Sons of Anarchy s07e10 Episode Script

Faith and Despondency

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: - Leland.
- You bring another police escort? We had nothing to do with the sheriffs.
You gunned them down, so now they're everyone's problem.
We hear the bitch lived.
She is not talking.
Killing your mommy was an accident.
It was such an awful accident.
Abel hit the kid with a metal lunchbox and put a gash in his head.
It was unprovoked.
Why'd you hit that kid? It was an accident.
Do you understand what an accident is? Do you? I was talking to my uncle.
He'll give me his farm if I can come up with 150 cash as a down.
It's us having a place that we can run to.
I want you with me.
We deserve something better, Gemma.
DO we? It's all gonna come together.
I just need to show him the video.
Make him think he's getting the leverage.
What happened? Why do you need more leverage? Marks grabbed one of my guys.
For every 24 hours August has to wait, he's gonna cut off another part of your guy.
I'm with you.
But I don't know how much longer I'm gonna be able to keep playing double agent.
If you, or your mother, ever get the idea to betray me this is what happens.
No! No! What happens now? You should find a good lawyer.
I'll keep a couple of my guys with you.
I'm giving the DA your statement.
It'll lead the cops to the pastor's body.
Oh, I'm sailing away, my own true love I'm sailing away in the morning ls there something I can send you From across the sea? From the place that I'll be landing No, there's nothing you can send me My own true love There's nothing I wish to be owning Oh, my God.
From across that lonesome ocean I got a letter on a lonesome day It was from her ship sailing Saying I don't know When I'll be coming back again Well, if you, my love, must think that way I'm sure your mind is roaming I'm sure your heart's not with me But with the country to where you're going So take heed Take heed of that western wind Take heed of stormy weather And, yes, there's something You can send back to me Spanish boots of Spanish leather Did I do something wrong? No.
I heard from the girls what happened to your wife.
I'm sorry.
Where are you going? Figured you wanted me to leave.
Is this okay? Yeah.
It's nice.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye How's the crew holding up? It's brutal.
Bobby was We all leaned on him, you know? I'm not sure what Samcro looks like without him.
It really rocked Gemma.
Look, I tried to bring this up a few times, but with everything going on and all I was serious about selling my piece.
Yeah, I know.
I'm just not in a place where I can do that right now.
I figured as much.
I've been talking to Alvarez.
He's got the cash.
I'll sell him my half and he'll let Oso and his crew run the house in Stockton.
You made this deal behind my back? No.
Just exploring my options.
Nothing set in stone.
This about your uncle's farm? Yeah.
It's time, Jax.
We both know that.
Hey, I ain't dropping out.
I'll be around, make sure the transition works.
Good morning.
Good morning.
I'm gonna head over to Red Woody.
Lyla's gonna help me with all the computer shit.
Okay, good.
The hard copies are in the closet next to the kitchen.
You got to take all that data and then reenter it.
I don't really know what that means, but okay.
She seems to be adjusting to life indoors.
Yeah, she's a smart girl.
A little unstable, but smart.
That's the way we like them.
About selling my piece.
This ain't about me and you, Jax.
I get it.
I'm okay with Alvarez, I just I don't know, I'm I guess I'm just not ready to lose my partner.
I'm gonna be around.
I love your mom.
And I'm hoping that she comes down, spends time with me.
Your boys too.
Lucius will be there.
It's quiet, it's safe.
Be a nice little escape.
Seems like you're not the only Son who was seeking a little professional comfort.
I guess not.
Have a great day.
I'll catch you later? Yeah.
I didn't know you were here.
I couldn't sleep.
I crashed here the last couple nights.
I kind of I just had to let off-- Okay.
I don't need to know.
Anything more on Marks? No, he's still in county.
Three days and no hearing? DA's dragging her feet, making him sweat.
Today still makes sense? Yeah.
You all set with T.
? Yeah, meeting at the Fireside.
You let him know the second it looks like it's gonna go south Yeah.
I'll be clear.
You should head out.
These the records? That's them.
Thank you for helping out with this.
Well, I don't really know what the hell I'm doing but it's cool.
I like the girls.
I think some of us are gonna get a place together.
