Soul Eater (2008) s01e12 Episode Script

Courage That Beats Out Fear – Maka Albarn's Great Resolution?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body.
Joma, Joma, Dabarasa If read backwards, this line is "Majo Majo Saraba da," which means something like "witch, witch, farewell.
" Joma, Joma, Dabarasa Thus ends Witch Mass.
Joma, Joma, Dabarasa.
Let's go, Chrona, Ragnarok.
Yes, Medusa-sama.
This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
To people who say the late night version is just a gimmick: The good stuff has finally appeared! The late night show is filled with prized images! For now It's quite awesome! So, we offered since it was commissioned! Hold it.
My Eh? They're standing in the way.
I have no idea what we should do now Stop it with the mumbling! I'll take away your allowance.
How may I help you, Eruka Frog? It's actually annoying I'm not the only witch who brings human subordinates with her Look Even that little witch brings a human with her Hey, Mifune, I'm hungry.
The Witch Mass has become such a cheap thing I see.
That's not what I'm talking about I saw it You stole something from Mabaa-sama's quarters.
Besides, hiding yourself in Shibusen Besides, hiding yourself in Shibusen What the hell are you up to? Chrona, the coat.
I'll be resuming my experiment at Shibusen, as usual Wasn't that decided at the Witch Mass? Mabaa-sama said so, didn't she? Hold it right there! Mabaa-sama doesn't see well, and she isn't aware of reality Shibusen is an organization that targets witches' souls.
You being there alone might endanger us all.
Besides that trying to create Kishin in the midst of our enemy.
Stop joking around you're an eyesore! Stop joking around you're an eyesore! I'd show the frog and the mouse the meaning of being punished.
But I'm in a rush The infirmary's nurse can't be late, right? Joma Joma, Dabarasa.
Damn you snake woman! Damn you snake woman! The Courage to beat fear: ~Maka Albarn's big resolution?~ The Courage To Beat Fear: Maka Albarn's Big Resolution? Show me your back, too.
How are you feeling? I don't really feel anything wrong.
But, for some reason, I've started having a strange dream lately.
A strange dream? Yeah.
In that dream, I'm always in a dark room.
And from an old gramophone a cheap sounding, somewhat familiar jazz tune is playing.
After a while, something suddenly appears in the room.
After a while, something suddenly appears in the room.
Then it comes in, doing a weird dance a tiny demon wearing a double breasted suit.
Swing, swing, swing Swing, swing, swing Swing, swing, swing This Jazz ain't Swing.
Jazz is to be listened to at night.
Don't go off deciding on times or places to listen to music.
You decided that on your own Yep.
We have decided.
You have qualifications.
Didn't you feel great fear when you were slashed? Don't you want a powerful soul that lets you forget about fear? Forgetting about fear is a reckless thing.
That is the teaching of Shibusen.
Are you stupid? Do you think you're in Heaven? Aren't you on Earth? What's needed to keep your feet down is power! Power that allows you to forget about fear! Talking to you now won't do any good.
Hurry and get out! Wait! Wait a second! I don't want to leave this room.
Let me stay until this dream ends! I'll even bear with the crappy song! Then seek the power! Look for the rules you can break! If you do it, you'll become strong.
Why don't you want to leave the room? When I leave the room, I proceed through the dark and I see a light.
When I leave there, I When I leave there, I come out from Maka's stomach.
My, Ragnarok's blood is clearly influencing him So, how is my health? Fine.
You have a small cardiac arrhythmia, but you're recovering rather well.
I'm taking your blood pressure now, okay? About the dream Having similar dreams often is a pretty common thing, so Don't worry too much about it.
Or do you have any other concerns? I wouldn't exactly call it concern, but Ever since I got injured Maka's mood has been awkward.
My, that's terrible.
A jug? Yup, a jug.
Why a jug? Well, the jug is just a jug.
But what's inside the jug is water.
It's called Kyukon water and it absorbs soul waves.
The jug is, at most, a mere jug.
Just try and put your hand in it.
Yeah, it's more suspicious than the jug.
What the heck is this? This jug is dangerous! You mean the water the water At first, try it with just a finger.
