Sons of Anarchy s07e12 Episode Script

Red Rose

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: I need you to get me in a room with Juice.
You can pull the video, watch the whole thing.
- Do you want the truth or not? - I'll call Jarry.
But you burn me on this, Jackson, and there's no more loyalty for your club and for your family.
Yesterday, my 5-year-old son asked me if Gemma had killed Tara to make room for Wendy.
My son is twisted up.
Before I send in a team of shrinks to twist him up more I need the truth.
Tara was dead.
Your mom was on the floor covered in blood.
Oh, God, Jax, I'm-- Don't say you're sorry.
Thank you for telling me the truth.
I'll make sure it's quick.
I love you, Nero.
You sound like you're saying goodbye there, Gem.
What's going on? Yeah? I went to see Juice this morning.
Gemma, is it true? Yes.
You should go.
I need you to call my mom.
Have her meet you here.
Maybe you forgot our little deal.
There's no videotape.
I'm done helping you and the club.
This is about Tara.
If you gave a shit about Tara, maybe you'd spend a little less time being a thug, and a little more time being a dad.
Oh! Put out an APB on Teller.
For assault.
The Chinese didn't kill Tara.
Gemma did.
I'm gonna sit down with Packer and the other presidents.
Come clean about Jury.
Then we sit down with Tyler, the Irish, and the Mayans we discuss guns and territories.
I can't do anything to change what's happened but I'm gonna make damn sure I do everything I can to make it right.
Thanks, brother.
Where is he? Hey, brother.
There you go.
Thank you.
Hey, what happened? I don't know.
Okay? Yeah, I'll be fine.
You sleep okay? Fine.
The guys filled me in about what happened to Tara.
I'm very sorry, Jax.
That's some awful shit, man.
I can only imagine the pain in your heart.
I appreciate that.
I know you wanna handle your personal business the way you know how but what happened on the street, it changed everybody.
Right or wrong.
There ain't no taking it back, huh? I know.
I just need to clean it up.
We got it, Jackie.
All right, so Tyler and Nero, they're on their way.
It's all set with Connor.
Meeting's gonna take place at O'Grady's.
The forum wants to meet with you, brother.
Presidents are heading up.
What time? Packer said he'll call when they're close.
I'm guessing after the Irish meet.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Anything from Coletti? No, he ran the credit card hits.
Airlines, buses.
Wherever Gemma is, she's staying off the grid.
Hey, you hear from Gemma? No.
I figured she'd be here.
Uh, is it weird being here, the whole Tara thing? Yeah, but it's not just because of that.
I OD'd right there.
Almost killed my son.
Jesus, I-- I didn't know.
I mean, I kind of knew what happened-- No, it's okay.
Let's just say I'm living with more than one ghost.
It's gotta be hard.
I don't know.
As crazy as shit is, I guess I feel more at home here now than I did back then.
Where's Grandma? Well, she probably had to go to the garage early, buddy.
Come on, grab your lunch.
Don't wanna be late.
You got the baby? Yeah.
Have a good day, handsome.
Sorry to wake you.
This is a rig zone.
I'm sorry.
It was empty when I pulled in.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye It makes sense for the Niners to push Lin's territory into ghost town.
Say, everything south of Brockhurst.
That ain't an even split.
Hey, the Mayan manpower's gonna be tied up moving guns.
And you're gonna have to cut back on your H trade.
You know that.
We got subsets in all those neighborhoods.
We'll move in quick.
I can live with that.
As long as Niners know they gotta pay, same price like everybody else.
As long as you give us priority.
Sell to us first.
Fair enough.
What about Stockton? With me stepping down, Triple Twos, they're gonna be pushing on Byzlat blocks.
Yeah, they already are, homes.
We're down to a dozen guys.
No way to recruit.
Streets are waiting to see if we stay alive.
We can help you with the Twos.
Dante's a punk.
Got no problem stepping on him till you guys crew up.
That'd be a big help.
Yeah? Big help? What you gonna want for that big help? Don't think it's just my charitable heart? Push our dope.
Grow the business east.
No, we ain't about that.
We ain't never-- Yeah.
We can do that.
You're gone, vato.
We gotta survive, que no? Sit down with the Mayans.
Talk, see if we come up with a plan that works for everyone.
And what about Barosky? I got him.
Keep him in the dark.