You know, before we all get gunned down by Chinese gangsters.
Thank you for hanging out with me.
Look, I don't know much about you.
Your club, or anything.
But I can see you're in pain.
I know how hard it is to look past the shit we do.
Lost track of all the people I've hurt disappointed.
But you've been really nice to me and kind.
And you kept your word.
Not a lot of people do that.
You're a really decent guy, Jax.
I just hope you can see some of that.
Are you off to new adventures, angel? Yeah.
I'm heading to Stockton.
Will I see you later? Uh I'm not sure.
You Okay? Yeah, fine.
You're gonna be late there, kiddo.
Come on, eat fast.
Hey, what happened? Tommy scratched me.
Let me see.
Well, how'd he do that? I'll trim his nails.
Let me see them.
Here you go.
Thank you.
You should try to eat something, Mom.
I will, baby.
Did you sleep at all? - Not really.
- Right.
Talk to you later.
Got a call from Oakland.
It's a go.
When can we go home? Jax said-- I have so many obligations.
We'll know more by the end of the day.
I talked to the DA and I hired a lawyer.
Jax said we could leave after I did all that.
You need to tell us what's going on.
We can't sit here waiting to find out if someone's gonna kill us.
That's exactly why you're gonna sit there.
We'll bring you home when it's safe.
Be good, little man.
I'll pick you up later.
Come on, Abel.
I've got him.
Hey, what happened to your eye, sweetheart? Tommy scratched me.
Your brother? It's a big scratch for a little brother.
Are you sure that's what happened? If someone else did this to you like an adult or a friend, you need to tell me.
Why? Because it's wrong.
If they did it on purpose, they could get in trouble.
With the police? Yes, and the school.
Come on.
You find out why they put your boy in solitary? No.
Sheriff took the deal to the DA.
I don't know what happened.
Where's that leave us with Lin? Well, I'm working on it.
Might take me a day or two to have the right guys for the right shift.
We're all set to meet with Otis.
The sit-down is this afternoon, we'll bring everybody up to speed.
Anything I need to know about this guy? He's my number two in Tempe.
Just got out of Perryville.
He's solid.
Time for the inbreds to move over, huh? Yeah.
I think Leland isn't so happy about the shift in management.
We'll help him adjust.
But you need to make sure that Juice gets to Lin.
Well, in the meantime I'm gonna keep that little Puerto Rican real close.
I'll make sure no one breaks his heart.
Well, he could do with a little loving.
What you need, man? Not what I need it's what Mr.
Marks needs.
Loutreesha Haddem has confirmed her statement with the DA.
Secured herself a lawyer.
So, what happens now? Mr.
Marks has his hearing the day after tomorrow.
And before he posts bail and comes home, I have a task to complete.
Yeah? What's that? I need to talk to the pastor's family.
Convince them to rethink their statement.
Teller's protecting them.
I need you to find out where.
We do business together.
Ain't like I'm going to no biker barbecues.
One-Niners have been connected to Samcro for a couple of decades.
We know how tight you are with Teller.
In light of this recent betrayal, that bond concerns Mr.
Makes him wonder where your loyalties lie.
I'm here, man.
We're with August.
Prove it.
There's a guy that runs their support crew.
He probably knows.
Grim Bastards? Yeah.
I'll track him down and I'll let you know what I find out.
Hold it.
Let's do that together.
All right.
I guess you driving.
You Otis? Yeah.
Jax Teller.
This is Chibs, Tig, Happy.
Let's go.
That's what my sister said.
I talked to Tully.
I know.
Things are in play.
Yeah? Where's Leland? He's late.
Don't know if he can read a watch.
Doubt it.
Most of my guys are in the house.
Plus the two at the camper.
I got four coming in from AZ today.
How many are having problems with the shift? Leland's boy Scoot, Rudy maybe Decker.
The rest don't give a shit.
What the hell they doing here? Tully wanted me to meet them.
- Tell Leland? - We will when he gets here.
He ain't gonna like some tranny-humper at his sit-down.
What did you say? What, man? You think people don't know you suck dick? Bad-ass outlaw, likes to ride bitch to some T-girl.
Not the time, brother.
Not the time.