So if I can bear soaking myself in this, it means I can use Tsubaki's Demon Blade mode? That's how it is.
Interesting! I've only been doing weight lifting, lately.
Eh? What? No fair! Why are you so strong just by doing weight lifting? It's obvious! I'm Black Star! It's obvious! I'm Black Star! We're on different levels! I'm the big man who'll eventually surpass God! No fair! Dr.
Stein, get me one of those jugs too, please! It's useless.
That's something to help Black Star and Tsubaki use the Demon Blade mode.
My greatness can't afford losing to this jug.
Black Star's confidence, although completely unintenionally, comes from forcing himself to believe he's "God" and "Big.
" Even if it's unthinkable.
Forcing himself? Yes.
"There's nothing someone as big as me can't do.
It's obvious I can do it.
" With that as his driving force, he tries to make a challenge out of anything and everything.
Because he truly wants to surpass God.
He will become strong.
But that's Black Star's style of strengthening his soul.
For Maka, you have your own ways.
My own way? It's not wrong to hesitate or be impatient.
But there's one decisive factor you're missing right now.
Something I'm missing? When you find it, come to me.
I said one finger for starters, didn't I? You can take the jug, so go home for today.
Hey, Maka.
What about the party? Oh! That's right! We're holding a party for Black Star and Tsubaki-chan getting their first soul, and Soul's release from the hospital.
Make some tasty seafood, right? Youch!! Is he stupid? Well then, Soul-kun, come back next week.
Excuse me.
Yo! We're holding the party now, so don't be late.
The cause seems to be that wound.
Whenever she sees this wound, she makes a hurt face.
Let me just make it clear, there won't be any special guest.
You just said something atrocious.
Did you really want to see the good stuff sooner? We'll keep holding it back and tease you.
Basically, we're being tsundere.
To the uninitiated: "tsundere" is a famous Otaku term describing the personality of someone tough on the outside but soft on the inside.
Well then, who might it be? The hint is "its existence in the East of Shinjuku.
" This is a pun involving the city "Uzentsubaki," located to the East of Shinjuku.
Wait up, our gallery's after the break! Wait up, our gallery's after the break! Setting taste aside, I sure ate! The way you say it kind of pisses me off The way you say it kind of pisses me off It was delicious, Maka-chan.
Delicious! Delicious! Thanks for the food.
You've got a nice room.
Nice and tidy.
Maka goes ballistic if I make a mess.
You two live here alone? Yohoo! Everyone having fun? Hey, hey! Won't someone jump into the bathtub with Blair? Is she always like this? Yeah Somebody take that colourful cat away! Staying undercover at Shibusen has paid off Soul Eater contaminated by the black blood Should I give it a try? I've obtained the key.
My, what a nice surprise, here of all places.
My, what a nice surprise, here of all places.
I guess you'd already know without my saying it, but should I say it? Yes, by all means.
I came here to kill you.
Why? You're cruel! Aren't we comrades? We just want to steal the Shinigami's eyes, use magic, and cause a ruckus.
I don't give a damn about what you want to do at Shibusen.
You're dangerous.
And so you've come to kill me, right? But before that, I'll warn you.
That outfit is dangerous.
It's obviously a witch's.
No matter how much you use Soul Protection, there are lots of young Technicians here.
You know what it means, don't you? No need to worry.
Unlike you, we can use transformation magic.
If needed, we can escape with that.
I see And that's how you intend to defeat me? I know very well that I'm not able to beat you in an ordinary battle.
But here you'd want to remain disguised as an ordinary nurse.
You can neither release Soul Protection, nor use magic, right? With Soul Protect, you're just a normal girl.
We can get you with a single hit with standard magic.
If you release your protection to use magic, we'll escape with transformation magic.
If the Technicians find out that you're a witch, you will lose.
Whether you release it or not, either way the victory's ours.
A frog and a mouse defeating a snake "Gekokujou" is the weaker overthrowing the stronger, or the usurpation of a higher position by a lower level.
this is the real Gekokujou.
To the frog alone.
Not only killing me but also making me listen to your puns Such horrible behavior.
Soul Protection, release! Fare thee well, Medusa.
