Because if you ever slap me again I'll shoot you in the throat.
Glad that went well.
Yeah, I'm a helper.
Guess we've earned an audience with the new Pope.
It's good you showed up.
This should be between you and me.
Not your ghosts.
Things are turning so quickly, Jackson.
I'm deeply disappointed.
I can see that.
We had everything to gain.
Not me.
I'd already lost too much.
You broke the first rule of business.
Letting personal feelings poison your choices.
That's what happens when your wife gets brutally murdered in your own home.
You should've come to me about Lin.
You know I couldn't do that.
You'd have told me to wait and then watched me like a hawk.
I had no choice.
- You didn't want another choice.
- You don't have family, August.
You can never understand.
I'm sorry you feel betrayed.
This had to happen.
Look where we are, Jax.
Is this what you wanted? Piles of bodies, relationships destroyed and the guy you were going after is still alive.
- I'm not done yet.
- Yeah, that's clear.
Because now you're blackmailing me.
Using innocent people to frame me for a murder.
I don't think you're allowed to claim them as innocents.
You threaten them, you exploit their church and now you're trying to destroy everything they love.
You kill the pastor? We found him in the projects when we were tracking down that East Dub OG that offed the Bastards.
I'm guessing one of his friends got to him.
He was cut up pretty bad.
Excuse me, sir.
We should move this along.
What is this leverage you promised? I'll give you this and the pastor's body.
You don't need the wife and son.
Where are they? The kid's MIA.
Mom's in detox, private facility.
You don't need them.
Why are you protecting them? I made a promise.
I believe that.
However, I also know you've been in touch with the son.
You need to bring him when you deliver the body.
I can't let-- Not gonna kill him.
I just need to make sure he understands the severity of the situation.
The importance of silence.
This is as far as I'll bend, Jackson.
You want Bobby alive? Deliver the kid, that phone and the pastor.
Here, 4 p.
Brother, the pastor wasn't cut up at all when we buried him.
He will be.
You know, I thought about becoming a preacher.
It's the other black one.
How much we gonna take? We just need his torso and his legs.
I wanna do it.
You know why I like teaming up with you, Hap? Because when we do, I'm the normal one.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Oh, that ain't right.
Oh, Jesus.
You Okay? No.
All this shit it triggers my Catholic superstitions.
Trust me if this guy's got a ghost, it's looking for a bus full of dead schoolboys.
That's comforting.
You want me to finish, pres? - No, we got it.
- All right.
I call heads.
How long? Half hour.
One more arm to attach.
What do we carry him in, boss? - Get a sleeping bag out of the closet.
- All right.
Indian Hills is here, brother.
- Did you know they were coming? - Nope.
Chapel, just you and me.
Complicated day.
Issue with Bobby.
Should've given us the heads-up you were coming down.
We're in Cali for a while.
This was our first stop.
You knew this had to happen.
I know you have questions.
You also don't have all the intel the reason that Jury ratted us out.
We don't think he was a rat.
Oh, you will.
Jury had a kid.
Gib O'Leary.
He helped us with that Triad takedown in Selma.
Jury found him dead.
Had to be the Chinese.
He blamed us.
We don't know about any kid.
He ain't seen him in 20 years.
I guess they just reconnected.
The boy's mother Jury's ex, got a place out in Lockeford.
About an hour from here.
Go see her.
She'll confirm this.
Still don't prove he was a rat.
Mickey, he was the only one outside this charter that knew where we were housing the stolen Chinese guns.
He copped to it while we were arguing.
That's why he pulled on me.
What I saw, you decked him.
He went for his 9 in self-defense and you shot him in the face.
Well, what you saw and I know are two different things.
We need a forum on this.
We're heading down to Berdoo.
Packer's gonna lead it.
Keep it impartial.
We got Hench, Monroe and Lee coming down from up north.
This is bigger than just Redwood and Indian Hills, Jax.
Consider this your heads-up.
We'll let you know what comes out of the meeting what has to be done.
I had no idea about this, Jackie.
Last thing this charter needs.
We gotta prove Jury spoke to Lin.
Juice is the only one that can do that.
A rat venting out a rat ain't gonna hold much weight.
Tully gets a phone to the rat bastard.
We record it.