I'm okay with the time.
He's okay with the time.
Hey, mule-head.
I think you owe me an apology.
Are you kidding me? If you were in this crew you'd get your dick shot off, you ass-raping freak.
Like that? Easy! Everyone! Guns down! Now!! Next shithead doesn't listen is gonna get the same from me.
Traitor! Siding with these bitches! Shut up, you redneck douchebag.
You wanna know where Leland is? He's on his way to kill that bitch cop.
What are you talking about? He asked you a question.
You lied to us.
Said you'd shut her up.
Leland knows Tully is using you to take him out.
Letting the cop turn him over for killing your nigger partner.
I gotta go.
Do it.
I'll call Rat.
That's gotta be him.
That's T.
That was Chibs, I gotta head to St.
Could use some help.
- What about the thing with--? - It's gotta wait.
- Holy shit.
- Come on.
Right there.
Turn around.
Samcro? Yeah.
How about that? Looking for someone? Toss the gun.
In the sink.
Where was Eglee? First thing I did was move her to another room.
I didn't have time to call it in.
How did you know Leland Gruen was on his way to kill her? I got a heads-up.
From who? Anonymous.
Friends of Eglee's.
You can't keep protecting them, Wayne.
This has got nothing to do with Tara.
I gave my statement to Carreira.
It was a clean kill.
We need you in there, LT.
We're not done.
I'll talk to you later.
Yes, ma'am.
I think your anonymous friends are waiting for you in the lobby.
Is Eglee okay? Yeah.
I put three bullets in that man's chest.
Hey, that guy was a scumbag.
Excuse me.
You know how many kills I had on the job? None.
That's right.
Fired my weapon maybe a dozen times.
Two wounded perps.
That's it.
Does that tell you something, son? Huh? About what's happening here? You said Eglee wasn't gonna talk.
She told the DA it was a few white guys with Nazi ink.
She didn't ID anybody.
They didn't know that.
They? The AB? Does that mean there's more coming? No.
Leland was the end of it.
Thank you.
I owe you.
Was it Tyler? No, Wendy.
They need you at Abel's school.
What now? She doesn't know.
Well, have her send Gemma.
Child Services were called.
They need the father.
We'll handle black.
You go and take care of your family.
We got this, brother.
All right.
Yeah, all right.
Hap, you stay with him.
That's all we need.
You saw what happened to Bobby.
I carved out his eye.
Cut his fingers off.
That's what will happen if you don't cooperate.
So why don't we save ourself the agony and time? Where is Samcro hiding the pastor's son and wife? Jesus Christ.
From Tully.
Holy shit.
What the hell is going on? I don't know.
They won't tell me shit.
Are you Mr.
Teller? Yeah.
I'm the assistant principal, Mildred Treal.
And this is Investigator Shahid from Child Services.
Where's my kid? ls he okay? Yeah.
Can you please just have a seat? I'll go get Miss Harrison.
Who's Miss Harrison? Abel's nosy teacher.
Can you at least tell us why Child Services is here? We'll explain everything.
Hey, buddy.
What's going on? Show him, Abel.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, my God, what happened, baby? Who did this to you? It's okay, honey, you can tell the truth.
This is a safe room.
Who did this to you? Grandma.
A grapefruit spoon turns out to be the perfect little tool for taking out an eye.
Who goes first? Can't let this psycho take my goddamn eye.
I know where they got the wife and kid.
It's a cabin.
Probably gonna have the whole charter there.
Where is it? I'll write it down.
Get him a pen and paper.
I gotta say I'm really disappointed that a brother was the first one to cave.
Moses - he give it up? - Yeah.
So we good, right? I'll let you know when we get there.
Jax, I dressed Abel for school this morning.
Other than the scratch over his eye from Thomas he had no cuts, no bruises, nothing.
Then what the hell happened? Why would he lie? He knew that was gonna get you in trouble.
I don't know, baby.
He's been quiet, kind of distant.
It's gotta be about Tara.
Maybe he thinks Gemma is trying to replace her, you know? Thinks that if he gets her out of the way, somehow his mom comes back.
He needs to talk to someone.
He's 5.
Doesn't need a shrink.
