Soul Eater (2008) s01e18 Episode Script

The Eve Party Nightmare – And so the Curtain Rises?

1 Late Night Show Late Night Show Bones 10th anniversary project A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body.
I've brought it.
With this, you'll be removing one of the snakes you left in my body, right? That's right.
Well done, Eruka.
Finally Free, how's the Evil Eye? It's perfect.
As it is, I'll be able to produce an Independent Cube.
Mabaa-sama's specialized on spatial magic.
Tonight, your Evil Eye will be necessary.
Eruka and I will give you magical support.
I'm counting on you.
Yeah Leave it to me Now the time draws near Now the time draws near I've longed for this day.
This is a free fansub.
Not for sale or rent.
Today is the Big Yakiniku Special.
This is out of the blue but do you like Yakiniku? Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Vegetables.
It's the Yakiniku's Golden Ratio.
Chef!! This is good meat! If you don't hurry, it'll start without us You were the one who took so long to prepare, though.
Hey Soul, I'm gonna stuff myself full! He's so sloppy.
Welcome! Look at you all dressed up and stuff Kid-kun, what's wrong? You don't seem well Oh, no.
Excuse me.
I'm starving Sloppy, huh? Anyway, everyone, it's good you came.
After all, tonight is to celebrate the founding of Shibusen.
The Nightmare Before The Festival ~And So, The Curtain Rises?~ The Nightmare Before The Festival: And So, The Curtain Rises? Now, come inside There will be a greeting from father shortly.
I'm starving.
What father said could it be true? Something like that here in Shibusen? Yo! Hey! Greetz! Thanks! Thanks! Hey! Thanks for the support! It's Shinigami-sama! Shinigami-sama! Well Having said this, my greeting is over.
It's really just a greeting, huh? Father, it was too little casual Then I too thank you for despite your tight schedules, finding the time to attend to this Shibusen founding party.
With your permission I, Shinigami-sama's son, Death The Kid, will give you a welcoming speech too.
He's doing it so neatly As it stands, Shibusen protects the peace of the world by It's me! It's my highness! It's the one and only Black Star! All of this is you see? Make sure this sinks in: The only one who can add "-sama" to his name is none other than me! How should I put this? It's annoying and lame! What're you doing? Being a nuisance while I'm speaking! The nuisance is you! Fool! Blockhead! I wanted to do a proper greeting It's useless Just let me die Geez Whose festival do you think this is? At the very least, it isn't yours Well, it seems it's already becoming a party There's a band too, so don't hold back on the dancing.
Just be yourselves! Yes! He's so embarrassing Raise your legs to a 60 degree angle! Do it diligently! Aye! Embarrassing This kind of stuff doesn't suit me well Soul Maka? We don't get to eat this every day aren't you going to try it? Standing in lines for the food is a pain and eating while standing isn't relaxing It's a waste! And it's this delicious Then gimme that plate.
Nah! Stingy Is Soul-kun still having those strange dreams about the demon? He seemed a bit troubled, so Hey, Soul Is there anything troubling you? Huh? What's that, out of the blue? He came begging me for advice.
If you'd like, I can give you some advice.
There's really nothing so What? It may be annoying if I'm too persistent Am I really that unreliable as a partner? What's up with that, now of all times? What?! Stupid Soul! Idiot Soul! Okay, want to dance? Okay, want to dance? No way it's too troublesome Why not? You're good at this stuff, right? Take the lead.
Dancing is like matching wavelengths, so it's okay.
Hold it right there! Dance with papa! No way.
Perfect, isn't it? Fathers and daughters should be close.
Go on and dance! W-Wait! As Soul-kun said! Now, Maka Soul, keep an eye on my food! Keep an eye, heh? She's a real glutton Huh? Maka doesn't like raw fish So why did she bring salmon? Weird girl Oh I see.
Silly, isn't she She didn't have to bother, but still Thanks for the food.
Medusa, we've entered Death City.
What should we do? Wait for my signal at the designated place with Free.
Also, did you get their support? As planned.
Currently, Chrona, or should I say Ragnarok, went to get them.
Is that so? Good work.
Well hello there, Medusa-sensei.
Having fun? Doctor Stein.
My Don't scare me.
This guy again? Cheers! Cheers! How many are there? Doctor Stein? Ah, I'm completely drunk! I drank too much champagne! Is he for real? I can't read him How about it? Let's dance! How about it? Let's dance! Since you dressed up and all! Now, now! You're kidding, right? Maka, do you remember? On your kindergarten graduation day, you stood on papa's feet and danced After that I danced with mama It was so much fun The one you danced with wasn't mama It was Sara-chan's mama right? Crap! Was that so? As expected from Maka, remembering it so well Well anyway, now I'm dancing with you again.
It will be a good memory.
From now on, I'm going to become a great papa, right? Impossible! What am I doing? I can't let Eruka and the others see this Medusa-sensei? Sid-sensei hasn't returned Do you know anything about that? Is everything alright? I don't know anything Is that so? He went off to someone's laboratory.
Uhm Whose laboratory was it again? Right, right! It was yours.
I have no clue about what you're talking about A dangerous witch such as yourself what business could she have at Shibusen? You seem a bit drunk should we get you some water? You seem a bit drunk should we get you some water? I'm not drunk From the beginning.
You seem to be interested in Kishin.
I don't believe you infiltrated Shibusen just to investigate weapons and Technicians You know about it right? Witch Medusa That below Shibusen, a Kishin sleeps Youngster If Shinigami weren't here, I'd kill you on the spot.
