Soul Eater (2008) s01e05 Episode Script

Shape of the Soul – Enter the Ultimate Meister Stein?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul, resides in a healthy mind and a healthy body.
The strongest Technician to graduate from Shibusen: Dr.
He's a tough man.
Father's weapon, Death Scythe's former Technician partner Did Shinigami-sama ask them to go get his soul? But if it was sis it would be a breeze.
I'm just a humble weapon.
You're overestimating me, Patty.
It would be instant death.
For supplementary lessons, isn't this too much? Undoubtedly, they'll die.
Undoubtedly, they'll die.
This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
In the 5th Episode, the jokes are, this "May sickness" is a state of blues experienced by college freshmen or workplace recruits shortly after beginning school or work.
Maybe it's the May sickness?! It's no good, let me die.
It's no good Let me die.
It's no good let me die.
Something like that won't do.
Everyone should also watch out for their Souls.
So this is where Stein is Let's just get this extra lesson over and done with.
This laboratory sure is a patch-up job, huh? Just what kind of guy could Dr.
Stein be? Something's coming.
Damn it.
Something felt wrong.
Damn it.
Something felt wrong.
Hmm, maybe this will do.
Ok, lemme give it another try.
Ok, lemme give it another try.
Oi, someone stop him.
But it's my first time meeting him I'm interested in learning how he's like.
Me too.
Foolish The Shape Of A Soul ~Stein, The Strongest Technician, Appears?~ The Shape Of A Soul.
Stein, The Strongest Technician, Appears? So, how can I help you guys? Stein, isn't it? Was it you who attacked Sid-sensei? Is that so? You're students from Shibusen, right? Do you hold some kind of grudge against us? Not really The motive is very simple.
Observation and research.
That's all there is for me.
That is my motivation.
Everything in this world is research material.
That includes myself, of course.
Hey, Soul, don't you feel something weird? Huh? Do you? The soul wavelength between you two isn't very stable A rebellious and cynical soul and a serious, hard-working soul.
It looks as if it's resonating, but it isn't, really What? You can see the soul of a living person? So, you're a Technician? And he is even able to see a soul's nature he must be top class.
Hey, Maka, you can see it clearly too, right? Of of course I can! Your soul is becoming very uneasy there.
How cute! Shut up! Shut up! Stop looking! Shut up! Shut up! Stop looking! Shut up! Shut up! Stop looking! Shaddup! Shaddup! It's the end of an unimpressive conversation between commoners! From here on, it'll become a deep conversation centered around me! When did he I don't care whether one can or can't see someone else's soul.
Like I care about other people's souls! I'm fine as long as I can see my own soul! You sure are amazing.
It sure is a very self-confident soul.
There aren't very many partners who could keep up with your soul.
Here I go! Black Star! Ah, I see now.
You must be his partner.
A highly cooperative personality and able to accept a lot about people.
You're the one who's matching up to his wavelength.
Who are you? Alright, I've gathered sufficient data from you guys.
Let's start the experiment, shall we? We've run out of sake! Chupa Cabras Papa-san, you sure are a fast drinker.
Hold on a second, ok? Pum-pumpkin, pumpkin, here! This is your third day working here, right, Blair-chan? You're just about used to things now, right? Oh, thank you! You went to school today, right, Papa-san? Well, are things going well with Maka? Nya? She ignored me No matter what I do, she gets so mad Maka's so cute.
But you divorced your wife last month, so let's turn things around from now on, ok? Saying that is easy, but My wife I mean, my ex-wife has complete authority over Maka And she's even saying she doesn't even need alimony.
What does Maka think of me? Papa isn't doing papa's role and isn't worthy as a father.
Don't worry about it, sending them money is not your job as a parent, right? Fight! Money is one form of love too, isn't it? I'm the worst for not being able to do anything for Maka Alright, then let's change that minus to a plus and use those bad habits with women that started the whole divorce incident and find another wife for you! Yay! Such a thing I haven't even thought of remarrying.
Such a thing I haven't even thought of remarrying.