The Chinese power base is gone but they still have a lot of players on the street.
They already been reaching out down south.
We gotta shut that down before we slamming into Triads.
We'll figure it out as soon as we nail down guns.
Are we good with all this? I need everyone's word.
All right.
Let's go drink some piss warm beer.
Sorry, brother, I'm gonna have to put you in the van.
The APB.
They're gonna be looking for your glide.
Take my bike to Red Woody.
Take Quinn and Montez.
Wait for Packer.
Okay, brother.
Thank you.
Can I get a minute? Yeah.
See you in a sec.
See you out there.
You okay with this Byzlat move? Drugs are a mistake.
My crew, it ain't even equipped to run that hard.
But this has gotta be Fiasco's mistake, not mine.
You heard anything from Gemma? No.
You? Nothing.
So I'm gonna head down to Norco tomorrow.
Gotta start trying to hook up the house for Lucious.
Gonna get some ramps built and You know, talk to some caretakers and meet them.
So I'm gonna be gone for a couple of days.
This was good here today.
You helping to settle between black and brown.
It's getting there.
Hey, Nero.
Why don't you take Wendy and the boys with you tomorrow? What, to the farm? Yeah.
I always thought Gemma would take-- The boys, they're gonna love the farm.
My uncle's got horses and cows and goddamn goats and all kinds of animals I don't even know nothing about.
Abel will love that.
They can come down whenever they want.
There's plenty of room there.
I hope they do.
All right.
So I'll talk to Wendy and try to figure it out.
I appreciate you looking out for my boys, Nero.
Means a lot to me.
My brother.
When are you guys cutting me loose? I've been here all night.
Shut up or I'll strap you down.
Was I talking to your fat ass, Oprah? Guess you want a permanent bed here, don't you, little brownie? We'll handle it.
Clear them out.
Let's go.
What the hell is this? Where are they going? Don't you need some help? Some other bitch to hold my arms while you beat me? Oh, shit.
You know who I am? Jackie Chan.
You killed my boss.
That was Jackie Chan.
Henry Lin.
We know it was Tully who helped you take out Lin.
I don't know anything about that.
What I can't understand is why after you killed for your MC, they would green-light your ass too.
AB got the go-ahead.
Guess it's a karma thing.
And Samcro plays you again.
Gets you to do it for free.
Not quite.
Jackie Chan's got another plan.
But first my brothers here they've been in here for a little while.
They need to relieve a little stress.
Have at it.
Obviously, things have changed with Marks.
He's gonna make bail tomorrow but he's gonna be too hot to run your weapons.
He's not the only one.
After your war on the Chinese there's enough heat in Oakland to melt that ATF badge.
We have a solution for that.
Mayans will distribute.
They own the port in Stockton.
You can base there.
Alvarez will be your new dealer.
Do you have any respect for me, Jax? Of course.
Then why are you treating me like a fool? I know your beef with Lin pissed off Marks.
He killed Bobby, and you took out his hit squad.
I also know the anonymous call that got him arrested most likely came out of Charming.
That was club business.
It had to be handled.
You've been there, Con.
I have.
But my organization bent over backwards to get you that volume of guns for the big expansion.
And the man that set it up is the same man who burned it down.
How do I tell that to the Kings? We deal guns to organized crime.
The business model changes with the street.
Well, I'm tired of this change, Jackson.
Tired of it.
I don't want anything to do with this.
Roarke's in town.
We'll bring it to him.
And what's he doing here? Wining and dining the Port Authority.
But I can tell you this right now.
The Kings won't like this.
And I'm afraid your Mexican solution Well, that ain't gonna land on its feet.
Let's go.
This is bad news, Jax.
If we don't get the guns means we're gonna want most of Lin's turf.
And that won't make Tyler very happy.
No, it won't.
Let's hear what the Kings have to say.
You figure it out from there, okay? Nothing to figure out, ése.
If it's no, you gotta step back.
Oakland is not your problem.
We'll settle it with the Niners.
You let me know.
That was T-M.
Chucky did it.
If the Irish shut this down two whole charters Gonna wipe out Tyler.
Yeah, I'm aware.
Just like my ex-wife.
Taken for every nickel before I can even get there.
You mind? No.
Get any sleep? A little.
Like the dog.
Actually, Milo was the cat.
Otis was the dog.
Guess you must have kids.
