Soul Eater (2008) s01e21 Episode Script

May My Soul Reach You – A Dry Heart inside Unbearable Isolation?

1 A healthy soul resides in a healthy mind and in a healthy body.
A bomb? Kid-kun, that's What a careless way to arrange it This is disgusting! I heard an explosion.
Must be the sound of the egg-bombs I planted earlier.
We have to hurry This scent Yes, we're almost there The Kishin is just ahead.
The fools We are the ones taking the lead.
This is disgusting! What a careless way to arrange this Dammit.
Oi, forget about the careless arrangement Let's get trough this in one go.
It's better not to mess around too much I'm feeling a bit sick.
This disgusts me.
Now, where have we seen this? Well, I guess that to Kid a place with no symmetry is like a place full of monsters to a normal person That's a good way to put it for a normal situation but, you know those are bombs, right? Aren't they scary just as it is? Yeah, you make a really good point.
What a trap Is this it? My chest Hey, wait! If we give up here, the Kishin will be resurrected! If a Shinigami such as yourself doesn't do it, who will? Say whatever you want.
I'm a piece of garbage throw me out with the trash.
I'm a piece of garbage throw me out with the trash.
Patty-san, I leave the bad guy voice to you Get a move on, you good for nothing! Amazing, we're gaining speed from the explosions! Even more amazing is Patty's bad guy voice.
As expected from her Fall into bitter agony, you bastard! You're the worst, Patty! You idiot! You're an idiot! You're an idiot! Come on, just a bit more, okay? They're approaching amazingly fast.
They're gonna catch up with us.
To inject the Kishin with black blood, we have to guard this case as best as we can or else Medusa will kill us.
Well, you can leave this to me Could you lend me your tadpole for a while? What are you going to do with my tadpole? What? I'm just going to use him as a little distraction Reach it, My Soul.
A Thirsty Heart In Unbearable Solitude? Go! It feels super! It feels super! What? No! Doing unexpected things Stay away! Really I've told you to stop with the surprises! I love it! It's black, huh? What's up with this fight? If you want me to do anything more, tell me! This is madness? Without letting the person feel fear, this is a battle that denies both the opponent's and one's own soul.
Do more Can't you do more? Twisting or digging Or tearing something off! What are you doing, Maka? You didn't go to that room to do this kind of stuff! Rawr! Dammit, I'm about to be engulfed by the madness, too Hurry up, or else you might not be able to return! Soul? Damn This is quite embarrassing It's not that different from your usual self.
So, just do what needs to be done! Yes, I know I should be able to do it now.
That feeling I got while I was crazy.
Now that I am as mad as Chrona I can match Chrona's wavelength.
Feel it This is My soul.
It's really small.
That is Rebellious, but in the end always bowing to my every whim The best guy! My partner's It's Soul's soul.
Chrona's soul That's Chrona's soul.
Why is it I feel a very weak wavelength from it.
A desert? It looks like a sand dune there's no sea.
Chrona? I'll be taking my revenge for your messing with my meal ticket.
Pumpkin, pumpkin Pumpkin, pumpkin Smashing Pumpkin! What's up with that? As a woman, I have to make sure that my body is soft, right? To think five of them couldn't even touch me how pitiful.
Don't get too full of yourself, kitten.
As they say, "A cornered rat will bite a cat," right? What are you doing, trying to provoke me on my territory? I can't take this anymore my heart can't take it! I'll crush you, you little runt.
Big words from a five-tier cake.
What a vulgar body.
Say, what about you? It shows everything from below Haven't you died yet? The research I did on the black blood is complete.
All that's left is injecting it into the Kishin.
No matter how hard you try, it's useless.
This plan will succeed.
Once you're done with resurrecting the Kishin, what do you intend to do with the Devil Sword child? The black blood investigation is done.
The results of the investigation are complete.
Meaning What? Such a boring question Because I ordered it around a lot, it grew up to be a completely dependent child.
It's utterly hopeless.
A big failure I became too much like a supermom, I think.
Who cares about that? She's your child, right? What do you intend to do with her? Stop it What are you getting so worked up for? You look ridiculous Such a thing goes without saying, right? It's not logical to hold on to something you don't need anymore.
I'll throw it away, isn't it obvious? What do you mean? You want that thing? If second-hand goods are okay with you, help yourself.
You could use it for an experiment or whatever You bastard Why you! Something you need? You little You Pathetic.
If you want to address me, prepare your words properly! Senpai! A weapon can't be too reckless.
