Soul Eater (2008) s01e04 Episode Script

Engage the Witch Hunter! A Remedial Lesson in the Graveyard?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul, resides in a healthy mind and a healthy body.
Phantom Priest Rasputin! I'll be taking your soul! It's useless! Bullets are ineffective on my body! I don't know how many shots you took.
I'll just be eating your Kishin soul.
Mm, souls are delicious.
Cool days, of course, start off with a cool morning.
That's the only morning suited for a cool guy like me.
It's about time to get up! B-Blair?! Or e-l-s-e Or e-l-s-e Or e-l-s-e Or e-l-s-e Alright, it's done.
Would you rather do something fun with Blair? Soul, it's time to go to school.
Hurry up and eat breakfast.
Good morning, Maka.
This morning This love-comedy Soul You jerk!! Soul You jerk!! It's not cool at all How many souls did you collect? Twelve, and what about you? Hey, Maka? Shush.
I'm reading a book right now.
Don't be a nuisance.
What are you so mad about, you bookworm? Maka Chop!! Maka Chop!! Well, what was it you wanted to tell me? It's something I overheard just then.
What was the name of our ex-teacher again? The one who died.
They said he had the Goddess of Freedom stuck to his forehead.
Oh, Sid-sensei.
"The Goddess on the Middle of The Forehead Incident.
" What about it? Did you know? Lately, Shibusen students have been getting attacked by some weird guy.
I heard the guy in the next class got beat up bad.
And the people who saw the culprit all said the same thing That the culprit was a zombie who had a hole in the middle of his forehead!! You didn't have to hit me And you're saying that's Sid-sensei? No way, it's just someone's made up story.
Hey, quiet down.
Class is about to start.
I won't take attendance because it's a hassle.
And I'll tell you now.
The bell doesn't decide when class is over I do! How's that, Maka? Wasn't that cool? Say That stupid father of yours.
It feels as if he's looking at us with a strange face I I think it's just you And besides, "he" is not my papa.
Oi, Death Scythe.
Are you going to be our teacher? I'm just a substitute, until someone else replaces Sid's position.
And also, it's supposed to be Death Scythe -sensei.
Add -sensei, you dumbass.
Alright, I'll take attendance now.
Didn't you say you weren't gonna take roll? I said I wasn't taking it for the guys but I'm going to for the girls.
Don't mess around, old man! He's so low.
Tsk, he's so damn noisy.
Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater Soul Eater Oh, here it is.
Evaluation lowest grade.
Evaluation lowest grade.
Well then, let's start class.
Oi, you, what did you write just now?! Oh, that's right.
Maka and Soul.
What is it, old man? Shinigami-sama is calling for you guys.
You don't have to worry about class, so get going.
Shoo Shoo.
Shinigami-sama is? Invoking Witch Hunting! ~Heart pounding: Supplementary Lessons in the Graveyard?~ Invoking Witch Hunting! Supplementary Lessons In The Graveyard? Excuse me.
I wonder what he wants from us.
Who knows.
It's Soul and Maka.
Showing their backs to me, eh? Let's go, Tsubaki.
Laws of the Assassin, number 1! Conceal yourself in darkness, quiet your breath seek a path to your target! Ah, it's Black Star.
What are you doing yelling up there? They found us too easily My shining splendour that I couldn't hold back put me at a disadvantage.
Oh well, it's my time to shine in these dark and dangerous times! Got you didn't I, Tsubaki? Um, yeah Really? What? Were you two also called in by Shinigami-sama? Maybe.
I'll call him.
Hello, hello, Shinigami-sama? Yup.
Hi! Hello! What's up?! Thanks for coming.
This is Scythe Technician, Maka.
And Demon Blade Technician, Black Star.
His partner, Tsubaki.
Well, what did you want? Right, there's something I want you guys to take.
"Take" what? Extra lessons.
Huh? By "extra lessons" you mean the ones for stupid people, those extra lessons? Hell, no! I'm gonna be the strongest "Death Scythe.
" There's no way I'll do it! What is your duty as technicians and weapons? I know about it.
To feed the weapons ninety-nine human Kishin souls and one witch soul, and make Shinigami-sama's weapon, a Death Scythe.
That's right! But right now, the number of souls all of you have collected is: zero.
This is no time to laugh it off.
So the syllabus for these extra lessons is Have you heard the rumors already? The story about Sid-sensei who was a teacher at Shibusen until recently See? I was right, wasn't I? See? I was right, wasn't I? Yeah but he was a pretty good teacher.
When he was alive he was really an excellent teacher, but now that he's a zombie, he's been freed from the fear of death, and he claims he wants to let the students have the same experience as he did.
The attacks on the students are only because they get in the way of his self-satisfying training presentations.
Besides, the one who changed Sid into a zombie, and what their motive is are still unknown.
Ok! Leave it to me, Sir.
So basically it's fine as long as we eliminate them? Yup, that's right.
Now, I'm not trying to threaten you or anything, but if you screw up these extra lessons, you'll all drop out.
What?! Drop out? It'll be fine.
Just leave it to someone like me.
Hey! Come out, you zombie bastard! Hey Tsubaki, is this Sid's grave? Is this place fine? He's already moving around.
Well, for now we'll look around here.
As if I'll let myself drop out! Come out! Come out you bastard! It looks like an ordinary gravestone though.
I never listened to your lessons seriously, hah! Has Soul-kun snapped? I always thought I was a great Scythe Technician like my mother How can I suddenly drop out? Hey!! Get out here! I'm telling you to! What's got her down? Black Star, aren't you a little worried at all? Where the hell are you, you zombie bastard? Hey, Soul, why don't we piss on Sid's grave? Yeah, let's do it! And while we're at it, let's crap on it, too!! I wonder if I can stand.
