Soul Eater (2008) s01e24 Episode Script

The Battle of the Gods – Death City on the Verge of Collapse?

1 What? What's wrong, Maka? This wavelength of madness The Kishin was resurrected? What about Black Star and the others? I can't tell I'm being distracted by the madness.
I can't feel their wavelengths.
Let's hurry! A Battle Between Gods.
Death City's in Danger of Collapsing? W-What? At Eruka? He's shocked Shut up Black Star.
He's the Kishin? Tsubaki, Demon Blade Mode.
I'll kill him while he's still getting up! Impossible.
Your body's already worn out If we use Demon Blade any further, I'll begin tearing at your soul! Shut up and listen to what I say! Hurry and do it! Demon Blade Mode! I can't! Then, you'll just have to watch from here! Black Star! We're going, too! Aye! Yeah Eat this, naked pervert! Black Star Big Wave!! My body can't handle my own wavelength.
I'm not done yet! Black Star! Damn it! Kid! I feel so naked! I have to put on a few layers! How nice to be macho Was that about me? He ran away.
Maka! You're not getting away! Nice! Awesome! Keep going! More more I've seen this in a dream once Cat fight! You bitch! You're a witch, right? Use magic! You use it first, loser cat! You're heavy! Hurry and move it! Shut up! Go spend your life lingering in a ditch! I I can't take this Oi, isn't something shaking? You're just too excited! No, it's really shaking What? Are you shaking? How lame! No! What's shaking is the ground, you idiot! An earthquake? Seems like Eruka and the others did it.
Oi, what's that? Something came out of the ground.
That's the Kishin? Maka! The Kishin I must stop him I must stop him You're amazing What the? Something's still coming out.
What's that? That's The Shinigami's seals are still alive? What's that? Thanks to the Kishin drilling this big hole, we got to the surface easily.
Something's caught him! They must be the Shinigami's seals that were activated before.
Will he be okay? Those old seals can't stop the resurrected Kishin.
It's like he's ripping paper, isn't it? Ribbit.
Other than that Free, that- Look at that! Oi, look! What's wrong, Eruka? Wasn't your magic supposed to last for one hour?! It hasn't even been forty minutes! Looks like I exaggerated a little on the time I'm also a man.
I have an image to keep.
You're Shinigami.
Hey there! It's been a while.
You okay? You look a bit frail.
You always wore thick clothing, so that light clothing must make you feel anxious.
And what's with you wearing that foolish mask? And what's with you wearing that foolish mask? Ah, you see After I beat you into the sack, I built a school for Technicians and Weapons.
The children got scared of my old mask I couldn't even talk to them.
The little kids just ran off crying Those seals are from long ago, so they still have a slightly scary face That comical way of speaking, too? It became a part of me completely.
Though you've just awakened, you'll have to excuse me, but Die once again.
Shinigami Chop! Shinigami The pain of having all your skin removed Do you know how it feels? I've forgotten it, too Help me remember it! A shock wave, huh? Now it's my turn.
Dammit What is this? It's too overwhelming! What are you guys doing? Help out and look after the wounded! Y-Yes! Guide the elderly citizens out of the city! Got it? Understood! If those two actually fought seriously, who knows what would happen to Death City? I'm counting on you, Shinigami-sama.
I said I wouldn't let you! A-Amazing Even though he's not in his normal state yet Without a Death Scythe with me will I be able to finish him off? Move! Vajra! You can't stop me! Shinigami-sama! How dare you, you low-life pig I'll scrape your skin right off! He repelled them.
How? You piece of crap! Cunning bastard You knew that my range of action was restricted? We're done with the greetings, right? Well then, Master, I will excuse myself.
Well then, Master, I will excuse myself.
Shinigami-sama! Sid-kun Taking care of the children that went underground is our top priority.
Yes! After that, to all the Death Scythes scattered across the continents tell them, "Let's gather up, everybody!" for me.
To think that the Kishin would be resurrected on the day when we celebrate the anniversary of this school, which was founded to prevent that from happening From now on, we're going to be busy If we're this far, we can relax, right? By the way, who are you? I'm the result of the merging of the five Mizune.
I see I can't feel Medusa's magical power.
I feel relieved now.
It's a pity I didn't get to see that woman's dead body though.
But I kind of respected her once.
There isn't another witch of that caliber.
Just kidding.
Shinigami-sama and the Kishin were fighting, but the madness is fading.
So he got away? Aw, I wanted to see it once, too In the end, if I didn't leave Shinigami-sama's side, we might have stopped him This is bad.
Everyone's probably going to blame me There's no use saying "what if.
" It's not like it's all over.
If we don't find a solution for this, the world will be in big trouble.
Stein! Damn it! I love you.
Stop joking around.
You're the same as me There's no way we'd understand such a thing as love.
What a woman she destroyed her own soul? The resurrection of the Kishin has greater consequences than we can imagine.
Madness is contagious.
If you think it will take long, then it will.
There are also people that will think back and say it took long.
Even in those nights, without exception, in the end, morning will come.