Soul Eater (2008) s01e22 Episode Script

The Seal Shrine – The Immortal Man's Tricks?

1 It's alright.
So It's not that you didn't know how to deal with things.
It's just that no one showed you how to.
Then Will you become my friend? Please? Madness can't be suppressed, huh? You were quite wrong Besides, I don't like your taste in music.
Off he goes Oh well, this key can open it anytime.
Still, that girl's power Could it be the wavelength of the Great Devil? The black blood has stopped It seems like we have a winner for the second battle.
Both souls' responses have eased up.
And Maka? Is Maka alright? Yes.
She seems to have matched the Devil Sword's wavelength well.
The Devil Sword's wavelength is stabilizing, too.
This is the first time I cried this much.
I don't know how to deal with the tears Maka, there's no time We should move on.
But we can't leave her like this.
You got me Don't mess around! Don't mess around, idiot! Woah! So little! Why you, what did you do?! Why is my master like this?! What? What? I don't know! You! Become friends with Chrona? Don't say stupid things! Is it funny to become friends with these guys? No matter what you do, it's still boring! Stop! I know! It has to be bullying! Did it succeed? It's a great way to relieve stress, isn't it? You one star Technician! Let go, shorty! I won't let you off! I am Chrona's real friend! I won't let you have her! Stop it! Chrona, how dare you hit me! Do you know how I feel, being hit by you? I don't It's like a poo which couldn't come out for three days, which when you suddenly push out with all you got, makes the water in the toilet basin splash you.
That kind of feeling! I wouldn't understand such a vulgar example! Don't be cheeky! Leave this to me.
Keep going! I will stop this! Damn! Stop it, you pervert! Uhm Anyway, we entrust him to you! Somebody help! Don't die.
The Shrine Of The Seal: The Trap Prepared By The Immortal Man? I wonder if everyone caught up with the ones carrying the black blood.
What about your wounds? A black crust stopped the bleeding.
I think it healed by itself when the black blood disappeared from me.
But why did the black blood inside you disappear? Who knows I wonder why Anyway, if a Kishin gets the black blood We have to catch up with Kid-kun and Black Star.
Kid-kun went this way.
I hope he's alright.
Damn, I'm missing out on my big entrance! And it's dark so I can't stand out! Your loud voice already stands out! Let's hurry! Alright! We have to get to Kid! This is pretty wrecked up, like entrails made of ruins.
Stop staring around.
It's fine as long as you don't look.
Focus your mind on symmetry.
Butterfly! The number eight! What's up? Do you need aid? No I can feel a Kishin's wavelength.
Kid-kun? Are you alright? Yes I've never felt this much pressure before.
The Kishin is inside there, right? How does it feel? How does it feel Another silly question I heard this from father, so I don't know much about the details.
To defeat Asura, he removed his skin and sealed him with it.
To defeat Asura, he removed his skin and sealed him with it.
To defeat Asura, he removed his skin and sealed him with it.
Your father in the past was pretty scary Why that? To create a sack to seal Asura.
To carry Asura's soul, body and madness.
To carry Asura's soul, body and madness.
To carry Asura's soul, body and madness.
His own face was the most suitable to seal him with.
Father took all of Asura's blood, turned him into a powerless body and put him into the sack.
Asura's body yearns for blood.
Asura's body yearns for blood.
That's why they're giving him the black blood? That should be it.
Kid-kun, heat response ahead! What? A ranged attack? From where? Devil's Eye Cannon.
He's the immortal I was careless I was so occupied with the Kishin's madness that I didn't notice him.
That won't do.
An immortal body, huh? Trying to do this fair and square is useless I'll have to break his balance and take him out in that opening.
When it comes to mobility I'm better than him If I breach him even once, he won't be able to keep up.
I won't let you pass! Two attacks at my feet? As I thought, he's targeting my speed this way! Immortal! In that case Let's go! Soul Resonance, Execution Mode! Soul Resonance, Execution Mode! Resonance ratio stable.
Noise 1.
Feed back in 4 3 2 1! We're ready.