I wanna dissect you! No need to hold back.
How about releasing the Protect? That's right My aim is the resurrection of Kishin.
And for that, the black blood But why? Kishin's power surpasses human comprehension Even evolution itself, so to speak.
Both Shinigami and Shibusen kept an eye on and protected the Earth through force Maintaining the status quo That would be the best description of Shibusen's work.
But, the times are changing.
But, the times are changing.
Given that, heading towards unheard progress is obvious, right? That's only natural Doctor Stein Whether you do or you don't, everything's the same This revolving world is that what you long for? This revolving world is that what you long for? Being a researcher like me, you know what I mean So? Won't you join me? Stein! Hurry! Get everyone out of here! Sid-sensei? Oi? Are you alright? Yeah, somehow There was a surprise attack from the enemy.
I dove underground when the explosion took place but It's as you see Crap! Anyway, get away from here! It's a trap.
Today, Shinigami-sama left the mirror and everybody at Shibusen gathered here They've waited for this day! Medusa! Free! The Barrier! Trap them all in! Got it.
Soul Protect release! Soul Protect release! This response Wolf, wolves Wolf, wolves! Interference will not be allowed.
Once inside this magic box none shall leave! Eruka, we're maintaining the place where the box will materialize.
Ribbit, ribbit.
Subtraction magic Magic Calculation! Subtraction magic Magic Calculation! T-This is So it's started Nygus, you can do it, right? Soul Resonance Yeah! At least you guys Casting location confirmed.
Spatial Magic! Independent Cube! What's this? The room Materializing the key! Please make it in time! Set! What's going on? What the hell is going on? The space is distorting.
This is bad We're being trapped in! Let's do it! Compulsive Burial! Graves appearing from the floor? Lock! Sid! I'm counting on you Protect Shibusen.
The time limit is one hour.
It won't last any longer Okay Until Shinigami leaves We've got no time to loiter around! Where's Chrona? I've brought them.
The Mizune family Mizune! I lied and said that the witch Mizune was killed by Shibusen to get their cooperation it breaks my heart.
I'm sorry, Mizune.
Mizune, that's the spirit! I leave the rest to you.
Destroy Death City.
Eruka, my case Leave it to me.
We're close.
We'll revive Kishin.
Ouch! We're the only group of Technicians left? That's just not right Witches souls' responses One two One two Eight of them? And even the Devil Sword.
What's going on in Death City? It's an emergency situation.
Everyone, calm down and listen.
Below Shibusen, the source of madness, the first Kishin lies asleep.
And as we speak, the one who infiltrated Shibusen as a nurse the witch Medusa Is trying to revive the Kishin.
This must be stopped no matter what.
Medusa-sensei was a witch? No way There's something like that sleeping below Shibusen? That's for certain.
I heard it from father too.
And in order to hold that Kishin, father can't leave this place What? The Shinigami master can't leave this place? I thought he was just a hikikomori Anyway We can't waste Sid-kun's quick wittedness.
I will guide you to the entrance of the basement.
Everyone, please come along.
It won't even budge My, what a bind what a bind We're weakened like this Shinigami-sama! At least you escape from here, please! A mirror? I'm sorry but it's no use This space is isolated from the rest of the world, you see? But this level of magic will hold at most for an hour.
Until then we're stuck I-Is that so? I'm sorry Dammit.
We're Death City so everyone just let their guard down Now, now Why not be careless? Let us be even more careless! That only means that the world is at peace, right? And that's exactly why, we cannot allow this peace to be trifled with, right? As for the rest, we can only rely on them This is the entrance to the basement.
The enemy is strong From here on, half-assed resolve will lead you to your deaths.
If you're considering running you should.
If you're considering running you should.
If you're ready to fight fear If you will or will not come with me That's for your souls to decide.
We will go! That so? Special Talk The meat was good, but Robot Katou Takuji Hey sensei, could you not say it so casually? This stuff's cheap.
Well, the meat's good, but Thanks to you, even us assistants were made to appear on the omake, weren't we? Bird Rokooshima Kamome I've never heard a thing, seriously.
Well, the meat's good, but Usher Oukubo Atsushi Hey sensei, don't say it, leave it to Akkun.
The meat's good.
Excuse me, does anyone want lemon over it? The meat's good, but Cat Yakuyama Tomou Bamboo Sword Yamaguchi Mikoto Isn't that fine? Doing it so sluggishly, isn't there any publicity for Soul Eater or Gangan publishers? The meat's good, but It's fine, having yakiniku for the omake.
The meat's good.
Oi, that one looks good wait it's overcooked! Oi, that one looks good wait it's overcooked! Ah, the meat's good.
Right? Well it's good but, why are we eating meat here? Is the end soon? Well, the meat's good, but Well, it's like a deal while eating meat.
Well, it's like a deal while eating meat.
Ah, maybe instead of an omake they're doing it for our manga's publicity on TV? Eh? For real? The meat's good, but Well, it might be like that.
The meat's good, right? Hey, what's with this piece that won't come off? The meat's good, but Excuse me, pass over a piece! The meat's good, but Well, the truth is, my old man was watching the late night broadcast the other day Your old man? The meat's good, but Well, it's something like that.
I'll tell you the details after.
After? Fin The final proposal for Art Gallery Number 13.
Yakiniku? Artist, Creator Oukubo Atsushi's papa.