Soul Eater (2008) s01e17 Episode Script

Legend of the Holy Sword 2 – Wanna Go Drinking, Gambling, and Playing?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body.
Fool! This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
It's finally time.
It's the beginning of the legend.
that much preview in a normal broadcast? Has there ever been another program that showed Now everyone, please join me and Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool! The northern lands.
In the peace of that shrine.
lies a legendary Holy Blade.
Wandering through eternity, that Holy Blade lies there sound asleep.
Along History the one who pulls out the Holy Blade will be known as a hero and will be given everything.
One strike from it will bring silence to all on its way.
And a swing of that sword will split the Heavens.
The shadow of a figure, soaring with golden wings.
Truly the shape of a hero.
What must not be forgotten are all the techniques of the Holy Blade.
We shall forever speak.
Speak of the Holy Blade's dignity.
Eternally speak and pass it on.
Pass on the name of the Holy Blade.
The name of the sword, Excalibur! And in the present Yet another man stands, challenging to create History.
His name being Ox Ford! The Legend of the Holy Sword 2 ~Drunk, Defeated, Bought, A Virtue?~ The Legend of the Holy Sword 2.
Drunk, Defeated, Bought, A Virtue? So this is the Holy Blade.
This is Lame.
Youngster! By what name do you go? Me? My name is Ox Fool! No, I'm not a fool.
Despite my looks, I'm one of the top nerds in Shibusen- Fool! Like I said, I'm not a My legend started in the 12th century.
My legend started in the 12th century.
Do you want to hear my heroic tales? Of course! I came for that purpose and Fool! By the way If you want to be with me, there are one thousand tasks you must complete.
I need you to understand them completely.
Excuse me, but where am I being a fool? Fool! There's no need for you to know that.
Again with the "fool?" My morning starts with a cup of coffee.
Do you know why? Why is that? Fool! Heed my words! My morning starts with a cup of coffee.
It's as I thought, there can be no morning without roasted green tea.
Just like that! My morning starts with a cup of coffee.
You weren't drinking coffee One of the thousand tasks you must abide to is: My morning starts with a cup of coffee.
Don't ever forget it! Wait, I'm saying that wasn't coffee.
I know.
I'll show you something good.
This Is it your family? This lady next to you Could she be Yes! It's, without any doubt, my family.
It was a good family.
It was? That was when I was still young.
The city was quiet.
The people had lost their hopes.
They were just living with no purpose.
Even I was no exception.
Someday, I'll save up money and leave this city.
Just like that! I started to watch the seven o' clock news everyday.
I see In other words, that beautiful girl was Fool! That's not important! What? That's not? Geez, you can't seem to get it do you? So you say Item 58 from the thousand tasks you're to do.
You are not to speak while I am humming! This is a very important task.
Got it?! Um, I don't believe your demands and flashbacks relate to one another.
Fool! There's an intimate relationship between the humming and the news.
What about your memories of delinquency That is what's called a fragile ensemble that cannot be comprehended through logic and statistics.
Certainly worthy of being called "destiny.
" Got it? Perhaps it was the result of fate that was polished, matured, and perfected through complicated chemical reactions.
You're gonna ignore me? Just like that! I was to dance in a packed opera house, shouldering the burden for the fate of the group.
Why? Man I'm stuffed! It is nice to do these kind of things.
Doing nothing in particular, just hanging around with everyone It feels very peaceful.
If it's always peaceful, I don't stand out, right? If I'm to stand out, I definitely must Hey, Tsubaki Yes, what is it? Have you already written the report we were assigned last week? You haven't finished it yet? Isn't the report due tomorrow? That's right That kind of report That report? I'm sorry, but could you give us a hand? Fool! I didn't say anything, though Err Excalibur-san Excalibur-san Hello? Fool! Time to reflect is necessary.
To do anything out of the blue is sheer stupidity! That's right! During that incident, my sharp, high intellect During that incident, my sharp, high intellect needed time to think.
That happened when I was still living on Baker Street.
Holmes, have you figured anything out? Elementary, my dear Watson.
It appears we had overlooked a very elementary trick thanks to the culprit's wits.
Elementary? But this place was inaccessible from the outside.
Fool! Exactly, Excalibur-kun! Truly, that line is the most adequate.
Now, let us hear it Excalibur-kun.
Use your deduction to solve the trick, and figure out the culprit.
I'd say this was a very simple and a very easy trick.
No, for a normal person it might not be simple.
Perhaps some may believe it is a complicated, and thus a difficult problem.
But the fact of the matter is that it only looks complicated and is actually very simple.
No, perhaps some may not see it this way.
Basically, stating what's difficult and what is not is an extremely delicate problem and- Okay, Excalibur we understand, so what about the trick and the culprit? Fool! I am well aware of them! That's right, exactly.
Okay, we get it so reveal us the trick, please! The trick is too elementary, there's no need to explain! And the culprit is The culprit is You.
Just like that, I safely solved the crime.
