Sons of Anarchy s07e11 Episode Script

Suits of Woe

Been talking to Alvarez.
I'll sell him my half and he'll let Oso and his crew run the house in Stockton.
About your uncle's farm? It's time, Jax.
We both know that.
What happened to your eyes? Tommy scratched me.
Are you sure? If someone else did this to you you need to tell me.
Because it's wrong, and they could get in trouble.
- Hey, buddy, what's going on? - Show him, Abel.
Jesus Christ.
God, what happened, baby? Who did this to you? Grandma.
We've gotta prove Jury spoke to Lin.
Juice is the only one that can.
Rat venting out a rat ain't gonna hold much weight.
Tully gets a phone to the rat bastard.
We record it.
They put your boy in solitary.
You need to make sure that Juice gets to Lin.
When are you going to Norco? Head down there in the next couple of days.
Need some help? Oh, that'd be good, mama.
We'll do it together.
Make it our place, you know? Daddy.
Yeah? Is Wendy my first mommy because I came out of her tummy? Yeah.
Is that why Grandma killed my other mommy? I don't know why he'd do it.
I know he misses you, but I'd never put a hand on him you know that.
I love him more than anything.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I'm so sorry this happened.
I do this, and everybody is okay with me and everybody forgives.
This gets done.
Gotta put something together here.
Get through the time.
I just gotta finish it.
This gets done.
This gets done.
Good morning.
Where did you sleep last night? I stayed with Abel.
After I put him to bed.
Want some coffee? Yeah.
Jax I gotta tell you something.
After last night and you letting Abel know the truth about me I can't have any secrets.
I checked out of rehab to help you.
To help Gemma.
And when I got to my apartment, Juice was there.
And what the hell was Juice doing in your apartment? He said he was hiding from the club.
I didn't ask him why.
Well, how did he get in? Gemma had the keys.
Why would my mom be helping Juice? She said she didn't want anyone else to get hurt.
She thought I'd be gone so she let him stay there.
Did anyone else know? Wayne.
He found out by accident when he saw Juice's bag.
I'm sorry, Jax.
I didn't know what to do.
The vibe between us was just so tense, and then shit just went crazy.
Diosa, Scoops and Bobby.
And then after that, you know, Abel started acting out, I-- I guess Juice just didn't seem that important.
Hey, are we okay? You didn't make the choice to help him.
Look, I know you got pulled into this, I get it.
But I need you to keep this between us for now, though.
You don't tell anyone else I know.
Jax, what are you gonna do? I'm gonna get some answers.
You take care of our boys.
All right, all right.
Jesus Christ.
Put some pants on.
We need to talk.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye I know you and Gemma have been helping Juice.
I need to know how that happened.
Who the hell told you that? She said Gemma was helping him because she didn't want anyone else to get hurt.
But why would Juice go to my mom in the first place? I'm not sure how that all came together.
I assumed they crossed paths somewhere.
You know, by a weed shop or something.
That doesn't make sense.
You were with my mom the night Tara got murdered.
What was going on with her? She was upset.
She knew you were gonna get picked up by the sheriffs.
Did she call you after she saw the Chinese? Yeah.
Yeah, well, after we found out what happened.
She was wrecked.
We both were.
But she didn't tell me what she saw.
Only the club was privy to that.
What--? What are you digging at, son? I need a face-to-face with Juice.
Can you call Jarry, set that up? You're kidding me, right? I mean, we know what you're doing with Juice.
Using him to get close to Lin.
I mean-- This isn't about Lin.
It's about Tara.
Why should I help you, son, huh? You guys have done nothing but lie to me.
The guy Juice and your mother ID'd, he wasn't even in the state.
What are you talking about? Chris Dun.
Jarry found out he was in a Vegas drunk tank the night Tara was murdered.
I need you to get me in a room with Juice.
Tell the DA it will get them the intel they need on Tara's murder.
You can pull the video, watch the whole thing.
Wayne do you want the truth or not? All right, I'll call Jarry.
See if she can hook it up.
