Soul Eater (2008) s01e14 Episode Script

The Super Written Exam – Heart-Pounding, Reeling, and Restless. You're Kidding!?

1 A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body.
Shinigami-sama, the mission is complete.
Shinigami-sama, the mission is complete.
99 Kishin eggs and 1 Witch soul attained.
As promised, I will make Soul-kun into a weapon of mine.
With this you're a Death Scythe Alright! What're you doing fooling around? We'll be late for school.
Eh? This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
Everyone, did you participate on the test? Everyone from the staff did it! There are many things we want to say, but for now The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! The average mark was 44 points wait, what the?! "Give it your best!" Photography by: Sasaoka Akiko-san Everyone, I believe you're aware of this, but time is short.
The Technician and Weapon written test.
There is only three days until the Super Written Exam.
Are you progressing with your studies? Of course! I've been preparing since a month ago.
All the questions this time were made by me.
Anxious ones Excited ones There are lots of you who may feel that way, but give it your best.
Well, class dismissed! There's no easy way to get it done, huh? If it's easy there's no point to it.
I won't forgive you if you use dirty methods.
You're going to be first this year too, Ox-kun? Yeah, I guess That's right, last year I lost to Ox-kun, didn't I? I But there are still some hard workers in the class.
Look, there's the second place Maka-san who lost to me last year.
Do you know why this test is so super? There's a rumor of a jinx that whoever gets first place in this test is made into a Death Scythe.
What? For real? That's right.
This is destiny.
That's right.
This is destiny.
Mama was in the top of the school too.
I have to get in the top as well.
Right! I'll get first and turn Tsubaki into a Death Scythe.
This is our first test.
Let's do our best! I don't study to prepare myself for tests.
Pretty full of yourself Have you been studying? I'm a Shinigami.
I understand everything about souls.
That's right This time there's Kid-kun too Lots of rivals, huh? What're you doing, senpai? Stein? I'm sending my daughter my "Do your best in the test" aura.
Ah, really? Why? Okay, carry on.
Aye! Maka Maka!! Super Written Exam: ~Heart-Throbbing, Trembling, Nervous, Lies?~ Super Written Exam: Heart-Throbbing, Trembling, Nervous, Lies? Alright! One last spurt! Hey, Maka, are tests fun? Hey, Maka, are tests fun? Yup! You put to test all you've learned so far.
You can understand your ability easily through the points you get.
It's kind of like a game.
But this time I have to put in an extra effort.
There's a jynx that if you get first place, you get to become a Death Scythe.
Turning into a Death Scythe is hard.
Awesome right? Maka's Papa-san? The awesome one is Mama.
Turning a useless papa into a Death Scythe And the Soul Knowledge subject What Soul-kun's studying too? What Soul-kun's studying too? Yeah, I'm busy.
Don't bother me No Blair is so bored! Let's play! Noisy 498 499 500 If I can't solve the next problem, I'll do 1000 crunches.
So what's this? Damn! Let's stop with the penalties and study! I'll tutor you! The capable woman is complete.
Alright! Study time! You did it sis! Aye! Oh, you're both studying so diligently If you need somethi- eh? What the hell are you doing? Taking a break.
There's one strand that's sticking out It suddenly started bothering me What are you doing, you fool! If you're plucking your eyebrows, let me do it! What will you do if they're not perfectly matched? Last time I let you do this how long do you think it tooK? A whole month! Understood.
This time I'll do it fast.
Right? I beg of you! Please Please Please Please If you must insist Alright! First we'll start with the planning.
You're bothering my studies.
Get lost.
What do we choose for the concept? Eyebrows with a story That's the kind I want to do.
I don't have such amazing eyebrows.
I can't eat anymore Nobody's free to play Tests are pretty tough, huh With my body cleaned, it'll be perfect.
I'm so happy that Black Star is really studying.
I'll make him a snack later.
Whoops! I shouted! Silently, silently Silently, silently I guess that quiet studying doesn't fit me As an assassin, I have to steal the test.
There it is! With this I've become a god! The god of the perfect score! Black Star? Where are you? What about your studies? Taking a break Three days of break is more than enough! It suddenly started bothering me Alright.
Done! Okay.
I've done what I can.
To be fresh for tomorrow, I'll go to sleep.
May my daughter Maka Maka get first May my daughter Maka Maka get first First first first tomorrow! First first first tomorrow! First first first tomorrow! First first first tomorrow! Tomorrow's test I'm going all out! So, everybody! The Staff Super Written Exam results.
Those who thought "If I do it I can't do bad," they let their defense down.
First of all, the best scorer, the creator Ohkubo Atsushi, with 77 points.
Hasugawa Orino has done great too.
The next one is the worst, Watanabe Misa-kun, with 6 points.
At this rate you'll have to repeat the class.
Watanabe-kun, you'll have to do supplementary classes.
Watanabe-kun, you'll have to do supplementary classes.
I, Sid, will be your examiner! Just one thing before we begin the test.
Black Star! Yesterday, there was a fool that sneaked into Stein's lab to steal the test Listen well! Don't try to cheat on this! The duration is 60 minutes.
Keep your test sheets turned down.
Begin! It's alright.
Calm down.