Yes I can, I can still go on, but I'm not standing Someone stop them Someone stop them Maka! Are you scared? You're scared, aren't you? That's Sid-sensei? Seems so.
Black Star.
Black Star.
Black Star.
Black Star.
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good night.
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good night.
Good morning.
Good afternoon.
Good night.
It's been quite a while.
I never was a guy to miss a greeting.
Tsubaki, let's go too.
Ok! It's started.
Why, Sid-sensei? Kill Kon, Kan Kon.
Being a Zombie is great! There are all sorts of things that are okay now.
Being a Zombie is great! There are all sorts of things that are okay now.
Class has started.
I was always a guy to start class right at the bell.
This is great! I'll show you something you haven't seen for a while.
My divinely possessed attitude to lessons, that is.
We've been expelled.
We'll take it your rotten expired scrap of a lesson.
If you become a zombie, the pressure of death disappears.
You can escape fear.
That's all wrong! You were never the type of person who'd say that! Learn it when you're dead! Black Star! You're small I'm big.
You don't need to thank me for the lesson.
I was always the guy to hurry up and give in.
Hurry up and give up.
One Star Technicians can't beat me! He may be a zombie but if I eat his soul, it's over! Sid-sensei is strong He's completely different from us One Star Technicians.
When he was alive he was a Three Star Technician.
Not bad at all.
Oi, sensei, if you swing your gravestone around that much, it'll break and you'll die again.
It's my gravestone.
I can use it however I want, can't I? Now then let's begin the second period.
Kill Kon, Kan Kon.
Oh, by the way, when this period ends, you all die.
I'm not following your school term.
I want to go home and take a bath.
I'm so bored, nya.
Maybe Blair should go to school, too.
I bet Maka and Soul are having fun.
What's wrong? You need to understand each other better! You Technicians and your weapon's soul wavelengths aren't connected.
Are you giving advice to the enemy who's after your soul? I've always been an educationally enthusiastic hot-blooded tutor.
That's the kind of guy I was! I'll put an end to your life! Living End! Black Star! Sid-sensei was a Dagger Technician, but even without a Demon weapon, he can fight this well with a single gravestone? So this is a Three Star Technician.
So this is a Three Star Technician.
Kill Kon, Kan Kon.
Class has ended.
About ready to die? How about it? Aren't you afraid of dying? If you become a zombie you are free from that fear.
Ugh! My head Your preaching is annoying, you zombie bastard! Your lesson never even started, you rotten dumbass! You see, it's because I'm on stage!! Being Three Stars or One Star has nothing to do with it.
I'm Black Star!! I'm Black Star!! Hitting the Solar Plexus, the weakness in the center of the body A nice attack.
As expected of our Dark Assassin arts user Black Star.
Tsubaki! Dark Blade mode Shuriken.
I won't let you run away! As if I would! Maka, he's coming.
Living End! What? She avoided it with a small gap like this It's because we have that fear that people can become strong! To not feel fear would typically be called recklessness.
But for Maka-chan, her fight against fear makes her braver.
Let's do that! Match my soul wavelength.
But, we haven't suceeded once.
It's possible.
If it's us, we can do it! Okay! Soul Resonance! The traditional Scythe user super skill: Witch Hunting! No!! What the hell? Are you trying to kill us?! This is all your fault, Soul! Do it properly, idiot! You're joking! Why is it my fault? You're the moron! What are you getting mad at me for? Just die! Die? You're so mean! YOU go die! What power Burn to death.
I wanted to do it without aiming to use a super skill.
I just wanted to do it the simple way.
Huh? He's gone.
Huh? He's gone.
No, he dodged down underneath.
He went under? Damn, he dodged it again! Black Star Yeah, I know.
What Sid's doing is using the First Law of the Assassin.
Conceal yourself in darkness, quiet your breath seek a path to your target.
Tsubaki! Let's get a step ahead of him.
Tsubaki! Let's get a step ahead of him.
Right! You're not getting on my stage, you rotten zombie.
Black Star's movements have changed.
We don't need two assassins.
I'm the one that stands out! Trap Star.
Laws of the Assassin, number 2.
I can hear his soul's wavelength.
I'm picking it up through Tsubaki.
His breath stopped.
Here he comes Black Star in action! Go drink some preservatives after you eat! You stink! Hey, don't tie me up, too! It's your own fault for getting in my way.
Maybe it's time to take a break.
Now, it's just the mastermind who turned Sid-sensei into a zombie left, right? That's right.
Who is it, father? He's not ordinary, is he? Right now, the ultimate weapon, my Death Scythe-kun, you know the Technician who trained him, right? Yeah, it was Maka's mother, wasn't it? And? Actually, Maka's mother was Death Scythe-kun's second partner.
So that means his first was? Yes.
The mastermind's name is Doctor Frankenstein.
As well as being Death Scythe's first partner, he was the strongest Technician who ever graduated from Shibusen.
My head just can't clear up.
I give up.
I'm feeling sluggish.
He's here.
A healthy soul, resides in a healthy mind and a healthy body.
The strongest Technician to graduate from Shibusen: Expert Stein.
He's a tough man.
Father's weapon, Death Scythe's former Technician partner Did Shinigami-sama ask them to go get his soul? But if it was sis it would be a breeze.
I don't feel like dying.
You're overestimating me, Patty.
It would be instant death.
For supplementary lessons, isn't this too much? Undoubtedly, they'll die.
Undoubtedly, they'll die.
The shape of the Soul ~The strongest Technician Stein's entrance?~ The Shape Of The Soul.
The Strongest Technician Stein's Entrance?