Well, he needs something.
I mean, if he did this to himself Wendy's right.
We gotta find someone to help him figure this shit out.
For now, you can't be alone with him, Morn.
Jackson you know I would never hurt my boy.
It doesn't matter what I know.
Child Services are calling the shots now.
I mean, the state could take them if we don't follow protocol.
I'm gonna bring them to my house.
I'm gonna need some help.
You think you could stay with us until we figure this out? Sleep in the nursery? Yeah, sure.
Sorry, Jackie.
Want us to handle this thing without you? No.
No, just give me a minute.
I'm sorry, Mom.
It's okay.
I'll pack up their stuff.
I'll bring it by after school.
Thank you.
All right, let's go.
Up here.
Turn right.
That was a little messy.
You think? This has gotta be it.
No Harleys.
Think he was lying? I don't know.
Clear it.
Clear! House is all clear.
Ah! Hold it.
Good on you, Teller.
You sure you don't mind getting rid of the trash? I'll keep the cars.
That'll cover my cleaning fee.
Take them.
Need a lift to your wheels? No.
They're just down the road.
I appreciate the backup.
Favor for a favor.
Heard it was a cop who put down Leland.
You set that shit up? Sort of.
It don't matter.
Just couldn't be me.
What the hell? Shit.
What happened to him? Couldn't get away from Moses to give him a heads-up.
We were heading out for the hospital.
He scooped up both of us.
You okay? Yeah.
Couldn't cave too easy.
Took a few hits.
I'm sorry it went down that way.
It's cool.
Ah! Heh, heh, heh.
I'm proud of you.
Thanks, man.
Well done, brother.
I owe you, brother.
Thank you.
Anything for you, Jackson.
All right.
I guess things went okay here? Well, we got a pile of dead black guys in the backyard.
What? Was L.
here? There's three left if you want one.
I'm good, man.
Yeah, me too.
We did it.
Come on.
Come on.
Pack your bags.
What's going on? Marks's hit squad has been discharged.
- What about August? - He won't be out for a few days.
We're gonna take you home, keep an eye on you.
We'll see what happens then.
It's okay, Mom.
Hey, Mom, it's okay.
We're gonna be okay.
We're gonna be okay.
I've waited over three years for you, Heathcliff.
And I've waited at your gate over an hour.
You can be quite the scoundrel, Heathcliff.
Never, my love.
We will let the horses set the pace by our hearts as we become reacquainted.
A brotherhood of misery With smiles as sad as sighs The madness daily maddening me And turning into agony The bliss before my eyes So stood I, in heaven's glorious sun And in the glare of hell My spirit drank a mingled tone Of seraph's song, and demon 's moan What my soul bore, my soul alone Within itself may tell Hi, darling.
Rough day? What do you think? Some Aryan psycho tried to kill one of my sheriffs.
I can't do this anymore.
What? I don't know what I was thinking.
Jesus, I'm an idiot.
It's not you, Filip.
I always put myself in these situations where they just can't go anywhere.
It's like I seek out shit that I know is gonna crash and burn.
I'm sorry, I should've never let this happen.
That's it? Okay? What do you want from me, Althea? I don't know, man.
Am I right? You're a cop and I'm a criminal.
I'm never gonna tell you about my business.
And you, sure as shit, ain't gonna tell me yours.
So no, we won't be taking strolls down Main Street hand in hand picking out furniture and whatever other shite normal couples do.
I like you.
The sex is great.
And when you're not tearing apart every single moment that we're together you're actually a lot of fun.
But, no I'm not gonna make up your mind for you.
Why are you sitting in the dark? Please turn that off.
What's going on? I know what this is, Alexander.
Why you're with me.
What are you talking about? You're a man who dares to dance with the freaks.
I perpetuate that deviance for you allow you to show the world that you live outside the box.
But I know that's where it ends for us.
And I understand it comes with the territory of my complicated identity.
But my My feelings for you are simpler.
They live very much inside the box.
I'm afraid Alexander, that I may have fallen in love with you.
Um, I don't know what to say.
Please, let me say it for you.
I'm a man.
I am a man who knows she's a woman.
And that's exactly where I'm supposed to be.
