Soul Eater (2008) s01e19 Episode Script

The Underground Battle Commences – Break Through Medusa's Vector Arrow?

1 A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body.
Are you alright, Sid-kun? Yes, I'm sorry I intended to save Shinigami-sama, too, if possible.
However it was too far away from me.
No, this is a mere excuse Please forget what I said.
Not at all You made the best choice under those circumstances.
Nevertheless Medusa-sensei She was a witch, huh? Soul Protect I guess it all comes down to it Shinigami-sama.
Is there no technique that we can use against Soul Protect? Kilik-kun If Soul Protect is used, we're helpless If Soul Protect is used, we're helpless Our battle with the witches has lasted for many centuries.
When the witches create a new spell the Technicians and weapons come up with new techniques in order to go up against them.
And in order to track down the witches, Technicians with soul sensing techniques were born.
And in order to prevent that they created "Soul Protect.
" Then we must find another technique.
So, what's left is to turn into a Kishin.
Turn into a Kishin? Now that it's come to this I guess there's no point in hiding it If we cover everything that reeks, we won't know what's inside.
There comes a time when we must remove the lid, and tell the kids what's inside.
Alright Everyone gather around! There's a Kishin below Shibusen! Err Don't you think that's a bit too straight forward? This happened before Shibusen was established.
It's about a man The story of a man known as Ashura.
Ashura would wrap a long muffler around his face and wear five or six shirts over each other.
He refused to trust people or trust his heart to anyone.
He was like a pile of suspicions in a human form.
What's the situation on those damn witches of the eastern area? When we arrived there all of them were already slain by Ashura himself.
Among my direct special force, the Eight Powerful Shinigami Warriors, Ashura was by far the strongest person there.
But he was always scared of something An ultimate wimp.
He became attached to power, and eventually he broke the rule, and he started consuming human souls.
That was the beginning of madness The Birth of Kishin.
But souls are something that only weapons can eat right? How was he able to eat them? He was also scared senseless of his partner So, he ate all of him.
Is that even possible? Now that I think about it he might not have been a human to begin with What lay deep in his heart, where one's eyes can't reach was something like fear.
Underground Battle Starts: Breakthrough, Medusa's Vector Arrow? Hey, Kid-kun.
How did Shinigami-sama seal Ashura? Father removed Ashura's skin He sealed him with a seal made from that skin.
He rooted his soul and body here to prevent the Kishin from awakening That's why the Shinigami master can't get out? But if the seal is broken and he gets away Will Shinigami-sama be able to move freely again? He can't.
Basically, Shinigami-sama fixed his soul to this city and became one with Death City.
One with Death City For him to be able to move, this city would have to grow out legs in order to move around.
But, that's just impossible to do.
The consequences of Kishin's revival are far greater than we can imagine.
Madness is contagious Soul you can't hold it back.
Hell is up here.
One's heart is a fragile thing.
Hurry and come.
Madness awaits You can't escape.
Just like the needle running in the groove of the record.
You gotta be kidding me.
Your persuasive power is so weak.
That needle there is jumping around like crazy.
I'm waiting for your decision It sure is lively.
Shibusen's anniversary party.
Blair wanted to go too, but they said only Shibusen students are allowed to attend.
I don't have work today, and I don't the have money to go shopping.
That leaves me no choice.
Although I can see his intentions, I guess I'll go stop by the fish store that gives me goodies.
Fish Seller? H-Here H-Here I'm giving you this fish.
Fish Seller!! Who in the world What's that? So it's them, huh? Hold it right there! Look at what you did to the bait I finally found.
How are you going to repay me? Impertinent little rats.
We've been running for quite a while.
Hey Maka, do you feel any witch's soul response up ahead? It seems that they're hiding it with Protect now.
Aw, how boring.
Because that's your one and only strong point.
You really piss me off.
What?! What?! Professor.
Right ahead of us there's a soul response from behind the shadows.