But you burn me on this, Jackson, and there's no more loyalty.
For your club and for your family.
Understand? Understood.
The thing Tully's helping you with it goes down after breakfast.
Yeah, okay.
This gets done.
Sounds good.
Your dad would be happy.
Still needs some tweaks, but it's getting there.
Looks very regal in the club colors.
What time does my mom get in? Well, we're pretty slow.
Probably just before lunch.
You want her here sooner? No.
Thank you.
What's going on, boss? I need you guys to visit our white friends.
Have Otis reach out to Tully.
I'm sitting down with Juice.
I need the cameras off in the room.
Thought all that shit with Lin was set.
It is.
It's about something else.
What? I'll fill you in when I know more.
Well, what's going on? I don't know.
Where is Daddy? He's working.
Is Daddy okay? Yeah.
Are you okay? That was a lot for you to take in last night.
About me.
You okay with all that? Oh.
On the gate.
There's a change of clothes in there.
In case it gets messy.
Tully got you doing his dirty work, huh? Figured he'd just leave it for his new Nazi pals.
Doesn't have to be dirty.
I just need some answers.
That's why I'm chained to a pipe in a goddamn boiler room.
What the hell is that for? Who sold out Samcro? Gave up the location of the guns? Of course.
They sent the rat to flush out the rat.
Who was it? Those guns were ours.
Was it a member? Jury White? And what happens once I tell you? I send that to the club and they handle the traitor.
And me? Nothing happens.
As long as you tell me who it was and you don't give up the MC to make a deal.
It was Charlie Barosky.
He came to us, said he knew who took the guns and where they were.
The prick held out for a shitload of cash.
Cops, biggest criminals of all.
You lying piece of-- I'm a rat.
What makes you think I wouldn't be a liar too? Is it you? ls it someone you knew? Someone you trusted Should've dusted And now that motherfucker With whom you thought you was through ls back out on the street And has a 9 mm pointed at you Oh, another narrow escape You got nothing this time But tomorrow is another day Morning.
Jax was here earlier looking for you.
- What did he want? - He didn't say.
I can fill you in on that.
Wendy told Jax that we were helping Juice.
What? Yeah.
Well, why the hell would she do that? I'm not sure.
He wasn't pissed off, though.
He was just very troubled.
About Juice? That and some information he got about Tara's murder.
The guy you and Juice identified he was in a Vegas jail the night she was murdered.
He was Asian.
If it wasn't him, it was another one of Lin's guys.
I guess so.
Jackson's using Juice to get to Lin.
I'm assuming Juice got Dun's name from the club.
Am I wrong? I mean, was he with you that night? No.
When did he come to you for help? Uh-- You know, after Tara.
I'm not sure.
He-- He just reached out.
Called me, I think.
He just called you? Didn't you think that was a little odd? I mean, you'd be the last person I'd go to if I-- I don't know, Wayne.
You're gonna have to talk to Juice.
Oh, well, yeah.
Well, Jax is doing that.
What do you mean? Jarry got him a face-to-face with Juice.
He's on his way to Stockton now.
I'll tell you, your son is determined to get to the truth.
You all right? Hm'? Yeah.
Where you going? I left something at the house.
And now that motherfucker With whom you thought you was through ls back out on the street And has a 9 mm pointed at you Oh, another narrow escape You got nothing this time But tomorrow is another day ls everything okay? I don't know, Chuck.
Why don't you follow her home.
Keep an eye on her.
Then what? I don't know, I-- Wish I knew.
Where were you guys? - Babe, get out of here.
Beat it, go on.
- Come on, sweetheart, go.
All right, listen, we just sat down with Otis.
Jax needed Tully to secure a room so he can sit down with Juice.
About Lin? Don't know.
I hope so.
We gotta get that confession.
That forum did not go well for our pres.
Been talking to some of the Berdoo guys.
Vibe ain't good, man.
Yeah, we know.
What happens if Jax can't prove that Jury was the one who sold us out? They get to hear both sides of what went down with Jury.
We all know it was self-defense.