Four, last time I counted.
You? Nope.
Just me.
Solo kind of gal.
Yeah, something like that.
Where you headed? I haul produce.
Pendleton, Alameda County.
I'm heading up north now to pick up some tomatoes.
You take 97? Sometimes, depending on the traffic.
Think you can give me a lift? What about your car? Oh, I just borrowed that.
I needed to take a nap.
Look l'm not looking for a roadside hummer, sweetheart.
Yeah, well, that's good.
Because I ain't offering one.
How did we get from kids to cock-sucking that quickly? Maybe I've just been on the road too long.
Yeah, me too.
Me too, Milo.
So, what's up north? My dad.
Just south of Klamath Falls.
Oh, so you're not alone.
Advanced Alzheimer's.
Might as well be talking to the coat rack.
It's okay.
I'll know I was there.
Not that I've been staring at your rack, but open heart? Oh.
Had a valve replaced myself.
Now, you see Milo, two broken hearts on the road to tomatoes.
That country song writes itself.
Well, as long as that country song isn't about a crazy cougar hijacking a truck at gunpoint, I'll give you that ride.
I'm a good Christian girl.
I just need to go home.
See my daddy.
Okay, Saint Rose, let's go.
You got any bags? Not anymore.
What's this? Chucky told me there was a pick up.
Old Volvo.
Oh, shit.
Really? You need four guys to take me out? Relax.
I just need to talk to you.
You baited me into that punch.
Trying to get me off the street.
Well, guess you can tell that to the judge.
I know you feel betrayed.
This ain't about betrayal, son.
I promised Tara I'd protect her.
Help get your boys away from all this-- All this shit that eventually killed her.
I have to find out who did it.
It ain't about the law or some kind of win.
I gotta do it for her.
I get it.
Well, then why are you and your club feeding me nothing but smoke and lies all the time? Where's Gemma now? Why is she on the lam, huh? I'm lost here, son.
I'm lost.
I'll tell you the truth.
But you have to drop these charges.
I have a lot to do over the next couple of days.
And I can't do it with an APB on my back.
What truth? Tara.
I'm listening.
It was Gemma.
My mother killed my wife.
I don't know why.
I guess she got wind that Tara made some kind of deal.
Eli and Juice were waiting outside.
They heard commotion.
By the time they got in the kitchen, Tara was dead.
Gemma's covered in blood.
Before Eli could call it in, Juice shot him.
Holy Christ.
Came up with the Chinese lie together.
Where's Gemma now? I don't know.
I've been looking for her.
That's the truth.
That's all I know.
Shit, I'm gonna I'm gonna have to report this, son.
My retaliation turned Oakland and Stockton upside down.
Now, I went toe-to-toe with Lin, then Marks.
We lost Bobby, West, Colette, Diosa.
I'm just about to clean that mess up.
With yellow gone, black, white, brown.
We're splitting turfs, settling all beefs.
Means an end to bloodshed.
Both in the city and in Charming.
I understand your need for closure.
And you know how much I appreciate how good you were to Tara.
But the truth about her death hits the street Everyone finds out that those bodies died on a lie that wound gets ripped open.
I don't know where it ends.
What happens to Gemma? If she shows up, I'll deal with her.
Deal with her how? Sorry, Jackie.
That was Packer.
He's outside Stockton.
I told you the truth.
What about that APB? I'll call Jarry.
Let's go.
Jax suggested that you take us? Yeah.
I just told him that I was headed to the farm to get the house ready.
Well, I didn't see that coming.
I guess all the wreckage is catching up with him.
He's worried about his sons.
Well, we all are.
Have you spoken to Gemma? She didn't come by this morning.
No, I haven't seen her.
I was just wondering if Jax talked to her about Juice yet.
He knows that she helped him hide from the club.
He seemed pretty tweaked when he left here yesterday.
I don't think Jax cares that much about the Juice thing.
Got plenty of other shit on his plate.
Hey, do you want me to pick up Abel today? No, I got him, sweetheart.
Well, as much as I don't wanna pull Abel out of school it'd be good for him to get out of here for a few days.
And the animal thing sounds great.
My Uncle Benny and his girl will be there, so plenty of eyes on the kids.
All right.
Let's do this.
Road trip, homey.
Come on.
Say, I-- Do you mind if I check the garage? I gotta borrow some tools.
