Soul Eater (2008) s01e16 Episode Script

Fierce Battle Aboard the Ghost Ship – The Hell inside My Head?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body.
With the mystery of the Baltic Shore, we began our investigation.
The survivors of this shadow said: The Black Dragon The Black Dragon appeared The Black Dragon The Black Dragon appeared And what we met at sea was Nidhogg A ghost ship known by the name of "Black Dragon.
" We got onto the ghost ship and found large amounts of human souls.
After being attacked by an evil spirit, what appeared was Taking the shape of a Black Dragon it was Ragnarok.
Taking the shape of a Black Dragon it was Ragnarok.
Hey, did you know? My blood is black.
This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
Every sigh kills a fairy.
Did everyone know? For you who don't believe in such superstitions, we'll be introducing Soul Eater's idol.
The sighing fairy killer, Producer Oyabu Yoshihiro.
Everything is scary.
Everything is scary.
If you could obtain power, would you know how to live with it? Do you know the whereabouts of Hell? It's in your head.
Fierce Fight at the Ghost Ship! ~The Hell inside my Head?~ Fierce Fight At The Ghost Ship! The Hell Inside My Head? Get in my way and I'll kill you! Is that so? You're on.
Overwhelming fear with power, you say? Is that how you free yourself from fear? You fool! If you truly want to free yourself from fear strengthen your soul! Nice and tidily.
Did we get her? W-What? Screech Elevator! My attacks didn't work? There's no way you'd understand If even the little one couldn't understand me If the little one couldn't understand There's no way a Shinigami like you would understand Sis, that kid Yeah, you're right, Patty She's like us She's the same as we used to be Patty.
Don't shoot, please Fork over your money.
Leave the bag and beat it, fool! I'm gonna kill you.
Being born as weapons holding that power there was no thing for us to fear, right? Livin' it up and spoiling ourselves at the town's expense No one tried to understand us.
No, no.
That's not it What I wanted to ask was, is that kid a boy or a girl? Sis, what are you moping about, all by yourself? Was that it? Unforgivable.
Nidhogg! What? He was still alive? This ship and I are one.
I can't die while Nidhogg stays afloat! You've really got me fired up now Eating all the souls Where're your manners? Making a commotion on other people's ships That's no way to behave! I'll blow you to smithereens with these cannons! The aim is just right! The range is just right! Alright! Fire! What? Persistent bastard.
What the? The Devil Sword's wavelength is expanding.
I hate you all Detest, abhor Detest, abhor People who can't even live will be blown away by my wail.
Screech Alpha! Screech Alpha! Split into two What destructive power! This ship is done for.
Oi, Kid! The Devil Sword What? Goodbye, Shinigami-kun.
Why you, I'm not letting you get away! Beelzebub! I will stop the Kishin! The Kishin-sama that's right next to you.
For that person's sake.
What's going on? Is Shibusen hiding something? Goddamn, Chrona! If you get yourself caught there's no dinner for you tonight! Don't! If I get any thinner I won't have any fat at all! You're not getting away! Crap! The fog is clearing.
It seems the ghost ship was responsible for the fog.
What are you being so carefree for? What's wrong, Kid? Why are we stopping? Are we going to stop chasing? Look! Liz, Patty.
The clouds are drifting to the sun.
They flow beautifully The world is becoming symmetrical! It can't be You It's flying, right? Naturally The world's heart! Ah! Marvelous! It's so marvelous!! The sun is!! Oi, Kid! What about the Devil Sword? Damn you, Devil Sword! You got away? You weren't even chasing it! Can't you comprehend this how magnificent this is? Sorry, but it's not that splendid.
The souls for Kishin-sama were all taken I'll have to start from scratch again.
Kishin-sama I'm no bright cheerful boat! The resonance of souls! The resonance of souls! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy! We'll return next time after getting better! Eh? Maybe we should apologize elsewhere? We're Sorryy!!!!! I'm here to take your soul! The blood test results have come.
And so, how were they? Both white and red cells count are normal.
No problems with hemoglobin counts either.
You're as healthy as you sound.
Really? But I'm sure that time I coughed black blood.
What could it have been? Well, blood darkens with time, doesn't it? That might be why it appeared black.
Ah It's a bit weird It's definitely strange.
I saw the black blood through the crystal ball.
With a strong resonance like that, the black blood should have propagated.
Did something happen, Medusa-sensei? For now, I'll provide you some medicine.
