Soul Eater (2008) s01e23 Episode Script

Dead or Alive – In the Rift between Revival and Dazzlement?

1 He's inside that.
He's inside that.
There's no time I have to quickly defeat Medusa and hurry to where the Kishin is Take that! Stein! No matter how many techniques I use, she won't lose her balance with that snake supporting her.
This woman has no openings.
What should I do? From the beginning, Medusa hasn't been trying to finish this battle.
She's only been trying to earn more time.
I should have known from the beginning, right? If I get troublesome thoughts, there's no way anyone can win.
Stein, did you blank out? You don't look too sure of yourself right now I can't feel that dangerous feeling you used to give others with just one glance.
Keep quiet.
I'm trying to get that feeling back.
In my current state, I pay too much attention to my surroundings.
Erase everything that's irrelevant What controls me is curiosity.
More importantly, what's of interest straight ahead? I have to identify it The tension in his body is lowering.
Shibusen's strongest Technician It was very simple to understand him What do I want to do, you say? That's obvious, isn't it? He's just a sadistic hedonist.
I want to dissect you! Dead or Alive! The Gap Between Resurrection and Hallucination? What a cute boy I want to bully you.
That's right Restraining this crazed idiot used to be my duty.
Please, stop already You're all messed up.
Now, now, what should I do? Cut you? Gouge you? Cut you? Gouge you? Drag something out of you? Alright.
For now Let's go with euthanasia! For now Let's go with euthanasia! Stop! Just leave it at that Spirit, keep quiet! I will do what I want.
My orders, and the rules of Shibusen, do you intend to disobey them? What do you want to do? Did you think you could do whatever you wanted if you entered Shibusen? So I was born in a world without God, huh? Oi, are you serious? Oi, are you serious? No way A world like that is rotten.
I'll say it again Come with me.
Whether you're asleep or awake, nothing will change.
This revolving world doesn't suit you.
With the Kishin's power, which surpasses human intellect, let's change this boring world and let's aim to create an evolving world.
In the past, you know Fearing my brutal and selfish way of thinking, some foolish doctors analyzed me.
They looked like they'd just solved a case in a mystery novel, making those happy faces.
"Is there something here that wasn't here before?" "Maybe he experienced something that had a bad influence on him?" In the end, they thought long and hard with their empty minds! All of it was a waste of time! I wanted to make a mess out of them! Are you trying to say that I'm like those doctors? Back in kindergarten, when I saw my classmates play games only when the teacher said "playtime," I felt like I was going to puke.
The look of everyone sitting at their desks, focusing on the blackboard in front of them and taking notes made me feel like losing my mind.
What's with that story? How uninteresting.
Boring I think I'm going to puke.
Are you taking me lightly? Such dull, boring and uninteresting attacks.
There's not much to do I feel like I'm losing my mind.
Now, don't say that, since I'm going to respond to the invitation you made me.
As I grew up and sought power, the extent of the madness inside me increased Do you know what stopped me? Fear.
Yes, I was scared of what kind of person I would become even though I thought, as long as I was having fun, it'd be all right! That's why I needed them not irritating orders dictated by a selfish king but orders from a God with no personality.
Then, let's create a new world order together.
That's what your personality is about, right? No Later on, my personality will become a standard.
And even you will abide by it.
Stein! With forceful attacks like yours, you'll only get retaliation! Before your personality becomes a standard, what would God do if I did something immoral? I can't follow you.
It seems whatever I say will be of no use Without having to worry about morality, I want to mess you up! So that's how you use your madness? What? Soul Purge! You did it! However, to make this one hit, you took excessive damage It seems I might have overestimated you You rejected my invitation, but this is all you're capable of? This is the end I'll take that head of yours.
Senpai, don't space out.
What? My Tail Snake stopped.
No, my whole body, too Soul Thread, Scattered Sewing.
Soul Thread, Scattered Sewing.
How can this be? I'm not sewn anywhere.
Look closely.