Geez Act your own age and don't cry! It's unsightly Damn it! As a parent and you know that stuff I can't put it in words properly, but you know I can't forgive you! If a child is abandoned by its own parents, who will it be able to trust? That! I wanted to say something like that! Anyway, we're definitely defeating her! Anyway, we're definitely defeating her! That's been our intention from the start.
What should I do? My place My area I'm drawing its borders.
What should I do? On the place I decided to create for myself, nothing will be born.
The light that shines down incessantly on me comes from the lifeless Sun.
I'm better off doing nothing.
I'm Chrona.
It's here Even though I don't do anything, it always appears.
Can I ask you a few questions? Then, I'll do it.
I end up answering my own questions.
Even though I didn't want to do anything.
Can I pass? Suit yourself.
Now, I'll ask a question, okay? Tell me your name, please.
You can't even tell me your name? How come? Is there any reason for that? Pass.
So you can't even give a direct answer to other people's questions That's why, doing it this way, you can ask yourself questions to keep sane, right? Pass.
Pass, again? At this rate, even if you question yourself, it'll come to nothing, right? Don't you agree? Pass.
Do you think that by acting troubled you will bring someone's attention upon you? But isn't it true that it's not that people don't notice your suffering, it's that they don't care about it? Pass.
It's five passes, with this one.
Should we change the subject? When you killed the little one for the first time, how did you feel afterwards? Pass.
You felt relief, didn't you? That there was someone weaker than you Pass.
That's why, when Medusa-sama told you to seek power, you didn't raise any objections, wasn't it so? Pass.
Now you've become fairly strong.
So, how do you feel? So, how do you feel? Pass.
Did you get rid of the Hell in your head, then? Pass.
Stop it and answer my questions Aren't you just increasing your own personal Hell? Pass.
Forty one passes You deny me this much, huh? You're a terrible person You're the worst! I don't remember blaming you.
Why do you keep following me around? It's because of you that I get hurt by the people around me, right? If only you didn't exist What's that supposed to mean? You have double personality now? At the very least, you know that I'm not that kind of thing, don't you? I'm a common thing, an emotion everyone has.
Saying that and turning away is easier, isn't it? But Is it because you don't know how to deal with it? If you keep on denying yourself like this Where are you headed to? Pass.
We're both at our limit.
I'll be going ahead Forty two I am the Scythe Technician, Maka.
Your name? Devil Sword user, Chrona.
That time, I was able to answer.
I am the Devil Sword user, Chrona.
I know that! Rawr! Can I go over there? Wait, you can't! What? Don't pass the line.
This is my place.
What? What? No way This is bad.
How did you enter so easily? No one was supposed to be able to enter A line? I don't know how to deal with things, so I could be at ease inside this line! This can't be If you come in, there's no meaning to it.
You can erase this line easily.
You can't! Don't do that! There! It's gone! What? She's rejecting the black blood? Soul! Maka! Hurry and return me from the madness! As if I'd let you! Hold on! Where are you? Maka! Hold on! It's thick Dammit! What about Chrona? You're back? Oi, what are you doing? Wait for a while, Soul.
If you go near her, you'll be stabbed! Don't come! Oi! Don't be scared.
It's alright.
You're just a little agitated because the line having disappeared.
It's alright.
So Now I can understand.
Your wavelength It's not that you didn't know how to deal with things.
It's just that no one showed you how to.
It doesn't matter I had already given up, anyway.
I know it.
I'm not needed anymore I decided it earlier.
It's alright.
I'll just disappear, so Then Will you become my friend? Please? No way I don't know how to deal with it! The fear of establishing bonds with others? Even I fear that Hallo, hallo! Is everyone here? This is Maka Albarn! Today, I'll take you all on the promised world trip.
So, don't say you'll miss the Maka's World Trip tour afterwards! Let's go! First of all, we'll visit the Tower Bridge in England, then we'll go wander around the fashionable streets.
Oh, oh, Dankichu-san, aren't you eating a bit too much? Next, it's Egypt.
Did everyone bring their best UV-blocking sunscreen? If you go suntanning all the time, then your skin is going to dry out! Now, where's this, I wonder? It's Italia! Next, it's Japan's sight-seeing area, Iogi.
Say, is Iogi even a sight-seeing area? It doesn't really look like one Although people were waiting for a world tour, doing this for a little bit is really strange.
This is getting on my nerves somehow.
Maka Chop! My fault?! And so, Soul, who was beaten up, even if it was sudden, it's important to have a face off to be cool and manly.
Anything you want to add? I thought you were going to throw up Why? Your coloring looks bad Next time, on Soul Eater episode 22: Release The Seal.
The Bullying Man's Robots? I'll be taking your soul! And you swallowed some rubber, too