Yeah, sure.
I didn't really peg you as the handyman type.
Yeah, well, I'm all into manual labor, baby.
I'll keep that in mind next time I see you waiting in front of Home Depot.
Don't piss me off now, junkie girl.
You're gonna be riding in the back of the trunk.
Yeah, wouldn't be the first time.
They're at the table, brother.
All right.
Let's get this done.
I'm sorry for keeping you waiting.
It's okay.
Quinn showed us some Red Woody rough cuts.
Business is good.
Beats cranking a wrench, huh? Has its moments.
I know you've talked and you have your recommendation.
Before you deliver it, I'd like to say something.
Of course.
I was wrong.
We found out from Lin it wasn't Jury who told the Chinese about the guns.
It was Barosky.
How did he know where the guns were? He runs the port.
And Barosky had so much to lose by betraying us, it didn't make sense.
I guess he saw the writing on the wall with the Mayans.
Looking to cash out before he gets pushed out.
Then how could Jury have confessed to you if he didn't do it? Because I lied.
I was so bent around this idea of revenge.
Jury was just one more thing that got in my way.
And your guys are still claiming self-defense? Yeah, he reached for his gun.
And maybe he was gonna kill me, maybe not.
I never gave him a chance to decide.
I loved Jury.
And I killed him.
You know this means a mayhem vote? Jesus,Jax.
I know the pain you're in because of Tara and we all understand your need for vengeance.
Maybe that fueled this mistake.
But what you're saying here is out-and-out murder, brother.
Mayhem has to land.
I know.
Does your charter? We know how much they love you.
Your lineage to J.
Samcro needs to know if this vote goes the wrong way.
President killing a president.
It sends a dangerous message.
I'll make sure they vote the right way.
Protect the organization.
But I'm gonna need something in return.
There's an unwritten bylaw been around since my old man held this gavel.
I want Samcro to throw it out.
What's the best case scenario? Best case come around to self-defense and we compensate Indian Hills.
And worst case? Stop asking questions.
You make sure they vote unanimous and we'll honor your request.
Thank you.
It's been a privilege to wear this president's flash.
I'm sorry I couldn't live up to it.
How did it go? It's all gonna work out.
Where did they land on Jury? I'm gonna fill everyone in later, okay? Trust me, it's gonna be fine.
Jax, that was Hugh, Connor's guy.
Roarke, he wants to meet.
Import shop.
Tell him we're on our way.
Hold on a minute.
What happened in there, Jackie? Stop worrying.
I know what I'm doing.
It's gonna be all good, brother.
I promise.
You want me to handle Roarke? I'm sure it's just gonna be a bunch of mad micks screaming in Gaelic.
It's my heat.
Let's bring Tig and Hap though just in case.
Wanna take the van? No.
I'm riding.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, I'm here to see Nate Madock.
Oh, Mr.
Madock is still out with the church group.
What church group? Well, we do local trips to the parish.
Nate seems to really enjoy it.
Your name? Gemma Teller.
Mm I don't see your name here for visitation.
I'm his daughter.
I checked him into this place.
Um Let me see.
I have a Dr.
Tara Knowles as his key conservator.
I'm sorry, I'm gonna have to check with her.
Yeah, well, might be difficult.
She passed away a few months ago.
Uh I don't have any change.
Hey, look, could you just look up in his personal records? You'll see that I'm his only living relative.
All right, why don't you have a seat in the lounge? I'll see what I can do.
Thank you.
What the? I know.
Roarke will be with you in a minute.
If we're waiting for that, we'll find another shop.
He'll explain everything.
We should get out of here, brother.
Thank you for coming.
What the hell is going on here, Roarke? You're not in any danger.
What happened to them? Connor came by to discuss your request.
We had another discussion after that.
Went a little off-plan.
What discussion? We are forced to use methods of criminality to ensure our ongoing fight for independence nature of rebellion, means to an end.
Sometimes men are tempted by money and power and they forget what end they're serving.
Casper, Dougherty, Jimmy O.
And now Connor Malone.
Connor was using your war in Oakland to drum up some new customers.
Reaching out to the people Marks promised guns to.
Selling them directly.
Pocketing the profits.
How did he get the guns? Rogue members who split off in Armagh.
They have access to our Donegal contacts.
He's using them to get the Glocks and AKs.