Indian Hills saw it a different way.
And if it goes their way? It's a member killing another member.
But that means a mayhem vote.
Had to come up.
Only way I could secure the room.
Pretty Puerto Rican's on his way.
I appreciate it.
Talked to Otis, heard our black and white problem's been solved.
He's a solid guy.
Lin's confession.
Juice put him down this morning.
There'll be no blowback.
He's dead? Yeah, that was the plan, wasn't it? Yeah.
All right, what about Ortiz? Does that pay off his sins? I'm not sure.
Let me know.
Thank you.
Oh, I'll see you later, baby.
Tully tell you about Lin? Yeah.
It wasn't Jury.
It was Barosky.
All about money.
And you believed him? Yeah.
If anything, Lin would wanna hurt the club.
He got no reason to protect Jury.
I did everything you asked, Jax.
I found out Gemma was helping you hide.
The Chinese guy she ID'd he was in Vegas the night Tara was murdered.
Why would you go to my mom to hide from the club? Did she owe you a favor? We just kind of, uh, found each other.
Yesterday, my 5-year-old son cut his own arm.
Deep scratches.
And then he told his teacher it was Gemma that did it.
We spent the afternoon with Child Services.
Last night, I decided to tell him that Wendy was his first mom.
I thought it might give him some comfort knowing that he had another mother.
When I put him to bed he asked me if Gemma had killed Tara to make room for Wendy.
But when I pressed him on why he would ask this he said he overheard Gemma telling his little brother that she was sorry she had killed his mommy.
You see, nothing makes sense to me, Juice.
Is my kid delusional? Cutting himself, making up stories.
Or is he tormented? Trying to wrap his little mind around something horrible.
See, every scenario seems insane to me.
My son is twisted up.
He just lost his mom.
Before I send in a team of shrinks to twist him up more and to create deeper wounds I need the truth.
Somehow I know you're the one who can give it to me.
I'm really sorry about Abel.
Is it true? I went to your house that night.
Looking for Gemma like you'd asked.
I was still trying to wrap my head around what you'd said to me.
About betraying you.
I met Eli out front.
He was waiting on Tara.
Then we heard a crash and Eli ran in the house.
I followed.
Tara was dead.
The place was trashed.
She must have gotten in a brawl with Gemma.
Your mom was on the floor freaked out covered in blood.
Eli was about to call it in.
I killed him.
And then Gemma needed you as much as you needed her.
What about the Chinese? We needed to put the kill on someone.
The way she killed her so brutal it felt gangland.
I didn't want it to come down on brown and Nero so I told Gemma to use the Chinese.
We came up with the story.
Bobby is dead.
Retaliation for us going after Lin.
They cut out his eye, they cut off his fingers then they shot him in the head right in front of me.
Oh, God, Jax, I'm-- Don't say you're sorry.
Don't say anything.
Thank you for telling me the truth.
I'll make sure it's quick.
- Yeah.
- Gemma, it's Juice.
Where are you? Stockton.
I told him.
Gemma, everything.
I'm sorry, I had to.
The shit that happened because of that lie.
It was a mistake.
We should have never kept-- What the--? Jesus Christ.
You know what? I have no idea how Bobby handled this shit.
We need to patch in another Jew.
How did it go? Juice took care of Lin.
It wasn't Jury.
It was Barosky.
Oh, that lying son of a bitch.
This is really going to complicate things with Indian Hills.
I know.
All right.
I need you to call Alvarez, tell him about Barosky.
We'll handle it, but it's gonna impact shit in Stockton.
- When are we gonna do it? - Soon.
I just need to handle a family problem first.
What's going on, brother? I just need to talk to Gemma.
Why, is something wrong? ls she okay? She's fine.
I just need to track down where she went.
Have Hap and Rat go to her house.
Have Quinn and Montez go to Diosa.
- What do they do if they find her? - Just have her stay put.
Let's go check out T-M.
It's me.
Just a second.
Where's the baby? In the kitchen with Chucky.
You talked to Jax? No.
He talked to Jax.
I know about Juice.