Take these capsules twice a day, at breakfast and dinner.
This medicine will stimulate the black blood.
I'll have her take these for now.
That's right, how's Soul-kun doing? What do you mean? Is he still having those strange dreams about that demon? He seemed a bit troubled, so A demon? He came begging me for advice.
About that, he's already fine.
It's already cleared up now.
What's with that? He didn't say a thing about it at all! Medusa-sensei, thank you very much! If you'll excuse me What a stupid girl.
Begging for advice? So he trusts Medusa-sensei more than his own partner? I'm pissed! He's going to get an earful! Strange Why did Maka's black blood samples disappear? My research was supposed to be flawless.
Maka Albarn Maka Albarn's file is gone?! Did someone take it? Is this what you're looking for? You surprised me! You came in? Don't scare me, please.
Soul Eater and Maka Albarn Are you really that concerned? This guy A lot has happened to those children lately, so What is this? I got them from Maka.
Medicine I've never heard of.
This man how much does he Did he figure my identity? Should I kill him? That's a herbal medicine I made.
It improves circulation and strengthens the pulse.
I'm not lying The black blood doesn't differ much from regular blood The herbal medicine is effective.
Having a herbal medicine mania It's strange isn't it? As a school nurse, I can't just leave Maka-chan nor Soul-kun alone That's fine is it not? It's very cute of you.
But is that something a nurse would do? It's something a witch would do right? It's something a witch would do right? My, that's horrible! Are you saying my face looks machiavellian? That's sexual harassment! If you're gonna sue someone, you should sue Spirit-senpai first, right? That chair is ours, you know.
For a mere moment, I felt killing intent.
Dammit I'm shaking Fear, huh? Thanks.
I'd already forgotten.
Now then What should I do now How was it? There's no doubt.
And the location of Medusa's residence? I've confirmed it.
I don't make blunders, that's the man I was.
Leave this matter to us Ok? Sid, Nygus.
Don't let your guard down.
After all, we're dealing with a witch.
I'm well aware of that.
I've already seen many lose their lives against them.
Let's go, Sid.
If there's any physical evidence that she's a witch, I'll get a warrant from Shinigami-sama.
Her snake tail.
it's already visible.
All that's left is to catch her.
Eruka Eruka! I'm communicating to you through the snake I put in your body.
That thing.
It's in the case.
Yes Yes, that.
Make haste.
The rest you already know, right? The rest you already know, right? It ended up being a messed up trip, didn't it? I'm totally beat! Liz, Patty you guys go ahead to the mansion.
Where are you going, Kid? There are things I need to ask father.
Over there? Yeah.
From here on I know.
It's open Careful.
It might be a trap.
While I was alive, I was pretty careful.
That's the man I was Oi, oi This is supposed to be a nurse's place? This is A witch's magic circle.
There's no doubt.
A journal? It seems so Stealing a peek at a woman's diary I wasn't that kind of man Is this the time for that? A journal exists only to be read.
I I guess you're right.
This is! What is it? That woman she knows this much about Shibusen? Could it be that Medusa's aim is "that?" She developed the black blood for that This is bad! She's planning on starting something during tomorrow's party! I have to tell this to the Professor and Shinigami-sama! Sid! What are these? Crap! So How was the taste of my egg-bombs? Ribbit.
Destruction is so fine It's good I was born a witch.
I have to quickly deliver this to Medusa.
Oi, it's been a bit! Thanks a bunch.
Good work.
So you met the Devil Sword? Father, there's something I need to ask you.
What's wrong, Kid? I am a Shinigami, but also young.
There are many things I don't know.
"The Kishin that's right next to you.
" what's the meaning of that? Both humans and gods have weaknesses In order to bury that weakness we seek power.
Fear and desire are two sides of the same coin That's not it.
I'm not talking about that kind of stuff.
The Kishin right next to you.
Father The reason why you can't leave Shibusen, is it related with that? Loud and clear I want you to tell me about it.
It's a promise.
You'll definitely come back.
Why? Why must you fight? Why? Why must you fight? There must be, there must be other ways.
Please, protect that person! I know, I know it already.
I'll believe in you! I'll believe in you! That you'll definitely come back.
The Legend of the Holy Sword 2 ~Drunk, Defeated, Bought, A Virtue?~ We'll definitely meet again, Excalibur? The final proposal for Art Gallery Number 13.
Fairy Killer? Artist, Script's Shimizu Megumi.