Soul Eater (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

The Perfect Boy – Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul, resides in a healthy mind and a healthy body.
The Academy of Shinigami Weapons Wielders.
In other words, Shibusen.
Plunging the world into the depths of fear, engulfing people into a swirl of madness.
Those beings that nearly destroyed everything: The Kishin.
In order to prevent their rebirth This is the training facility for weapons created by Shinigami and the wielders of those weapons.
Well, quite simply, it's an organization that enforces peace, you see.
I wonder why it's an Academy.
Shinigami-sama Oh well.
So, if you think you're prepared, let's have a go at it! So, if you think you're prepared, let's have a go at it! This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
Without realizing, the resonating broadcast is in the third episode.
To commemorate Kid's entrance, A Quiz will be held.
The past is nostalgic.
The past is nostalgic.
The past is nostalgic.
The past is nostalgic.
The past is nostalgic.
The past is nostalgic.
The past is nostalgic.
The answer will be announced in the preview!! YES YES YES YES NO NO NO Did you get it? It's the end, Lupin.
Lupin, the thief.
Your soul, which turned into a Kishin's egg we'll be releasing it! Oi, Patty! You're standing a bit more to the right! Oh my.
Sorry! Hey Kid, don't you think this may not be the best time to talk about that? No matter when, I want to be doing everything precisely and perfectly.
But really, now of all times Like I've always told you! The master thief'z hoppin' up'n'down My aesthetic preferences are about bilateral symmetry! Symmetry is the greatest form of beauty He escaped! He ran away! Why can't you listen properly when someone is talking!? Got it.
Symmetry: Both sides of a given object are identical.
Symmetry, that is what I enjoy aesthetically.
Here we go That's why I prefer using you two pistols.
There is symmetry to wielding you two, right? But when you two are in human form, your hairstyle and your height are completely different Even your cup sizes are completely different! Well excuse me for being smaller than my little sister! What's so symmetrical about you anyway?! Those three stripes on the left side of your hair are totally asymmetrical! Ah! The horror! I'm a disgusting pig-like bastard.
Why is the color of my hair different?! I'm a no good, totally useless trash-like being! Damn it, this is no good, let me die.
Damn it, this is no good, let me die.
Damn it, this is no good, let me die.
There he goes again Patty Okie dokie.
You bear the burden of being Shinigami's heirs! What are three measly stripes compared to that? Kid-kun, you're no pig.
A pig goes "nyaa!" C'mon! Hang in there! So my life isn't as worthless as trash? Sure! Of course not! 'Coz trash goes "buuu!" Alright then, shall we report to father? I don't get if he is hard to handle or easy to handle that is why he's so spoiled.
Hi! Hello! What's up! Your 3 stripes on your hair are cute as always! Father, your worrying that way won't please me.
That topic is currently taboo! Huh? Well well, that being that, your retrieval of Kishin eggs seems to be going well.
Kid, you're a shinigami after all, you don't have to gather souls or wield weapons.
I want to make my own weapon to my precise standards! Oh ho.
But you've got two weapons, so your soul requirements are doubled though.
Liz and Patty, keep working on it.
Ok! That's why I want to collect all the souls in one go.
Are there any good targets? Aah, if that's the case How's this sound? I wonder what's up.
Hey, Soul! Maka! Ah, hello.
Good morning.
Did something happen? What? Don't you know? It's all over Shibusen now.
Are you finally surprised at how big I am? Working on it No, we're discussing that.
Over there.
Look! The Boy of Perfection Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission? The Boy of Perfection, Death the Kid's Magnificent Mission? In a pyramid in the sweltering country of Egypt, lies an ancient relic of Anubis.
Inside the pyramid, there is a necromantic witch who is reviving a large number of mummies out of the souls buried within.
She leads the mummies out every night to eat human souls.
A spirit user is tough to handle.
By making mummies, then using those mummies to attack people, the spirit user obtains more ingredients.
There's some life force even in the corpses of rats.
The pyramid of Anubis, huh? That era's architecture focuses on the fundamentals of symmetry! This is great! Well, I was actually going to ask a Three Star Weapon Technician to do this Worry is wasted on me, father.
Visiting ancient ruins to exterminate witches I'll have fun.
Oi, Black Star.
Working on it Don't you want to know the identity of the person who took this mission? Of course! Not because he's got people talking about him, though Because he had the guts to stand out more than me and that pisses me off! Well then, it's decided.
That's right! Hey, wait, you two.
Eh? Ah! What splendid symmetry! Being in weapon form for too long makes my shoulders stiff It's huge!! But it's all dusty.
Hey, let's go in quickly! Uh, are you sure? Isn't it dangerous? It'll be fine, now let's go! My eyes are itchy Ah, the inside is fabulous, too! Ewww! I hate places like this Hey hey, big sis! I was thinking, when you blink, you close your eyes.
So people should just stop blinking.
Why don't they? Well, people don't like to lose their eyesight.
That's why when their eyes dry up, eye drops sell like crazy, I guess.
Hmm, then we would have to steal lots of eye drops.
Hmm, then we would have to steal lots of eye drops.
But before that, you'd still have to close your eyes to blink, wouldn't you? Oh! That's right, big sis, you're so smart! Ah What's up, Kid? You've been quiet all this time Hm? Oh Maybe I'm just imagining things, but Oh Maybe I'm just imagining things, but I have this feeling that the picture frame in the front hall of our house is a little tipped to the right.
THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT'S GOING ON NOW!! What do you mean it has nothing to do with it?! Argh what should I do? Argh what should I do? It's like everything is going wrong! Dammit! It's no good! I've got to go and check!! Hold it, hold it! Hold it, hold it! Hold it, hold it, hold it!! Hold it, hold it, hold it!! Hold it, hold it, hold it!! I'm not letting your nerves get in the way! The picture frame isn't going anywhere, you can check it when we get home!! Ah, I can't stop thinking about it I can't stop thinking about it I don't care.
I can't stop thinking about it I don't give a damn! Ah, just shut up about it! I can't stop thinking about it M-M-Mummies! Patty T-T-They're actually kinda cute.
Licked me!! Licked me! Licked me! Licked me! Someone get them away from me! Get away! Get away! Get away! This is gross, so gross How dare they?! Patty, time to transform! Okaaaay! Kid, let's do it! Huh? Uh-oh? To Liz and Patty.
I just couldn't stop worrying about it, so I went home to check.
It's a bit dark, so watch your step.
Death the Kid.
You're kidding me?! Patty! Yes! Get away! Hey! Don't put me in its mouth! Sorry.
My heart inside of myself My statue inside of my heart Pharaoh be revived! The wrath of the Pharaoh Heh?! I've been caught.
I'm being pulled.
And it looks like I'll be eaten.
Playing around with the souls of my people, feel the wrath of the Pharaoh! Kid-kun, the answer to the quiz? YES YES Kid, can this be considered a quiz? YES Hmm, if it's too hard, I'll give you a hint.
YES NO Isn't it obvious already? The point you should observe is NO NO The answer is "symmetry!" She said it That's not accepted! It's so fustrating so I'll do this Gee, where are those two now? Phew It was only my imagination.
Great! Now then Liz and Patty are waiting Time for me to go.
And that's all the souls we absorbed from the mummies.
You divided them up perfectly, didn't you? Yup.
If we didn't do it perfectly, Kid-kun would be annoyed.
Ugh that's creepy.
I can hear a voice coming from deep inside What could it be? Let's go, let's go.
Let's just wait until Kid comes back, okay? Everything's fine.
You're here after all, big sis! No waaay! I can hear it this way Quietly quietly Quietly quietly Gotcha'.
Quit'cher whining already! Patty Don't make your big sister cry I'm just a leftover.
Huh? What's up with you guys? The bell already rang.
What about you, our homeroom teacher Aren't you going to do anything? I've got something to do.
I'm actually a busy guy.
Well then Before you go, we have something we want to know.
Who took the job of the ancient Anubis relic? Oh, the guy who took that wasn't one of our students.
It would be too much for our students, after all.
Then who was it? Shinigami-sama's son.
Shinigami-sama's Son? For real? I don't tell lies.
Shinigami's child his name is Death the Kid.
Shinigami's child his name is Death the Kid.
We meet again, Anubis! No matter how many times I see you, you're always wonderful! You Are perfectly symmetrical! How wonderful! No You disgusting thing!! How unpleasant.
Liz! Patty! Liz! Patty! Kid? Sorry, excuse me Sorry, excuse me Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Hold it!! What's with him? You two, turn into guns already! I would, but these bandages are sucking our power away What? Tornado Flip! Alright! Transform! A Pharaoh's Soul, huh It's mine! Hey, Kid, you okay? What are you doing, Kid?! This isn't like you! Take a good look at him He's Perfectly symmetrical! Wha-?! Kid-kun! What are you doing worrying about bilateral symmetry at a time like this?! At this rate, you'll be killed! Didn't you use us so you could become the perfect Shinigami?! Regrettably, I won't shoot.
Kid! Kid-kun! The wrath of the Pharaoh! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath!! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath!! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath!! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath!! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath! Wrath!! Wrath! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! Wrath!! I'll strike the finishing blow personally.
It's totally messed up! It's over now.
What the hell is wrong with you? Your sides are totally different! I've never seen anything so screwed up in my life! Where the hell are you from? Are you someone from Screwed Up Island?! You're disgusting except for your forehead! It's a nuisance! You don't need those decorations! You're worthless! It's a nuisance!! Nuisance! Nuisance, nuisance, nuisance, nuisance! Nuisance, nuisance, nuisance, nuisance! Nuisance, nuisance, nuisance, nuisance! Nuisance, nuisance, nuisance, nuisance! Nuisance!! You're a complete nuisance!! I won't forgive you.
The number of souls we got today was odd, so I've got one more than my sis now.
Dammit! I can't stand this, let's get going.
Anyway, what the hell was up with all that? That Pharaoh was so messed up Setting that aside, let's give a final farewell to the beautiful Anubis! It broke! How could this Wow! After all that happened, what did you expect c'mon I'm an outrageous pig-like bastard.
I'm a worthless being, that's why I turned Anubis into trash Damn it, this is no good, let me die! Damn it, this is no good, let me die! Damn it, this is no good, let me die! Don't get so worked up! Anyone would blow up a pyramid or two Die Die Let me die That's right.
You two Why are your cup sizes completely different?! Accomplished As punishment for ruining the pyramid, I'm confiscating all the souls you collected.
Damnit, no Let me die.
Damnit, no Let me die.
Weapon Technician Alban Maka, and her partner, Soul Eater the Demon Scythe.
Assassin, Black Star and the Dark Demon blade, Tsubaki.
The son of Shinigami-sama, Death the Kid and the twin pistols, Thompson Sisters.
The prologue is over.
And now, the story begins.
And now, the story begins.
That night, a man died.
That man's name was An excellent teacher called Stabbed by a stranger.
The Goddess of Freedom.
People call this murder: [The random Goddess case] Heart Pounding; Supplementary Lessons in the graveyard? Invoking Witch Hunting! Post-offer Art Gallery, Number 3 "Pharaoh.
" Drawn by Electro-Communication Producer, Yamanishi Taihei.