I'm sorry, Gem.
I had to come clean.
Jax told Abel last night that I was his first mommy.
He thought it might help him not feel like Tara was being replaced.
You know, if he knew I was his birth mom.
And after that, I just-- I couldn't lie to Jax anymore.
I can't keep secrets, Gem.
It'll kill me.
Did it help? Telling Abel? Yeah.
He seemed a little better today.
Less anxious.
That's good.
I'm glad he knows you're his mom.
Yeah? It's the right thing.
The right time.
God, that means so much to me.
There were no more diapers in the laundry room and he's, you know, loaded.
I got some in my bag.
Give me.
No, no, no.
Let me get him.
I got him.
Yeah? Okay.
I'll bring him to you in a minute.
Hi, baby.
I love you.
Yes, I do.
Your grandma loves you.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Signature here.
And here.
And then initials in all the boxes.
Maybe I could steal you away from Teller, you can manage both Diosas, huh? Well, I appreciate the offer, but I'll stick to running porn.
I'd rather shoot pussy than have my pussy shot at.
- Oh! I'm trying close a sale here.
- Heh, heh, heh.
- Let's not bring up the ghosts, huh? - Yeah, it's okay.
I'm good with ghosts.
I think that's it.
That should do it, gentlemen.
I'll finish notarizing these, make you copies and file the transfer downtown.
Hundred and fifty.
Yeah, you can count it.
I trust you.
I'm glad we were able to make this work, carnal.
Me too, Nero.
Hey, Nero.
Gemma here? Where you going? I gotta clean up some family things.
ls everything okay? No.
No, sweetheart.
Everything is not okay.
I'm in trouble and I can't let the club find me.
Not yet.
Okay, I can help you.
If they find out, it's gonna be bad.
Hit me.
I'll tell them you punched me and took my keys.
They'll believe that.
Chucky, I can't hit you.
Gem, it's okay.
Unh! Okay, okay.
Go, go, go.
Hey, guys.
What happened? Where's Gemma? I don't know, she asked me for my keys I said no, she punched me and took off with the car.
Isn't that her loaner in the driveway? My scooter died here last night, so I drove the other loaner, blue Ford.
She took that one.
What's going on? Why is she running? How long ago? Maybe 10 minutes.
All right, thanks.
Put some ice on that.
Thank you, Chucky.
You're my best friend, Gem.
I accept that.
I tried calling you.
They had me on hold forever.
I was on the phone with Patterson and the Department of Corrections.
Lin was killed this morning.
Stabbed multiple times in the neck, found in the hallway.
No witnesses.
You watch Teller's chat? Pulled the video file, it was blank.
Someone bought the room.
Speak of the devil.
Yeah, well we need to speak to the other devil.
Gotta see Juice, all right? Yeah.
All right.
Let me, uh Let me talk to Jax alone for a minute.
Any idea why Cagney and Lacey are here? No.
Where are things at with her? Same.
No deeper.
What's our good sheriff doing here? She came to deliver some sad news.
Henry Lin.
Yeah, we heard.
That happened before I got there.
That's not why I went to see Juice.
Well, I guess we'll never know.
There's no video tape.
I, uh-- I just got off the phone with Hap Gemma just slugged Chucky, then she took off in a blue Ford.
What the hell's going on, brother? I need you to call my mom, have her meet you here.
Tell her you need to talk to her in private.
Why? What's going on with Gemma? It's family business.
Maybe you forgot our little deal.
I'm done helping you and the club.
This is about Tara.
Oh, if you gave a shit about Tara maybe you'd spend a little less time being a thug and a little more time being a dad.
You need to watch your mouth, old man.
Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do? You gonna kill me, huh? Is that what you're gonna do? Add me to your body count? Huh? Oh, you know what? Maybe I should go into my trailer stay in the kitchen and wait for somebody to come along and stick a fork in my head.
Oh! Jesus Christ, Jackie.
Let's go.
Are you all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
What the hell was that about? I don't know.
But until I do, I want Teller off the streets so no one else gets hurt.