Was Watson really the culprit? Now, with that fact in your mind, let's get to item 278 of the thousand tasks you're to abide to: My meals must never contain any carrots! Ah, I too don't Shut up! This item 349 of the thousand tasks you're to abide to: A Technician must not be picky with his or her food and eat everything.
I won't take such self-indulgence a second time.
Got it? Wait, what about- Who knows what sort of tragedy will befall on you with that kind of attitude? You'll surely understand if you watch this episode.
That was just when my legend had begun.
My Technician, King Arthur and I were on a journey together.
Facing this many enemies will be tough even for us, don't you think so, Excalibur? Arthur, that's not like you That cowardly feeling will lead us to our downfall.
Excalibur We, the Knights of the Round Table, never give up.
No matter what! We swore upon that.
That's true.
I'd forgotten that I have comrades of my own.
For the sake of those comrades too Yes, my friend Excalibur Lend me your power! Of course! Just like that Arthur's journey continued You acted differently In other words, this is item 679 of the thousand that you're to abide to: You must always have a dehumidifier in the room.
Uh, by the way, when did you develop that personality? Based on what I've shown you, you should already know by now that "hard-boiled" describes me well.
I really don't care anymore.
Everyone, today it's all on me.
Everyone, today it's all on me.
Drink up, drink up.
Excalibur-sama! Hey, Excalibur.
You're an amazing man.
I was feeling dry.
Everything was missing something.
Inside my heart frustration toward being reclusive and irreplaceable awkwardness spread.
The emptiness that invaded my heart felt bigger every day.
Until that day came.
Excalibur, I'm truly happy! Excalibur, hurry up, come here! Listen, Excalibur I love you.
I only wish this day would last forever.
Rest assured, I'm not going anywhere.
Rest assured, I'm not going anywhere.
You don't get it, do you? That kindness of yours will one day, surely become a burden to me.
Oi, oi.
What's wrong, Cassie? Excalibur, at the very least remember this I will always love you.
No matter what I'm well aware of that.
However, those days of happiness However, those days of happiness as she said, didn't last long.
Just like that! It ends like this? The dispute among the two gangs was put on hold.
I wanna know the rest! In other words this is deeply related to item 778, do not ever send express deliveries via a cash on delivery service, of the thousand tasks you're to abide.
I wonder what happened next Youngster what did you just say? I said I'm curious about the rest of the story Hm the rest? Then I shall show respect to your words, and sing you a song.
Why does it have to be a song Fool! You, who don't even know how important songs were in the History of cultural history of human beings, don't have any right to deny a song.
Besides, the fact that you don't have any right in the aspect of denying me to sing is a very important factor not to be forgotten.
Now, let us begin! Here we go! Excalibur Excalibur From the United Kingdom I'm looking for him.
I'm going to California Excalibur Excalibur Err How long is this going to last? Okay.
With this I've mostly finished talking to you about the thousand tasks you're to abide to.
That's of the utmost goodness Now, the most important task, number 452.
You're to attend to my five hour reading meetings punctually! Ok Then shall we go? You now have in your grasp! Victory and glory! Victory and glory! And with the world in your hands, you shall rise and reign as a hero! And with the world in your hands, you shall rise and reign as a hero! Now let us go together! Victory and glory to you! Youngster, what is the meaning of this? Oh, I'm sorry I already have a partner and I'll be on my way home now Then, why did you come here? Well, actually, I tried to write a report on you for homework, but You're annoying so I quit! I couldn't finish the report on time Black Star, did you do it properly? Yeah, it's done alright What the hell? That's barely any.
Of course.
All you need is one word to describe him.
And what did you exactly write? Fool! Good news to everyone in the country! To the Technician who wants to be a hero! Wouldn't you like to use me as you wish? It's currently limited to just one person to be allowed to do that.
Behold, this beautiful form! Behold, this beautiful form! The unimaginable sharpness of the blade! The five hour reading meetings are now only four hours for you to try out! Don't miss out on this big chance! Upon a fair raffle, I will hang out with just one Technician.
Contact here: Victory and glory to you! Shut up! The legendary musicians who've been leading the glam rock world of the UK are coming to Japan! Rhythmical and yet a deep and beautiful melody line fascinates all who turn their ears.
And the title of the song is: Excalibur Goes To California! In stores now! Please give us all your support! Fool! Now, it's time for the preview.
After the Excalibur commotion, we go back to a serious Soul Eater.
It appears that Shibusen will be having a foundation anniversary.
They'll throw a fancy and rich party, and they're even going to have a blood-stained love-hate play.
What's exactly going to happen? I can't wait.
The Nightmare Before The Festival ~And So, The Curtain Rises?~ Next time on Soul Eater episode 18: The Nightmare Before The Festival.
And So The Curtain Rises? Don't miss it! Final proposal for Art Gallery Number 14.
"California?" Media Factory Associate Producer.
Artist: Katou Masazumi (From California?).