Anyone who takes this seriously is an idiot.
A tortoise with a late start has no chance against a hare.
The world is full of restless hares What method you use to win it's all the same when you're doing the test! I've hidden cheat sheets in my whole body! If you don't win easily there's no point.
I just have to win win.
I just have to win win.
Is this all? Demon! You want me to take off my underwear too? Is he stupid? Get back to your seat.
I'll forgive you once.
That's the man I was.
Shit! No can do! Focus, focus The next question is filling in the blanks "Complete the following sentence:" "A healthy soul" Easy peace of cake! "resides in a healthy" "skin and" "in healthy cuticles.
" It's definitely wrong! I haven't answered a single question yet! This just ain't cool! I'm in luck! The perfectiontionist Kid is next to me.
This is terrible! I can't write it nicely He hasn't even wrote his name.
Kid's no use.
To the left we have? Writing with crayon? She's putting a lot of yellow Giraffe! Giraffe! Giraffe! Giraffe! So you like that color.
Answer true or false I've got it! Exactly what to expect from Professor Stein.
This is a trick question.
Trick question? It couldn't be, right? The Professor whouldn't fool the students.
False! You can't fool me this easily! Professor, I'm already done.
Okay! You can read a book if you want.
What a geek 10 minutes left! What? There's no time left! Kid still hasn't wrote his name.
It's done! What? Giraffe! Giraffe! You made art out of the question sheets? I'm gonna go break yo neck! In a way, she's a genius? Damn it's no use Damn it's no use Damn it's no use Why is the "K" spaced wrong? I'm a useless scumbag I can't even place a "K" the right way.
Professor, Kid's unconscious.
Leave him be.
Soul Black Star! You're writing with the blood That's right, you saw the answers in the lab, huh? That's right, you saw the answers in the lab, huh? And you intend to pass them onto me.
Leave it to me! I will inherit your will! Who cares about your sign! Talk after you're dead! Only 30 seconds left! It's alright! I reviewed it.
10 seconds left! With this 5 seconds left! It's perfect.
That's it! I did it! I did it! It's over.
No It was over when I lost my pants Man that was hard.
Tiring, wasn't it? It was hard It may have been Really now? It seriously was You'll beat yourself up, you know? We're done with the test and you're already studying? No, no When I cleaned the room from studying, I found an old album.
Is that you and your perverted Dad? So young Yup.
That's when papa was 18.
He used to read me lots of picture books Your book addiction comes from your Dad, huh? Maybe it does Yay! Papa-san, congratulations! The test results came out, right? With this I can drink something.
Blair knows, you sent your aura for three days and nights, right? Maka's amazing, isn't she? She's at the top of her class, just as my wife was.
Ex-wife, right? Oh, that's right.
Blair-chan, do you mind me asking you a favor? I want to give Maka something to congratulate her.
Do you think you could buy her a book she likes? I put some money and a card in this envelope.
Why don't you give it yourself? If I give it personally, she may not accept it, so What is it? Papa-san really loves Maka, right? Then leave it to Blair! Thanks.
I got carried away and bought something for me I lost to temptation Blair is easily tempted This cat-witch sure is bad, huh? If I change the size with magic It'll be perfect for Maka! Pum-Pumpkin, pumpkin Card inside I'm home! Welcome home! I made pumpkin pie so let's eat some.
Yay! Here's a present from Papa-san to Maka.
It's a gift because of the test.
What could it be? Tada! Giving perverted underwear to his daughter, is he serious? Look, Maka.
There's a card.
What? "Congratulations!" "Studying was pretty tough, right?" "I sent this present hoping that you'll have a good time with it.
" "From Papa with love.
" How would I have a "good time"? Does he intend to make me into some kind of perverted daughter? She should be pretty happy by know, huh? He's really the worst! I hate him! Maka ED Ok, let's go over answers now.
Nagata-kun from Media Factory, if you're going to do this much work on math problems, get them right.
The next is boss of Bones, Minami-kun.
Your writing's horrible.
And don't write Nirvash, okay? And Higashiyama-kun from Dentsu This isn't Dragon Quest, and I won't go easy on you just because you're the end.
Ok, and with that we finish up.
General things that can be said are: the guys were making too many dirty jokes and the girls need to think carefully about their puns.
The Futons went flying If you don't look carefully you're being negligent.
Soul Went Leave it to Maka Maka's cheek is Red I've had enough of eating ice.
I did like the "I've had enough of eating ice.
" Aramaki Shinji I would've just turned it in blank if I knew this was gonna happen And don't scribble or write rants on the tests.
Whatever Tokyo TV Yoshino Aya Bones Recording Division Fukusawa Hitomi We call bad jokes "dajare," so it'd be difficult to make them funny Especially Omigawa-kun, why did you even fill up the back page? And Yamatoya who sent us a letter, no one knows your birthday, so don't get cocky, idiot.
And now for the worst of them, Higarashi-kun, keep your jokes to a minimum.
If you don't try, we'll have another one.
So make sure to keep up on the studies.
We'll upload the answer sheet to our homepage, so check it out.
See ya.
The final proposal for Art Gallery Number 12 "Giraffe?" By Character Design's Ito Yoshiyuki