Put out an APB on Teller.
For assault.
What is going on? Goddamn it.
Go ahead, do it.
Please, do it.
Where you been? Crazy morning.
Quinn and Montez were here looking for you.
They wouldn't say why.
What's up, mama? Just something's going down with the club.
I need to talk to you.
I'm over here at Diosa.
Need some privacy.
Can you meet me? Please, it's important.
I'll give you the address.
Okay, hold on.
Wow, I'm a popular guy.
Sit down.
Understand you're getting pretty cozy with the AB in here.
That's one way to put it.
What do you want? It's a shame about Henry Lin, huh? Yeah.
Well no one lives forever, right? We need to know what you talked about with Teller this morning.
Watch the tape.
Don't be an asshole.
Trust me all I am in here is someone's asshole.
What did you tell Jax? The truth.
Why is he looking for Gemma? Gemma knows the truth.
About? About everything.
Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret.
She's the gatekeeper.
Listen to me, Juice.
If you know anything about Tara, you've got a chance here.
A chance to-- I have no chance.
Neither do you.
Your heads are shoved so far up your asses you can't see what's right in front of you.
Yeah, and if you're tired of things getting shoved up your ass, maybe we can help.
But we're gonna need some cooperation.
It doesn't matter anymore, sheriff.
I'm all done.
It's too late.
For all of us.
- Where's Charlie? - Mr.
Charlie is not here.
Where is he? At the port, I think.
He should be back soon.
We'll wait.
Call Happy and Rat, see if they have anything on Gemma.
Jackie, you've gotta tell us what the hell this is all about.
I will.
I just need to speak to my mother, confirm a few things and then I'll bring everyone up to speed.
Don't ask me again.
We'll call Hap.
What are you doing here? I was born in that house.
Rose didn't like hospitals.
She used a midwife or a witch woman.
Something medieval.
That was Dad's parish.
Yeah? What's going on, Gem? My dad always wanted a big family.
But Rose I don't think she really wanted kids.
And after my baby brother died, she just checked out.
I couldn't wait to be a mom.
I wanted a dozen sons.
That didn't happen.
After Thomas and my heart thing John didn't wanna take the risk.
But I never quit on Jax.
Not for a minute.
Everything in my life pretty much torched.
I hated school I wasn't a very good wife.
But I was a good mother.
I did everything I was supposed to do.
Yeah, I know that, mama.
I love you, Nero.
And our time together has been neck-deep in chaos but you have made me happy.
You sound like you're saying goodbye there, Gem.
What's going on? I just have to handle some family things.
What family things? Come on, where you going? Is that Jax? Please don't answer it.
Wait till I'm gone.
Gemma, are you gonna tell me what happened? Yeah.
Has Gemma reached out to you? Why? Because I need to talk to her.
Yeah, I know.
A couple of your guys came by looking for her.
What's going on? I just need to track down where she went, Nero.
Well, I don't know.
But I'll tell you, if I find out, I'm not gonna tell you anything until I know why.
I went to see Juice this morning.
I'm trying to piece together Jax, I'm really sorry.
Oh, yeah, yeah, I-- I understand.
I don't know.
Okay, hermano.
If I see her, I'll let you know.
I Will.
I Will.
Is that true? It's complicated.
ls it true? Yes.
You should go.
Oh, God.
Jackie! The sheriff's outside, running your plates.
APB, brother.
Teller! Go, go, go.
He's running! He's running.
Start doing it, then! Come on.
Get out of the way.
Come on, it's not me.
Oh! Sorry.
My bad.
You idiot.
You want me to run your ass over? No, I want you to stop eating doughnuts, you fat piece of shit! What the hell's going--? Jesus Christ.
You're not taking my car.
Tell the cops.
Stop! Stop! Oh, shit! Hey.
Come here, sweetheart.
Come on.
Come here.
Hey, baby.
I just wanted to come by to give you something.
Wait, wait, wait.
Honey, this was-- This was your Grandpa John's and I gave it to your daddy when he patched into the club.
This one's for you.