Someone's there.
This soul There's no mistake about it.
This obscene and horrible sensation Papa.
Obscene and horrible sensation? Pretty amazing that you were able to get out of that magic.
I'm known to be the fastest one to chase a woman's ass.
As expected But that's a relief I was worried about how far I could go without a weapon Senpai, up ahead? Yeah, they're waiting.
Everyone From here on there's no telling what could happen.
The weapons must not return to their human form no matter what.
There's a chance that a single attack may take your life.
Yes! They're waiting ahead of this? Aren't they headed to the Kishin? They're waiting ahead of this? Aren't they headed to the Kishin? No, they shouldn't all be headed there Oi, can't you hear something? Really? I can hear it It seems like footsteps.
Yeah, looks like they're finally coming.
Who could it be? One who's confident of not being ganged up on when there is more than one enemy.
And is also able to attack and hold back those few enemies.
I figured it would be you guys.
I'm going to give you guys a little plan of mine.
I can somewhat predict this plan of theirs.
The first one to prevent us from going on is Medusa.
And once you pass her there's the second obstacle, the Devil Sword.
And the remaining two should be heading toward the Kishin.
The werewolf Maka met before should be using his immortal body guarding the black blood by all means necessary.
So for the moves that we will be making First I will take care of Medusa.
The three of you pass Medusa as soon as possible.
Out of all of us, the one with the most mobility is Kid-kun.
You will be going after the two heading toward the Kishin.
Black Star's job is to hold down the Devil Sword so Kid and Maka can go on.
Since you're good at pounding soul waves, you're the only one who can damage her.
And Maka.
You'll pass both Medusa and the Evil Sword, catch up with Kid, and together, stop the Black Blood.
Finally, everyone Keep this in mind Don't lose your life.
Got that? Yes! A strategy meeting right in front of the enemy? I can hear it loud and clear.
My, you're Shibusen's nurse, right? You wise guy Very well Shall we begin? Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobabara Nake, Snake, Cobra, Cobabara Now listen, you don't have to try and all go at once An opening will definitely come.
Don't rush it, keep calm.
Here it comes! Vector Arrow! Great calculation! This is good magic to hold back a few people.
Plus its power is stronger than the last time.
Liz, if you're scared, go to sleep! Yeah.
I'm not going to hold back! Tsubaki, Demon Blade mode! Yes! Impertinent kids are to be punished! Death Slide! Alright! We're through! Maka, Black Star, I'll be going on ahead.
Tsubaki! Yes! Damn it! Two of them got through? Release Demon Blade mode! I gotta hurry on ahead.
Maka, let's follow them! Yeah! All vectors to Maka! I've seen the movement of this magic before.
Besides My path was decided from the beginning.
Going through the center! Vector Arrows fly out from Medusa and make a circular movement inward.
If there's a way through them then the middle is the best choice.
But the center is also where one will feel the arrows' pressure the most.
Even a small hesitation could mean losing your life.
If one doesn't make it past them before the arrows gather, it's fatal.
Focus only on running! Accelerate to my fullest! Cutting your sense of vision to overcome the fear? The arrows' sounds are getting closer.
Maka! Dammit, the worst case scenario is being created.
My legs feel so heavy because I'm afraid.
No! That's why I can give it my all! Speed up! I won't lose!! Well, isn't this interesting? I won't let you Soul Purge! Your opponent is none but me.
Let's catch up with them.
What a miscalculation I didn't think all three would pass.
But as long as I've held you, Stein, this plan is a success.
Even if the three of the go there, it won't be a problem.
You're better off not underestimating them What have you been observing at Shibusen until now? Are you stupid or something? Youngster Well, it's alright The Devil Sword awaits them in the next place.
Uh? Oi! Did something just pass by here really fast? Yeah Medusa Seeing you in your infirmary uniform made my heart beat fast I thought I was the only one who was going to remove that uniform.