- So Connor took down your men? - Yeah.
And fled.
Left his man behind.
So, what do you want from us? My organization cannot find out what Connor was doing.
Gives people ideas.
If he's not marked as a traitor you can't take him out.
That's what I need you for.
Find Connor, send him home in a box.
Jesus Christ.
And when you do I'll take the proposal about your Mexican brethren to the fence and make sure the other Kings at least give it a trial run.
I don't have a choice, do I, Roarke? I'm afraid not, Jackson.
Declan will stay in town, make sure everything goes as planned.
Keep him apprised.
What about Connor's guy? Let's keep him alive.
We might need him.
All right.
Come on.
You know, Connor, he could be anywhere by now.
Yeah, but he ain't gonna be using commercial transport.
That's right, and he's gonna need cash to go underground.
Give Tyler a call.
You want the Niners to start looking for him? No.
Connor doesn't know that Tyler's with us.
We get him to call.
Tell Connor that Marks needs a shipment of guns when he gets out and that black will give him half the money down.
Connor shows up for a duffel full of cash.
Yeah, he will.
I'll set it up.
Sorry to bother you.
Um I just got a call from your grandfather's nursing home.
I guess Gemma's visiting her dad.
Really? I didn't know that.
Well, I didn't either.
Very Gemma.
But she's not answering her cell so I have no idea when she's gonna be back.
I'll try giving her a call.
I just wanted to make sure that it was still cool for me to go with Nero tomorrow.
I didn't know if you needed help at T-M.
Well, I appreciate it, but I think Chucky can handle it.
You should go.
It's a really good idea, Jax.
Thank you.
I'll see you later.
Got everything you need? More or less.
Uh, found out where Gemma is.
She's visiting her dad in Oregon.
That was her on the phone? No, that was Jax.
I was just making sure it was still cool to go to Norco.
You let Jax know where she is? Yeah, he didn't know either.
Uh, I'm gonna go over to T-M.
I gotta pick up some other things I might need.
More tools? Yeah.
Lots to fix.
I need a favor.
What's going on? I gotta tell you something about Tara's murder.
It wasn't the Chinese.
I know.
Jax told me about Gemma.
He did? Yeah.
Does the sheriff know? I haven't said anything yet.
Gemma's gone to Oregon.
At her dad's.
Jax knows where she's at.
Oh, shit.
If I get in between Jax and Gemma it'll end up bad for everyone.
You gotta head up there, Wayne.
Arrest her or bring her in.
It's the only thing that's gonna keep her alive.
What? Please! All right, all right, all right.
I'll go.
Thank you.
You still love her, don't you? This isn't about saving Gemma.
It's about saving Jax.
What's going on with Gemma? Where is she? She's up north.
I'm going to get her.
Let me come with you.
No, no, no.
It's best if you stay here, Chucky, okay? She'll be all pissed off if she knows we left the place unsupervised.
Oh, and find me her dad's address.
Text it to me, okay? Tell her I love her.
Okay? Yeah.
So I'll set this meeting with Connor, you grab him lock down the guns for the Mayans.
I guess I'm missing the part of the plan where you tell me what's in it for me.
Setting up the guns for Alvarez helps everyone.
Come on, man.
I've been nothing but a player for you guys.
I've done everything that you've asked.
You know what happens when you unplug? We get swallowed up, bro.
The Mayans, they got us outmanned and outgunned.
That's not gonna happen, Tyler.
But if it does, you won't be able to do shit about it.
What do you want? The same thing I wanted earlier.
We gotta take control on those Chinese streets.
Before the Triads move in or before Alvarez changes his mind.
And we gotta do it in one move, or else them slants gonna go underground and they're gonna regroup.
I'm gonna need help pulling off that assault.
All right.
I already told you we'd help clear them out.
But it's gonna have to happen tonight.
I need that meeting with Connor tomorrow.
I can do that.
All right.
It's gonna be all good, brother.
All right.
See you later.
I need you to handle this with the Niners.
I have to head up north.
Happy's riding with you.
You're gonna need everyone.
It's my family.
It's my problem.
Your father's back.
He's in his room.
Here you go.
Thank you.
So we need to establish a new conservator.
Will that be you? No.
Wendy Case, my grandson's mother.
Well, we can get that information before you leave.
Nate is in room 11.
To the left of reception.
Okay, thanks.