All right.
Reach out to white, put it in motion.
All right.
See you next time.
Have a good ride.
Preacher's ready.
That about Jury? Yeah.
- Is the phone prepped? - Yeah.
Kid went through it.
Nuked all the preacher.
Left the boys out in case Marks wants to check it.
- Is he ready? - Yeah.
He'll be okay.
Let's go get Bobby.
All right.
- Good news, Bobby.
- Mm.
Your crew has come around.
Made a deal with Mr.
Not curious about what they gave up for you? Whatever it is it'd just be leading back to one of us slitting your throat.
You hold on to that good thought.
Let's go.
Unh! Sorry about this last piece of business.
- Break his jaw.
- Unh! Again.
What's wrong, bitch? Afraid these guys will find out you don't know how to punch and out you as the pussy you are? Hold on.
I like you, Munson.
You're a good soldier.
You stay hard.
Loyal to the very end.
- It's a very rare quality.
- Unh! - You gonna be okay if I split for a while? - Yeah, Unser's here.
I just gotta help Chucky catch up a bit.
- Where are you heading? - Stockton.
See my lawyer, have him draw up a contract so I can sell my piece of Diosa.
Did you tell Jax? I tried a couple of times.
There's no worry though.
I mean, he and Alvarez, all good.
Well, you're gonna have to tell him.
And I will.
Are you really gonna do this? Yeah.
I'm headed down to Norco tomorrow.
I'm gonna close the deal with my Uncle Benny.
It's real, Gem.
You thought about it any more? You're the only solid thing in my life right now, baby.
But everything else is-- I know, mama.
I ain't going anywhere.
You are.
You're going to Norco.
You know what I mean.
No more cop wrestling, okay? No promises.
I'll pick you up in a couple of hours.
Head back up to the cabin.
Yeah, unless I'm booked on a 240.
Keep her out of trouble, huh? That's a very tall order, amigo.
But do your best, amigo.
This is cozy.
It's an outhouse with a bed.
Can I get you anything? I got some beer and Well, that's about it.
I'm good.
Eglee called.
Said you took her statement this morning.
She didn't remember much.
She said it was five or six white guys, maybe neo-Nazi ink.
She and Cane rolled up for a routine check, scumbags started shooting.
Checking AB affiliates to see who's been active.
She's been through a lot, you know? I wouldn't press her for more.
I got another statement today.
Our aggressive matriarch.
Did some follow-ups on Dun after Gemma left.
Pulled this from Vegas P.
"Chris Dun.
Drunk and disorderly.
" They didn't file charges.
Let him dry out, released him.
That's why it's not on his rap sheet.
Check the date.
That's the night Tara was murdered.
The guy two people ID'd as the killer was in another state when the crime happened? Jesus Christ.
I'm tired of this, Wayne.
What the hell is going on? I don't know.
You should call the DA.
Pull Juice's deal.
Get him out of Ad Seg.
Put him in general pop or solitary.
Anyplace else.
I mean, least we could do is stop someone else from getting killed.
All right.
What about Gemma? She'd just say she made a mistake.
All Chinese look alike.
But, hey, don't let them know we're onto the lie.
Let's see where this leads us.
All right.
How about just you and me? No weapons, no army.
Fair enough.
Just the things we're trading.
Everybody else drives away.
I don't like this, Jackie.
Just make sure he's not packing.
You okay? Yeah.
Let's go.
He's clean.
- Clear out.
- Let's go! Okay.
Come on, let's go.
You're almost home.
He's got a gun.
He's got a gun.
You're a lying piece of shit.
If you or your mother ever get the idea to betray me this is what happens.
No! No.
This is on you, Jackson.
Your betrayal.
Don't ever lie to me again.
Come get the preacher.
I'm sorry.
We're almost done, Bobby.
Get Loutreesha's statement.
Take Quinn.
Deliver it to Patterson's office.
Maybe we should give this one to Jarry.
You know? Give her-- Give her a win.
Keep it close.
Not too close, brother.
Thank you.
Wendy, I can't get the TV to work.
Okay, buddy.
All right.
Let's see what's going on.
Come on.
Let's go see.
Okay, I will.
Gemma's on her way up.
Wanted to know if the boys need anything.