That's the crisscross that I've come to love.
I don't want the surgery.
I don't want to undo what God has given me.
I know how beautiful I am.
You are beautiful.
Thank you.
I'm gonna need to put some Some distance between us.
At least until I can climb outside the box again.
Well you're right, baby.
About me, about everything.
This is my crisscross.
Because when I'm with you, I don't have any secrets.
I mean, I can't.
I have to open myself up for this.
And you see everything.
All the things that I hide, all the shit that I hate about myself, you see it all, baby.
You see it all.
And through all that, you still love me? Wow.
Man I never had that ever with anyone in any box, you know? But when I try to get close you know, to feel-- Normal.
I just-- I can't hook it up.
I understand-- No, let me finish, baby.
But I want to.
I want to.
I wanna feel what it's like for you to be mine.
I wanna be able to go anywhere anyplace with you being mine.
Come on, baby.
Why don't you just go get yourself cleaned up? Put on a pretty dress.
Put those flowers back in your hair.
Because I wanna hear your lilt when you say my name.
Because you are my sweet, my beautiful Venus.
Okay? Yeah.
I'll-- I'll-- I'll do that for you, baby.
You're my precious Alex-- Alexander.
Alexan-- Alexander.
Come on.
My savior.
Oh, my baby.
Oh, you're my angel.
My little baby.
It's okay.
What the hell happened? A little dustup with a few African-American fellas.
Marks's guys? What went down? Jax can fill you in.
Well, until he does, anything we need to get ready for here? Hey, he's exhausted.
Jax is at his house.
You want answers? Talk to him.
Gemma's in her room.
Feeling any better? I don't know.
I'm sorry this happened, mama.
I know this-- I know what this does to you.
When are you going to Norco? I'm gonna pick up my money from Alvarez tomorrow.
Probably get down there next couple of days, you know? See what needs to be done to start setting things up.
Need some help? Serious? Yeah, you know at least for a while till this shit gets sorted out with Abel.
That'll be good, mama.
Yeah, I mean, we could do it together.
Hm? Make it our place, you know? Oh, no, no, it's gonna be okay, Gem.
Baby, we're gonna get through all this.
I don't know why you're still here.
Why you still love me.
Don't you say that.
I don't know who I am anymore.
I don't know.
You're my girl.
Hm'? That's who you are.
You're my girl.
Did they go down okay? Yeah.
Tried talking to him a little bit, but he wasn't having it.
Yeah, give him a couple days.
He's gotta know what he did was wrong.
I got the names of a couple of good therapists.
Thank you for doing all this, Wendy.
For helping getting him settled back here.
I don't mind.
I was gonna make some tea.
Sounds nice.
Hey, buddy.
What are you doing up? May I have some water, please? I got it.
Come here.
Here you go, buddy.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Why don't you sit down for a minute? I wanna tell you something, Abel.
And I want you to try to really understand, okay? Okay.
You remember when I told you that me and Mommy got married after you were born when you were already 3? Yeah.
And that you didn't come out of Mommy's tummy the way Thomas did? Well, that's because you came out of another mommy's tummy.
Do you know whose tummy that was? It was Wendy's.
Wendy was your first mommy.
You came out of her tummy.
That's kind of crazy, right? You see, Daddy and Wendy, we used to be married.
But we realized that we were better off just being friends.
But that's why she's here now.
To help take care of you now that you need a mommy.
Okay? I just want you to know there are so many people that love you, Abel.
No matter what happens you're always gonna have a daddy and a mommy that are gonna do their best for you.
You wanna ask me anything, baby? No.
Well, we can talk about it whenever you want.
Or not.
Okay? It's up to you.
All right.
Why don't you go get back into bed? I'll come in in a minute and tuck you in.
On, buddy.
Good night.
Jesus, Jackson.
Little heads-up would've been nice.
You okay? Thank you.
What kind of tea do you want? The kind that goes good with a shot of Jameson.
I love you, son.
Love you, Daddy.
Good night.
Get some sleep.
Yeah? Is Wendy my first mommy because I came out of her tummy? Yeah.
That's right.
So is that why Grandma killed my other mommy so my first mommy could be here with me?