These kinds of very bad days I haven't had them since I was Stein's partner Hey, Blair-chan, it's not good to put down customers.
Scythe Technician Maka Oww! Could you repeat that? Scythe Technician Maka? I've heard that name before Ah! Are you Spirit-senpai's daughter? The days I spent with him were Hell.
The days I spent with him were Hell.
Spirit? It's the name papa had before he became a Death Scythe.
But how did you know that? I can still remember it senpai's sleeping face.
I can still remember it senpai's sleeping face.
He he He he he experimented on my body while I slept!! And for five whole years!! Fi Five years? How did you not notice it? Wow! Papa-san, you sure are thick.
I thought something was off.
Having wounds that I didn't remember getting.
If it wasn't for my ex-wife, I wouldn't have noticed it at all! Those devilish experiments Ah, I see now.
You must be senpai's precious daughter.
The daughter of the woman who stole my experimental specimen.
I want to dismantle you now.
But you guys were partners for five years, right? The soul wavelength between you two was perfect, wasn't it? That guy if he builds some kind of an interest regarding a specific weapon, he can manage.
His styles and skills are by far greater than my wife's I mean my ex-wife's abilities.
Stein is a genius.
He's only striking with the palm of his hand! Let's defend against it! Yeah! Wh-What? What did he just do? Unbelievable It's clear that weapons can physically harm enemies.
But that's what happens when a Weapon Technician amplifies his soul wavelength through his weapon.
Even so, that man was able to fire his wavelength without using a weapon? Yup.
A Weapon Technician and his weapon work just like an electric guitar and an amplifier.
The sound that comes out of the guitar when it's played only by itself is quite small.
But once you connect it to the amplifier, you increase the soul's wavelength, and then you can call forth a great power.
Witch Hunting, the attack we saw in the battle against Sid-sensei.
That move was a nice example of it.
Even though it failed.
But Stein-kun was able to match his soul's wavelength with a single guitar.
How can that be? I can't imagine that man wielding a weapon.
Well then, where should I cut you up? Well then, where should I cut you up? What's wrong, Maka? Pull yourself together! Your breathing and your soul's wavelength are completely off! Wait, Maka! You idiot! Maka What smooth skin you have Now where should I start with the scalpel? Shall I replace all your skin with sandpaper? I'll smash your glasses in, you bastard! Don't forget about me! It's useless.
You're not the only guy who can tap into his own soul's wavelength! What? Killing Blow! Black Star Big Wave!! Wow What? It's what's to be expected from him.
Black Star's wavelength is quite big.
And he is a prodigy at tapping into his soul's wavelength.
However his opponent is different.
This one surprised me.
What's the meaning of this? It's ineffective! He countered it? That's because I checked your soul's data beforehand.
If I know a soul's wavelength, I'm able to match my wavelength to it.
Once I match it, the attack will have no effect.
The second you used your move, you and me it was just like the relationship between a Technician and his weapon.
Is it possible to do something like that? A soul with high levels of observation, correspondance, and compatibility that's where Stein-kun's greatest strength lies.
It's my turn now.
Black Star! STOP!! Black Star! Sid Before use After use After use After use After use After use After use I can't take it anymore.
Let's get moving.
Ok! Hold on there, Kid.
They are taking supplementary lessons.
And besides, you're a shinigami.
Not a Shibusen student.
In that case, I'll become a Shibusen student too.
In that case, I'll become a Shibusen student too.
Father, please put my name on the list of students.
Liz, Patty.
Ok, ok! Hey, hey, you guys Oh dear Black Star Tsubaki, I won't run or hide.
I was that kind of man.
Stein, you bastard! I won't forgive you! Maka, let's fire it up! It can't be Huh? What happened? I saw it It looks like you saw my soul.
That's a level way too high Oi, what's wrong, Maka? It's impossible There's no way you can win Damn it, this isn't good Let me die.
This again? What a disaster! I might have forgotten to fold the edge of the toilet paper into a triangle! Only maybe, only perhaps.