So you have it when you become a member.
I love you, Abel.
Your mommy and your daddy, they love you too.
And you did nothing wrong, baby.
You're a good boy.
You're not allowed to be here.
Go back to class, Abel.
I'm gonna report this.
I know.
Thank you for watching out for my grandson.
Take care of him.
Goodbye, Grandma.
It's a good machine.
Consider it rent.
I appreciate the sanctuary.
Look, man, I don't want this news about Barosky hitting the street.
That's our mess to clean up.
Saves us the hassle.
Charlie's an expensive hurdle.
I heard you and Nero signed papers today.
Yeah, we did.
It makes sense, you know.
Our clubs having a business together.
We'll have to think twice about any bullshit that comes our way.
Well, it's good we're partners.
We should sit down with Connor, figure out guns.
And what about Marks? He's gonna make bail after his hearing.
Yeah, I know.
We're gonna need some help cleaning up what's left of the Chinese.
I'll sit down with Tyler, figure out territories.
By the time August puts together a new crew black, white and brown will be united in Oakland.
I'll make sure he makes the adjustment.
You let me know whatever you need, my friend.
I'm gonna take a ride up to Stockton, let Oso know what's going on.
The place is yours, huh? Thank you.
Jesus Christ, brother.
You all right? I'm fine.
Okay, good.
Quinn and Montez are on their way now.
Let me know when everyone's at the table.
Get up.
Me and Billy, we're hopping on the Orient express.
Our new friends want you in the infirmary.
Why? Because you need medical assistance.
I'm sorry for the lack of communication today.
I got some information last night from my son.
Something he overheard Gemma say.
Juice confirmed it this morning.
I didn't wanna believe it, but after my morn took off The Chinese didn't kill Tara.
Gemma did.
It was a fit of rage, I guess.
Juice was with Eli when he found her and he killed Roosevelt.
And then Gemma and Juice put together the lie.
The Chinese guy that I tortured, whose head I split open he wasn't even in the state the night Tara was killed.
The level of brutality in Tara's murder I thought it could only be gang retaliation.
A message.
I was wrong.
That mistake is mine and mine alone.
Everything that happened as a result of that mistake.
Every body that dropped, every relationship that was torched.
West, Jury, Bobby.
Everything that jeopardized this club was my fault.
Jackie-- Chibs.
I'm gonna sit down with Packer and the other presidents.
Come clean about Jury.
Then we sit down with Tyler, the Irish and the Mayans we discuss guns and territories.
I can't do anything to change what's happened but I'm gonna make damn sure I do everything I can to make it right.
I can't talk about any of this right now, and I'd appreciate some time to think.
I suggest you do the same.
We'll meet back here tomorrow.
I'm sorry that the family I was given has created so much chaos in the family I've chosen.
I hope you know I love you all very much.
Heard anything from Gemma? Any idea where she went? No.
She's not coming back, is she, Wayne? Good night, Wendy.
Oh Good night.
You wanna kiss your brother? Mm.
I'll be in in a minute to tuck you in, okay, buddy? Go on, go ahead.
I love you, my brother.
I love you.
I really love you, brother.
I really do.
Love you too, man.
All right.
Okay, come on.
Sit down.
Your crew knows? Yeah.
Where did she go? I don't know.
I couldn't, uh I couldn't talk to her.
How do I come back from this? The damage to my club and my family.
My boy.
Maybe it's time to honor Tara's wish.
And what about Gemma? I get the pain that you're in, Jax.
And the damage that she's caused is It's just unbelievable.
But a son killing his mother Jax, that's a wound that's too deep to heal.
And I know you, hermano.
That's gonna swallow you up.
That's gonna destroy you, man.
I know.
That's the part that hurts the most about all this, man.
I mean, after everything she did, all the lies and the death and the wreckage I still love her, you know.
She's my mom.
How could she do this to Tara? How could she do this? Hey.
This is my story This is my song Praising my savior all the day long This is my song Born of his spirit Washed in his blood Heir of salvation Purchase of God Born of his spirit Washed in his blood