Hi, Daddy.
It's Gemma.
Your daughter.
Are you with the church? No, I-- I'm not.
You remember any of your family, Nate? Why? I do-- I don't see Rose anymore.
Are you--? Are you with the church? Look, I, uh I, uh-- I just wanna tell you something.
I, um I just wanna say l'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you.
I know I-- I know I hurt you and Mommy a lot.
Disappointed you.
I embarrassed you.
I'm not hurt.
They always send the doctor.
It's such a waste.
I've done so many bad things in my life.
Caused so much pain.
I didn't want that.
But after a while, it was It was just what I did.
And who I was.
I loved my family, my boys.
But I know that wasn't enough.
I had a boy.
He died, I think.
Yes, you did.
You were a good father a good husband.
I love you, Daddy.
Why are you so sad? No, I'm-- I'm not.
I Just nostalgic, I think.
God forgives everyone, sweetheart.
I hope so.
Sorry, I-- I don't remember your name.
Gemma? Oh.
She was a sweet girl.
She would play in the garden for hours.
She was the one who loved the flowers.
I-- Yes.
She was.
Bye, Daddy.
I need to talk to you.
What happened here? Asian tune-up.
Weren't real happy about Lin.
Must not have been too upset.
You're breathing.
That's because they need me.
To kill you.
Makes sense.
You do realize you lost the element of surprise.
I know Jax has tasked you with killing me.
And if the Chinese do it it can impact your relationship with the MC.
Just let me finish my pie.
Hey, shithead.
You went out good, sweetheart.
I didn't see the car.
I wasn't sure if you were here or not.
I'm here.
What are you doing, Gem? You're a smart man, Wayne.
I'm sure you know the answer to that.
I need you to come with me back to San Joa.
I can't do that.
I know about Tara.
I assumed you did.
Should I ask why? It doesn't matter anymore.
It doesn't.
I have to arrest you, Gemma.
Fifth grade.
I wrote an essay on the importance of the Second Amendment.
Got a B-plus.
I knew even then where I was headed.
Jax is on his way.
He finds you here, I don't know what happens.
I do.
Don't make me call the local cops, please.
Let's do this quietly.
That's not really my style, sweetheart.
You do what you need to do.
I'm arresting her, son.
Taking her back to Charming.
I need to be alone with my mother.
I can't do that.
I can't let that happen.
All right, I already called it in to the Oregon State Police.
No, he didn't.
Get out of here, Unser.
Get up.
Come on, get up.
Let's go.
You're going with me.
What happens now, son? This is between me and my mom.
Haven't we had enough of this? Look where we are, Jax.
What we have all become.
This has to end here.
I know.
I know.
Go home, Wayne.
I can't do that.
This is all I got left.
Your grandfather in World War ll.
You look like him.
The eyes mostly.
Who else knows? The club.
That's it.
You talked to Nero? Yeah.
He had no idea.
I know.
He's a good man, Jax.
Stay close to him.
Do you still have a copy of J.
's manuscript? Yes.
It's in the storage locker with you and your brother's birth certificates.
Death papers.
I loved Tara very much.
This is not an excuse.
I'm not defending myself.
I barely remember what happened that night.
But it happened.
It did.
And all the other things because of the lie.
I never saw any of that coming.
I know there's no apology that can touch what you're feeling, Jackson.
I'd like to go out to the garden, if that's okay.
I love you, Jackson from the deepest, purest part of my heart.
You have to do this.
It's who we are, sweetheart.
It's okay.
My baby boy.
It's time.
I'm ready.
When the sins of my father Weigh down in my soul And the pain of my mother Will not let me go Well, I know there can come Fire from the sky To refine the purest of kings And even though I know this fire brings me pain Even so And just the same Make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Oh, make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Make it rain The seed needs the water Before it grows out of the ground But it just keeps on getting hard And the hunger more profound Well, I know there can come tears From the eye But they may as well All be in vain And even though I know these tears come with pain Even so And just the same Make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Yes, make it rain Make it rain You Okay? No.
Well, the seas are full of water That stops by the shore Just like the riches of grandeur Oh, no, no That never reach the poor And let the clouds Fill with thunderous applause And let lightning be the veins And fill the sky With all that they can drop When it's time To make a change Make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain down, Lord Make it rain Oh, make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Make it rain Oh, make it rain