The threads are stitched inside your body.
I've sealed your whole nervous system with the threads.
So what about it? How about slaying me quickly with that scythe in your right hand? You're short on time, right? Right now, we need to manage an enormous wavelength accurately.
The concentration to do that takes all we've got.
We can't move a single finger.
Isn't a desperate measure a bit too harsh? Did you make this up and think that it's a method of winning? The moment you release the strings, do you intend on having a showdown? It's useless my snake is already on your neck.
It's useless my snake is already on your neck.
My snake will chop your head off before your scythe even moves.
This kind of soul manipulation won't last that long, right? The moment I become untied You will die.
I will revive Kishin.
There's no opening for you to take advantage of.
That's it over there.
Over there? Yeah, inside the sack.
He probably used to be a Goshintai, but after taking in a Kishin's madness, he's now as you see Kaerog Froeru Gekoeru Frog! Ribbit, ribbit.
It's done.
Finally That syringe is the Black Blood! Eat this! Eruka! What's that?! Damn it! What is this guy? He's seeing an illusion.
Now's your chance.
Ok! Damn again? This is starting to feel weird I'm fed up! Calm down This feeling I felt it intensely before even arriving here This feeling I felt it intensely before even arriving here the wavelength of the Kishin's madness! This is an illusion! The Black Blood- Move it! As expected, the real thing has some effect! As long as I target the Black Blood, the Werewolf won't move! Now, Black Star! Go! You got it! Be careful.
The Kishin's madness will make you hallucinate.
Don't worry! My sixth sense is being thick-headed! I can't feel the madness at all! It figures He's coming, Eruka! Demon Blade Mode! Kaerog Froeru Gekoeru Frog! Freshly-Made Tadpole Bomb! Alright! I won't let you! This is an illusion! Illusion! Illusion! 'Kay! Not fair! Wait, time out! I got it! What? I'm so clever! Amphibious bastard getting in my way! Take this! Tadpole Jackson! I won't let your determination go to waste.
Damn it! I won't let you, Frog Girl! Hurry, Eruka! Stop her, Black Star! Demon Blade Mode is at its limit! No, I don't care if this destroys my body! Please, stick in! Too slow, girl! Gotcha! I did it! I won! The Kishin resurrection is no more.
In this world, there are still many well-known stores that lack promotion.
There's that famous pub in the alley and that outdoors French store.
The set meal shop in Downtown and old man Ganko's hand-made soba! And the creative cuisine restaurant with a family-oriented atmosphere.
If we keep on listing, there's no end to them! However, out of all of them, I know one that stands out the most Please tell me which one it is! That's a secret.
Vector Arrow! This is a gamble and the odds are pretty bad.
To cut through Medusa's strong defenses, we will have to forcibly attack her.
Somehow, I could hold on to this situation But the moment we try to kill each other when I release the Soul Threads as Medusa said 8 or 9 times out of 10, chances are that I will be the loser.
But right now, instead of thinking how my dead body will look like, I can only see the image of Medusa being torn apart.
I have to bet on my small chance of winning! W-What the- What's going on? Madness is dominating the space around us.
Could it be Kid and the others failed? The Kishin has revived? I did it What have you done Oi, hold it it's our victory, right? Oi, hold it it's our victory, right? It actually became harmful when you went over your limit.
Look carefully.
What you cut was the Goshintai.
What? Such irony By concentrating on destroying the Black Blood, you created an opening in your otherwise useless sixth sense.
In the very end, you hallucinated No way You're kidding, right? I failed? We couldn't stop it.
It's a shame, isn't it? It's our victory.
He did it I didn't even see it You're quite speechless, aren't you? When you confirmed that the Kishin had been revived, you felt reassured and momentarily showed an opening.
It's ironic, isn't it? Thanks to the Kishin, I won.
But the Kishin has been revived In the end, I lost anyway, huh? However It was so refreshing! Damn it! Die! It's useless.
It It.
It's coming out The sack The sack is stretching.