You always leave it perfectly! And you're always worrying way too much.
He started again! And if we don't hurry up, they'll be finished off.
Who cares about the toilet paper? How can it not matter?! A stupid shinigami who doesn't even fold the edge of a piece of toiet paper properly can hardly be called a saviour just because he went to save someone.
They'll all want me to go away.
That won't happen.
They'll welcome us with smiles on their faces.
Okay, how about this, then? We'll run to check on them, then we'll dash to save them! No.
WHY?! What'll I do if I haven't folded it properly? My existence will be ignored by all other toilet paper rolls! I wouldn't be able to go on if that were to happen! Then die!! What's wrong?! Get it together! What're you doing, you fool?! Shut up! You can only say such things because you aren't able to see souls! What the hell does that have to do with it? What you saw was nothing but a soul, wasn't it?! It's not like you've seen the future! Don't give up even before fighting! Don't you want to turn me into the strongest Death Scythe? So you can make your womanizing dad apologise to you, right?! Look up, I'm talking to you right now! Take a good look at that guy.
Although you're dawdling around, he's waiting.
He's quite a nice guy.
Ok! Let's do this in a cool way! Sorry, Soul.
I made you wait.
Alright! Soul Resonance! The Soul Resonance "Where the Weapon Technician sends in his soul's wavelength into the weapon which is then amplified by it and sent back to the Technician.
" By repeating this, you can create a massive soul wavelength.
We'll keep resonating until we hit the limit! Ok! I'm amazed.
They can already fire a Witch Hunting at that age? It seems you're putting it all on this hit.
Come! Show me your souls!! The traditional Scythe user super skill! Witch Hunting!! For them to be able to control the Witch Hunter this well But it's still too early! But it's still too early! Soul It seems you're barely conscious.
I won't let you lay a hand on my Technician! In that case, I will start from you.
I'm going to give you a passing grade.
This is the end of the extra lessons! Heh? Protecting your Technician with you own body.
That's really very nice.
Uhm, I'm going to say it again Heh? No, you see, I was asked to do it by Shinigami-sama.
To take care of you guys' supplementary lessons.
But you killed Black Star!! You sure say funny stuff H-He's alive Then, what about Sid-sensei?! Sorry, you guys I'd used to be a guy who didn't fool people.
But that applied to when I was alive, too.
Don't joke around! What's with this damn get-up?! Everything was a surprise!! It can't be But you did get stronger, right? And besides, pushing you runts around was rather amusing.
The sadistic part was real! Well then! Everyone! You're tired today, right? Don't hold back and please feel free to stay at my place! We'll definately pass! Ah, I'm wiped after yesterday's lesson.
I had a dream of the doctor experimenting on me Dammit! I was planning to be late so I stood out! You shouldn't do that.
Oh yeah, have they decided on a new homeroom teacher yet? What if it was your dad again? Please, have mercy! Well then, let's start class.
It can't be This might be the first time But I'd rather see my papa.
Tsk, he's getting all the attention on him.
Today we'll be dissecting a frog.
He continued the challenge.
The failed challenge This was his 173rd attempt at the challenge.
Will he succeed? Will he fail? As we expected?! He failed He failed He failed He failed He failed He failed Ah, I thought I was going to die We should've been on guard from the start about being tricked.
Why do you say "tricked?" Next time, we'll be on air with something like this: We'll be so late that the fans will come running after us, and we will achieve a sort of "bent" symmetry.
That's different.
I don't get what you're saying.
Ah, symmetry, that's the secret behind Shibusen.
I really don't get it.
~Kid's The Rumored Freshman Makes His Appearance! First Appearance At Shibusen, An Experience To Remember? Next time, in Soul Eater episode 6, The Rumored Freshman Makes His Appearance! Kid's First Appearance At Shibusen, An Experience To Remember? Wait, where's our role in that episode?! You just noticed that now? Final proposal for Art Gallery Number 4: "Patty?" Square Enix, Associate Producer artist, Kurashige Nobuyuki (Head of Manga adaptation).