Death Cannon! This should at least What? Death Cannon didn't slow him down?! At this range, this is bad! Liz, Patty.
It's coming! Don't go easy.
Alright, I got it.
Hey, Kid-kun.
What's coming? I also wanna know.
This soul response Without a doubt It's Tagut-tan! Tagut-tan?! Eh? Who's he? Tagut-tan is Sazakuya's Sazakuya's? Night Emperor.
Immortality! At this range, this is bad! I must regain distance immediately.
As I thought.
He won't come at me recklessly.
If he gets close for an attack, he'll always try to protect his legs.
Think Something to connect together Think Alright, it connected! That pillar and this pillar were once a single pillar! And it fell down there.
That way they connect nicely! It's not that! It's not that I was thinking about that Well, it was actually bothering me though It's okay, Kid! Focus! If it's doing puzzles, I'll join you.
I just love them! Making a fool of me Dammit, where's the arm that fell from that statue? What absurdity! That elephant, the trunk is missing.
Shut up! It's irrelevant! It's no use no stop.
It's no use no stop.
It's no use no stop.
That pillar, could it fit that way? Kid! Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose Pillar, elephant, trunk, left, below, above, right, nose This is bad, even though he's inside a place like this, he was doing a great job.
At this rate, he'll lose his mind and end up being driven by madness.
Oh no.
He started scratching his head, he's started thinking! Sis We have to do something! What should we do? We have to fix the atmosphere! We're late.
I caught up! It's our no, it's my victory! It's a pity but there'll be no Kishin resurrection! Idiot, the one who has the black blood is further ahead! Say what? That's bad! Then what are you doing in a place like this? Woah, who are you? Nice, Black Star! This way we can get Kid's attention on the Werewolf.
Kid, look! That guy is only wearing that ball on his left foot.
You're right It's disgusting! Yes! Oi, you! I don't forgive anyone who stands in my way! Let's do it, Tsubaki! Yes.
I'll support you.
Come at me hard! The problem is this other kid Let's go! Speed Star! He's fast! From above? Crap! Immortality? I'm not done! What's wrong with this Kid? Is he joking? It's weird, this physical unease He didn't try to avoid my attacks.
Why is he frantically avoiding Black Star if he's immortal? Why? That's it! I see, I get it now.
Oi! What's wrong? I'll tear you into pieces! I like the number eight.
If you can do it, go ahead and try.
However The "you" that stands before me can't do it, right? Seems this is as far as it gets Oi! Woah! Devil Eye this is your magic? Yes.
Spatial Magic.
Warding Vision.
It's a magic that projects a live feed of my body.
Making a mess on my tadpole's head I'll never forgive you! It can't helped, right? If I didn't do this we wouldn't move ahead.
How did you figure it out? You didn't try to evade my shots But you didn't want to be hit by Black Star's attacks.
If you'd really be hit, we'd find out that it's not a real body, right? The first attack was shot from behind the image right? That was to make us believe the image was real.
Besides, since I was afraid of your immortal body, I stuck to long ranged attacks.
It's a good trick to be used by an immortal.
But you! Why didn't you notice when you cut him? Ah, 'cause you see When I cut him with the knife, I was thinking "what a great technique!" Idiot! Besides Tsubaki would notice, right? Huh? I was thinking "Black Star has grown up," and stuff What's that? If the Technician is an idiot, the Weapon is one, too? Dammit! We've wasted a lot of time! Let's go, Black Star! Alright! Let's get rowdy! Such nice, obedient students, right? Professor Stein.
They completed every task you gave them properly.
You can feel it too, right? It wants to blow out the Kishin's madness.
We're doing it, Senpai.
Aye! Even if you struggle, it's useless.
Say, will you tell me? How to raise a good child Tadpole Are you alright, tadpole? Take a look, Eruka.
Huh? What? The Kishin is inside there, right? Let's hurry or those kids will catch up.
My face Please Stop I want to go home Your face? What happened to your face? Hey, get it together! An immortal like me is going to die? What the hell was I doing? What? A hallucination? This is the Kishin's madness? He's inside there.
He's inside there.