I think we're okay.
I know you're pissed.
Should I just leave you alone or? I'm crazy, Rat.
You know that, right? Mood shit, bipolar.
Meds keep most of it in check, but it's hard enough waking up some days not quite knowing who I am.
I can't be with someone who's completely different every time I'm with him.
I'm not different.
I'm just You're the first one I've been with since I've had the patch.
You know, I'm just trying to figure out how to do both.
Both of what? Be Samcro and be in love with someone.
I'm afraid I'm gonna mess up both.
Do you love me? I just said it, didn't I? Sort of.
I'm not a dick.
I know.
I love you too.
Tully wants you to read this.
Take the boys to their room.
Let's go play over here, okay? What's going on? Bobby's dead.
Oh, God.
It was August Marks.
Retaliation, for us going after the Chinese.
Does it ever end, Jax? It already has.
Bobby's in the van outside.
As soon as it gets dark, you and Montez, dig him a grave out back.
Bobby always loved this place.
I wanna keep him close.
Of course, brother.
Grant told me what happened.
I'm sorry.
It's me that should be sorry.
You were right.
I keep making mistakes.
Putting the two of you at risk.
We know you're only trying to help.
I can sense that you are a decent man.
I don't think that's true.
What happens now? The only way we can stop Marks is by having him arrested.
But you gave him the body.
Most of the preacher is still on the construction site.
I'm giving the DA your statement, saying you got an anonymous tip.
Maybe from one of your gang-affiliated parishioners.
That'll lead the cops to the body.
They'll have motive and your statement.
But you said having him arrested will just make it worse.
This is a Band-Aid till I can fix it permanently.
So that means my mom will have to testify.
She just has to back up her statement for now.
I'm gonna bring you home tomorrow.
You should find a good lawyer.
I'll keep a couple of my guys with you.
Look, I know this has been brutal.
But I kept my word.
You're both alive and safe.
I'm not gonna break that promise.
Thanks for coming so quick.
Yeah, it sounded urgent.
We were gonna have this delivered to Patterson but I thought it would help you.
August Marks.
Heir to Damon Pope.
He killed a pastor.
Jonathan Haddem.
Piedmont Grace, just outside of Oakland.
He was threatening him and his family.
Using his church as a housing scheme.
This is from the wife? Yeah.
How'd she know Marks killed her husband? He chopped off his head.
Buried the rest of his body on one of his construction sites.
The wife got an anonymous tip from one of her congregation.
Anonymous? Yeah.
I'd move on Marks now.
He gets wind of this, he's gone.
So I'm supposed to tell Patterson a woman I never met way outside my quadrant just happened to reach out to me to make the arrest? If it's gonna cause you a problem, I'll get someone else to deliver it.
I thought you were in bed with black.
I'm not in bed with anyone.
Don't do that.
Treat me like I'm an idiot.
Listen, my love with Marks and Lin put away, black and yellow are finished.
And we're all good with brown.
This returns the balance.
Things get quiet.
No more bloodshed.
Tell me about Chris Dun.
Juice and Gemma ID'd him as the guy they saw leaving Jackson's house the night of Tara's murder.
He's been MIA for weeks.
That's probably why, because Lin knew he was sloppy, got him out of the country.
When did Gemma ID him? Right after she told me to stop being so righteous because she knew I was on the take and on your dick.
If you think us hooking up was a mistake then we can stop.
Do you think it's a mistake? I don't know.
It's a yes or no answer.
If it's no, take me.
Right here.
What? You heard me.
Quinn I don't give a shit.
If you have feelings for me, show me.
Right now.
If you don't, just walk away.
We'll go back to playing cops and robbers.
That's what I thought.
All together.
Let's go.
Where to? Solitary? I thought Lin was gonna-- Shut up.
It wasn't our call.
What is this? I'll let Tully know.
Where is Lin? What the hell is--? Hey! Hey! Give me some time with him.
Sure, sweetheart.
Come on.
Hey, guys, you're tracking all this mud in.
- Shit.
- Come on, guys.
Come on.
Come on, we'll brush you off outside.
I'm so sorry, Bobby.
I had no idea.
I couldn't see all this.
Oh, please forgive me.
Get in the car.
We're good, let's go.