I danced with her though I was watching, damn it! You got a head start! You keep fooling around in front of me It's very unpleasant.
My, is that so? Yes that's better.
With that expression of yours, I'll dance with you one more time.
Unfortunately that's impossible not with those feet of yours.
My feet, when did he Soul Sewing When that Soul Purge hit you before, I used my soul frequency and left something like an electric charge on your body.
I controlled it like a string and sewed your feet.
Being able to precisely control your soul that much The weapon's effect on the technician's soul isn't merely amplification It can improve precise control over the soul too A technique that is possible because of the best technician and weapon.
Medusa, I'll say this at least I'm the only Death Scythe in Shibusen If I allow the rebirth of the Kishin, I won't be able to face the other Death Scythes around the world.
Meaning? Meaning We're definitely going to win is what you want to say, right, senpai? Stein! Don't steal my finishing lines! Medusa you're history! Soul Purge! Sewing! You're finished! The way you're headed is not this way! Vector Plate! What happened? Whatever stands on that plate is blown in the direction it's pointing to.
And, of course, it has an effect on me as well.
Vector Plate! I'm afraid of close combat with you.
Shit, again? Now, make your way back! Sewing.
He sewed his own body down? But under what circumstances can you avoid this? Light Serpent! Removal! Nice! Finding the right timing, and using the plate as a counter! Vector Storm! Stein! There are a thousand snakes inside my body It won't let a prey that comes close escape.
What's with the "afraid of close combat" stuff? You are, after all, a short ranged witch.
Infiltrating as an infirmary nurse You're all lies.
Is that so? It's not all lies.
"Won't you come with me?" What I said during the party Those were my true feelings.
I want you.
And you are interested in the world I desire too.
How about it, Franken Stein? I'm not asking you as a Shibusen teacher.
I'm asking you as a researcher.
Oi, what's wrong Stein? Vector Plate.
Professor Stein.
The arrows around you aim towards me.
I always obtain what I desire.
You're not getting away.
This is bad I already let someone pass by easily.
I'll get scolded again.
I don't want that.
You're the Devil Sword? Eh? You look pretty weak.
It doesn't seem like I'll be able to stand out with you.
You seem to be on something, are you alright? Well, I really don't give a damn about you What matters is how I'm going to stand out.
Be careful, Black Star.
Wait, Black Star.
You're here faster than I thought for a slowpoke.
Devil Sword.
Leave this to me.
What? But Maka-chan, in Professor's plan, Black Star is to take care of the Devil Sword.
Our attacks won't have any effect on the Devil Sword! Idiot, don't mess with my stage.
Hey, missie If you continue to get carried away, I'll kill you, damn it! This is my revenge.
The honor student Maka, disobeying a teacher's order, eh? What is it? Reached the rebellious age? Shut up.
Alright, I'll make this stage yours to use.
It's impossible, because there's no more material left! It's definitely impossible! What are you saying Yamatoya-kun? Come on, we won't treat you badly.
Yeah, just like Minami-san said.
Everyone's doing their best so you do your best too.
Yeah, what the director said.
Hey, boss, you say something too.
Eh? Uhm, yes.
It is for the show, so stop whining and give it your best.
After all, I swung around the scythe.
Yeah, I spoke in front of 1000 people for an event.
I drew the picture in the beginning.
Impossible! I didn't get any sleep after all.
And anyhow, I'll be treated as a backstabber either way! Backstabbers can only work in the back.
I'm already doing so! The late show crew treats me like a part timer too! I'm the only one who doesn't have a choice!! Oh! Don't you think this is about ready? Are you ignoring me? Oh yeah, it looks good.
Okay then, boss give it a shot.
What, me?! Of course it's you.
Who else is going to do it? Ah, I guess you're right.
But I'm not good with these kind of If you mess up, I'll punch you.
If you mess up, I'll break your arm.
If you mess up, I'll kill you.
Hey, what's with all the pressure on me? Just do it! Fine Three Two One