This feeling A witch! What's up, all of a sudden? Two of them.
Why in Death City? I'll go check! Oi, Maka! I wanted to see a lot of your pretty face twisted but there's not much time.
Such a shame In the end, nothing but a frog and mouse? Did you really intend to defeat me this way? Time for punishment! You're not fit to become experimental subjects.
You're really doing it? I'll run! Now, what's wrong? Release Soul Protection and You what happened to the snake on your shoulder? You what happened to the snake on your shoulder? My, I wonder where it went What's wrong, Mizune? Could it be inside Mizune's body? No way when did she No way when did she Could it be from that time?! I have a thousand snakes inside my body It's only several.
Mizune Swallow it whole and leave no trace! Why? That snake is magic, right? You didn't release the Protection so why? These are simple magical creatures.
They've nothing to do with Protection.
They're my pride.
A simple sign is all they need.
They're not like doves but aren't they beautiful? You get it, right? You don't actually believe I only put them in Mizune, do you? So you came, huh? You're fast Stein and Maka? Medusa-sensei.
There were two witch presences around this area.
I felt them too and came here quickly.
Could it be the witch that hurt Soul? It could've been.
No that's not likely.
No that's not likely.
That witch had a Demon Sword and a Technician.
If the one here was that witch, then she wouldn't meaninglessly release Soul Protect in the middle of Death City, would she? Clearly she's interested in Technicians and weapons so wouldn't she rather be observing discreetly? If she were here Well, it could've just been a pressure attempt at Shibusen Just as a school delinquent would act.
Even so, Medusa-sensei's safety is a relief.
If the school nurse got hurt, it would've be terrible.
That's true.
But, if But, if I'd met that Demon Sword and Technician Soul This can't go on.
Even though I decided to become stronger.
Maka! Are you okay? Don't go alone, it's dangerous! Soul? Hm? I couldn't take my eyes away from Soul's scar.
I have to face this scar.
I won't let Soul go through that again.
Fear I won't lose to it! What's up with you suddenly? Dr.
Yes? I understand now, what I was lacking.
Really? This girl has the courage to beat fear.
Then, come with Soul tomorrow to my place.
I've come this far, so I should be fine for now Damned Medusa I'll show you My, it feels quite good.
It might become a habit.
Could it be? There's a favor I'd like to ask of you A-A key? How did you find out where I was? The snake inside of you emits a signal to me.
Wherever you go it's useless.
There's a man I want you to free with that key.
A convict in the witch jail known as a number.
If I say "Thirteen," you know what I mean, right? Do you mean Devil's Eye? He's the one who took Mabaa-sama's left eye! If I do it, I'll be ostracized by the witches no, killed! no, killed! If so, I can kill you right here.
Ok, I got the point.
I want to use that man and try something.
My experiment on Soul Eater.
That man for such a thing? You're crazy this is just warped.
This is no good turn back into a frog.
This is no good turn back into a frog.
Yes 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus So annoying 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus This again? 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus How many times did I multiply? 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus 2 Plus 1 Plus How many times did I multiply? You just added You didn't multiply even once.
I can't see I can't see nuthin' I wanna see a fine comedy Well, just a bit to go! After the commercial, it's that person's debut! The others haven't seen that person yet! Just what kind of awesomeness are we holding back? Just wait till we reveal it! We'll be counting on you, Demon! Well, that's what Director Igarashi said Hey, Hi, good job! We're giving out CDs of Soul Eater's opening theme "Resonance" as a present to ten people.
Don't forget to write your name, address and phone number on the back, and look forward to the next airing's ending! I'll be waiting for you! The man's demon eyes Soul and Maka, The gap between the souls' wavelength? I'll announce it now! Well, in certain ways you could say that person's a real demon.
They're a demon and an awesome person.
Until the announcement it's Five, four, three, two Five, four, three, two Five, four, three, two Five, four, three, two Soul Eater supports you as the most sexy.
Thank you.
The final proposal for Art Gallery Number 10 The Symphony Psalms, Soul Eater? (no religious meaning intended) Original Work by Artist Atsushi Ohkubo (better known as the Mangaka of Soul Eater).